Get Rid of Pence!

Get Rid of Pence!

Message to Vice President Mike Pence: Cease and Desist Your Efforts to Undermine POTUS Donald Trump!
A few weeks ago, I gave Pence his first public warning when he was blatantly collecting massive amounts of campaign money during POTUS Trump’s attempt to manage untoward personnel problems within the White House. What Pence is doing now is unethical, self-serving, and underhanded.

Pence and his lethal henchman, Jack Oliver, have started to raise millions of dollars specifically for VP Mike Pence. Ostensibly, this money garnered from the kingmakers Charles G. and David H. Koch, is slated for Pence’s potential run for the presidency in 2020.

No Republican Vice President in the past fifty years, including Gerald Ford, has ever publicly considered running for the presidency while he was only in VP office for six months. VP Mike Pence has that ‘lean and hungry look’. A very interesting article in the NY Times, entitled, “Republican Shadow Campaign for 2020 Takes Shape as Trump Doubt Grows” by Jonathan Martin and Alexander Burns, [8/5/17], describes in detail how Pence has been systematically garnering donations and political supporters– ostensibly for a presidential race– some three years from now.

“Senators Tom Cotton and Ben Sasse have already been to Iowa this year. Gov. John Kasich is eyeing a return visit to New Hampshire, and Mike Pence’s schedule is full of political events that Republicans joke that he is acting more like a second-term VP hoping to clear the field than a Number 2 who has been sworn in a little over six months ago.” [ NY Times].

Independent of this article, I have uncovered Pence’s proclivity to solicit funds for himself and his own organization from Republican loyalists who DESPISE TRUMP. Moreover, Pence has been using American taxpayer funds to fly Air Force Two as well as the Naval Observatory [VP housing] to meet and greet social conservatives such as Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council and other so-called, billionaire dignitaries to prepare for his presidential race in 2020.

Pence and Co. held a $5000-per-person fund raiser in New York City at the Harvard Club [Pence did not go to Harvard] featuring “hawkish figures like Stephen Hadley as a speaker.” As many of you know, I have worked with and against Hadley for decades. He is one of the least bright, most self-promoting of neocons. He graduated behind me at Cornell University [CU] with the likes of the other CU chicken-hawks: Paul Wolfowitz, Sandy Berger, and Frank Fukuyama. All of these ignoble incompetents sent our brave warriors into the disastrous Iraq War, preceded by their Mossad-operated, Bush/Cheney/Condi 9/11 False Flag.

I don’t like Mike Pence. He represents all the repulsive features of an egregious professional politician. He fellates his courtiers to bestow money and recognition upon his very mediocre intelligence and meager professional competency.

Like most politicians, he will morph continuously into any shape, position, or religion, in order to accommodate the shifting tides of his increasing narcissism.

Pence grew up a devout Roman Catholic. At the same time, he was an ardent Democrat who volunteered for the Bartholomew County Democratic Party in 1976. He campaigned vigorously for the left-leaning presidential candidate, Jimmy Carter. On top of that, Pence spoke of his great admiration for the war-hawk JFK and the anti-establishment, Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. He soon realized that he was going nowhere in the losing Democratic Party.

Like so many ambitious politicians, he became an evangelical born-again Christian. He did not convert because he had changed his belief. He realized that the new silent majority, as Jerry Falwell had proclaimed, was ‘the born again Christians’.  His devoted Catholic mother warned him against such a blatant, transparent religious conversion. She was completely against it. [Wikipedia].

From that point onward, Pence modeled his career after Ronald Reagan. He became a radio announcer, congressman, and eventually Governor of Indiana. The rest is history.  Like most process-oriented politicos, Pence never created a company, nor had he offered to serve in our military despite voting for every unnecessary overseas war.

Candidate Donald Trump anointed Pence to become Vice President yet he was always leery of Pence. He understood that Pence would never be able to handle the complicated task of creating “MAGA”! Trump talks openly about Pence’s presidential ambitions which would often arise at inopportune times.
I smell the faint odor of a civilian coup in the air. I have espied the subterfuges and complex movements of those Republican civilians who reluctantly supported Trump. These poseur vultures move about restlessly in the WH wings waiting for Trump & Co to enter into a seemingly downward spiral of dysfunction.

