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25 thoughts on “Finally a President that Does Something!

  1. Chia Cha

    Thx God for Dr. Pieczenik, president Trump and Alex Jones. Alex Jones attacking atheists Shapiro and Peterson. Alex Jones inteligence has risen by 15-20 points. Maybe it is time to orders some of his supplements. It is probably secret who is resposible for success of this engagement with North Korea but without such people right now USA would be just another country from history books in own typical standard autistic imperial decline. Without such experts willing to work for cause of saving US, and without having such such put and selected to work, no complex country can survive. There simply is no chance.

    1. Jason

      Kim Jung Un would love to go to Vegas and hang out court side with Dennis Rodman with a multi-billion dollar mining company to go home to. He wanted a seat at the big boys table, and he will get an opportunity to join the future. Honor must return to the game. Then justice can begin. Then perhaps trust. By then, there might be an “Alex Jones” award for when real journalism returns. He is not appreciated enough. He will be a future president with Gary Haven as VP.

  2. Chia Cha

    David Knight telling just how it is. I give my halal certificate on everything said here. Just wording should be different, free markets is wrong word, because markets cannot be free simply because no one knows what that means in reality, therefore that is liberal diversion and distraction. Markets can only be OPEN. And because everyone knows what that is therefore that is only word which should be used among humans if they want something to be done in reality. Everything else in clip here should be memorized.

    1. Chia Cha

      In video “Are you commie or a citizen” in minute 5:17 everything has been told. One of 3 pillars of capitalism are open markets. Not free markets. That is very important. Wording is always almost everything is something is to be done.

    2. Chia Cha

      Problem is that now by having closed free markets (free to buy what every you want, even politcians), Bernie proposal about government secured jobs is necessity to rise competitivness of corrupt private sector. Because private sector controls governments therefore they want competitor but controlled one.

    1. Chia Cha

      Democracy in communism is best, in communism you have total freedom to speak, you are allowed to speak for last time, when every you want. There was one case in 1985 in my city when, one gentleman started yelling in public, f… Tito, f… party. Of course he was taken, and escorted to judge, and he got lawyer. Of course no one wanted to defend him but one accepted, he was known lawyer but he always had his pocket hanging outside trouses as he was peoples man. Defender started talking that we live in area where still we have too many people beliving in God. That here such people often curse God and saints as they do, but they do that because out of ulimited love for God and saints. People here curse those who love most, and those are Tito and party. Judges started smiling and he got instead of 4 years, probation. Problem with Twitter, Google, Amazon is that there is no apeal. I guess revolution of 2007. is stil fresh in memory of US comrades.

      1. Jason

        The world is a penal colony for lost souls. 2007 has been forgotten by the masses. Mass suicide is the thing to do as long as we all do it together. Europe will deteriorate into a blur of multi-cultural ridiculousness. All debts will skyrocket, central banks, borders, and national identity will erode into just the ECB running the show. A genetic stew of Hitler’s dream will foment a bizarre creature that will ultimately be put down by it’s hand. The european male is unnecessary, because they believe it. A new single nation will emerge from the old europe in twenty years that is macro-expression of Chicago. Wait till the power gets turned off. Sometimes monsters from the id win.

        1. Chia Cha

          It is going to be like Chicago with missing mexicans. Yes you are right, Jucker understands that only problem of nazis were masculinity and that when you go with tanks it is more risky because you can lose too much after one decisive battle. Juncker is going in to war of attrition. Juckner understands that having masculine version of open nazism, will reduce mobilization mass he will need. I mean nazis lost because Goering after he returned from on village in Ukraine started to talk to they are lower race also. He lost war.

          1. Chia Cha

            Shapiro and Peterson are atheist neoliberal/cons. They are promoting dangerous liberal ideology or meritocracy. I.e. pure racial extermination with those false datas about inteligence. They want anti-workers rentier economy also. I see one problem more, people now says we all are now capitalists, well if we all are now capitalists then we live in clasless society, and clasless society is communism. Liberal diversions must be see on time. AJ oppened my eyes.

          2. Jason

            I am sorry. I cannot keep track of these contradictions you espouse. Peterson sounds like a reasonable individual to me. I soak in his method while sifting through his conclusion. Shapiro never said anything that I remotely remember. Meritocracy is the future because, in case you haven’t noticed, might doesn’t make right, but it does make right now. Force runs the show. Did anyone really think that the American MIC was actually going to allow civilians to pawn off the assets and pensions without a proper response? The cabal served a purpose. That cycle has ended. America is a rattlesnake. We give warning like gentleman, but we are still a dangerous reptile, as reptilian thinkers forget. America will be either your greatest friend, or your greatest enemy. It’s Starship Troopers time. Can you say world’s biggest RICO case? Triple damages? Trump is the debt restructuring king. Andrew Jackson will always be with us.

          3. Jason

            The cabal is the ram, offered as a holocaust to the well spring from which all flows. A new covenant? God is the personification of irony, don’t you think?

          4. Jason

            The Golden Fleece? The return of ancient heroes? What happened 13,000 years ago? The crowd still calls for Barabus?

          5. Chia Cha

            Meritocracy is good and it is must, but he promotes idea that 80% of people are usless eaters on this world. He says that 10% of US population cannot serve US armed forces in any form as totally uncabale for anything in military, if they have lower inteligence then 84. And if we would look those same tests of inteligence done for world population we would see that liberalism proclaims 80% of world population to be usless. Nazism is showing own liberal 19th century roots again.

