Emmanuel Macron Full of Contradictions!

Emmanuel Macron Full of Contradictions!

Emmanuel Macron: Candidate for French Presidency is a Study in Contradictions!

The recent elections [first round] for the French presidency has revealed an interesting candidate, Emmanuel Macron, ‘the [so-called] outsider’. Unknown to me and most other Americans, I decided to examine his background using Wikipedia and other salient materials. Overall, I found him to be youthful, energetic and an interesting study in contradictions.

Without attempting to provide a diagnosis or clinical assessment, I will enumerate the different variables in Emmanuel’s life which I find both interesting yet somewhat disturbing.

[1] He claims that ‘he is an outsider’ to French politics. However, he was an ardent member of the Socialist Party from 2006 to 2009. He was appointed Deputy Secretary-General under present French President Francois Hollande in 2012. Two years later, Emmanuel was promoted to Minister of Economy Industry, and Digital Affairs under the Second Valls Government.

[2] On August 2016, Macron resigned his political job to launch a bid for the 2017 presidential race under the sobriquet, “En Marche!” [Moving].

[3] His education in France is quite stellar. He is the son of a physician and a Professor of Neurology at the University of Picardy. Raised in a non-religious family, he requested to be baptized as a Roman Catholic at the age of 12. He was educated at the Jesuites de la Province Lycee in Amiens. Next, he attended the highly prestigious high school, Lycee Henri –IV in Paris. He obtained a Master’s Degree in public affairs at the ‘Sciences Po’  before entering the French government’s rigorous training as a senior civil servant at the Ecole nationale d’Administration [ENA], graduating in 2004.

[4] Macron worked in a highly political job as the Inspector in the French Ministry of Economics between 2004 and 2008.

[5] Then Macron showed his true colors as an ‘ardent socialist’ when he paid over $65,000 USD to buy himself out of his government contract in 2008.

[6] He went to work as an investment banker with an extremely high salary at “Rothschild and Cie Banque”.

Does this sound familiar?
Macron, like all the other inveterate investment bankers in NYC, uses all his key connections in the French government to make a staggering amount of money. He does not even attempt to start a company or garner a real profession, other than politics.
Macron becomes an investment banker for a major Jewish banking house, renown all over the world for their financial intrusions into world affairs. Accordingly, Macron feels that he is pro-American and has no problems with POTUS Trump. How could he when most of the personnel in Trump’s administration come from Goldman Sachs, the sister company to Rothschild?
An interesting side note, is that Macron chose to be Catholic which is the primary religion of France. I suppose he did that in a very calculated fashion in order to make himself appear agreeable to the predominantly Catholic French populace.
He could have become an agnostic, atheist, Jewish, Muslim, or just remain secular like his physician-parents.

On November 16, 2016, Macron formally declared his candidacy for the French presidency. Ironically, he called for a ‘democratic revolution’ and promised to ‘unlock France’ which has very little meaning in both English and French. He was criticized for not being able to specify the details of his future programs. He then rushed to present an awkwardly phrased 150 page document on March 2, 2017.

As a socialist candidate, he supported the party’s right wing, associating himself with former discredited politicians like Bill Clinton and Tony Blair. He claims that he is neither ‘right’ or ‘left’; but, someone who espouses ‘a collective solidarity’. ????

Some moments of truth arose in a 2015 interview with Le Monde [newspaper]. He admitted that he was not a ‘socialist’. He went on to explain he was part of the left government because he wanted to serve the public interest.

WOW! It does not matter which country a born political opportunist comes from… they all seem to be cut from the same cloth of insincerity, hypocrisy and foolhardiness—read ‘bullshit’-writ large!

Get a load of this statement:  he presents himself as both a “leftist” and a “liberal”.. “.if liberalism means trust in man”.  Macron supports what is called, ‘El Khomri Law’. This law was presented in February 2016 by Myriam El Khomri. This piece of legislation makes it easier for companies to lay off workers, reduce overtime payments, and lower severance payments.

Let me point out the basic truth about France and its workers. Never mess with their 35hour work week [if that]; their two months vacation; or their job tenure. If you do, I can guarantee 100% that there will incessant riots, strikes, slow-downs, demonstrations ad infinitum, etc.