I am asking those of you who initially inspired Trump to run for the presidency: the vets, the alt –media, the conspiracy theorists, the military/IC to ask for Mike Pence’s resignation. He is clearly playing a double-handed game. Pence praises Trump while all the time preparing himself to take over the White House on a momentum’s notice.

President Trump, Miller, Bannon, Mattis, and Kelly: please beware! Please Fire VP Mike Pence ASAP! If not, POTUS could be caught in a political vice from which he will never emerge intact.

I have been in this regime changing business for a very long time. Pence smells.

The great playwright, Tennessee Williams, wrote the following:

“We have to distrust each other. It is our only defense against betrayal [Mike Pence].”

Williams also added this:

“The only thing worse than a liar, is a liar who is also a HYPOCRITE [Pence]”. 

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72 thoughts on “Get Rid of Pence!

  1. Chia Cha

    I said from begining I did not believe this guy. He is on level of boxing match pronouncer, living in van and traveling from match to match. He is shallow showman. Another bureaucrat serving chief member of his bureaucrat communist caste above, str8 up till Satan. Capitalist Soros wants to destroy Christianity in Europe, that is his only goal, Pens is his nothing doer guy.

    1. A.G.

      I said the very same thing~ I never trusted Pence, and the evidence has verified my suspicions.
      Happy to know that you are in agreement Dr. P.
      Are you 100% sure about Gen. Kelly being a patriot and against the deep state? We know that McMasters is a drunken buffoon who bad mouths Trump any chance he gets.Will the firing of HIggins from the National Security Council be the mistake that gets him fired. I pray this it true. I fear that they have Trump so isolated that he doesn’t know why Higgins is fired, and doubt that Trump has even been able to read his important memo outlining the Maoist/Islamic coup taking place.

      1. Sheree

        I disagree completely with you.
        Pence might have been an RC and he might have been a Democrat and he did have a born-again experience and became a Evangelical Christian. Having been an RC & having a born-again experience 31 yrs ago & having been a Liberal … I can tell you that once you start reading your Bible you quickly realize that a TRUE Christian could NEVER be a Liberal Democrat. 99% of RC’s don’t have a CLUE what the Bible says. Pence is a honourable man & this story belongs in the garbage.

        1. Chia Cha

          I do not see him as someone warm to Trump, sharing enthusiasm for policies Trump promised. Trump is 1st politician doing what he said he will do against all odds. Not trying to be nice to those who are not needed. There is no time for such. They “high” bureaucratic positions are not going to be respected any more, no ritual respect is going to be given to such. People must go up, and bureacuracts must go down. Any anyone who acts like that. Back to mouse hole.

        2. Ann Bolynn

          No he isn’t and no it doesn’t!!!!!

    2. Ann Bolynn

      Here is a series of e mails that reportedly were released by the original poster in the first e, Chase. This is on a site that has a few other interesting links. Look around. The e mails were on the original e format when first published just before the election last Nov. Please notice the Ryan and Pence correspondence. At this time I can find these e mails only on this site.
      After Trump’s victory, it seems the second phase of the Ryan and Pence collaboration was dropped and the group went to plan “B.”

  2. Redwan

    What about McMaster? Get rid of McMaster

    1. Embrey

      Alex Jones/Roger Stone allege that McMaster has been reporting to Soros and his ilk. Source is apparently Israeli intelligence. It might not technically be treason as Soros is not another country but rather a non-governmental actor who overthrows governments and destroys currencies, etc.
      Hungary and Israel have labeled Soros (Georgie Schwartz) an enemy. Will the United States be next?

  3. Chia Cha

    Trading with enemy of US, namely, Russia, is good. Russia will not make you communist, muslim, terrorist, pedophile or gender bender. While trade with your other enemy, namely, china, or saudi arabia, will make you all above plus to loose your house, job and merge you in globalist brown skined aztec borg.

    1. Embrey

      Globalist brown skinned Aztec Borg is funny.
      I agree about trading with Russia.

  4. Chia Cha

    Left must be totally destroyed as totally dangerous concept directly going against TRADITION of workers, totally trying to delete it from workers conscious replacing TRADITION with trends developing among few party members under direct infulence of Satan. Left goes against RELIGION of workers, against CULTURE of workers, against GENES of workers, left always wants to destroy KIDS of workers and FAMILIES of workers. Left goes against MATERIAL BENEFITS of workers by replecing them with cheaper and more wild one. Left goes against WOMEN by importing mexican drug dealers and muslims, LEFT wants to destroy american nationalism and replace it with ARAB, TURKISH, CHINESE and MEXICAN nationalism… I could go on forever.