          6. Chia Cha

            Nazi army was very economical, (ratio investment/return) therefore capitalists will rise one again. And we have start, liberal-rentier-capitalist propaganda telling us that 80% of people on this world are usless by statistics for which Peterson is saying is true. That statistics says that
            majority of those 80%, are medical morons and borderline morons. Which is pure NAZI lie and propaganda. (10% of US population). And he is so open about it and he is hit now. My lamps are starting to go red. Liberalism invented scientific racism in 19th century also. And it is not jobs market, it is workers market.

          7. Embrey

            Very interesting back and forth. Chia I have a question and it is not meant to lead you to believe I am not considering what you are saying, namely, if the hegemony of the world’s economy is the United States and if the construct set forth by the rules of the economic hegemon are that people with low IQs do not hold as much value to the hegemonic economic system as people with high IQs, why should I care that you (a non-hegemonic citizen) don’t like the rules the hegemon imposes?
            Can’t you see you will simply be crushed if you persist in rabble rousing? You will be worth more without a voice.

          8. Jason

            I was wrong. I now want US government to finance land bridge between Libya and Spain. Europe needs 1 billion more africans/moslems. I want chinese cameras on all european lamp posts to live stream the future. We will learn much about IQ on youtube.

          9. Chia Cha

            You should care because capitalists will not exist if their program continue. And world is going to be ruled by electronic soci@lism and UN (my solution). Constant radiation will repluse working class from accepting any investments capitalists will try to set after war operations are done. All investments from any authority are not going to be accepted. Therefore group of capitalists who invested in venture will have to abolish them self (losses are going to be bigger then possible profits even future, and because of that some new group of investors will not be formed, simply capitalists as class will cease to exist as sociological fact by them self). Plus Germany will be nation with far most causalties, and with far biggest relative population lose on world. Plus radiation will be good for change of genome so new generation will be capable for space travel as radiation resistant.

          10. Chia Cha

            I mean I am from imperial colonization, but I am very against such venture to be abducted by godless atheist racist crap propaganda. You can go around and kill pagans and colonize them to cure them from racism while spreading Christianity, that works. But you cannot go around and kill low IQ races by creating atheists from others while using racism. That does not work. It is bad for mobilization mass.

          11. Chia Cha

            I could send now email to Kim Jong UN to hit Fukishima reactor with nuke. And that would be end of capitalists. When you hit nuclear plant with nuke you get multiplyer and whole hemisfere poluted. Plus I hope bonus for artistic impression like in GTA, also my stub on wikipedia also.

          12. Jason

            Capitalists rise. Capitalists fall. People live. People die. That’s the name of the game. Your view of capitalism is unbelievably narrow, and all of your complaining suspiciously leaves out the communist banking class that never loses a war. You are hard core agent of banker class and accept global fraud. I am afraid this is our impasse. You want symptoms of hell on Earth to favor you. You avoid the heart and soul of the debt machine that places a lever on every human to bend to their conformity. We have one world religion. Central banker fiat.I have nothing else to add.

          13. Embrey

            Thank you for your reply.
            I am aware of Jordan Peterson and I must admit on one level I fall for the message because he is offering a way whereby males might escape the feminine paradigm that is being placed upon western culture, however, I have also heard AJ criticize and warn against JP and his message.
            Many dismiss AJ immediately because of his propensity for hyperbole. I do not listen to AJ for marching orders. I think he is invaluable for his ability to project his mind into the minds of others, interpret what he learns and communicates it to his audience.
            He is Paul Revere

          14. Chia Cha

            Jason I totally agree with you but I do not have answer. As I said every government is communist like but also any agreement among ruling capitalists is also communist like. They will allow freedom and open markets only when they feel they will gain from that. That was possible in cold war, when culture was protected, but today in globalism for them to start with open markets while they did not consolidated power on newly conquered territory is problematic. That is why I am advocating judeo-chrsitan western national-soci@lism so central bankers can start issuing credits and for military to control returns. Becuase this globlalist financial only colonization cannot work, you must have boots on ground for return to be secured. That when central banking can work better. Problem is now ECB which wants now own imperial financial only conquest without boots on ground. While US passed that. And about Peterson, he is good because he is good for atracting liberals on our side, but critique must be always known when critique is needed. AJ wants Peterson to be even better.

  3. Chia Cha

    Transgenderism, does not exist. Yes there are guys in female bodies. They can even pretend to be females their whole life. But fact is that some people just have male brain and female body, is not making them to be females. Brain determines s@x/gender. When someone is taking pen from table, in that process he is using his brain, fact that he does have female set of organs for reproduction is not making him female. We all know what are higher and what are lower functions of body. Brain determines everything. Problem is that such people wants to change everyones brain in to oppossing one. For instance when people take pictures of their male kids dressed as girls. Medicine is science.

  4. Chia Cha

    Why it is important to kill all atheists and burn all their philosophers on public squares (public squares yet must be invented in US, heck where those crimils were hanged on Old West?. On main street, in front of saloons?) and all those who does not understand what is culture created by Bible. Without Bible only nothing can work. If you have atheists allowed to be heard by kids, then NHS will tell that your leg is just cluster of molecules and world will either way and up as molecules ending up in anthropy deleting all inteligence. Therefore why would rich bother with cost of culture of life. It is always money, atheism is about money.

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