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11 thoughts on “Get Involved! Get Local! It Matters!

  1. Petra

    You cannot complain about federal corruption if you are not stamping out local corruption. It is vital for the breath of the nation that you pay attention to both. As well as who if funding the candidates…. God bless all that do.

  2. Chia Cha

    Now lets talk about localized initiatives comming from Mrs. Merkel. Mrs. Merkel invested in restoration of Hitler’s villa in Alps, and in restoration of that nazi castle with wide walls, where nazis openly were having satanic masses (for public it was little bit hidden under disguise of paganism and sun worshiping). Why today no one is talking about war reparation toward Greece, why no one is talking about all those slaves working in underground nazi factories. How all those germans who know are so silent. Where are all those people, are they sealed with concrete in foundations?

    1. Chia Cha

      I am glad with level of corporate cordination while banning Ron Paul and other free markets guys off social platforms. I am only worried with Twitter not dong exercise jointly. That cannot be supported if USA wants to win next war. Free market as something in total opposition with open markets is dangerous for reaching goals society as whole needs. Hitler lost war because he allowed competition among corporations. He thought they would give him best, and he was right, corporations gave him what was best for corporations, light tank based on old design produced on old tooling, but constantly upgraded, meaning profit was total. Only after Hitler abolished competition among corporation and when he introduced central planning and war economy, (class positions of owners of corporation did not depend on how much money they would earn any more), germans were able to put Tiger in 1943 for battle at Kursk as only tank able to go against T-34 and KV-1, which were put by soviets 4!! years before in 1939.

  3. Chia Cha

    Saudi Arabia ended all economic and cultural relationships with Canada after Canadian diplomatic homopedos attacked only normal society on world, Saudi Arabia, for keeping order in own society. Liberal order is history. Behind liberalism is only destruction of society, low birth rates, low workers wages, discrimination against majority. Liberalism is way for capitalists to pillage majority. Until invention of liberalism, capitalists were able to earn more only by not pillaging own while pillaging others. After liberalism was introduced in 1913. capitalsits learned how to earn more by pillaging own majority, this process is ending. Canada pressuring Saudi Arabia is nothing else then idological manifestation of Canadian capitalists pillaging Canadians while wanting Saudi aristocrarcy to do similar to own people (to become capitalists them self).–872eb800-f972-4f60-b94d-9e06e3acab9a.html

  4. Chia Cha

    Bob Dole was OK republican. Why such were sidelined by those communist Trotsky neocons?

  5. sue thomas


    You have not commented on the fires in California. In my reading and a commentary by Catherine Austin Fitts. These are military laser weapons clearing land for expansion of silicone vallley and land cleared for manufacturing. Disregards imminent domain. Also the censoring.

  6. Chia Cha

    Capitalists should recieve salaris for being capitalists, they cannot allow that money to be theirs. We must think how to put working class as ruling class. USA abolished working class and have put workers in hyrarchical caste system. Returning them back to slaves. Same position like it was in Rome. In Rome, Roman citizen could end up being slave if he would end up in debt. But he would always be able to stop being slave if he would decide to join army. Just how it today, with difference that today all workers are slaves… US capitalists removed soldiers from workers totally. Wokers have organized housing without capitalist parasites, they have non capitalist healthcare, they are not slaves at all. But american bureaucrats live of workers even better. The less they work, the more money americans have.

    1. Chia Cha

      Peter Schiff is right. There will be no growth of wages, nor there will be any of investments. Plus any growth in economy only means that socio-politically capitalists are getting even more powerfull therefore their ability to lower salaries without any mutiny rises drastically as they can alocate even more money to their propaganda. Profit = income – wage. Poorer workers bigger profits. Trends will not be changed until WW3. Any change is impossible.

  7. Chia Cha

    Ocasio was created so that from package she created you will accept more of cheap labour as part of that same package, because you hope other parts from package will maybe pass also. NOT. Resistance is futile.

  8. Chia Cha

    Americans wants strong UK and strong Germany, ok but that means strong Germany also. Only moron can allow strong Germany pillaging Eastern European neoliberal colonies together with Russia. American idiots should understand that Poland cannot be free market Hong Kongs and get strong that way. Because Hong Kong had mass public housing for workers as only real source of their real growth. Something american capitalist idiots will never understand. If this anti-workers genocide (banning of public housing) continue, then many in Eeast Europe will have to start licking Putin’s az much sooner then we wanted. Right now for us only question when we will start. It is obvious that private sector is banning government from any investements because they do not want competition. Trump have 2 months to start working for american people in economic sense. Ocasio Cortez candidates were decimated in primaries therefore there is nothing to expect from that side also. Commitern does not like that.

    1. Chia Cha

      For Putin to win, he just have to stand still, and sustain it self few years more. Imagine how low everything must be that you have to think of Russia as your future mate. When one gypsy lady was walking between tables in bistro, people were giving her very small amounts of change, and she would always said God bless you, full of gratitude. Gentleman, next in line gave her full fist of soviet coins, she could not see, but was obviously able to feel, therefore without looking at all she just openned fist, and throwed all change away.

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