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18 thoughts on “General Kelly vs. Hat Lady

  1. Lena

    Well Done Mr. Kelly. As for Rep. Frederic Wilson goes, she cannot be shamed enough for her actions.


    The fact is that it is the Zionist neocons who have American service men and women involved in illegal wars for the benefit of Israel in the Mideast and these men and women are being killed for Israel, that is the naked truth.

  3. AL Tru

    the best scene in ” Gladiator ” is when the senator asks Maximus what he’ll do after he kills the Emperor. Maximus says ” I’ll gather my armies and return to Rome “….the senator explodes and hollers ” THERE HASN’T BEEN AN ARMY IN ROME FOR A HUNDRED YEARS !!! ”
    the Military do not like politicians.

  4. Furtive

    Class War: the psychology of Stephen Paddock as a child

  5. Chia Cha

    Trump sounds like Stradivari. He is Donald Stradivari.

    1. Chia Cha

      Good tax reform. Now FED must do own part. Sadly google, youtube, amazon and facebook lags behind. It is always like that with social sciences. They always lag behind.

  6. Petra

    Let me guess she jumps and shouts to make sure that babies are aborted and paid for by tax dollars and calls that freedom.

    I have more respect for Kelly after his response to this. Excellent. I have been to many soldiers graves, even Patton. It is not acceptable to use soldiers widows for this nonsense. God bless and protect her.

    1. Chia Cha

      Only freedoms are economic freedoms. For instance when wife thinks she will become capitalist entrepreneur then she will stastically end up divorced, poor, therefore having to abort baby while being owned by some company owner she is working for. Or not having kid at all. Capitalist propaganda. For system is important that female abort when her owner (owner of business) tells her, not her husband, that is propagated american freedom. That is freedom of choice. Totally wrong program is being propagated. No wonder Mexico as future chinese vassal will take half of US territory.

      1. Chia Cha

        Plus feminism is good for destruction of workers class, by telling women they are exploited by poor white working guys, not by rich black corrupt females married for governemnt wearing cowboy hats put by there by clique because she is stupid, only.

  7. Chia Cha

    This guy is smart he tells that democracy gets more polarized when middle class (center) have less money, which shows that only rights are economic rights. Less money relative to other, less political power, someone having less power and otherone more, means polarization therefore more of tyranny. More of rich = less money. Which society is more wealthy in agregate, one where 10 people have each 10000$ each or one where 1 have 1 Trillion while rest one dollar less then 10000$, 9999$. Well more wealthy is one more equal becuse 90% of people lives better in this second case. Your kid have much higher chance to be richer in more equal society. 9:1 in this case. And kids are onlay what matters in politics. People with kids are voters. Others are just international perverts and traitors are not part of any kind of electoral body.

    1. Chia Cha

      Even he is idiot when describing freedom parties in Europe, fascists parties are only one capable in removing influence of economy over politics. Fascism is merge of economy and state. When capitalism gets in crisis economy starts commanding politics therefore we have full fascism like we have now (from 1986 in USA). Therefore only real culutural fascists are able to remove influence of economy over politics. By starting process of putting politics over economy not by merging two together. We need cultural reactionary fascists, not those left wing economic corporate fascists we have now. Liberalism was over in 1986, liberalism is just period of capitalism (fascism) when you can be luxurious to not be open fascist. You do not have to be open fascist only when: 1. you command all sea trade routes with military 2. when you won some big war and have much of pillaged goods. There must be balance for Gods sake between economic interests and interests of culture. Biggest problems is that all thsoe wars we have now are economically good enough to put our fascist (capitalists) economies in liberal mode. Therefore we must go balancing.

      1. Chia Cha

        …not good enough… In one word, everything would be back to normal if we would have one nice big war where we would be winners… then whole economy would recover for next 20 years without any problems. WW2 created economy without crisis all the way unitl crisis of 1966. (time when Keynesianism had to be adopted as balancing mode).

        1. Chia Cha

          Cultural fascists meaning religious fundementalists, burning of witches on public squares, paying indulgences to Vatican, cowboys, KKK, nazis, racists, beliving fairy tales, is ONLY ONLY way how to get rid of all those scientific economic fascists we have right now. For economy it would be much better if we would all start sending all gold we have to Vatican… System is so full of lies and contaminated with economic fascists and their left wing communist ideology (lies) that right now reading of fairy tales about 3 pigs in congress, and burning that hat lady on square would be way much more liberating for our pockets then anything else. Everyone who openly lies is bigger freedom fighter and truth teller today then anyone telling truth. Truth just makes system continue because half-truths are most dangerous weapon of any enslavement. Lie is liberating. Without Trump USA would become Aztec empire, self conserved fascist society whithout oppossition inside it self. Misses institute paradise.

  8. desert fox

    As long as the zionists control American foreign policy ie wars fought for Israel, Americans will keep dying.

  9. del stead

    Regardless of anyone’s position on soldiers in other countries or foreign policy ect…the fact remains people sign up or take the kings shilling so to speak and unfortunately terrible things happen..but I’d like to say that the general’s commentary on the above video is among the most powerful and visceral I’ve seen in a long time and I honestly fail to see how anybody could argue against such a powerful statement

  10. Chia Cha

    Seems we do not have to worry about america any more. I thought two headed monster means any kind of change is impossible but system can be changed even when you have two headed monster.

    1. Chia Cha

      I guess liberal end of history – concept, had too much of impact on me. I also believe propaganda. Everyone always believe propaganda on some level.

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