Good Choice! General John Kelly!

Good Choice! General John Kelly!

Former Marine General John Kelly Replaces Reince Priebus as WH Chief of Staff!

Since the beginning of POTUS Trump’s WH tenure, I have insisted that the professional Republican politicos like Sean Spicer and Reince Priebus should be fired ASAP! Trump has finally come around to my way of thinking.

I presume that Trump and I both appreciate the superiority of highly trained professional military officers when it comes to maintaining maximum efficiency in a complex system. For those of you who have never been in the military, it is a highly efficient asset-management system. If you need trucks, tanks or jeeps in northern Syria, they will be delivered on time and for the most part, on budget.

Trump understands that ‘professional politicians’ are neither professional nor really sophisticated in handling delicate political problems. Such politicos are a compilation of personal ambition disguised by pandering and self-aggrandizment.

General Kelly served as Commander of US Southern Command. In that august position, he had to negotiate a series of complex agreements among Central and Latin American countries. That takes an incredible amount of psychological and political savvy. It’s not an accident that one after another civilian in the WH is being replaced by a senior military officer. If you want something done on time and under budget: let the military do it!

I worked with another officer in SOUTHCOM and that was three-star Lieutenant General Mark Cisneros. I found him to be extremely talented.  He was born a tenth generation Texan of Mexican heritage.  He eventually became the President of Texas A&M, Kingsville [1998-2001]. He went on to take over the position of CEO for the John G. and Marie Stella Kennedy Memorial Foundation in Corpus Christi, TX.

As Mark once said about himself: “he was a hell of a soldier.”

When Gen. Kelly leaves his WH position in eight years, he might be running for president of an Ivy League school or CEO of a multibillion dollar company.

Our military is mostly about managing and encouraging young people to work together to accomplish a useful task. What better people to run our country than those who bravely fought for it?
Buddha has written the following:

“Health is the greatest gift. Contentment is the greatest wealth. And faithfulness is the best relationship.”


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50 thoughts on “Good Choice! General John Kelly!

  1. I love the Buddha quote! I, too, am delighted that Kelly has replaced Priebus. There are more reasons than are overtly apparent as to why Trump is surrounding himself closely with military personnel, especially high ranking officers.

    First, their skills, character, mental and physical abilities are what Trump needs surrounding himself right now. The highly effective ones have a markedly masculine psyche, regardless of biological gender. They are noted for being analytical, methodical thinkers, judicious, loyal, extremely goal directed, disciplined, tenacious, extremely private, tight-lipped, resourceful, productive, team oriented, obedient to a goal/agenda/higher commanding officer, courageous, persevering, willing to sacrifice self for the common goal, have fortitude, endurance, stamina. They sacrifice personal passions for the team’s goals. For the mature and highly effective ones, they have abundant ego strength, but are not egocentric.

    Another not so obvious reason Trump is surrounding himself with military people and is for his own personal and presidential safety. Trump knows what he is doing. I suspect he prudently keeps very close to his vest certain agendas and timing of certain acts he wants to execute. Overall, he has great instincts about what is going on in the world, what is needed in America to protect Her and Her people, and where things are likely headed. He has got a plan.
    No doctor can give you an injection of mental peace and no market can sell it to you. His Holiness the Dalai Lama

    1. al


      Filling civilian positions with military types is dangerous. History has proven it over and over again.

      These appointments are evidence of Trump’s stupidity and ineffectiveness. His default stance is to be a bully ….to try and force an order and discipline that is the anathema of the democratic process which requires negotiation and savvy. Obama is light years ahead of him in this respect. Trump’s love of military men is merely a psychological projection of his own weakness and inadequacy…..not to mention latent (or not so latent ) homosexuality.

      Dr. P …you know better.

    2. Chia Cha

      I am also glad bureaucrats are run over. Do you who are political NGO activists, lefties, justice warriors, they are bureaucrats without positions on free market. For God s sake, what is biological gender, what the hell is that? You mean sex I guess. hIS hOLINESS dALAI lAMA is sand tower builder. Buddhist are the most violent group of people.

