Fidel is Finally Dead!

Fidel is Finally Dead!

Fidel Castro is Finally Dead! Thank God!

For those of us born in Cuba during the 1940’s or 1950’s, the Castro name has loomed over our existence as postulants hovering over a fertile crop. Upon fleeing from the Nazis in 1941, both my father and mother each sought sanctuary in Cuba under General Fulgencio Batista. He allowed these refugees to remain in Cuba for the following six years without any problems.


Having fled the Russian Revolution of 1917-1925, my mother was leery of the arrival of Russian operatives and the rise of Communism in Cuba, way before the Castro’s 1959 Revolution against Batista. So we moved to NYC, where my father, a general practitioner, who spoke fluent Spanish had one of the largest Cuban/Puerto Rican/Dominican medical practices in upper Manhattan. That is how I remembered my childhood.


Several decades later, I found myself in Panama working with a very gifted three star US Army General, Marc Cisneros. We were fighting Cuban Special Ops who were sent to Panama to help Noriega harass American soldiers at different locations. The Cuban troops engaged in a very sophisticated psychological warfare and we eventually had to evict them from Panamanian soil. Yet, I was quite impressed with their capability to run such a high-level operation.

Years later, I decided to travel to my former homeland, Cuba. I had not previously visited because I had been an ardent anti-Communist who was involved with regime change in both the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. As expected, I was harassed in Havana by Castro’s nefarious Direccion de Inteligencia [DGI or G2]. They cornered me against a wall and start an interrogation. They asked me questions as to why I had come to Cuba and whether I was there to implement “regime change”.

I was afraid that they would take me to their headquarters on Linea and A.Vedas where Div. General Jesus Bermudez Cutino could torture me. I tried to disguise any fear. As the DGI officers pressed me harder against the wall, I started to throw out $1 bills haphazardly into the crowd that was forming around my captors and me. Cuban bystanders were curious to see this confrontation between their secret police and an American citizen.

As I had anticipated some of the DGI’s well-known public humiliations; I brought with me hundreds of $1 bills. In my efforts to counter-act DGI, I threw out so much money that the surrounding crowd was starting to harass the DGI officers who were begging me to stop.

Luckily, I got out of that situation. I took comfort in knowing that no matter how bad my presence in Cuba might turn out to be, I had a non-profit American organization [allied with the arts and humanity] to hopefully guarantee my safety. Thankfully, they did just that.

Years later, when I lived full time in Miami Beach, I encountered a handsome Olympic Rower who had fled Cuba after he was tortured by the DGI. He escaped Cuba by rowing the 90 miles to the USA. Amazing guy. One day, he drove me to an area where Cubans frequent the cafes in Miami. He pointed to an apartment in some building and just uttered the name, “Fidel”. Apparently, Castro had lived there in Miami for eight months just before he left Mexico for Cuba. 


My friend knew that I knew the CIA had already co-opted Fidel’s revolution before leaving Tuxpan, Veracruz, Mexico, on November 25, 1956. My friend reaffirmed for me what Noriega and other so-called, “American enemies” had always told me: the CIA has been behind their successful revolutions.

It made a lot of sense to me that CIA had maintained a fifty year strategic tension between Cuba/USA  a la Henry Kissinger’s dogmas. Remember: that my enemy of today will become my friend for tomorrow.

Now let me ask: Was it an accident that a mulatto boy born in Indonesia to a sterling CIA mother-operative trained in anthropology and Russian languages would grow up to be Barry Sorel aka Barack Hussein Obama? He was nurtured by his CIA maternal grandmother/grandfather. One day he could end the half-a-century of CIA-contrived hostilities between Cuba and the USG. History, like the intelligence field, has no coincidences.

Unfortunately, Americans have to be apprised on a daily basis who/what will become our new enemy according to the mischievous activities of our blessed CIA. Instead of Fidel/Raul Castro, the CIA has conveniently provided us with Al Qaeda and ISIS.


I am celebrating Fidel’s death by listening to the syncopated rhythms of the Buena Vista Social Club.“Y Tu Que Has Hecho?” What did you do during the Castro period?

Voltaire once wrote the following:
“It is hard to free fools from the chains they revere.”

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11 thoughts on “Fidel is Finally Dead!

  1. EH

    That reminds me of a funny story Karl Hess told in a discussion with Robert Anton Wilson (both really amazing guys) at a Libertarian Party event back in 1987 about running guns to the Cubans back in the ’50s and air-dropping leaflets.
    “But the highlight of my revolutionary activity was dropping the propaganda pamphlets over Havana – well, I don’t know if you all panic easily, but when you’re trying to figure out how – “where was Florida?”, “how are you going to get back there?” and how are you going to explain that you were in this restricted area, and everything goes through your mind. So we had a lot of pamphlets to dump out over Havana, and so we dumped them out in bales of five thousand -[waves of laughter from the audience from this point on] and it occurred to me: “I’ve bombed some – I’ve bombed Havana!”. So I really feel bad about that, I think that constitutes some sort of a trespass on them – the pamphlets wouldn’t have been so bad, anyway…[stares into space] It was wonderful.”