Needless to say, Macron is ‘ardently pro-Europe’. Remember it was France that had that crazy idea fifty years ago that it could contain post WWII Germany.

By far, in terms of an apparent contradiction in Macron’s narrative is this very interesting psychological phenomenon: Macron is married to Brigitte Trogneux [64 years old]. She is twenty four years and eight months his senior! Ooo La La! 

She was his teacher in La Providence High School in Amiens. They first met when he was a 15 year-old student in her drama class. However, they were officially engaged when he was 18 years old. His sagacious parents objected to this ‘inappropriate relationship’. Apparently, Brigitte also had three children from her previous marriage to another bank financier.
No timid, shy school matron, be she. Apparently, she is quite a hot fashionista. She is described by British Vogue Magazine, as follows:

“a deep tan, a peroxide-to-honey blonde hairdo, and EXPENSIVE DESIGNER HANDBAG and CAR-TO-CARPET HEELS!”

Apparently, this Catholic boyish/man cannot do anything without her. She plays a very active role in his campaign. A top advisor annunciated this disturbing observation: “HER PRESENCE IS ESSENTIAL FOR HIM!”
Macron stated categorically that if he is elected, “Brigitte will have the role she has always had with me, she will not be hidden.” This sincere statement reminds me of James Cagney’s last lines in the prescient 1949 noir film, “White Heat”, as he blows himself up:

“Made it, Ma![I am on] Top of the world!”


Bonne Chance, President Emmanuel Macron!
You certainly deserve everything that you worked so hard to get since childhood!

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46 thoughts on “Emmanuel Macron Full of Contradictions!

  1. To continue in the trend of the writing, Satan tempted Eve first, for by gaining Eve he gained Adam. When a successful older woman acquires a younger not successful but capable male, often it is for the male to serve her purpose. Tangentially, if you look at the male elites today, the source of their direction is often their mother or their wife. It is the inversion and the mockery of the patriarchy. Even when the boy listens to his father, his father listens to the mother. It is Eve that is the connection, that is the strength and the weakness.

    1. Perhaps Eve. Or a daughter of Eve. At any rate, there seems to be great effort to maintain the attention on Trump, not the influence. To ensure the connection. So that intended solutions begin with a false assumptions, ensuring their failure, such as to put out a fire with water when it is unknowingly a grease fire.

  2. Chia Cha

    I thought he was nothing, but I was wrong, his 20 years older lover makes him something very special. He is for special institution. They were married in church? As real banker he should sue her and take her real estates, because such predatory behaviour was done on minor. He is under possession, I guess she knew for that soup with bat wings… Maybe her goal is to gain codes of nuclear weapons, she is on very good path, that is it. Is he allowed to eat soup without spoon, or he risks while she is not at home? Maybe we are in wrong universe, and only she is in right one, we will never know. I am casting doubts, before I was sure in world continuum, Bible sounded so logical, not any more. Where is truth?

    1. Margo

      “The Eternal Feminine draws us
      Upwards and on.” Goethe

  3. Christianity and the Catholic Church grew because the enemy was in chains, this is no longer the case. You look at the last almost couple of thousand years and you see small minds of evil. Now you see the single mind coordinating, no longer fettered. There is one better than it though.

  4. Ron Sanderson

    What he claims to be and what he actually is might be found out and it might not. Where is his loyalty? Rothschilds fortune and fame , or the tough day to day unglamourous duties of State. Tony Montana had a plan to. First you gotta make the money then when you get the money you get the power then when you get the power then you get the Woman.That’s why you gotta make your own moves. Ya gotta get the money before anything else. I think he almost has what it takes to be a international player. Will he get the POWER ? or be just another useful Globalist for the House of Rothschild.? He already has everything else. The World Is Yours ! Be careful what you wish for.