    3. Chia Cha

      I am also glad bureaucrats are run over. Do you who are political NGO activists, lefties, justice warriors, they are bureaucrats without positions on free market. For God s sake, what is biological gender? You mean s@x I guess. hIS hOLINESS dALAI lAMA is sand tower builder. Buddhist are the most violent group of people as individuals. (Mongols, Japanese…)


    4. Larry Clifton

      Dr. Woodward, You and Piezcenik are, I hope, right about POTUS TRUMP. I’ve had ‘good feelings’ about our POTUS for years. He seems like the right mix of brains and gumption. We haven’t had that for decades imho. I’m hoping his ‘plans’ are exactly what America and Americans need at this critical time in history.
      Thanks for you insights Doc.

      1. Hello Larry, Thank you kindly for your comments. I listen closely to what Dr. Pieczenik says due, in large part, to his brilliant mind, extensive political history, his knowledge of the human psyche and human behavior, and to what I believe is his lifelong love of America. I share his belief that America was teetering on a political, economic, moral, sociocultural cliff under Bush Jr. and, with staggering expediency under Obama. Obama was supported his entire life by the Communist Party, was even mentored as a child by a Communist Party member, Frank Marshall Davis. John Bachtell was a Communist Party member who served as Precinct Captain for Obama’s 2004 Illinois Senate campaign. He is, without a doubt in my opinion, the most dangerous, ineffective, and incompetent president America has ever had. I am convinced that Trump is aware of these types of things. He must persevere and he must prevail if America is to restore the Republic back to Jeffersonian principles.
        Best to you!

        It is known that former President Barack Obama, from age 10 to 18, was mentored by a Communist Party member, Frank Marshall Davis, in Hawaii, and that Obama was supported by the Communist Party during his political career.

  2. Trump is rebuilding the military and honoring the Vets for other reasons—to gear up for potential conflagrations related to North Korea, the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, China, and Russia. Trump wants rapprochement with Russia, but, alas, Congress Democrats do not. Hence the sanctions against Russia passed in the House by mostly Democrats and RINO Republicans. If the U.S. were to go to war, it would be Congress that declared war. In that most unfortunate situation, I suspect China would ally with Russia. Again, I suspect Trump does not want war with Russia, but Congressional Democrats are so furious Hillary Clinton didn’t get elected, they will stop at nothing.

    As for Iran, the Democrats and Neo-Cons have pushed for war with Iran for over 10 years. Who knows where that will lead. That will be a grave mistake. The Iranian people do not want war and have never wanted war. It’s the Neo-Cons who have drummed up that situation with the
    And Kim Jong Un, the belligerent, immature, impulsive, personality disordered leader of North Korea is the front runner for overt malignant masculine powermonger.

    I also think Trump knows the looming threat from Islamization and Muslimization is mounting. He and other European leaders (France, England, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovenia, to name a few) are seeing the staggering failure of allowing all these Muslims to enter Europe from the Middle East and Africa, threatening Western civilization. Trump may not know the technical term “Kalergi Plan,” but I suspect, in principle, he knows the conceptualization of that nefarious plan. He is the bulwark of Western civilization to thwart the Kalergi Plan. I pray for his success. May he persevere!

    1. Chia Cha

      China would ally with Russia, of course, but later on will run over half of Russia till reaching Serbia, because they are not going to be sure about Russia. Then all armies will return. USA will win war on strategic level but US captialists will be unable to invest dollars anywhere because people will refuse any rule of governments, because of high radiation, so they would be unable to make profit out war, therefore that would be end of capitalism, and such group would be self dissolved, so deal would be have to reached on UN level, that would be one world government, based on electronic sociali.m. End of 2nd world order, beggining of 3rd one. 3rd one will last end after some time.

  3. I wonder if Lieutenant General Mark Cisneros is related to former San Antonio mayor, Henry Cisneros. When I lived in Texas in the 80s and 90s, I recall Henry Cisneros.

    Thank you, Dr. PIeczenik, for the update.

  4. Been There Done That

    “I presume that Trump and I both appreciate the superiority of highly trained professional military officers when it comes to maintaining maximum efficiency in a complex system. For those of you who have never been in the military, it is a highly efficient asset-management system. If you need trucks, tanks or jeeps in northern Syria, they will be delivered on time and for the most part, on budget.”

    The military is one of the most wasteful parts of government PEROID!