    1. Chia Cha

      Here are some more of Mexican jabba frogs jumping. How many hetero white guys (not working as bureaucrats), and not having extra rental house in some of coastal cities voted for communist witch called HRC. 1%? Or that is too much. They want to kill you and your kids. Muslims = Mexicans. Remember Alamo?

      1. Chia Cha

        Chicago is under enemy occupation. Totally de Industrialised under Obamas policy. Chicago is new Durban of South Africa. Something has to be done. I mean you cannot retreat for ever. How can you let liars lie in front of your kids on TV. Mafia and bureaucracy are always finger and nail. New Tea Party is needed, and someone new and bigger then Rand Paul to join Rand Paul. To break back of enemy is needed.

      2. A.G.

        I had a heated debate with a Mexican co-worker who wanted to see Trump dead. I couldn’t make any headway, until I approached the debate from the topic of Christianity. I explained that Obama is islamic, who he liked because Obama was president at the time he got his green card. He had trouble believing that Obama wasn’t Cristian because he is a Mason. But I gave some facts and slowly won him over. Talking about satanism is a hard thing to say and not sound like a nut, but it gave him pause and made him question his alliance to the radicalized left.

        1. Chia Cha

          Yea, you can remove him from left, but you cannot remove him from his mexican nationalism and tradition. Imagine someone ask you to forget your nation and tradition and who you are. For that you need several generations. Mexicans are invaders without any need to become americans. Because they plan to become majority or at least annex SW much before any kind of americanization can happen. Plus they say all hispanics are mexicans under their umberella. They are enemies on colective level. Of course you will not kill him now, because it is too early, but we in europe must start killing our muslims very soon.

          1. Chia Cha

            I am not planning to watch how Merkel and Soros will slice my throat. Merkel is s@xually very very perv@rse person.

          2. Chia Cha

            Rape of new year in Germany was planned and executed by Merkel police. They hide all crimes they committ by saying those are some fringe lunatics, but everything is sponsored by police, and secret services and NGOs. Under total media conspiracy, until moment muslims will be strong enough to start killing white christians. Like I said Merkel is very p@rverse person.

        2. Obama was mentored by a Communist Party member from age 10 to 18 years, was supported most of his adult life by the Communist Party, has a half-brother who is with the Muslim Brotherhood in Africa, and Obama placed many muslims in positions in the White House, as personal advisers as well as in DHS and the intelligence agencies. You can google this. I am fairly confident Obama was born in Kenya, as is indicated in the website link pertaining to his link with the communist party, and that he may be muslim himself. I consider him to be the most dangerous, ineffective, incompetent, criminal president, bar none. Clinton, Lynch, Holder, Rice, Jarrett, Brennan, Clapper, and the clan were, literally, destroying America from within. Trump was correct when he said on the campaign trail that America could not take 4 more years of Obama policies. That was a gross understatement.

          1. BillUK

            I think you are right his Grand Mother said he was born in Kenya as did his original student ID, however I think the poor copies of a birth certificate were to distract from his real Dad. I understand along with others he was groomed for the role of POTUS from about 1998. Yet another reason that Trump pisses off the establishment, he was not one of their chosen ones.

        3. A.G., are you aware that Obama brought the Muslim Brotherhood into his administration as personal advisers in foreign policy? Perhaps you are also aware that Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Egypt designated The Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization in 2014. John Brennan, who was Obama’s CIA Director, is a muslim. Obama and Brennan allowed muslims to infiltrate the DHS and the U.S. intelligence agencies. Did you know that the muslim, Mohammed Elbiary, who was a senior person in the DHS was convicted for breach of national security around 2012? Michele Bachman received howls from the Left when she attempted to bring this fact to light, but was later vindicated when Elibiary was found to have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

  5. Joanne

    And then what? Paul Ryan as Veep? No thank you!

    1. Chia Cha

      Who said Paul Ryan? Newt Gingrich would be good. He have high IQ his skull is not like of Paul Ryan and of that cunning bat Pence. Satan is also not very intelligent, but super cunning. Age of bureaucratic drones must stop. They are 100% uneeded. They need to be terminated. They are economical drag. They can operate only when they import low level inteligent cultures as subjects and destroy culture of workers. Then they can rule (over military).

