From Russia with Love and $$$

From Russia with Love and $$$

From Russia With Love: John Podesta and Graham Allison Receive Millions of Rubles/Dollars!

Russia [Putin] is once again involved in the news.This time, it appears that the Chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential campaign, John Podesta, sat on a board of an energy company alongside Russian officials who received $35 million from a Putin-connected Russian government fund [Breitbart,Jerome Hudson, 8/1/16].

While her Excellency, Hillary, was Sec. State, Podesta joined the board of a honey trap Russian hi-tech company, “Joule Biotechnologies”. This company was part of her initiative to help Putin develop a comparable Silicon Valley called,Skolkovo.


Against FBI and U.S. Military Intelligence warning not to fall for this apparent hi-tech trap, John Podesta in conjunction with Graham Allison, an insufferable Harvard academic, joined the BOD of this Russian cut-out.

I do not Know John Podesta. However, his Wikipedia write-up sounds like a professional politician’s obituary where he was part and parcel of one or another U.S. government agency, at one or another time in his life.Like most our Presidential candidates and past three POTUS, Podesta showed no interest serving our country in the U.S. Armed forces. Yet, he was eager to join any group that would want him. Eventually he and his brother [also a character of questionable ethics] formed the Podesta Group to pander for private monies as lobbyists.

Not far behind him, is someone I did get to know—Harvard Professor, Graham Allison, an intellect without distinction.Like many other tenured professors in academia, Graham wrote one significant book which I had to read entitled, Essence of Decision [1971], about the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Graham was lauded for his keen insights into bureaucratic politics. From that book onward, he was busy spending most of his time self-aggrandizing his personae.He went so far as to hire a Wikipedia editor to write a superlative biography of himself so superlative that said editors were fired from Wikipedia.

Now you see the two types of species that inhabit our Washington D.C. circus. Both types of humans can be considered as a variant of an American parasite which breeds and grows in the presence of political cronyism and financial corruption [particularly in the Clinton machinery]. Either one can be bought for certain sums of money. Neither shies away from pandering for favors, nor granting beneficence in return.


Only time and major political reform will destroy these leeches of American society. In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, we read the following:

“ A politician…one that would circumvent God.”

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  1. Furtive

    FROM RUSSIA WITH MONEY: full investigative report

  2. John Bardin

    Dr. Pieczenik, how can I get in touch with you? I have an exceedingly strong desire to serve my country. My desire is for you to be a mentor of sorts to me so that I can do so. I have zero interest in political games, and my interest is in all things to find out the truth and to act accordingly.

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