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7 thoughts on “Get Out and Vote OPUS 91 Cog Dis RAW

  1. Chia Cha

    Well very soon everything will be seen. Mid terms elections and this caravan are going to be cases where it is going to be seen who rules finally. If caravan is going to be allowed in and put in to tents, and immigrants are going to get checked for ayslum, that means from that day you live in free market capitalism where your hood and your private security is market commodity, part of prices decided by rich. Just like in Durban, LA, Chicago and Bogota. Why there are no crime in Havana and Caracas is full of crime, because Venezuela stil have one of largest private sectors on world, which went up even under Chavez. Americans must learn to respect free stuff and government sector. Something Democrats will abolish with immigrations 100%. Vote republican slow it down.

    1. Chia Cha

      All EU proclamations about secret services, now are talking about personal security, liberty and freedoms, there are no more anything collective or government. They talk how duty of institutions (not governments) (learn capitalist language) is not to secure citizens, but individuals on some territory. Institutions are NGO’s, private security firms, private banks, private media (like CNN)…

    2. Chia Cha

      Ultimate goal of free market capitalists is DARPA privatization. Possibly by chinese governmet owned and run military company. Swiss NAZIS wants total market rule, just how that gold bug Ron Paul wants. No wonder, because chinese and euro NAZIS have gold from whole occupied Europe. Democratic party is KKK NAZI party. For them 200M central americans are just one incorporated group needed for free market forces to work without borders (soci@lism). Chinese poilt bureau could talk with Blackwater owner about DARPA privatization and give him one villa on Maldives.


    The real concern of Americans should be the perpetual wars that have been forced on us by the ziocon controlled U.S. gov and the unlimited illegal immigration that is destroying our culture and our way of life.

    Vaccinations contain materials that cause autism and cancer but not a word is heard about this in the MSM.

    1. Octavia

      You simplified it well. Maybe the flu vaccination is making the left crazy, because crazy- evil they are.

      1. DESERT FOX

        Also the chemtrails the gov is spraying in the skies of America.

  3. Camus

    “When given two choices, choose the third.”

    Brooklyn Rabbi

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