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39 thoughts on “Get Rid of Pope Francis and John Brennan! They are Repeat Offenders!

  1. Chia Cha

    But this is only Pope who damned all rich people, for system to decide to go against him and catch all his pedophilles finally. That good deed will not change fact that rich people are stil damned and will go to hell for ever. Fatva will not be removed HA HA HA. He used situation that system could not allow those arrests in the middle of cold war. Here we see german rich guy supporting system where water rich are filling is not spilling over glass, but glass is getting bigger (he will go to hell for ever). 5% of people owns 50% of residental units in Germany. Every second must rent own so he has to lie, and lie on consturction sites. Church of Jesus, his, one, and only Church, is what Jesus left for us. Nothing else.

    1. Jason

      We reap what we sew? Was Jesus a capitalist? Who is richer than Jesus? What is wealth in absolute? What is wealth in abstract of individual, vs. cultural definition, vs. absolute of God’s law?

      1. Chia Cha

        One communist told me, this is how we start, every individual need resources to survive, without resources, every individual dies. That is amount of calories, clean water, air, and shelter. Ron Paul wants people to starve in silence. Rand Paul on other hand, wants same as I do, free consumer united them self in democratic groups able to leverage corporation, something never will allowed by and government. Jesus was not capitalist, he did not employ anyone, he was self employed. Nor he was wasting resources creating stuff for resslers to hoard. Only for final user.

    2. Sue Thomas

      One issue that Steve has not addressed is the centralised control of the military industrial complex and the fires in California. Also laser wraponry used to clear land. Are you using the information to destract even though true. Please advise.

  2. Petra

    I think it is important to note that the Church of BAAL took over the Catholic Church looooong ago.

  3. DV

    It has always been the view of the Church that the flesh is weak and is separate from the spirit. This has been the rationale used to excuse “falling” or indulging carnality…for the clergy. In early times, popes had mistresses and illegitimate children. Homosexuality has always been rampant in monasteries and convents, why? because renunciation of one’s sexuality is nearly impossible, especially when the priest is dealing daily with females and children in his role and nuns are subservient to priests. The hypocrisy and abuse of power is inevitable and is the inherent fallacy that dooms the Church.


    Agree 1000%, Malachi Marin a catholic priest who had served in the Vatican for a time in a novel he wrote Windswept House in which he said that satan had control of the Vatican and he talked about child sacrifice and the hellish goings on in the Vatican.

    Malachi Martin died from a fall down the stairs in a New York apartment building and is was said that his last word was that he was pushed.

    I heard Malachi on the Art Bell talk show several times years ago and he was very credible and a critic of the catholic church.

    1. Jason

      It’s ironic that he died falling down the steps, similar to father Marin in the movie “the Exorcist”. Many many parallels between the two.

  5. Jason

    Christians do not need the Roman Catholic Church, nor do they need a Holy Roman Emperor to kneel before. Research men like Nicolas Remy. Their evil is well documented via their projection throughout their books. The real witches were never burned at the stake. MK-ultra technique is old technique. Before it was mastered in digital, it was mastered in analogue. Revalation is now. The deceivers are being deceived. If you have children, take nothing for granted, and tell them the truth.

    1. Chia Cha

      Holy Roman Empire, is against God, because human creation cannot be Holy. But his Church is holy, St. Peter was one choosen by Jesus to establish his one and only Church in Rome. Therefore it is holy. People do forget that is his Church in Rome is what Jesus gave us. What is point of Bible if there is no Church. Yes capitalists made Chruch to not be part of fashionable trends via MK-ultra deployed via commercials etc… But Satan must work and do job God ordered, and that is destroy as many souls as he can. Rich people are already lost, they are damned by Pope, nothing can be done there, but we must protect poor people in slums becuase those people are not damned so trying to protect them have some sense. There are 2 million kids living on Mexico City deponium as we speak (CIA in factbook says that Mexico introduced wonderful market reforms and have good economy), but 0 such on Cuba.