      1. kym

        i believe Pieczenik does a very good job of delineating between the REAL military and those who are in the military who bought and paid for by the Neocons, usually the Admirals if I recall correctly.

        1. DESERT FOX

          Israel controls every aspect of the U.S. the military and the banks and the MSM, everything, congress aka the lower house of the Knesset, and the working capital of the U.S. is Tel Aviv.

  5. Been There Done That

    “I presume that Trump and I both appreciate the superiority of highly trained professional military officers when it comes to maintaining maximum efficiency in a complex system. For those of you who have never been in the military, it is a highly efficient asset-management system. If you need trucks, tanks or jeeps in northern Syria, they will be delivered on time and for the most part, on budget.”

    The military is one of the most wasteful parts of government PERIOD!

    1. Chia Cha

      All invetions were made by military, needed for private sector. Just start from iphone. PERIOD. Military is generator of progress and complex management. Unless you adopt cultural maxism of course, for military needs. Read my post below.

  6. Furtive

    McTraitor’s time lapse.
    Death becomes him; much better for the living when he’s gone.
    This will be his final curtain call.


    The U.S. military is under the control of Zionist dual citizens who loot the American taxpayers to the tune of some 700 BILLION a year to line the pockets of their Zionist masters.

    The military is fighting wars for greater Israel in the Mideast and getting thousands of American soldiers killed and hundreds of thousands crippled and millions of civilians killed and wounded.

    In the process of fighting wars for Zionist Israel the U.S. has spent some 6 TRILLION in the Mideast without one peep out the military bras who are nothing but Zionist boot lickers.

    General Mc Arthur is rolling in his grave.

    1. Desert Fox, I believe your statement would be correct as viewed under the Clinton, Bush II, and Obama administrations. Under Trump, he has a Trump Doctrine that is different than his predecessors. He will ensure that Israel succeeds, but, unlike his predecessors, it will not be at the expense of America. I agree that the Neo-Con’s Yinon Plan has been a disaster from day one.

      The false flag operation of 9/11 was foretold in the Project for the New American Century, written largely by Jewish Neo-Con Zionists, but included non-Jewish Zionist Neo-Cons as well. That “pearl harbor event” was 9/11. The idiocy and hubris that springs from the Yinon Plan is fraught with psychological, economic, geopolitical, social, and cultural undercurrents as well as overt agendas, some of which remain and some which have now become obsolete and irrelevant due, in large part, to the failure of the Yinon Plan—the unintended consequences which are staggering and have created peril for Europe and America, as well as other countries.

      I believe it is a gift from the Universe that President Trump was elected president. I perceive that President Trump very definitely knows about these catastrophic foreign policy failures, and he has a very different strategy. I am convinced he knows what he is doing and that he has a plan and a strategy. Now, he might make some mistakes, but I do believe he has a strategy. I also believe he is a master negotiator and that he is a believer in perception management. Sometimes what “appears” to be occurring is actually more planned than many realize. Or what may actually be perceived as chaos may not be planned per se, but is strategically used and manipulated in order to bend the situation in Trump’s favor. That’s a rare skill and takes a certain type of intelligence to be able to accomplish that.

      1. DESERT FOX

        I voted for Trump and had hoped he would carry out an America first agenda but sadly this has not been the case and again we were given a choice between two Zionist controlled puppets.

        Trump is a Zionist Trojan horse and as always Zionist rule America.

        1. You might want to read, The Arab Mind, by the late Raphael Patai, a Jewish scholar and author who lived for some years in Israel among Palestinians and developed friendships with some. He also wrote, The Jewish Mind, which is excellent. While dated, The Arab Mind still provides a fairly accurate window into the primitive psyche and the primitive sociocultural norms of many Muslims.

          Pick your poison!

          1. DESERT FOX

            I do not believe in choosing between the lesser of two evils.

            You might want to read The Protocols of Zion.

        2. Rosman Patterson

          Why would the “Zionist” need to send a Trojan horse into a region they already rule?

          They wouldn’t.

