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9 thoughts on “Fake Hero! Fake News! America is Waking Up to the BS!

  1. Petra

    Very well stated Dr. Pieczenik.
    When John McCain came home from Vietnam he purchased a red convertible MG (British sports car) from my father. It shows what a jerk he was because his then wife was confined to a wheel chair and could not get in the car.
    My father was shot down twice in Vietnam. He was not submitted for a purple heart or any other medal because He was in charge of submitting them and would never dream of submitting his own name…. Unlike Petraeus he did not take advantage of the system.
    I agree with Trump … I like war heroes that don’t get caught… McCain is no hero.. he is a self aggrandized idiot… Brain cancer or not…..


    Agree. McCain caused the death of 134 men and wounded 161 men and almost sunk the USS FORRESTAL in a crime without equal in the history of the Navy and had it covered up by his father a Navy Admiral.

  3. Embrey

    Serious question Dr. Pieczenik:

    What kind of brain cancer requires a 4 inch, abnormal incision through the ridge of the brow?

    1. Jason

      Perhaps they removed his chip. His only value is to be a drone for any cause that hurts America, which is the source of his self-loathing.

      1. Chia Cha

        He had to return chip before he dies. Those are rules.

        1. Embrey

          I thought my question was brutal. You guys are worse than I am. Hilarious

        2. Embrey

          Some people say the aftermath of his ‘surgery’ looked like it was performed by a rifle butt.

    2. Petra

      it was a lobotomy

  4. Embrey

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    No Name prev meeting(s)?
    Discussions of death/funeral?
    Medical or escape?
    Now comes the pain.

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