      1. Jason

        I have seen no evidence that satan has destroyed anything, much less a single soul. It is difficult to accept that the cultivation of one’s own spirit begins and ends with one’s choices. It is more difficult to accept that there is no limit to how evil and depraved a single human can be, much less organizations run by such people. When a man’s evil reaches a certain level, the external scapegoat becomes necessary. People gravitate to this external scapegoat as the evil they learn about inspires fear, and when moral cowardice is triggered, the external excuse becomes totally accepted, for now you are absolved of sin, since the devil can make you do it. This is the cycle of physical and emotional abuse. Disociation. Cognitive dissonance. Moral cowardice. If you understand yourself in absolute terms, you have only yourself to blame. Choices choices choices. Until the vast majority of humanity takes complete and total responsibility for their failures, there can be no greater future, or at this time, any future what soever. I fear that God is warming up his pitching shoulder as we speak, reminiscent of 12,900 years ago. If we do not change now, there will be a reset on God’s terms. Genocide, perhaps extinction.

        1. Chia Cha

          Well some space alines tried to mix with us, and from there we have some polution in genes and are able to be evil. Those were those fallen angels. Beside for us it impossible for us to be good or evil without learning that from holy books, by having some to tell us. You have to be thought that from someone and you be have genetical capability to be able to learn it. But someone must learn you. For instance Aztecs were thought calendar from some evil aliens. That is what made their culture monster culture. Culture can be evil or good. In buddhism there is not sin, and practically in islam also, because at end, in islam Alahihi will trade with you and give some bonus as good trader no matter what.

        2. Chia Cha

          Oh and 90% of moraility and individual behavior is determined by addictions. 10% by genetics. Even religiousity can be just substitute of primal addiction. Btw. you cannot be saved without grace of God, and evidence that you are saved is faith, because without faith you cannot be saved. Jesus also said that those with little faith, from them, that little will be taken away. No one ever escaped, no one.

        3. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

          Jason, I always find your commentary thoughtful and relevant. After studying psychological theories, particularly Freud and Jung, and especially the latter, I developed a personally nuanced psycho-spiritual belief system that combines the ego/Self with “spiritual” aspects, but acknowledges there is a “God” and angels. Jung never wrote prolifically about evil, but he definitely said evil exists. I have come to believe that evil is both within and there are angels and demons existing in another dimension. I also believe other life forms exist, but humans use denial to thwart that psychological threat. As such, I believe one’s own choices are largely to blame for outcomes, but I also believe external temporal and universal forces/energies play some role. Just my 2 cents and, unlike pathological muslims, I force no one or harm no one to believe as I do.
          As for God warming up for the end times, I hear this from many, many people. Genocide is a very, very real potential outcome and the probability increases with each passing year, speeding up every year. I’m not sure about where you live, but the sociocultural tension in the state where I live, between certain “groups” of people, as well as a state south of where I live, feels so thick and so palpable that it is like a tinder box waiting for some spark to ignite it and go “boom.” This is not limited to America or Europe or Australia or Canada or the Middle East, although that seems to be where the bulk of psycho-social pathology exists. Extinction from artificial intelligence, nuclear war, genocide, pandemics, biochemical wars, climate changes, or anti-biotic resistance—or any combination of these—-is becoming increasingly likely. I do not blame this looming specter on one factor, rather on a confluence of factors. It is as though time itself is speeding up. I think the accumulation of great evil, much like a snowball gathering speed, brings this with it.

          1. Jason

            Helo Wanda. I hope you are enjoying the show. I know I am. The levee is about to break soon, and lord knows what will happen. All of the things that have insulted our conscious minds will now give way to the galactic sub-conscious, as a physical resolution is now sought to release the tension. It seems psycho-sexual almost in nature. Hopefully if we survive it, a cigarette will be all we need while we catch our collective breath after feeling the Earth move. We are on the razor’s edge most definitely. Evil I pray has hit it’s current high water mark and is subsiding. Time will tell. Not that I believe in time, so much as I believe in timing. The yoga of planetary alignments is not unlike the perception of DNA or the periodic table. Golden mean ratio says the song remains the same. If the war on children doesn’t end soon, I sense there will be an acute rise in vigilante justice. The soil has drank the blood of children and patriots for too long with out the requisite balance of consuming the blood of true evil. I already know what future the next life holds for creatures like francis and brennon. Teeth.

          2. Jason

            Hello Wanda. It’s great to hear from you. My previous reply was blocked so I will just say, yes, I agree! lol These challenges are what make life worth living.

        4. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.