    2. Paul Ryan is a traitor to the Trump Agenda. Ryan is one of those Caesar traitors standing in the shadows with a knife in his hand. He presents well, but who cares about pulchritude, excellent speaking skills, polish and sophistication, and intelligence if the man has no virtue, has no loyalty to what is in the best interest of Americans, and would sell his soul to the devil if he profited? He’s only slightly less politically slimy than McCain and Graham.


    Pence is a Zionist loving neocon warmonger who knows what side his bread is butter on and that is being an Israeli firster. Actually both Pence and Trump are on bended knee to the Zionists but this is what Israeli control of America has caused ie every candidate since JFK has been a pawn of Israel.

    JFK was no a warmonger, in fact he was just the opposite and intended to withdraw America advisors from Vietnam and this among other things signed his death warrant.

    For proof of what was really involved in getting the U.S. into Vietnam and who really killed JFK , see the book JFK, the CIA and Vietnam, this book can be had on

    1. Chia Cha

      Turk muslims should not worry about internal problems inside Judeo-Christian West. I never heard you saying anything against muslims and fuhrer Merkel.

    2. Desert Fox, we hear your constant repetitions on Zionism. What is your position on radical Islam? What is your position on muslims? I think they are equally dangerous to Western civilization, yet I hear nothing in your comments about them. Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a former muslim who receives constant death threats due to her warning America and Europe about the encroaching stealth takeover by muslims of American and Europe. In Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s 2017 essay, “The Challenge of Dawa: Political Islam as Ideology and Movement and How to Counter It,” (free copy online) she exposes the techniques of the deceptive “moderate” Muslims whereby Muslims who are not engaged in violence utilize “conscious deception” to infiltrate America by “stealth and subversion,” a much more insidious way of destroying America, slowly and methodically, from within.

      This is done by mostly Middle Eastern and African immigrants coming to America, utilizing the strategy of far higher birth rates than non-Muslims, establishing enclaves and insular Muslim communities, and exploiting the constitutional freedoms in America such as freedom of speech and freedom of religion, as a way to slowly and stealthily gain majority power in the political, legal, academic, and media landscapes. Charges of “racism” and “xenophobia” and “Islamaphobia” are utilized by Muslims as an intentional propaganda technique to silence Islam critics, so Muslims can propagate and infiltrate without dissent from others. Once Muslims infiltrate and gain power in these spheres, they actually subvert those very same freedoms to establish the caliphate, a totalitarian theocracy in which Sharia law is imposed on the nation, and all non-Muslims, called infidels, are required to submit wholly to Sharia Law.

  7. Littlefaith

    I have a few questions for Dr P. You said you were part of the regime change in the Soviet Union if so did you know it was planned to end the Soviet Union and usher in the next world wide threat Radical Islam?? That is what all the elite Zionists wanted…it’s scripted ..right? As far as disingenuous liars go I believe Roger Stones motto is “lie lie lie” and to continue on with liars, was Alex Jones parents (not his real last name) involved in the CIA and isn’t he just a tool for the appropriately named JWO?? Where does Trump fit in …he has lied to us; “lock her up” he was the candidate who was against Wall Street against our intrusive wars for Israel, knows who was behind 911 but won’t act on it, depicted the Fed as an entity of a foreign country, drain the swamp… yet he has interfered in Syria, Russia ,Iran,N Korea ..all of which just happen to be on the PNAC Zionist hit list ..Trump has surrounded himself with the lowest form of swamp monsters available and the cling ons left by Obomination…and his son-in-law 666 5th Ave he wanted the demonic address so bad he overpaid for it, no wonder he sucks as real estate investor! And the fact that Kushner and his mind controlled wife are followers of Chabad Lubavitch one of the most hateful racist Jewish supremacist groups on earth today! So I tend to judge a person by the company they keep …birds of a feather you know! Alex Jones has deemed himself “irrelevant” and as you like to say “not very smart” as he blathers on about you and your masters divide and conquer strategy..left right, Muslims Christians, white black….and my all time favorites “the Chinese own Hollywood” and “The Arabs control the Federal Reserve” seriously if he is trying to detract from his sheckel apparatus just dodge that whole bullet not to say anything..those lies are so huge and ridiculous it’s embarrassing for him. By the by JFK was a war hawk ??Thats hilarious too! How do you figure? JFK started out ((compromised)) but broke the Zionist stranglehold and that’s what..or should I say who killed him. He was the only good President we ever had in my lifetime and you seem to show quite a bit of disdain towards him, why ? Because of his hatred of the CIA? The Federal Reserve? The FBI? If you you are a Mossad/CIA operative ..maybe that’s why you don’t like him. Oh yea Pence a suspects pedofile,some say, and as I refer to him LBJ!