  5. Chia Cha

    Both LePen and Macaron does not have solution. When owner wants to move, then bon voyage, but factory stayes with workers. They can join Mondragon corporation and work under Mondragon brand. Also, this factory is not moving to Poland, they are building new one in Poland while this one is going to be intentionally scraped like it was done in Detroit, to keep market share and lower price of workers on marketplace. Therefore Corbyn solution is only possible. Unles you want to put tariffs 50% and close borders. EU cannot function without Corbyn solution, because workers have lower price in eastern Europe. Globalism is violent in making everyone poor. http://www.breitbart.com/london/2017/04/26/le-pen-cheered-macron-jeered-workers-whirlpool-factory-facing-closure/

  6. Chia Cha

    There was total media blockade about this, but this is huge, this is future of buying, this can supplant governments theoretically. And this was actually passed two weeks ago. Bannon said he wants to abolish state once and this was that move… Of course this can work only if everyone is allowed only to buy one policy only (car, house), not two or all (like some bank could), just to produce scarcity to jack up price later. Free market will not work here in that sense. There must be democratic class forula, and difference between buying as consumer, and buying as company, material, needed to produce final good for consumer. https://www.lifezette.com/polizette/rand-paul-give-little-guys-leverage-health-care-debate/

  7. Raymond Howard Carlson

    To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    Please see my current and recent post at your BOLG!

  8. Furtive

    Oedipas Complex.
    You, dr. p. Could have said it…
    Now PLEASE explain the etiology for those who are mystified.


    1. JeMaCoFra

      “She has “killed” his father [Jean-Marie Le Pen, on MSM injonction)
      He married his mother”

  9. JeMaCoFra

    Interesting gut feeling, Doc.
    As your fellow translator, let me add some pieces FYI :

    Last week just before the 1st Turn, we had a firefight on the Champs Elysées, Paris : False Flag (cannot develop here…) to secure a Marine le Pen (MLP [FN]) running for the 2nd round, and not a Fillon (conservative vanilla right without any courage). This allowing a 2nd “soviet style” round, securing Macron winning the Elections.
    Although Macron is impressively bad during this campaign, this 1st round was rigged on such a way /extent we NEVER SAW, that he will succeed, it seems pretty obvious.

    Macron is a PURE Colgate-candidate, brought by all the best traitors and deviant zionist/pro-israel we had in France (from bernard-Henry Levy, Pierre Bergé, Jacques Attali, daniel cohn-bendit and some others, Grand Orient all starz…).
    And don’t think Macron is pro-Trump, surely not.
    Also add the fact he is homosexual (didn’t you suspect it because of their age with his « wife » ? :-D), which could not necessarily have been a problem, BUT… here is explains the absence of any male moral virtue of Macron (compare to Rahm Emanuel & Co). He just is a deranged soul the System (of cooptation) raves about !
    Have fun with this BTW :

  10. JeMaCoFra

    But on the other hand, the FN renounced to developp its own reliable expertise on many subjects, and is subtly treated by non-neutral elements…

    A MAJOR POINT : we actually have a « male » HRC with Macron, somehow interesting to compare with Jared Kushner or Justin Trudeau [globalists are picking us not a « happy families » game but more something like a « whores of Babylone » game]… Used to destroy France, after many years of PURE SABOTAGE of the REAL French model (strong State you would dream of… virtuous model, BUT ALSO a strong private corporate sector,…] : the people are ready to wans their own self-destruction.

    But you know the difference beetween the US? YOU, Dr. Steve Piecznik, DAS, DIA, etc… You don’t exist in France : we don’t have a reliable core of counter-interference lobbying/influence force to give us a better azimut, with regards for French strategic interest :
    1-Our IC/Army expertise was emasculated not so much in 1940 BUT in 1958/1962, thanks de Gaulle (very darker as his “legend”, even if the late 1965-1969 de Gaulle was a real great statesman for sure…). Read our “French J.E. Hoover” : Roger Wybot (and some other very rare books to criangulate the truth, I could provide it if you want some day).
    As I told you [hope you received…] : the French history in French minds, is actually composed of 5 (or more) superimposed schizophrenias at last…

    1. Chia Cha

      yes they are all of same gender, Ivanka, Kuschner, Macaron and Trudeau, they have same hormonal level, they look like sisters from same nest. Very smart. Only what is interesting, is that you French deserve to be destroyed by God, because you always support Russians (Serbs) on expense of catholics in eastern Europe. Even now we all are now producing strong Poland like french policies in 1920, for all us to win. Your capitalist 3-rd world opposition is even worse.

