England Should Exit from the EU

England Should Exit from the EU
England Should Exit Right from the EU Farce on their June 23 Referendum: Vote Brexit!

Similarly, Scotland should leave the United Kingdom and Reinstate Scottish Independence!

Once again, Obama has travelled around the world in a completely unnecessary, costly swan song for which we, American taxpayers, have to pay a significant amount of our earnings. Obama began his presidential tenure with an over- abundance of personal entitlement, arrogance, and ignorance of domestic/foreign policy issues. Yet, like all sociopaths from untutored backgrounds, he played out all of the games of state, required by his handlers, the infamous CIA Hefe, DCI John Brennan [Valerie Jarrett].

Obama has the audacity to lecture the present Republican nominee, Donald Trump, about the need for sobriety and accountability. This to a Billionaire who has accomplished, in his life time, more than Obama will never be able to attain in all his fictional accounts of his past, present, and future exploits.

This most recent Obama excursion overseas stands out in particular. Accompanied by every banker, Secretary of Treasury in the past ten years, Obama went to England and lobbied the good Anglo-Saxon people about the need to remain in the EU.

Of course, he forgot to mention that England has very little, if nothing, to gain from remaining in the completely dysfunctional Disney Land [EU] created by both the French and Germany in order to avoid a possible WWIII between the two countries.

In fact, Obama did not reveal that the major reason for his insistence on England remaining in the terrorist-infested-Brussels-based-NATO/EU headquarters: our corrupt American bankers are too lazy to reconstruct essentially a new banking system within each of the 26 remaining countries that would compromise the future EU, once Brexit occurs.

Once again, Scotland has the good fortune to determine whether it should exit the United Kingdom. As many of your know by now, Scotland has provided the necessary cannon fodder for the numerous wars that England had initiated over the past several centuries.The intentional sacrifice of those brave Scottish soldiers was termed ‘forlorn hope’. The Scots were always sent up to the front lines; so that they would be the first ones killed in battle, allowing the British officers a greater chance to survive the outcome of the ensuing battles.

Scotland has a rich and storied tradition and it should never have allowed itself to be subjugated beneath the petticoats of the German born Kings/Queens of England, transformed cleverly into the Regal Windsor Dynasty.
The recent terrorist attacks in both Paris and Belgium which should have been easily prevented by a competent EU intelligence service, underscores the lack of interconnectivity that exists among all the EU countries.

As I have repeatedly stated over the past years, there is no formal EU. They have no police force, intelligence service, nor military.  The EU is nothing more than a massive bureaucracy of inept functionaries supplanting another group of useless national bureaucrats from all the attending countries.

The only energetic countries consists of a central core: Netherlands-Lichtenstein-Germany- Nordic countries—which fund and sustain the poverty ridden southern tier countries: Greece-Spain-Portugal-Italy which are all essentially in financial bankruptcy.The time has come for a major movement of secession of countries, states and counties all over the world.

The centrality of government power has become too cumbersome and dysfunctional to be able to do anything other than sustain its useless self. Historic example: the present conflict in the Syria/Iraq is a recognition that the Sykes-Pico Agreements after WWI were dangerous and extremely lethal.

Now, let us anoint new leaders all over the world who understand that the over-complexity of un-natural political systems leads inevitably to self-destruction and massive killings, civil war, and…refugees. In other words, NOT SUSTAINABLE.

Therefore, Syria should never have been created by the French. Iraq should never have been coalesced by Winston Churchill for the privilege of collecting oil revenues amidst the Kurds, Sunnis, and Shi’ites.

Our pseudo-intellectuals in the Washington Think Tanks enjoy quoting Winston Churchill and his blathering words about expanding the British Empire and the need to maintain European Union against a presumed Russian [former Soviet] threat.

Yet none of our idiot savants realized that Churchill had been diagnosed by his neurologist, Lord Moran, as ‘senile demented’ during the peak of WWII and afterwards.

The British Lord Arthur Balfour said the following:
“Winston has written four volumes about himself and called it ‘World Of Crisis”.
Britain: it’s time to exit the Tartuffe farce,entitled “THE EU”!
Good luck and God Speed!

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