  6. I don’t believe that HELL is “forever”. It is for an undetermined “age” of correction. Even the wicked will be saved.

    1. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

      Joseph, the Buddhists believe that time exists forever, from aeon to aeon. They would say that “end times” are just the end of an aeon or an epoch, with the next aeon being built upon the decay, decadence, and ruins of the prior aeon or epoch. They also believe that there is no “heaven” or “hell” rather “hell” is a subjective state in a physical world. Those who accumulate “bad karma” from doing bad things in life, are forced to reincarnate into another physical body until their “bad karma” is burned off by good deeds.
      I’m a Christian but I do believe it is possible reincarnation exists. As for “hell,” I think that is strictly in a physical world. I do believe there is a “heaven” although not in a conventional sense, rather more in a dimensional and psychological sense where the soul lives, so to speak, eternally. Angels and family members are there before us. It is possible the “wicked” are able to “rest” so to speak in heaven once their karma is burned off after enough lifetimes of paying that back.

    2. Chia Cha

      Time does not exist, therefore it is forever, plus what is to be saved, some pedophile capitalist/polit bureau mk-ultra consumer 90% addicted meat bag drone, what is there to be saved, their mathematics of reaching higher power level of material re-distribution based on obedience to demons. for new system where material is not factor any more HA HA HA. There is not use of them because first rule of economics that resources for survival are limited are not operational in new system, it is better to save piece of stone, more of God spirt is in there… Everything of human dies and is destroyed for ever, while everything of God last for ever. Everything of God is eternal. Pedophile can maybe save him self only if he kill himself, so he can be sure he will never repeat such thing ever again. That is what Jesus said. Jesus is full or mercy.

    3. This all boils down to the First Amendment. The First Amendment is more important than the Second Amendment because the freedom of conscience is more powerful weapon. How can invisible evil spirits be defeated with Second Amendment.? For the last few years I started thinking about how the forces of darkness are able to travel time or exist in several periods of time at once. So humans can only fight it with the mercy of jesus

      1. Chia Cha

        That is true, very very strong point. Because God said he is word, of course only evidence that word is accepted if word is followed by good works. Otherwise if you accept word but works are bad or futile, that just means word is some kind of supstitution for addiction. For instance those praying in front of abortion clinics are demonic addicts full of hubris unless they say also that their support of material inequality makes economic reasons, main reasons for abortions. We can say that those public praying addicts are evidence works are not there. They are part of problem.

        1. Chia cha you said exactly my next train of thought. Basically the physical world CAN have good deeds which has to follow the thought. I’m taking that you mean the people praying in front of the abortion clinic are likely to be SELF RIGHTEOUS.

          This all relates to what Dr. Pieczenik is saying, because, the Pope [and i’m not judging the pope] may look “holy” but perhaps his thoughts and/or deeds are miscreant. At some point I believe in the fact that the PHYSICAL WORLD will be cured.

          1. Chia Cha

            I look it from Stalin’s perspective, fish stinks from head. So because fact is that all those pedophilles were cought while Chrurch was headed by this Pope, that makes fish head to whiff… I mean this Pope’s understands problems of people from slums. Which is also plus. Jesuits can be somehow problematic making Franciscans more stable, that is true, but Church always saved it self by having great reformators emerging somehow. Plus also we forget that we now have two Popes and under my theory that is only reason why we were able to get in Ukraine, as those two Popes made split between Kiew and Moscow patriarch possible. Do not ask me why I think that but another great result is there.

  7. RS

    Dr P, you hit the nail squarely on the head again.
    Well done.
    i related closely to your selection as
    I did ‘time’ for 12 years in parochial school and managed to graduate with honors despite the nuns
    not because of them.
    A Franciscan priest took a liking to me and my best friend M.
    This was in an era where no one questions the authority of the parish priest whose cousin is the monsignor who ran the parish and the schools.
    What nun could we complain to and our parents deafened ears?

    At the age of majority I turned to Buddhism.
    I now wonder if the Dalai Lama is another one that needs watching.