      1. JeMaCoFra

        “God punishment” because of a lack of catholicism, is nothing but useless manicheism.
        Problem of catholicisme is, it forgot 3/4 of the real Christendom, too long to explain here : catholicism is a bad patchwork from Tertullian, Irenaeus (and later Eusebius) against St-Paul (Simon Magus) Basilides and Valentinus.
        Only orthodox christendom is closer from the genuine gnostic Christendom (see the Sophia-Pistis gnostic icones in orthodoxy).

        Seneca: “Religion is regarded by the common people as true; by the wise as false; and by rulers as useful.”

        1. Chia Cha

          And by smart religion is consider to be true, because religion is any answer to question who are we toward those who died before us, and who are we toward those who are going to live when we die. Therefore religion = answer that dertermines everything. Which answer you choose determines all. Ask Aztecs. Phillisophers are the most stupid people on world because they never solved anything. Napoleon had good goal, he was good, his only goal was to expand french culture on to whole Europe… That should be goal of french today. UK after Napoleon allowed french colonies on expanse of US and Germany. France only exist because it was always goal of anyone to have that area on edge of continent united and big, entering just little (not too much on continent)… Same like goal of Russians is greater Serbia to have united and clean passage to warm sea. In 2003, French tried with Germans and Russians, but French lost economic war with USA in 4 days, i think. I mean you can always try, because no catholic or protestant would ever put any french in concentration camps to exterminate them. For mongols and hunns I am not so sure.

  11. JeMaCoFra

    Another piece of understanding for you : by us, THE ANTI-STATES TROTSKISTS WON. Are we the only country so far? Yes we are, to this point certainly. And connect with the face the trotskist “génération [mai] 68” is today serving the Globalist, i.e. the monopolist rigged shopkeeper capitalism (the one Peshine SMith / Henry C. Carey opposed to real productive US physical economy), spreading to the world, a caricature of Jewish Babylonian style compradores that only bring destruction at the very end…

    1. JeMaCoFra

      cannot post the sequel…

    2. Chia Cha

      Yep, one communist told me big stuff are happening, CEO of capitalist corporation must have one commercial for all, and he must develop it for every person on world must like it (cosmetic industry for instance, ask Garnier), they need one corporation to win, that is what Bill Gates is talking about. They need coordination right now among them selfe. Of course that must stopped. At the end they want to sell us cat food in stores. Fascists. You are smart.

  12. Nobody should have died in the military attacks

  13. Raymond Howard Carlson

    To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    Please see my recent posts at your BOLG!

    1. Raymond Howard Carlson

      I believe there is an ongoing investigation, possibly by SANTA ANA POLICE; and there is “WEED AND SEED” trying to initiate a separate situation for the purpose of circumventing SANTA ANA POLICE to get a “FILING” by THE ORANGE COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY’S OFFICE! At that point, there might be a warrant being served by “WEED AND SEED” personnel (ORANGE COUNTY SHERIFF’S DEPUTIES); therefore, they (“WEED AND SEED”) can put me back in the cage over total B.S. and “FINISH ME OFF” from the original “STUNT” (using ORANGE COUNTY CASE 11CF0028 (arrested by two (2) ORANGE COUNTY SHERIFF’S DEPUTIES within SANTA ANA POLICE’S jurisdiction on December 30, 2010) to substantiate an illegal “IDENTITY SWITCH” (went from Raymond Howard Carlson with A.K.A. Raymond Carlson born in Kenosha, Wisconsin to Raymond Carlson with NO MIDDLE NAME (Howard) A.K.A. Raymond Howard Carlson born in California) DONE AT BOOKING!

      Currently, I have been called Mike and Roy by various “WEED AND SEED” personnel that I have recently encountered! Therefore, THE C.I.A. and said “WEED AND SEED” have been continuing to illegally modify my OFFICIAL RECORDS; and this is being done to “punish me” for exposing THE CLINTONS and other prominent GLOBALISTS, such as, THE BUSH FAMILY!

