Fear Over World Wide Cyber Attack!

Fear Over World Wide Cyber Attack!

Worldwide Cyberattack Awakens New Fears!

Friday, a formidable global cyberattack rampaged through an assortment of different world governments and entities:

  • British National Health Service
  • America’s Fed Ex
  • Germany’s Deutsche Bank
    The apparent reason for this vast and highly professional cyberattack was economic ransom from all the attacked systems. The total amount collected would amount to over $1B. Not bad for hitting a few keys on the lap top computer.

Whoever and whatever did this wanted to illustrate one simple point. The world’s financial, health, and political infrastructures were exceedingly vulnerable to the binary computer codes that can and will paralyze the world at will.
The choice of health targets in Britain was an illustration of how vulnerable a state controlled health systems can become without the proper counter-intrusion strategies.

Message: Nothing and no one is sacred. FEAR for your Security!!

This worldwide attack was not a surprise to me. Decades ago, I had concocted a narrative for both the Net Force books and TV series that illustrated how vulnerable our world was to hacking of this type. What has astounded me is that Americans and perhaps the world in general, do not take this vulnerability more seriously. Our extant political and military narratives always conclude with a warped sense of security by our political/military elites insisting that we need more weapons! more ships/planes! more people for more unnecessary wars!

Such an attack portends the future of our highly developed yet latent cyber-warfare arena. The battles of yesteryear have gone by the wayside. However, no one in our executive or legislative branches realize that one more aircraft carrier or one more expensive jet fighter will do absolutely nothing for our future national security. Instead these inane requests will bury our country/people into deeper stifling financial debt.

Ironically China, once the bastion of communism, has now advanced way beyond our own political/military scope of influence by assigning more aid and personnel to construction of ports, trains, and infrastructures, all the way from Djibouti  Africa to the Indian Ocean. Instead, we send our brave young men/women to fight against some amorphous entity entitled chaos to justify our rapacious warmongering addiction.

Our country has failed to build an infrastructure which is immune to cyberattacks. We have hired all kinds of specialists who are required to learn on-the-job. Our seventeen disparate intelligence services are bloated, inefficient and counterproductive. It is time that Americans had a public discussion about cyber-warfare as we had one for thirty years during the nuclear missile crises of the Cold War.

Here is an appropriate quote from Bruce Sterling [SciFi Writer]:

“I used to think that cyberspace was fifty years away. What I thought was fifty years away, was only ten years away. And what I thought was ten years away… It was already here… I just wasn’t aware of it.”  

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12 thoughts on “Fear Over World Wide Cyber Attack!

  1. Chia Cha

    Cyber nations are must, and future. Of course for such nations to not be controled and owned by rent seeking parasites (private captialists), we would need freedom of asambley as base for net nation, as base not able to be cheated by hackers, meaning online feudalism today is must, and it is more profitable then capitalism already. Brexit is example. California with single payer also. And for that we only need NATO to function so Pope does not have to do such function. Because that would be against Bible.

    1. Chia Cha

      Feud was large slef-sustainable estate, it was size of Portugal and it was established by Diocletioan with own reforms which are only cause for feudalism. His own reformes destroyed his empire 🙂 I mean of course that politicians will be against own people until their last breath- Intentionally split in it self, in way for people to always get worst possible thing from each side. For instance we see here Breitbart is attacking Jerry Brown of California for his policy of racial extermination (as he should be), but Breitbart is supporting him because he is refusing minumum wage of 20$ like it was before 50 years, and they support him because is against public option or single payer as market competitior to privatelly owned monopolies. That means Braitbart is for system as it is. Braitbart is supporting racial extermanation in California even more de facto. http://www.breitbart.com/california/2017/05/14/jerry-brown-budget-illegal-aliens/

  2. Ron Sanderson

    A MODERN ROTC. Start a path to a security position in high school computer classes. We need to have a program that gets kids interested at a young age.

  3. Chia Cha

    Ideology says that private property rights are human rights. Therefore we cannot touch rights of drug dealers. We must repect rights. In USA crime is strong because market is big and unified so you earn more doing crime. USA is strangest country on earth. Somthing like USSR was. Because for normal person to understand how someone is rich there and why, that is totally impossible for us normal people. Also I was amazed because someone was telling me how in USA doctors in one hospitals were also so amazed because one doctor who was black have become doctor. They said, imagine, his ancesters were slave and today he is doctor. What is best in USA that you have losts of material resources (tools, instruments) used and new, as private scientiest to conduct scientific expedition and even have some return. That is what must be kept in mine new order.