    1. Chia Cha

      Ooooh shut up. Say hi to your commie Soros. And your muslims. You can go dance with Merkel also.

      1. DESERT FOX

        You are insane.

        1. Chia Cha

          Your Turk mother muslim mother is, I am sorry, muslim turk. Next time try to hide your face on net.

    2. Sheree

      You are a complete lunatic.

      And there is NO cure for Stupidity.

      1. Chia Cha

        RINO republicans should not have cross. Because to them it does not mean anything. Look Pence.

  8. steve,

    what are your thoughts regarding lieutenant colonel roy potter’s opinion that trump has conceded to the deep state? a successful coup? if you have fifteen minutes to watch this video roy will explain his reasoning for this statement he made. i look forward to your reply.

  9. Petra

    If people would govern more that seeking for high office all would be a little bit more interesting… These swamp dwellers all see that they are not president… And they conspire. Until the racketeering of DC is fully prosecuted this will continue to happen…. Trump is America’s last stand…..Stand by your man baby. Otherwise we might as well be East Germany…. a geographical location but, not really a country.

    1. The Republican Party will be completely decimated if President Trump is taken out. Why would I ever vote again if the one person that I voted for can simply be whisked out of office or assassinated? Pence will never generate the archetypal King energies which masses of people project onto Donald Trump. It is these very powerful, enigmatic, vigorous archetypal energies and constellations of the Hero archetype which keep Trump supporters so engaged, invigorated, and attracted to him and his message.

      The Republicans in Congress are imbeciles and incompetent fools if they actually think that Pence—or any other Republican—- will generate sufficient Republican voter support to rally all the Republican voters and to MAINTAIN their interest, and keep them sufficiently engaged over 4 years so as to maintain a Republican majority. Does anyone with any sense really think that Pence or Cruz or Ryan, if president, could generate so many tens of thousands of Republicans at a rally 10 months after elected president? What a joke.

      1. Chia Cha

        You already know that most of republicans do not care about party, not even about them self. They care only what bureaucrats above whose orders they follow will say. They know who set them there. Plus they are very well trained that thinking about them self is less profitable then just listening orders inside party structure. That way they and their kids are sure they will not live life of working class american. That is only fear they have.

      2. Sheree

        You are a complete lunatic.

        And there is NO cure for Stupidity.

    2. Connecting dots……….On 8/2/17, Jerome Corsi reports that John Brennan, former Head of CIA, under Obama ordered the CIA hit on Seth Rich. John Brennan is a M-slum. He refused to take his oath on the Bible and demanded his oath be taken on the Koran.

    3. In Spain, 300 migrants cross into Cueta. The video shows a mass of wild savages. Here is the world that is our destined future if the Democrats regain power and the globalists succeed in open borders, destroying Western civilization. This is a world of masses of inferior reptilian brain and limbic system behavior primitives. We are talking savages, basically, who have never achieved anything of universally considered modern, progressive or culturally enviable. In fact, this is the oldest race on earth, according to many scholars, and, yet, they remain largely in consciousness ruled by sex and aggression and primitive beliefs.

      An African Planet? By 2100, HALF of all children on earth will be African.
      Dan Roodt, American Renaissance

      Of course, this is only half the equation. We have billions of backward, primitive, barbaric Muslims of different races who are also predicted, as researched by Pew Research Center, to overpopulate the earth, as they and Africans breed like rabbits.

      1. Count Richard Von Coudenhove-Kalergi, founder and president of the Pan-European Union, the original EU, states this in his 1925 book, Practical Idealism:
        “The man of the future will be a mongrel….The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, outwardly similar to the ancient Egyptian, will replace the diversity of peoples with a variety of personalities…Today’s races and classes will disappear owing to the disappearance of space, time, and prejudice.”