  14. JeMaCoFra

    2- Our IC/Security Forces were purged (especially Quai d’Orsay [Diplomacy], RG [Renseignement Généraux, a France’s specialty of very effective domectic Intelligence], Gendarmerie [the best People’s Army model in the world, may I say] : especially with Sarkozy (it was his mission, as well as bringing us back in NATO for more useless wars…), and it went on with our disastrous Hollande of course : the worst « man » among maybe ALL leaders France had…. These elements were replaced by zionists and/or incompetent.
    See the parallel with Benghazi (against arabists), with the « fall of the CIA » (Robert Baer…) : « no more reliable humint, so that israel can manage US humint ? »…therefore the US became Israel’s hand [whore ?] ?
    That’s us today, too… But with no reliable counter-interference core…

    Extra-bonus track :
    Ruth Elkrieff (female jewish speaker from BFM, “French“ [actually hold by israeli Patrick Drahi…] equivalent of Fox news), greeting someone… who reveals just after to have been EMMANUEL MACRON.
    Answer of Ruth Elkrief :
    As if Megan Kelly hold five with Hillary, juste before a meeting.
    Get my point ?

  15. JeMaCoFra

    Greetings from Versailles, and Remember the US « Old Republic ». You’ll see a “nice” civil war in France soon… As we are the main target in Europe, not because the apparent recent History (that the French actually do not understand anymore…), BUT because… if France was about to told the Truth, all the world would recognize and see the things clear (as we have many keys in our history to understand many thing). See how despite the rotten France today, how far the world remains still quite “francophile”, and compare this to how far we are rotten and chained by 300 years of globalists plots (since the Fronde, mid-XVIIth century]), and see the result : a ckicken without head, “Lions leaded by donkeys”.

    PS : a FN solution is possible anyway, but if so, would seem like a Thermidorian Reaction. Would be anyway the less worse, necessary solution, to avoid a French population replaced by imported African, fed with trotskist anti-France feelings which brings every day, French people beaten and/or raped, with the whole State-system against them if we defend ourselves…
    If someone doesn’t see the genuine globalist intention of fully destroying France, he just is blind (or fed with too much propaganda…)

    PPS : and you know what to think about « cathos-tradis »… ;-D

  16. JeMaCoFra

    PPPS : « Remember it was France that had that crazy idea fifty years ago that it could contain post WWII Germany. » : not exactly, if I may :
    1-the post Napolenic GB domination on the French political life gaves us an artificial fear of germany (in Iena-Auerstedt we did not…), in order to blast GB’s best commercial Rival (Germany, with French/Rusian blood of course, I mean WW1).
    Did you ear about the France-Germany-Russian alliance (18th June, 1895, 80 years exactly after Waterloo) ? Destroyed with the GB plot named « Affaire Dreyfus » (see the connection with Basil Zaharoff, GB MILIC : Vickers & Co…), Russia also returned because of… DEBT (after Japanese-Rothschild-GB war 1804/5 + Menchevik Revolution).
    It is true this French fear still is mighty today, as well as the GB (also US but less) still play with artificial french fears to serve GB agenda… But it is also use to promote a british « buying cheap, selling dear » model, with a German mask, + a French [1973) then Euro-FED (the money is the key, ask Meyer Amshell Rothschild / Anthony Sutton), to destroy the REAL French Model of economics (actually the CONTINENTAL model, also exported in the US/Russia : Colbert-Napoleon-Friedrich List-Lincoln-Bismarck-Witte)
    2-I am pretty sure you partly ignore the real causes of the 1871 defeat […], nor the 1940 one : where the French strategic networks designed the less painful defeat possible, instead of a bolchevik Europe which would have been born from a 2nd absurd and long war beetween France and Germany [read the soviets statements from the 1930’s]. This is documented today, but not many people get this point. AND FORGET PAXTON who NEVER worked on real French sources…
    3- Europe was actually saved by a REAL patriotic US/GB reaction (décembre 1947), which saved us from a RED Europe actually (see Morgenthau’s plan, « gruesome harvest » and patton/McArthur/J..E. Hoover statements) : McCarthy was at least half right, the Rosenberg were Red agents indeed, and actually 1917 started from the NY East Side : the most subversive jewish community in the world, without any regards for jewish casulaties at the very end…

