Gen Flynn Speaks Out in Support of Trump!

Gen Flynn Speaks Out in Support of Trump!

Lt.Gen. Michael T. Flynn [Military Intelligence] Supports Donald Trump Against the Wishes of his Former Colleagues!

A recent Washington Post article by Dana Priest and Greg Miller, August 15, 2016,tries to reprimand Lt Gen Michael T. Flynn for his transformation from a respected intel officer to a boisterous supporter of Trump, demanding the arrest/imprisonment of Hillary Clinton.

The slanted article tries to portray Flynn as someone who has defied the mores of his profession and status as a three star general, having been Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency [DIA], and now politicized his former rank/occupation.On all accounts, this article and Flynn’s colleagues are wrong, as usual!
History confirms once again that the most famous combat leaders have been political in extremis.Marcus Aurelius, a Roman emperor/ warrior, is not remembered for his formidable conquests, but for his “Meditations” written between 161 to 180 AD.His pronouncements about the ‘good man’ resonate eons after his storied battles.

Emperor Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon to defy the Roman senate. Yet, he is remembered for his commentaries written to assure his immortality.

“I came, I saw, I conquered” will be remembered far more by students of Latin than his successful purge of Gaul.

Similarly, most of our significant generals in modern times were known more for their own distended personalities like Gen.Douglas MacArthur than his victories against the Japanese. Gen. Eisenhower, a colonel until the late age of 59, broke out of solemnity to become a highly regarded allied commander and Pres. of Columbia University on the calculated stepping stones for the US Presidency.


It would be safe to say that most military officers above the rank of colonel [or 0-6] become highly political in order to achieve the deserved or undeserved recognition of being a general/admiral.

At present, we have more generals/admirals than we had during two major wars in WWII.

The Korean and Vietnam Wars put to rest any notion that we have an outstanding military force capable of achieving greatness or even a modicum of battle field success. In fact,the subsequent wars in Iraq,Afghanistan,Syria,Libya,Somalia,Yemen and Sudan were for the most part unwarranted and un-winnable. Flynn has enumerated the different reasons for a military beset by inadequacies and self-destructive tendencies. He has correctly labeled POTUS Obama as a ‘liar’. He even went further to reiterate that Osama bin Laden’s presumed ‘death’ was of ‘very little significance’ or ‘consequence’.

As DIA Director, Flynn knew all too well how skewed our intelligence had been in order to accommodate the daily prevarications emanating from the White House. He also knew that Hillary’s war in Libya was both inappropriate and criminal.


Like Trump,Flynn has pulled no punches. He, like I, and countless other Americans, want to see HRC ‘locked up’ for the multitude of crimes/sins/infractions committed against the American public. Flynn has also correctly stated that the Dept. of Justice is “corrupt”. What else can we make of the criminal goulash of highly sensitive emails and the Clinton Foundation ‘pay to play’, if not a travesty of the American justice system committed by AG Holder/ Lynch, and FBI Director Comey.

Flynn tells America to ally with Russia, stating a position that goes against the 50 presumed Republican national security experts who are mostly Neo-cons. Same idiots who brought us 9/11 and the most disastrous war in our 21st century: Iraq.

Flynn posits the correct question when he states the following:

“There is something going on in the Muslim world. Why do we have heightened security at our airports? It’s not because the Catholic Church is falling apart!”

Flynn has that rye Irish/Catholic sense of humor! He was correctly described in the article as “charismatic and a brilliant unconventional officer with a talent for mapping terrorist networks… but his hard-charging approach was at time considered disruptive or undisciplined.”

I met Flynn years ago, liked him then and admire him now. Here are a few more examples of his kind of truculent,wise patriotism that is a voice of truth and fresh air.

  • “He used intelligence from captured militants and materials to identify new targets at a blistering tempo.”
  • He has also demanded that military intelligence  has to learn cultural/psychological complexities in the battleground regions if they want to enter into modern times.
  • He was accused of ‘inappropriately  sharing classified intelligence’ with our allies.Flynn’s retort: “I am proud of that one. Accuse me of sharing intelligence in combat with our closest allies –Australia and Britain- Please!”
  • He also believes that its time for our presumed allies, Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia to shoulder more of the responsibility for ‘ridding themselves of terrorists, accept more Syrian refugees and deploy troops in Syria.”

I can’t argue with that!

Perhaps the most revealing point made in this article was the following;

“Flynn dismisses his critics as closet Clinton supporters or misguided colleagues who have put their pursuit of corporate board seats and lucrative consulting contracts ahead of their concern for the country. Most retired generals “are afraid to speak out because they use their stars for themselves, for their businesses.”


I, and the citizens of this great nation salute you Lt.Gen. Michael T. Flynn, a really great American War/Civilian hero!

Marcus Aurelius wrote the following;

“You have power over your mind—not outside events. Realize this and you will find strength.”


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  1. ChiaChia

    Caste have hierarchical subordination. While members on of one socio-economical class are in horizontal order. Members of police are workers, but they are not caste even they are in hierarchical subordination. Military are caste in hierarchy and they are not workers. But bureaucrats are also workers even they are in subordination and even they are members of their caste. Secret service members are also in hierarchy. Crazy stuff, now build society.

  2. Embrey

    Some animals are more equal than others.

  3. Tissiemoe

    He was my first choice for VP with TRUMP. Love him.

  4. Sherry

    Hi Steve,

    I enjoy your work. I am confused as to what is reality in Turkey. I see that the US is sending a group of people to see Erdogan.

    I watched an interview of him after the failed coup attempt—he is not that good of an actor—anger in his eyes was real. But my question is this: we have over a thousand airmen at that Nato base and as far as I know, he still has not turned to power back on for the Americans.

    Can you enlighten me as to what is really going on.



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