    2. I will stand behind President Trump. He is the bulwark, the figurehead, the symbol, and the actual strategist who is attempting to accomplish one of the most substantial, boldest, important transitions of Western civilization that has ever been attempted. Every move he makes is like a chess move. I suspect Putin even grasps this on some level; and I suspect Macron and the leaders of Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovenia sense it. I’m sure Israel is aware of it. I suspect the people who truly grasp Trump’s skills and abilities, and understand what he is trying to accomplish and the enormity of it, and its consequence to Western civilization and the world, will stand behind him and encourage him, support him in whatever way they can. He must prevail.

  8. Chia Cha

    Uh I am now in Germany, had Hitler listen generals he could have even won war. Problem with Germany right now is that 20 years ago it had vital males (working, having families, driving mercedes caravans) in their 40es, born after war but before cultural marxism (hippie movement), and right now such do not exist on streets or in work force any more. Because born in destruction of cultural marxism do not exist. Now only Turks are there and there some minority Germans in their 20-30es born after Marxist holocaust. Hippie movement was needed as mobilisation mass for WW3, now there is none.

  9. Chia Cha

    Uh and I must say that now Germany have lowest price of liquefied petroleum gas for cars and trucks in Europe now. Directly from Russia. That is huge leverage. Lower then eastern Europe. Game is obvious.

  10. Furtive

    After watching crook bill browder pujure himself in front of Sen. Grassely on Thursday, inresearch his MO.

    Mr. President:
    VETO THE RUSSIAN SANCTION BILL demanded by the ignoramus liars on Capitol Hill!!!
    The consequences are far too great for US security 🚨
    The stakes are too high to be hinged on one man’s account.


    Browder is the grandson of the communist USA president, whom FDR IMPRISONED DURING WWII.

    Browder relinquished his American citizenship.

      1. Thank you for sharing. I share your sentiments about President Trump needing to veto the Russia sanctions bill, however, the bill has the Trifecta of North Korea, Russia, and Iran, I believe. I do believe sanctions against North Korea are warranted. No sober minded, sane person would disagree with that. However, the bill has been created such that Russia is in the same bill.

        The warmongering Democrats as well as some RINOs are so out of touch with reality and some are so full of hatred for President Trump and his common sense, rational agenda, that these Democrats and RINOs would rather that America be destroyed by war with Russia than for Trump to succeed. It’s like flying on a plane with a pilot that you hate and killing the pilot because you hate them so much in spite of the fact that you will die too. It’s complete and utter insanity.

    1. Furtive

      Stuttering ” Human Rights Activist” Psychopath prototype:
      Dr. pieczenik,

      Please listen & analyze

      1. Furtive

        his twiiter scvount is that of a psychopah. He is obsessed with his lies.
        He is a very bad liar, deeply cnnected to hil-liar-y – uranium one & bill’s huge russian speaking fees
        The cia made him an offer he couldnt refuse.

        Session should make him sing. He lied to con-gross at that SHOW hearing.
        Is grassely dumb, senile or compromised?

    2. Furtive

      Russia retaliates against con-gross insanity:

      going to dump petrodollar. Martha Radditz interview:

  11. MRW

    For some reasons, this message board won’t take my posts if I have a link in them.

    For an interesting perspective on Gen. Kelly, read this 2011 piece from the Washington post:
    “Lt. Gen. John Kelly, who lost son to war, says U.S. largely unaware of sacrifice”

    Long but heart-wrenching in a way.

    1. MRW, the message board rejects more than just certain links. I suspect it has certain “key words” that it rejects. I understand the purpose behind that. It is frustrating, however, for those of us who want to voice something and share it with others.

  12. desturbfan17

    2 down 1 to go ms powell is next to go and the republican establishment and death to the democratic party the birth of 3 party system and new day in america is coming 2024

  13. desturbfan17

    we the people will not fall we will rise or die trying that is are right to be free

  14. One win with Kelly;

    And the demonic democrat and republican kabul establishments are going to prison
    Watch below video of satanic nancy pelosi being publicly R Rebuked!!!! They have lost their power in JESUS Name!!!! Justice is Coming upon them!!!!

  15. Is President Donald J. Trump “God’s wrecking ball” to destroy the globalist agenda? It only took one stone for David to kill the giant Goliath. Is it possible even in the 21st century to kill the Deep State leviathan/mystery Babylon?