  17. JeMaCoFra

    And BTW the French « Napoleonic Jews » was the best answer found to solve the jewish « problem », which is a « human » problem [artificial], not really a « religious » one actually [composite religion : Egypt, Sumer, India for some parts of the Kabbala]) : considering Jews exactly as others citizens, under French (and not rabbinic/Stettel law), allowing them to serve the State. Germany did the same with Bismarck, you already meant/know about the 7th aug.1933The German-zionist Pact /haavara agreement) : actually the dangerous artificial messinaists jews (that today control the US-Fr & Cy) deliberatley sacrificed the well-integrated european jews we had ESPECIALLY in France AND Germany… (see one key behind the Wilhelm Gustloff assassination).All this, because of artificial messianists reasons (« Messi » actually came from Horus, the « Kiristi », as Satan/Satam was Baal/Moloch/Seth) : these deviant dangerous jews always bring false prophets and self-destruction, and the REAL honest Rabbis are the FIRST victims of this, still today… And this is absolutely sad.
    See the link with all what you say, either in Israel or in the US : always the same duel beetween brains and Foolishness (this is not religion but human construct). And You, Dr. Pieczenik, are the living proof that the real clever Jews are de facto getting out of all this dangerous things, as yesterday the French/German jews were… If you get where Judaism started (decadent Amon Egyptian clergy), you undrstand why it always want to ruin any competing universalism to serve their messianic, purely artificial views …. The second key is under Nero… Who financed Claudius/Caligula/Nero ?

    1. Chia Cha

      The more artificial the more closer to God. Artificiality is in total opposition to nature. Only humans can create artificiality. Van is more natural and less artificial, then cabriolet, because van gives you greater chance to survive in nature (you can hide from rain in van), therefore cabriolet is closer to God because more material in volume and kg s are vasted compared to van, in sense ability to survive in nature. Same with Mona Lisa painting, you can burn her to make fire in nature, or you can give $ and buy that painting. Natural selection is more and more supplanted by artificial selection (bombing in WW2). Pagans (non jews, non catholics, non protestants, communists, those who think that state can supplant religion or economy) thinks that humans, or products of humans, or nature or products of nature are God. Which is stupid and very bad for economy and innovation. For such there cannot be space, especially when they think there should be space for such.

  18. Chia Cha

    Like we said, US cannot have universal health care because of petro dollar… Petro dollar is expensive. Therefore Trump is right when he is saying that europe must rise military budgets. Solidarity for such cause would be ok. But then TTIP must be sign under European conditions, meaning ban of corn sirup, gluoze-fructose sirup, refined sugars, trans fats, gmo, chicken hormones, hydrogenated fats, semi refined fats, milk horomes and other fasicst communist capitalists violence.

  19. djr

    After Macron is the president, France and Germany with other satellite countries will become a new Muslim no go zone. The new Europe will move to the East, Poland through Hungary, Ukraine to Black Sea.

  20. JeMaCoFra

    To those speaking french, have a look (from Asslineau, an interesting candidate who made only one% for the first round, but he has done some real investigations) :
    (Liegey Muller Pons : storrytelling, exactly as what the Doc said about Ted Cruz)

  21. Chia Cha

    Liberal-capitalism and liberalism is period inside capitalism, when you do not need brute force to sell your goods under price you must. But you just need commericals (lie) to do it. Liberal-capitalism when commericals does not work, it is fascism. Right now we have left-wing fascism, which means it is not done by military caste because (right wing fascism means military caste controls corporations, capitalist class is under control of military, but via bureocratic caste (left wing fascism) (bureocracy is corporation, and there is only one corporation, capitalists have becine bureocrats). Lift wing fascism are globalists. Nationalists are still not fascists, and such capitalists are not ready to give power to military nor unite them selfe in one international commuist (one) corporation. Nationalism is only solution, http://www.breitbart.com/london/2017/04/30/macron-threatens-poland-future-sanctions-refusal-take-migrants/

    1. Chia Cha

      Although I think globalism between western nations would not be bad. That is why communists are seling us muslims under banner of euro-centric cooperation, to undermine it. Communists must have room for all in their cooperation, because everyone must be part of one cooperation only, Satan needs one hierarchy and he is always on top. Same how now we have Satan as CEO sitting by the table with open suitcase possible somewhere between IMF and world bank,split in it selfe, not knowing will he go with with capitalists or communists next move, not able to finish anything, fighting against it selfe. With USSR it was obvious, there was spider net, and main black spider with hammer and sickle on butt was in Moscow holding all strings, for all us to see. With capitalists spider is moving, switching position, in stealth mode, hiding and changing colours all the time, without any markings.