    As for Brennan and his whining tantrums, I heard a good line from a comedy sci-fi moie “Paul”.
    Sigourney Weaver’s character made a statement that captures it all-
    toward the end of the movie she directs the special agent to kill the alien pip-sqeak before he can escape ‘home’. If the agent did so she would “guarantee him a promotion with a level 5 security clearance” that would make his life worth it.
    Seems security clearance is a sought after ‘status’- the higher you have the greater the rewards.
    Pay-to-play anyone?
    This is all too big for me to control and the obvious and upsetting ‘full court press’ against our president who is trying to do a good job despite the push-back,
    compelled me to get involved in my local campaign races weeks ago.
    I am banging in signs, organizing events, arranging appointments and visiting election center warehouse to see how votes are tabulated.
    I want a ‘visual’ of how it works on election night and if anything fishy is taking place.
    Fractional Magic anyone? Who needs Russians when we have illegals voting, caught, convicted and from all over the globe?

    I would rather have a rookie Republican Congressman who can learn the ropes, than a Democrat swamp creature who is on the side of MISCREANTS in D.C.
    My participation at least moves the quantum field of probabilities to a variable result.
    Thank you and good night.

    1. Petra

      RS – pedophilia is their bond. I am so sorry you had to suffer these things. I had a friend studying to be a priest he walked in on a priest orgy for of them. He was so appalled that he shattered a chair in their presence and they were so engrossed in their gore they didn’t even notice.

  8. Chia Cha

    Congratulation for USA for deciding to win, and liberate all workers around world from oppression. With this law, all workers on the world would demand to become of part of US corporate supply chain, overthrowing their local domestic capitalist class in coopration with invading US army. Just how I advocated. If this pass 5 years ago, every working person around world then IS agent of US army on path of own emancipation. Workers of the world finaly got their state. Very good is that China and Russia as eastern satarapic modes of governarce would NEVER, NEVER allow this, therefore making them obivious amoral target of morally superior US society. Obligation of every worker and moral being is to support US on path of emancipation and freedom. MATERIAL ONE FINALLY.

    1. Chia Cha

      If this pass US would become centre of workers revoution and should become only and main sponsor and exporter of world’s revolution. This law combined with government and/or corporate guaranteed jobs, would legitimize market economy, would enrich workers, creating consumers out of them, making profits of capitalistst bigger, as they would not have to run toward bottom any more… This is win win scenario. Path toward full liberty. But this law must be combined with some government/corporate guaranteed jobs because without such additional law even workers would avoid employing new workers for them to keep bigger share of profit by not sharing it. Maybe by FED rewarding more corporations who employ bigger % of workforce, in combiation with factor of effeictivness (profit/employed worker) which would be more important as reward factor for smaller firms, and with innovation factor (rise of profits per employed worker).

      1. Jason

        What a surprise. Solution that does not require killing of capitalists. These solutions have been fomenting for a while now. Have patience.

        1. Chia Cha

          We we can hope it will be done sonner then later. Btw. relation between fascist and church is that for fascists church is enemy but they needs church…

          1. Jason

            All fingers from the same hand, sealed in the same glove, dominated by a mind you haven’t labeled yet. I respect that you want a greater role in the current game, but the dynamics within these paradigms you espouse are old and tired. You will not gain individual salvation if you lack originality in an authentic purpose. Why pick side of fascists vs. church when there is no difference. They are a reciprocal business model, nothing more. One feeds the ranks of the other. What a waste of time and precious energy. Individuals are unique between each other. Individual groups are not unique from each other. I sense that you are bound to the external constructs, and hide from your own personal internal construct. If one in 100 men in the entire world were to plant one tree everyday for the rest of their life starting today, what then? We are becoming quite binary, and in that I ask only one question of myself. Am I supporting life, or am I supporting death? Feed the universe my friend. It will feed us back in ways beyond reason. More motion, less words? More self-sacrifice, less sacrificing of others? Do we pray with words, or our hands? That being said, if you were to kill one capitalist today, which one would it be? Does the desire to kill capitalists arise most when praying on knees? Step one, what do I think when I never get on my knees again? Remember Conan’s prayer at the end of the movie when Thulsa Doom sought the return of the princess? That is step two?

          2. Chia Cha

            Nooooo I am just helping US fascism to not make mistakes fascists usually do, because for me fascism unlike vile liberalism is able to recognize injustices and will adress them, making me wanting to help… But what I do not like is that fascism neutralizing all dangers by conserving everything unopposed, very fast, very successfully, meaning on cheap way. Why not to have good fascism where mistakes are dedected and are not solved allways on faster way, where problems of class disharmony are adress in way to keep innovation and needed production level of consumer goods. Problem is of fascist society that all problems starts to be too easily solved. For instance, in beggining german fathers in villages did not want to send soldiers to fight, but Goebbels as “genius” decided to use “english” planes to throw tanks full of potato beattles on fields. After that every father started pushing son to go. I want US to look examples of FDR to avoid petty fascist traps. FDR used Pearl Harbour, world class event on level of best Hollywood blockbusters, fire works democratically applied for whole public and classes with aim of taking whole world, not detesting central planning and mass production of suppy goods. Without mass production of supply goods, for soldiers or public, fascism becomes real fascism. Just look China, they are refusing to create consumers out of their slaves, as all fascists do.

