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12 thoughts on “FBI: Perfidious Institution

  1. Chia Cha

    Poor FBI, and they were in so many VHS movies… What an idiots.

  2. Chia Cha

    American globalists were insane when they allowed chinese slaves to compete with american workers, they practially removed american workers out of market. Now 3rd world plans to do that to own people also. EU also have same plans. People around world should start revolutions against own anti-Trump rich globalist elite. I am trying to see by what standards globalists operating from US are americans. But I really do not see in what way they are americans?

  3. Chia Cha

    Ha ha, I was right when I said that having communists in Texas can only mean that there is some KGB agent in Texas. And Alex Jones said yesterday that Univesity in Austin is run by chinese secret service agents. Democratic party is 100% chinese party. It is impossible to be american and against culture of america. Whole concept of localization done by american corporations is 100% wrong. Global can only mean american. And globalism can only mean americanism. You cannot be global if you put some pagan fat indian lady (Pepsi) or g@y (Apple) as CEO. It does not look global. It looks local. Micheal Jackson before operation he looked global. “Multiculturalism” meaning subculturalism is horrible for all others which are not part of that subculuture and disquisting especially for majority who are part of any of culture (those people who care about transering values to kids or accepting them from parents). Therefore we can say that Satan is lowering profits of american companies abroad.

    1. Chia Cha

      I need to correct my self. I like healthy fat ladies, but not that CIA with look of some guy from FBI on diversity training. (My apology to healthy fat ladies who are best).


    Agree 200%, and would add that in my opinion the 17 intel agencies are all controlled at the top by Zionist neocon dual citizens of Israel and that they are all involved in the destruction of America for the Zionist NEW WORLD ORDER.

  5. Furtive

    Part 3 “WACO” Wednesday paramount tv.
    Portrays ATF & FBI AS STASI.


  6. Jason

    To the flea, it appears that the dominoes have begun to fall in slow motion due to scale of flea to the domino. Domino to domino, they are already 10 toes up. Perception is the limiter. The dominoes perceive nothing. They have no hands for a reason.

  7. Patriarch

    “The American people certainly deserve to understand how Mueller, Comey, Rosenstein, and Wray missed for so many years the multiple large and obvious frauds and corruption centrally involving the Clinton Foundation, its trustees, its professional advisers, and its significant advisers.”

  8. Hello Steve,

    Outstanding video on the FBI, etc. Thank you for all you do to tell the truth. You are an amazingly courageous patriot. As an FYI, the Alex Jones Show is not on the air anymore in Austin, Texas so we are missing your interviews very much. I watch your website periodically get your perspective on the issues going on in our country. You are fabulous.

    I have a case in the Texas Supreme Court involving electronic voting fraud in Texas. David Knight has done a few stories on it. Bless you for your strength!

    Laura Pressley, Ph.D., 512-762-3825

  9. Wanda Woodward

    So the FBI began with people with paraphilias and later with people who were in the Mafia and has become an egregiously corrupt machine. I say dismantle it entirely.

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