        “Migration is a method with which to dilute the current European countries, to create a sort of docile mass that will become the future new European. This is what dictators in the past always wanted, the Hitlers and Stalins. The collectivity of European elites is doing the same evil as that done by the individuals in the past.” Former Czech Republic President Vaclav Klaus.

    4. Oh, Petra, wise one—–truer words were never spoken.

  10. Dawne

    I am reading with much dismay! I implicitly trust Dr P ~ and, i ‘like’ Mike Pence. I take him at face value and trust he is a Christian man who upholds the law of our land who sincerely honors POTUS headship. Mr Trump has been through such a gigantic chaotic storm, so fierce and hateful on every level. I’ve not seen such a wall bashing a new leader as this. Horrible. If Mr. Trump fires one more person ESPECIALLY his chosen Mike Pence….i’m afraid EVERY THING will utterly unravel, total and complete. I know very little ‘inside’ stuff, but sense much. General Kelly, now in place, will keep every one who is a snake, at bay with iron ((& charmm which poitico’s like)). Keep every one in place and the next four years ~ make changes. ??

  11. Petra

    Trump was open to work with anyone in DC…. He did it with open arms while stating the agenda that the people voted him in office for had to be on the agenda. But, these DC people are not even thinking about Americans anymore… They act like a Drunk man that did not get the girl at the bar. It is pathetic… Instead of draining the swamp… Let’s call for racketeering and jail charges on all that do not keep their campaign promises.

    1. A.G.

      Unfortunately our tolerance is our weakness right now. We must recognize that we are in a cultural war, and we must stop tolerating those who ally with groups dedicated to overthrowing our government and way of life.
      We cannot tolerate those who are intolerant of our heritage.

      1. Chia Cha

        100% right A.G., we all here must politically activate our self. And crash marxism for ever. Marxism destroyed any chance for workers to organise them self. And cultural marxism is anti-christian genocide on steroides. 1. st step is destruction of liberalism i.e. marxism. 2. sd step is to make sure we destroy traces of it. Then society can take care of problems they have inside their own (meaning democratic and not violently changed (via money)) cultural norms.

      2. Embrey

        We must and have entered this process with tolerance. We must maintain the moral high ground. Watch what happens. Someone on the globalist left is going to go too far and Trump and Sessions will open the can of whoop ass from the moral high ground.

  12. Helen Stronach

    I have never trusted Pence and think you are right Dr Pieczenik. Can he fire Pence and McMaster and can Flynn be reinstated?
    Also, in one of your earliest videos, you said that Julien Assange was working with your side of the CIA to help expose Hillary Clinton’s crimes. It certainly appears that this was the case as the timing on certain Wikileak drops was spot on. I am an Australian and count Julien as a local hero and am grateful for his dedication and sacrifice.
    How then, is Mike Pompeo going after Assange? Why isn’t he being considered for a medal at the least? I have heard there is a secret Grand Jury being assembled to indict Assange and can not figure this into all he has done and how he definately helped get Trump elected. Can you please comment on this at some stage. I understand timing and the craziness of politics and smoke and mirrors but… it would be good to hear some kind of comment. Most of Trump’s base would not agree with the CIA going after Assange.

  13. desturbfan17

    if the vice president is self serving he should go like nixon vice president but do it quite and let newt be the 49th vice president and he so mike peace can learn from this mistake and i do see him become the 46th or 47th president of the united states of america he will haft to reflect on this so he can become the 12th vice president to become president in history

  14. desturbfan17

    don’t thick im kissing mike peace ass i see a republican harry truman i believe he will be needed down the road becase can 3rd world war down the line he look like a guy that don’t give a dame drop a nuke on a japan tipe country like harry truman did

  15. Dupes2k

    According to Faux News, if Pence was gearing up for 2020 it would be political suicide. Kellyanne Conway also denied that allegation on video saying Trump publicly and privately talks of his remaining 7.5 years and he plans on being a 2 term president.

    I think the deep state wants Trump assassinated in the next month or two (as Al Gore mentioned 2 weeks ago), putting Pence and Paul Ryan in the WH. Oh, the horror.

    I’m no fan of Pence AT ALL as he’s a pedophile and part of the deep state. But if he’s talking to rich donors it could be for a “sustained” position that he’ll soon acquire.

