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33 thoughts on “Give Trump a Chance!

  1. Chia Cha

    People do not understand, Obama was very good in creating chaos and destruction, but main part comes now, and this is going to be way harder. Now it is time build and shape for future, every step is not going to be multiplied. Now you cannot fail, like building house. This chaos created by Obama gives now much better chances for Trump, then any president from Roosevelt had. Just Trump must have full support. I mean what is alternative. Bureocrats, MSNBC, CNN and CEO s of Proctor and Gamble? You would not survive one month with that.

    1. I don’t think anybody watches CNN anymore unless they are at the airport…and intoxicated.

    2. Chia Cha

      *every step taken now will have long term consequences that is what i wanted to say… now we can talk about Fukuyama end of history (just it is not liberal end, nor it is end but new beginning). Same situation was in 1880es. Nothing was determined but everything was ready to shape it self for next 135 years. Japan modernisation, automobile. USA equalizing size of economy with UK, building up of alliances for WW1, china strong on paper (having big fleet formed with german ships). Russia with reformes potentially able to adopt industrialization and catch up.

      1. Chia Cha

        Uh and I forgot main thing, Bismarck and unified Germany overtaking heavy metallurgical industry of UK. Ready to challenge world with fleet. Plus Jules Verne, Jack the Ripper, and Sherlock Holmes. Same situtation is now just players and roles are little different. But not so much. Main thing now is how to redifine Democratic and Republican party. And how to ditch cultural Marxism (Proctor & Gamle inc.), and export it to China so they enjoy own desturction as we had here, as that would be fair.

      2. true we are at the beginning of a new age….I think punishment for warmongers is that they wont get their WWIII like they want…

    3. al

      oh please. Orange Julius is a disaster. He makes Obama look better each and very day.

      1. Chia Cha

        Gender bender Obama, good only in spreading venereal diseases to kids. And in importing of muslims and mexicans.

  2. Rosman Patterson

    From what I’ve read and can discern, President Trump’s meeting with Moon was indeed monumental. Vice-president Pence and Secretary Tillerson spent an inordinate amount of time in South Korea this spring. Admiral Harris’ fleets are a powerful message to China, and SE Asia Traders. The South China seas ARE yet international waters.POTUS 45 is a mastermind indeed. North Korea, in my opinion, is a useful distraction for greater American purposes.

    I found the image used for this posting to be most fascinating. As in I love it. May I take a crack at deciphering it, or at least add to the uncertainty that those who were not intended to understand it may feel, when they try to divine its meaning?

    Opus 13
    Jesus plus 12 disciples makes 13
    There are only 11 disciples + 1 arm

    Who is missing? Judas?
    I think not. One could presume Judas to be the Satanic looking figure 4th from the left. It is either Iscariot or one of the deep state’s bad boys.

    First to Jesus’ right is Mary Magdalene, occupying John’s seat, though John is portrayed in renaissance artwork as being effete. Perhaps the first time in American History we have two Vice-presidents. A beautiful attention grabbing jaw dropping one, and to her right one who is present, but conversely moves unseen. Of course I’m wrong about this.

    Third from the far right, an anathema? Who in heaven or hell
    can tell?
    President Trump is a Savior? Of course he isn’t, not. He is vibration. He is light.

    The dinner guests all together comprise a fascinating paradox.

  3. L.

    Thank you for your work. Thank you for the way you look at us and treat us. ‘Mr. and Mrs. America’. Noble.

    1. Appreciate the support, the move to video is a bit challenging for me, I am a writer in my soul. Yet my supporters have urged me to keep up with the Info Age and that means video! so I am doing just that! Stay tuned.

      1. Ron Sanderson

        We are all so very lucky that you are .Thank you. We are staying tuned. I am reading you and listening to you .

  4. CB

    Your reasoned, knowledgeable voice unfortunately reaches only a tiny fraction of the audience. Of course the MSM has issues with some of your past statements, but I’d think you could justify your statements. Your insight to Qatar should be required by any person thinking to discuss the region publicly.
    I am sure you have acquaintances with your insights that need to be prodded forward and enter the discussion. You’d agree the public, experienced, objective voices do NOT participate in the MSM churn, and they must! The secret age is over, sorry. So it comes down to those that KNOW the secrets, blow them out. Every national adversity looks to the biggest secret holder to lead the way. That is where worldwide leadership can be reacquired, by righting the wrongs of the last 150 or so years that have taken us from the harnessing of electricity to throw away food.
    So please keep tweeting to those secret holders, those compartmentalized knowledge holders, subject to the (illegal) Secrets Act to join you putting this nation back on the tracks and speak up. It is the older warriors that have to recognize the necessity, so the younger can see the compartmentalized realities and advance the play.