  4. Chia Cha

    How tax credits works in healthcare in capitalism. Price of something is 1000$, they give you 1000$ in tax credits, then next morning new price is 2000$ set by capitalists. Who is paying for that? All those who were not able to buy it 1000$ nor they will be able to buy it now for 2000$. Plus even those who bought it for 2000$, because now owners of companies are getting 1000$ secured no matter what kind of quality they give and offer, therefore one buying it for 2000 will get even worse care then before because company would have 1000$ to invest in commericals to lie even more, because there is extra reuturn per dollar then to invest more in quality. Same with vauchers.

    1. Chia Cha

      Also who gets from it also. Rich people, because there are lots of poor keeping private comapnies alive, putting low level of care expensive, while expensive operations, and good quality care gets lots cheaper, because they are able to exist as such as companies, plus kept by tax credits. Demand for such high cost operations is low for them, so quality per spent $ is much better then for one everyone gets (because price of something is higher) if demand is higher, and quality is lower because it can be lower, because it is supported by tax payers. American politics is like eagle.

      1. Chia Cha

        We see here communists (one coproration capitalists). How they protest (paid by capitalsits) for your racial extermeniation and lover wages of working class. And they do not protest for single payer. Because for them it normal also that head of corporation gets better healthcare. They just one everyone under one corporation. Communism and fascism are all products of capitalism. https://www.infowars.com/communists-lead-illegal-alien-march-in-texas/

  5. Chia Cha

    George Friedman was right, regular capitalist, his words from now: “Policy of USA is to talk about supressing immigration, but making sure to not ever do anything about it”. Ann Coulter is also right. And UN charther about genocide is also right. Why would you allow to have your group disbanded because few from “your” group, wants yacht he would not be able to have in 40 years, because he will be then so poor as his group will be disbanded.Where is that wall? http://dailycaller.com/2017/05/14/ann-coulter-is-worried-the-trump-haters-were-right/

  6. Tatarewicz

    “we send our brave young men/women to fight against some amorphous entity entitled chaos to justify our rapacious warmongering addiction.”

    For decades post WWII, US military was a peaceful, job-training / holiday and PR excursion abroad. It was only when Israel decided its enemies – Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya now Syria had to be put down that US militarism turned into a rapacious warmongering addiction.

    1. Chia Cha

      No no no, it was white capitalists who needs to protect their own dollar investments in 3rd world. Look your mirror, look your self, as long as it is normal for you to be poorer because you have less $, until then rulling capitalists will have to protect tehir investments because if they do not do it someone else will. And then you will be 3rd world. Capitalism is evolution of slavery and slavery exist in any soceity where there is agriculture as source of food for domesticated animals as only source for abundance of food, which is needed to support rulling class – temple, as source of papers on which is written how much food you have store in temple – money. Only profitable economy is pillage, getting slaves and gold of other temple – meaning temple activity of investments in to military campaign.

  7. Pete

    Dear Dr. Pieczenik, I watched your piece on cyber warfare and thought, you are absolutely right about our 16-17 agencies. Does Trump have the authority to shut down one or more of these irrelevant (and expensive) agencies?

    Since the CIA announced publically that they are engaged in Geoengineering with growing intensity throughout the Obama administration, perhaps Obama’s CIA is at it again. Yesterday, appears HAARP blasted a massive wave from the Antarctic to the north pole on May 16th. This video shows the wave clearly as a large natural storm was building. (
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbPWQtxw8sM ) It seems that HAARP can intensify any building weather system into deadly storms that “could” kill millions at a time, making it look like the biblical end time, therefore accepted as a religious proof. You and I know better.

    Today, emergency alerts are out of severe weather strike on the in the north west and driving down into the south central United States, ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkIhnd-ipEg )

    My sense is this is another false flag event to cover up something, which will surface in the days and weeks to come.

    Thank you Dr. Pieczenik, for keeping America honestly informed with your videos.

  8. David Yuhas

    Dear Steve,

    I’ve been trying for Months to send you an Issue of my weekly Newsletter “WabashTowerChicago”…As good as you are you are missing One Big Thing. Do send me your Email Address. I have over 500 Readers world-wide.

    Regards, DY

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