  16. MrTuvok

    A very timely warning about Mike Pence, but he hardly works alone. There are more rats waiting in the wings.

    It would be nice to hear your comments about the UNRIG campaign led by David Steele, dr Pieczenik.

    1. Chia Cha

      My opinion is that David Steele is too soft on muslims, plus now he adopted anti-zionism because he is money dependent obviously on muslims. I wish it was different.

  17. In my opinion, the person surrounding Trump that troubles me the most—at least at this moment in time—is McMaster. He has opposed Trump on Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, and Muslims, in general. He scares the *#%@ out of me. My intuition tells me he is a cobra who has ties to the Left. He is a Republican snake. I consider him to be in the same Snake pit as McCain, Graham, and Ryan. All of them are traitors to the Trump agenda and they traffic in self-interest. They are repugnant, pathologically mendacious, and puppets to those who wish to destroy America from within.

    I hope the Zionist organization that is conducting research on McMaster is able to provide elucidation on him and help ouster him from the Trump cadre.


      Zionists will never out McMaster as he is one of their puppets to forment war and terrorism. The government is under Zionist control.

      1. I suspect the Zionist organization that is currently conducting research on him will be responsible for ousting McMaster. Intuition here, again.

        1. DESERT FOX

          Zionists totally control the government and the MSM and the MIC and the FED and the IRS, Zionists are in control of everything.

          1. Embrey

            Zionists control DESERT FOX’s comments.

          2. Embrey

            It is reported that Israeli intelligence has outed McMaster as a Soros operative.
            Wrestle with that little dichotomy DESERT FOX.
            Who is the Zionist? Israeli intelligence? Netanyahu? Soros? McMaster?
            Gets kinda hard to decide who you are gonna hate if everybody is a Zionist.

    2. Chia Cha

      That is it, Tusk of Poland said he thinks Poland could be next, out of EU. We must must send all “anti-racists” to muslim Africa. We need zionist judeo-christian pro-Israel Hitlerjunge on streets hunting antifa, muslims, commies, liberals, anti-war anti-zionists, 3rd world justice seekers and compassionates. That is only only way out of this. Soros wants us dead. This is not conspiracy. No more.

    3. Janell Coker

      According to Roger Stone, McMasters has been emailing to Soros with White House info. Also Jared Kushner asked Matt Drudge not to run that story on Drudge Report, keeping President Trump from seeing it. One must ask, why?

  18. I lose more and respect for you with nearly every post. First – I also have been leery of Pence. Much of it, I’ve granted benefit to because of his personality type.

    But as a (supposed) intelligence operative with a psychology background, you embarrass yourself with your case (IMHO). Pence not only never has exhibited the ambition you attribute to him (including in 2016 when he didn’t even wholeheartedly endorse Cruz, creating great angst in the establishment), he has no evidence of manipulativeness or deceit from those who worked with him in Washington or Indiana.

    Your statement, “Like so many ambitious politicians, he became an evangelical born-again Christian. He did not convert because he had changed his belief,” is mindboggling. And is completely contradicted by not only personal moral decisions (like not meeting with women alone as Billy Graham modeled), but in 20 years of being aggressively vocal about his faith in Jesus Christ even where it hurt him politically.

    I see noting in Pence to rival the quiet, hidden deceitful diplomacy of Bush 41 (or an intelligence history littered with assassinations, regime change and deep state ties). My concern has always been the opposite that he is a too gentile. Too kind and willing to lay down before a fight rather than offend anyone. Hardly the MO for a Christian who has openly pledged loyalty and even “discipled” Trump in Trump’s new faith.

    Meanwhile you are completely silent on the MOST dangerous person in the Administration – McMasters – leading to me that you actually may have been the infiltrator from the deep state by faking your “inside intel” to gain the trust of a wide audience of liberty loving conservatives.

    Prove your allegations with hard evidence rather than loose associations and 30+ year old twisted citations of Pence. Or STFU.

  19. “Like most process-oriented politicos, Pence never created a company, nor had he offered to serve in our military despite [VOTING FOR EVERY UNNECESSARY OVERSEAS WAR].”

    Pence is a Christian. That’s fine. BUT are all mustangs a Ford? Does every Christian make the RIGHT LEADER? Better to get behind POTUS Trump in the HERE AND NOW!