    1. will keep on truckin’ thanks for the support!

      1. CB

        Sir, I am sure you are well aware of this but as expected, nobody else is(google Craig Murray news). perhaps you could clange the bell some more and tweet to your patriot whistleblowers. They read your tweets but would not read mine!


    Trump is the Zionist TROJAN HORSE and the only difference between him and Hillary is their plumbing.

    1. Chia Cha

      I am not sure they are same. Then why capitalists are split. Plus i really understand what is problem with zionists? Are you muslim? Some please explain what is problem here? Zionism is needed, just how apartheid is need in South Africa today.

      1. DESERT FOX

        You are insane.

        1. Chia Cha

          No tell me what is problem with Zionists? I really do not get it?

        2. Chia Cha

          Insane person can say that Zionists are problem but cannot say why. Who are those people, those Zionists? How they control world and USA? Are they rich, or they rule but they do not want to be rich. And those who wants to liberate us from zionists are our liberators? Who are those who will take their place, and where is that place?

        3. Patriarch

          Look In the mirror , anti -semite.
          Trump is way out of your league, MORON.

          1. Littlefaith

            Anti Semite …get a new word sick of the racist rants and ADL word Nazis …every one has an opinion and may voice it anti gentile!

    2. Petra

      Except – Trump did not murder his way through years to keep power. He is not a pedophile. And he has not stolen billions from the Fed, the American Tax Payer and.. murdered a lover that he had for 10 years… Trump has not had a huge human trafficking organization, Trump did not create the refugee crisis or the Arab spring….other than that they are just alike….I totally see your point.

      1. DESERT FOX

        There is a lot that is unknown about Trump but one thing is clear he has broken almost every campaign promise.

        1. Chia Cha

          He changed 100% media picture. After that everything will follow… Of course if Mexicans continue to keep crawling and replacing you, then well, I say go for it, go NAZI. Ruling WASP will never allow non self destructive zionist judeo-christian national anti-marxist left because that is only functional alternative, therefore go NAZI. They will give that if you loud enough.

          1. Littlefaith

            Judeo Christianity doesn’t exist lives Chris (Christian) the other Judaism hates his guts and says he is boiling in can’t have it both ways!

        2. Petra

          That is your reply… there is more known than unknown about Trump… Please, he lays it all out there… the only thing I don’t know about Trump is if he likes toast or english muffins with his eggs… he is very well known. That is all you got.. a swamp congress and he has failed his campaign promises… He has signed all that he legally can with executive orders.. The rest need to be run through congress. That is OK. You clearly did not know what the corruption was in DC… until you do you will never understand Trump. That is ok most Americans don’t either.

          1. DESERT FOX

            Trump is the TROJAN HORSE for the Zionists that put him in as POTUS, ie TRUMP and Hillary are twins.

  6. Chia Cha

    Every male who voted for Hillary should get make up treatment, fairy dress, obligatory government sponsored gender changing operation (done by Dr. Gosnell), sawed in heels, permament beard in style of Karl Marx, flowered air refreshner spray on back, plus Napoleonic hat. Because of past racial injusticies minorities should go in front of queue. All angry white beta males should become zetas or at least clonned etas.

    1. Chia Cha

      Save your kids, learn what is cultural Marxism.

  7. Chia Cha

    Here is one real american not telling bedtime stories how chinese and russians do not want to enslave you. External policies are good so far. Internal sucks because of cultural marxism. But If system continue with cultural marxism aplying it and on domestic teritorry, then it is time to revolt. But Trump so far changed narative in whole world. Especially in countries of former Warsaw pact (Soros playground). But for Germany and Russia of course you would recommend more of cultural marxism.

  8. Chia Cha

    Of course that Newsweek wants asiatic pagan sun worshiping (Stalin/Hitler) civilisation to be protected, not western one. They wants bail out by Obama. No one is reading them. Mexicans do not want to read. Newsweek is political wing of ESPN.

  9. Chia Cha

    From communist party truth checker, we have explanation telling us how P&G story is false 😀 Interesting is how they are not telling us on that one corporation only truh checker how moon is back. 😀 Corporation will do only what gives them more money therefore they had to put moon back. Horns always must be hidden but not hoof.

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