    1. Joseph, We shall see. I meditate on this often. May President Trump and his family and his cabinet members be safe, effective, and successful. There is much riding on this. I believe he knows what is at stake. Western civilization is at stake. All else pails in comparison to this. Whether that end goal is achieved peacefully or through war has yet to be seen. I believe Trump wants peace. His goal is peace for everyone. Yet, nothing is guaranteed. We must persevere in telling Truth.

  16. John

    Hi Dr. Pieczenik,
    I am writing this here because comments are closed on your entry, “Death at 87 Elie Wiesel The Fakir!” Thank you for your insight! I saw 888 comments on this entry, mostly trash, trying to stop any conversation of this! This of course Is quite transparent. It only points to the veracity to your remarks. The propaganda machines of the intelligence services of several countries must have been working full time to stop any discussion of the things you discussed.

  17. Rosman Patterson

    The introductions have been made. Many ins and outs of D.C., the Hill and others forces have been learned and mastered. Mr. Priebus and Mr. Spicer, in my opinion, served their purpose very well and are now gone. Good.

    There are others who will hopefully go soon if not sooner. Nevertheless, I have no doubt – none – that President Trump knows precisely what he is doing.

    1. If Trump follows a Pieczenik Plan, then I think the Republic will be restored and saved. Let us keep our fingers crossed. I do believe Trump is playing psychological chess in the White House. May he prevail.
      Now, he needs to figure out a way to stop the Mueller investigation WITHOUT firing Mueller. Firing Mueller MUST come from the AG. It simply cannot come from Trump. Now, whom to put in at as AG?
      Coulter suggests moving Sessions to DHS and firing Rosenstein. There is some psychological chess going on.

      1. Rosman Patterson

        Clearly I do not know precisely what is going on at present. I see…I search…I dig and draw potential conclusions. The sum of I will not make public. I believe you understand.

        What I do know, we know and will say, is that President Trump is prepared for this. It is very likely, as in it is all but completely certain, that POTUS 45 has been making ready for decades. He will not take the slippery slope that President JFK was likely to have traversed, and, being utterly prepared he can and has held his position with tenacity, and advance his (we the people’s) agenda, and thus the front lines of the information war move towards the roots of Anti-Americanism.

        Speaking of digging: when doing so it resonates patently that the powers at play here go far deeper than those celebrated by European Banking. Perhaps the brood of vipers (Props to Andrew Jackson for resurrecting the term) are the most formidable manifestation of America’s true bane. But when approaching the rousting of the traitors and resetting the board their financiers constructed and play with, we Patriots must now surely know or come to believe, that all hands must be on deck to serve the greater good – for God and Americana. Politically, intellectually, strategically and spiritually speaking of course, that is.

        All hands.

  18. Helen Stronach

    I am glad President Trump has Kelly by his side. He is steady and smart. Trump has so many enemies at the moment, one more General sounds like a good idea to me.
    I listened to an interview with Kelly and Wolf B. on CNN and Kelly said that Comey was a very good friend of his. Slight concern?

  19. AL Tru

    appears that Trump is laying the perfect trap for the swamp dwellers. Comey, Wasserman Schultz…feels like Anthony Weiner & Huma are the 21st century Rosenbergs,

  20. MMM

    “Trump has finally come around to my way of thinking”. Like the way you think, Steve.

  21. Robin

    Dr. Pieczenik just to change the subject! What do you think of Sviatoslav Richter’s version of Brahms Piano Concerto #2?

  22. jevest

    I’m concerned about military guys, who learn about military solutions to problems, which I see is one of our country’s problems, being in charge of our government that is supposed to be run for the sake of the people. War, and killing innocent people is a major problem that our military, military industrial complex, and warmongering politicians have been the cause of for a while now.

  23. jevest

    I have heard yo say, Steve , that you and your group of Intel patriots are through with, and don’t want to see our military used for these wasteful military actions that kill our kids and also, in my words, if you hadn’t said it, waste our resources and make people around the world disrespect us, hate us and want to do us harm. This puts us all in danger and moves us closer to a truly big war that really threatens life on earth. Military solutions fills the pockets of the NeoCons and Military Ind. Comp. that have their own reasons for war, sic, and they don’t give a damn about your family and mine.

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