    VPOTUS, don’t let yourself be CO-OPTED by the NEOCONS!

    1. (sic) are all Fords a Mustang!!!

      1. In the beginning when the DEVIL turned himself into a BLACK HOLE and went against the law of GOD, the great ELOHIM foresaw it and said “oh great, now I have to let these millions of years play out so I can prove that I am right. As an added bonus, however, I will allow Walmart to have a great sale on CAPITALIST GOODS!”

  20. Okay. Dr. Pieczenik, can you please give us any information and insight on North Korea without divulging information that you must withhold? I’ve been very troubled by North Korea for months, but now I am truly nervous. This new threat shakes me to my core. These missiles are, at some point sooner rather than later, going to be able to hit the U.S. A “thousand fold” revenge coming from this little personality disordered man shakes my core. I do not know where this is headed, but I am very glad that Trump has been lauding the military and pushing for expenditures on the military as, I fear we are going to utilize our soldiers in broader areas than the ME.

    I am fearful diplomacy will not be effective. Yes, we should exhaust that first. But I’m losing confidence that North Korea and the wingnut who imagines himself a leader are going to capitulate to sanctions. China does not want all these North Koreans flooding their borders and they do get imports from North Korea. If war, whom would ally with whom? Sigh.


      North Korea is not a threat to America, the real threat to America is the Zionist controlled warmongering MIC.


    Our Lady’s Peace Plan, Over Atheistic Communism…Family Rosary
    The Triumph of Mary Begins With President Trump the Great!

  22. Rosman Patterson

    Dr. Pieczenik, I thank and admire you and all your work. This posting is, in my opinion, a monumental call to arms within this fight to Make America Great Again.

    I would have preferred a General. A VP whose patriotism was beyond question, and whose authority was not rooted in human confirmations nor any position that man can grant. But a VP whose authority was an innate trait like charisma, intellect and creativity. I would have preferred a General of that order for VP. However, as Mr. Spicer and Mr. Priebus unwittingly served a greater purpose than their office, in showing President Trump who could not be trusted, via their actions; so has Vice President Pence. Of course I do not know that man, and would not presume to condemn, but nevertheless I always found him too polished, and withholding.

    We fast approach critical mass, and all hands indeed must be on deck. Those who by their very nature and/or polarity diametrically oppose the law (The Constitution of the United States of America) in letter and/or spirit – are not our friends. They do not believe as of we the patriots believe.

    The distractions of Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Obama, Russia, etc., must now be sidelined, but still under the watchful eye of wisdom and prudence. In their place full vigilance and attention ought now be given to usurping those who puppet the puppeteers, who they themselves puppet the puppeteers of those shameless puppets America has grown to loathe.

    President Trump has superior instincts. He stands when they say stand. He moves when they say move. He trusts them. God guides him too.

  23. Trump is a POTUS, the VP has never played any role in American history except with Presidents who were very weak, morally or physically, or defeated: killed, removed by violent or other means, or simply died prematurely.

    Since Trump is none of those things and no one sane expects such a fate for him, your whole point is moot.

    Acceptance of your premises that Pence is both evil and incompetent means that he can’t do much evil on his own. It follows that firing him would do little to solve any threat of which he is an agent.

    On the other hand, his firing has costs. It would bring additional tumult. By removing his nominee number 1, especially this soon, the president would substantially negate himself: he’d acknowledge serious weakness of his own judgement. A man who doesn’t trust himself to such a degree can hardly expect to have loyal supporters and a good political future.

    Many American presidents had been in conflict with their VPs, and it’s not been naivete that had kept them largely passive on that front.

    Finally: trusting Trump is in contradiction with distrusting Trump’s main choices.

    Feeling disappointed in you,


  24. Lee Fan

    “Yond Pence has a lean and hungry look; He thinks too much: such men are dangerous.”

  25. Jay Hubbard

    To get Pence out he must be impeached by Congress. If he is working with the deep state and the establishment GOP then that will never happen. If he has plans of running in 2020 then we will soon see his true intentions. The Spirit and power of God will have to uncover his deceptive ambitions to undermine the Trump’s MAGA. Keep up the good work. I enjoy your insights and encouraging words. We all must keep praying for Trump and for the exposure of the traitors to defend the constitution and the American people.

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