        2. Chia Cha

          Do you know that capitalists are sons of Satan, they all are one dimensionals geniuses, just like that squad of nazis, Joseph Goebels was such, his concept that lie repetead 1000 times is truth is of such one dimensional genious. Capitalists are rich because they are good in collecting money, that is all. And because they are unable to differ evil from good.

          1. Chia Cha

            There are sons created by culture established by his son Muhamed also. In south africa those criminals on power are created by sons from Houston. All sons are supporting each other.

  9. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

    Jason, this might be of interest to you.
    Merkel’s Nightmare: Now German Far-Left Wants Borders Closed!!!

    START AT 4 MINUTES, 40 SECONDS: “The Far Left has exposed a fundamental contradiction within their own party when it comes to their commitment to the welfare state. More people are recognizing that there is a fundamental contradiction between being advocates of mass immigration on the one hand and the survival and integrity and the welfare state and social services on the other. You simply cannot have both. The political LEFT simply cannot possibly claim to be BOTH guardians of the welfare state, on the one hand, and proponents of unfettered immigration on the other… if the political Left is going to survive in Europe, it is going to have to adopt some form of welfare chauvinism.”

    1. Chia Cha

      Let s not hope too fast, Die Linke is soviet communist connection, and today russian communist party is totally anti-minorities (g@ys included) therefore that is must for Die Linke, plus as russian operation they have to survive… All other left on west are atheist/g@y/pedo liberal western left. And in liberal world, main task of political party is to do what is non popular and goal is lose elections (controlled parties by capitalist donors) so capitalists can choose as they see fir who will rule (party with more banners win). I wish all left goes down because russian communist party is stil atheist, that brain washed party clientel base. Ocasio-Cortez (if she would stop calling for abolishment of ICE would be miles ahead of all lefties on the world who are stil scum).

  10. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

    Jason, another excerpt from the same video above by Dr. Steve Turley about German Far-Left party now embracing the Far Right platform of anti-immigration stance: Start at 6 minutes, 20 seconds: “The European “Far Right” as they are called, their immigration platform is now becoming the default immigration and social services platform for virtually every part in Europe RIGHT or LEFT. It’s called a paradigm shift. It’s literally happening before our very eyes. It is an astonishing transformation. When even “leftist” parties are becoming Far Right, you know the Golden Age, as Scott Adams calls it, is upon us. The whole issue of traditional Left and Right is blurring. In many ways, it is collapsing. It’s falling apart. It’s no longer an issue of whether we are going to raise taxes or whether we are going to lower taxes by a comparable percentage point. It’s no longer about whether the government is going to provide welfare services or whether we are going to start privatizing such agencies. The traditional politics of Left and Right are, frankly, over. The new politics is not about Right versus Left, it’s not about rich versus poor, it’s not about big government versus small government. It’s now about INSIDE VERSUS OUTSIDE. It’s about citizens versus ruling elites. It’s about whether we are going to open up our nation and its culture, customs, and traditions to outside influences that radically alters such cultures, customs, and traditions. That’s the new politics that’s emerging, literally, all over the world.”

    1. Jason

      Thank you for the link. In real time, men and women from all around the world can communicate and learn from each other far faster than our respective overlords can queer the true natural order of things. Tension that builds only to seek and become a resolution. It’s quite musical in a way. If perhaps our solar system is a cosmic strand of DNA that has become self aware, then the degree of change that we may encounter soon may accelerate us into the truly unrecognizable. Walking backwards, learning only from hindsight is now a recognized problem. Eyes forward, moving forward, clawing into the future is the new paradigm. Much like sands through the hourglass. We are each a Z-pinch, and the magnetic poles are about to switch for everyone and everything. Much like the reseting of the hourglass. The World is a trippy place right now. “Amazing”-Jesse Lee Peterson

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