EU should Junk Juncker!

EU should Junk Juncker!

EU JUNK! Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker!

By now, Brexit has become the “boogey man” of world politics.Everyone is afraid. Yet,they still don’t know why.

The reason is simple. 

A country with a rich, highly textured culture [Britain] has defied the mores of an upstart union of 28 countries [the EU] and decided to leave that union. The EU was led by a man from the tiniest of countries,Luxembourg. Jean Claude Juncker who directed a state ministry of ‘a few dozen employees’ became the big honcho with the title of European Commission President. [Der Spiegel Online International by Peter Muller, Christoph Pauly, Christian Relermann, and Ralf Neukirch].

If anyone wants to understand why the EU is so bloated and incompetent, one must read the Spiegel Online International article written about this bombastic, ego-maniac leader who does not have the faintest clue about managing an organization of 30,000 bureaucrats.
The question is why are there so many people doing publicity [whatever that is]; and/or, wasting good taxpayers’ monies processing 100 page documents which no one reads? The answer lies within the nature of useless, complex organizations. These entities tend to multiply from within like cockroaches scurrying about on a hot, humid day in Hades.They exist simply to exist and collect your money.

When an ethereal bureaucracy is placed on top of another bureaucracy which may be considered nationalistic or legitimate, then we have the EU conundrum. Its a con,a scam or a ponzi scheme. Imagine that some anonymous bureaucrat in Bruxelles, Belgium, is ordering a red-coated Chelsea Pensioner living in London to trim his future earnings?

All hell breaks loose!

On top of this hot mess, one literally places a ‘horses’ ass’ to lead this misbegotten entourage of supernumeraries. Hence we have Brexit; as well as, the eventual dissolution of the EU. No one wants to take orders from a Kafkaesque personae located in the ether of nowhere [and believe me Belgium qualifies for nowhere].


Allow me the opportunity to quote you a few lines from Spiegel Online concerning Herr Juncker’s major faux pas:

  • “He has even come up with a philosophic framework for his increasingly erratic behavior….  called, Political Commission” wtf??
  • “According to the European treaties the body Juncker leads is a normal government agency that must INSURE that AGREEMENTS REACHED ARE ADHERED TO…however, he sees his job is to break agreements if it is politically advantageous.”
  • “But in Paris, Juncker essentially CLAIMED that he is no longer bound by rules of the economic and MONETARY UNION.”

You get the idea.

We have a Luxembourg version of Obama/Clintons.The great difference is that we, Americans, are splayed out over such a big country that despite threats to the contrary, it is hard [nearly impossible] to enforce Washington D.C. laws that do not suit our personal predispositions [be it the First or Second Amendments].

Brexit underscores the importance of understanding/accepting the thermodynamic laws of entropy [disorder] which must prevail in the ongoing DEVOLUTION of power from the EU to the individual nation states.

For a while the financial markets will roil downwards, as it must.Major change and its concomitant partner –uncertainty—go hand-in-glove.

I recommend that the EU: Junk Juncker!
and then, take a good look at the southern tier countries like Spain,Portugal,Italy and Greece – all of which will continue to default on their obscene amount of unsolicited German credit until they admit the dirty little secret that Juncker was trying to hide. They are all bankrupt!

The times are changing.


Our political elite were completely surprised/stunned by the binary choice of Brexit. Who can blame the EU for their CLOWN JUNCKER when we, Americans, are subsidizing a circus cavorting in Washington D.C with trillions of $$ of citizen’s tax money. I should remember that “people in glass houses should not throw stones.”

I will…till the next time when more countries exit the EU! Until then, a bientot!

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