    The whole thing is a little long to post here, and adding links insta-spams comments, but you can find the transcript by taking out the spaces:
    en.wikipedia. org/ wiki/ Talk: Karl_Hess# Gun-running.

  2. Chia Cha

    I recommend US capitalists to do one anti-capitalist revolution here in their USA if they like them so much. I do not believe it to be frank. Beside Putin said he will put military base on Cuba, so we will know. If CIA is putting them then they must because of people who would put their own.

  3. Puzzled

    I do not understand why a foreign citizen was allowed to be president if you all knew. For 8 years. The bad guys and the good guys allowed it. What a tragedy that so many “educated people” (that’s not a compliment as I have found the more degrees the denser the person) play God everyday manipulating governments, policies, and people. The United States nearly escaped death by allowing a foreign traitor and his sycophants the keys to the country. Every day citizens on the other side of D.C. expected the “call”, you know the one where you go and identify the body, except the body at the morgue this time was America. Many of us saw the deceit and treason and that is why the Clintons will hopefully find a new home in prison or better yet Dante’s Inferno.
    These Mensa muppets, who take it upon themselves to manipulate life for the wee peons in moron land, may get by with this wretched traitorous crap on earth, but only on earth.

  4. Furtive

    huh? Your point?


    “From Havana to Miami Beach”

    So, who are the patriotic white hats & who are the traitorous black hats?

    DIFFICUT to follow your random thoughts…like “the girl on the train”…

  5. dltravers

    I have read the story’s that we were passing bags of cash to Fidel while we were working with Batista. I have no doubt that we needed the strategic tension with Cuba. We would tolerate nothing else like that anywhere in the hemisphere until recent times.

    The Bay of Pigs was a farcical attempt to take out Castro from the minds of Dulles et all. Surely it was not designed to take out Castro and company. It did feed very well into the right wing agenda at the time.

    My Cuban friends say Raul was the one to be feared he was the real killer behind the scenes.

    In US public education Castro is lauded as a great hero. If you question that by saying “Castro in power today is like Nixon winning in 1960 and still being in power today”: you would surely. get a poor grade from most teachers.

    I have to say, I was quite a bit older than the KleeneX generation types that was in school with me.

    Farewell Fidel, Hell has enlarged itself with another soul.

  6. Stephanie Burns

    Very interesting news-that Fidel was our boy. Makes sad sense. No wonder actors like the powers that be so much. On another note: The info on HRC about child trafficking needs to get into the public domain. Enough of these attempts to reverse our 2nd American Revolution. Please, get the info out there. The brainwashed masses need a wakeup.

  7. Chia Cha

    I must say it could be true that Castro was con. Because he was anti-communist. On Cuba workers did not decide what what happen with results of their work. That was not decided by working class people (workers coops) but by bureaocratic hierarchy, nor it was free asociation of workers possible, again their needs and orders were decided by hierarchy, which is anti-marxist.

  8. Embrey

    Give me one example of a communist revolution that didn’t turn into a hierarchy and ultimately fail.

  9. Patricia

    Canadians are familiar with Cuba – always a reasonably priced holiday. Not terribly fancy hotels and food that is good and I don’t ever remember the water making me sick, like in Mexico. I was there in the 80’s and so many houses had a tv aerial I was amazed. The staff at the hotel were given pairs of blue jeans that they couldn’t buy in Cubs, from guests at the hotel. Italians are happy because they can speak with Cubans. There were wild horses on the beach at Playa Blanca. I was a journalism student at the time and wanted to interview Fidel Castro and see Hemingway’s Havana; unfortunately my roommate wasn’t as ambitious. On the way out on the bus it took every ounce of effort not to pick up my camera and shoot some images of women in the ditch with guns, obviously in some sort of manoeuvre, but I knew I’d lose my camera if I did that. Likewise, customs when we arrived checked each and every page of my Chatelaine magazine and there were little black and white tv’s beside the queues showing videos of a Cuban truck driver with an 18 wheeler singing John Denver songs. It was a memorable trip !

  10. Dr. Pieczenik,

    FATHER is Giving the federal reserve back to the people through Banon and you and others woe. Big Blessings are Coming, Big!! The rotting old elites will try but come very short in stopping Trumps new treasurer and you all from completing this Monumental Shift Divinely Handed by YHWH!! Acceleration is upon Trump and four warring Angels of Fire Will be Blocking mishaps and stoppages that happen with many Goodwilled leaders trying to create Republics! ! This New Republic Will Be More Clean then any other for centuries with such Prosperity from Above Pouring out to the people! !

  11. SqueezyWhizbang

    I wish someone could answer this question for me: Why were many in the media and Hollywood lamenting Castro’s death when he had proven ties to Russia? Yet, Assange and Trump, who have fabricated ties to Russia, get vilified for the phony association?

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