Erdogan: the Democratically Elected (?!?) Tyrant

Erdogan: the Democratically Elected (?!?) Tyrant

Midnight Express Redux: Post Turkish Military Coup

As most of you by now, the Turkish Military Coup was not successful.Whether Erdogan created it or not, the outcome will be the same for those plotters who were caught in the spider’s web of deceit and connivance.One only has to watch the brilliant Oliver Stone-scripted film entitled, “Midnight Express” [ME] to understand the gruesome aftermath of Erdogan’s eventual purge of his military officers.

Based on a book by an American student, Bill Hayes, who had been captured by the Turkish police while he tried to smuggle 41/2 pounds of hashish. The movie, directed by Alan Parker, produced by David Putnam, portrays in graphic details the torture, sodomy and barbarity that reeks throughout the ordinary Turkish prison [1978]. I am certain that the past half-century has not ameliorated any of those horrendous conditions depicted in that movie. At the time the film was made, both Stone and Hayes, were unjustly accused of painting a bleak, if not false, picture of Turkish brutality.


After this failed coup attempt initiated by Erdogan to cleanse his military of any potential dissidence, “Midnight Express” is mere child’s play compared to what will really happen to these poorly trained, unsuccessful mutineers.

Senior military leaders of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Army Divisions, as well as one air force general, will be court-martialed and punished according to the heinous standards devised by Erdogan himself. As usual, most nations will stay out of Erdogan’s way. They will claim that no matter how authoritarian Turkey might be, it is still an entity which was freely voted in through democratic processes.

If that were true, I would not be writing this blog. Erdogan tolerates no dissension anywhere, by anyone. He is like most megalomaniacs: exceedingly ruthless and vindictive. He neither grants praise nor tolerates disobedience.

When he wanted to place geopolitical pressure on his erstwhile enemy, Alawite Syrian President Bashar Assad, Erdogan facilitated the CIA/Israeli creation of ISIS. If Russia becomes too noisome, Erdogan places pressure on his Turkic cousins in Central Asia. Erdogan is the 21st century version of a Stalin or a Hitler.

He has no concern whatsoever trying to rid himself of those petulant Kurds who demand their own country exclusive of Turkey.

Like his Sunni Middle Eastern cousins, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Dubai; Erdogan has absolutely no qualms about providing the necessary surrogate forces to counter-act the Iranian/Shi’ite centers of conflict throughout the region.


I predict that this false flag of a military coup will come back to haunt Erdogan in several different ways:

  • He has intentionally weakened a once powerful Turkish military for a very long time.
  • The once vibrant Turkish economy will recede into a deflationary spiral because business uncertainty will pervade all sectors of investments.
  • As Saudi Arabia is starting to move progressively forward, Erdogan has taken a step backward toward eliminating the secular narrative of Mustafa Kamal Ataturk.
  • Both Iran and Russia will consistently test Erdogan’s geopolitical resolve by creating friction points within the contiguous borders of Turkey.
  • Bereft of a trustworthy internal security apparatus, Erdogan will rely increasingly on Israel/Israeli weapons to guarantee both its internal/external security.
  • Erdogan will continue to decry America’s complicity in the military coup; whether it was true or not.
  • NATO will have to tolerate an increasingly exposed southern military flank without having Turkey’s full cooperation.

Clearly the list could go on and on.


To those who have lost faith, I leave you with a quote from Ataturk:

“Sovereignty is not given, it is taken!” 

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5 thoughts on “Erdogan: the Democratically Elected (?!?) Tyrant

  1. Peter Blom

    This is a mouthful! For me it is mind boggling. It changes my entire best guess as to how the world works. Nevertheless, the Israel/CIA connection in ISIS must be duplicitous at best (as far as interests go).
    I cannot believe that Obama has Israeli interests in mind or heart.

  2. “As Saudi Arabia is starting to move progressively forward…” Wow! At the rate of progress they are making, they should arrive in the 21st century about 85,000 AD.

  3. Chia Cha

    Ok soverinty is given, but then it can be supported, sometime by most. For instance both USSR and USA wanted Socialist workers self-management Yugoslavia to exist. As example how you can build communism without USSR, and for USSR how you can start building socialism without USSR, just damn start building one, and stop building capitalism.

    1. Chia Cha

      I meant it is not given, because no one can give you anything unless there is someone to at least take it… No one can help you if you do not start fighting.

  4. Tissiemoe

    Midnight Express was extremely intense when I saw it at 17. It made me appreciate the freedoms of America. Little did I expect to be faced with Obama, Hillary, or NWO Globalism=technocracy, fascism. I hope we as a country will make the right decision November 8 & continue to stand up for our rights after that.

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