  22. Molon Lavee

    The Dr. writes…Marco requested to be baptized as a Roman Catholic at the age of 12.
    I suppose he did that in a very calculated fashion in order to make himself appear agreeable to the predominantly Catholic French populace.

    Question: How could he have had this forsight at 12? unless it is a typo meaning 21, but even so.

  23. Chia Cha

    Left wing fascism is period when capitalists establish communist bureaucratic, (one corporation only), economy, and such economy lasts until they win or lose, when they win or lose, communists, then they starts to become capitalists back again (marking borders in economy between them selfe again), communist economy is period when capitalists unite them selfe in one corporations. Such communist economy can be ruled by capitalists (non formalized, hidden rule, by lies, in class – horizontally among them selfe) or communists (formal, open rule by force in hierarchy)… Bill Gates wants to become communist, he think he should be on top.

  24. Catholics, Orthodox, who fights for the faith. None do. Our knights are raising money for charity, panhandling. Europe is being invaded, and our knights are in the hospitals treating those not wounded in battle to protect Christendom, while their swords rust if they haven’t been outlawed. Nations have those that fight and those that sit at home working under any flag that flies. Napoleon, and those like him in Europe took our fighters and had them kill each other off, leaving people that are ruled by anyone. Hitler did the same. As did Churchill. The treaty of Versailles made this inevitable. France was strong when it was Catholic because it understood there was those for God and those against. Now only a few understand anything, at best with the rest living in long past glory and arguing history while they become history, while they become replaced. Now Church involvement is for a non-religious people seeking political position among a non-religious population. When non-Christian religions are presented to our young as equal in moral authority, or superior, what is there to stand against the outside culture and political domination it brings. To its credit, Orthodox at least continues to maintain the moral stand, while Catholic has turned on itself calling itself the enemy. How long before Orthodox does the same. For almost 2,000 years Christendom protected itself, and Europe remained. Without knights to do the same, the politicians and elites will continue to betray, knowing nothing stands in their way, knowing in their considerations there will be no consequences. The story goes that there were two armies in consideration of Constantine, and it was only when Christians had a third army of their own that Constantine was persuaded. For the presence of the third army changed the nature of the consequence for choices.

  25. BillUK

    I see that Trump might release JFK files under lock for 100 years. I wonder if Bush Senior will remember where he was that day.

  26. Patriarch

    Dr. Pieczenik’s Newly Posted interview:


  27. Bernard

    Hello Dr. Pieczenik,

    Given the gravity and difficulty of the North Korean situation, I ask you with all due respect and in deference to your history of proven ability in this regard:

    Why can’t you help the US government achieve NON-MILITARY regime change in North Korea?

    Any military option is fraught with really bad potential consequences, so it seems to me that NON-MILITARY regime change (including psychological warfare) is the ONLY solution.

    Thank you and all the best.

  28. Bernard

    Hello Dr. Pieczenik,

    Is FOOD the achilles heel of the North Korean regime—or rather the LACK THEREOF?

    Can the provision of FOOD be used in some way to undermine them?

    Where there is a lack of food—there MUST BE tremendous underlying DISCONTENT.

    Best regards.

  29. Dr. Pieczenik,

    FATHER is Keeping the neo cons at bay and Removing the nasty ones!!!! HE Has Risen a woman of loyalty LePen in France and will bring great Peace on this land through her!!!! She will win in a landslide!!!!

    HE is Cleaning up the national security council, by the nasty ones falling on their faces getting themselves removed by poor conduct. The war hawk duo mcmaster/petreaus are done influencing Trump!!!! The military industrial complex will get money from building the military domestically not because of wars, the next 4 years!!!! There wont be any worthless wars once isis is destroyed, Trump will bring everyone back.

    When north korea gets Liberated and HIS Church is Freed there Joy will Come to FATHER and HIS LORD our MESSIAH YESHUA and Blessings will Come soooo Mighty upon our land.

    Several Dreams, one starting this night are upon you in HIS Name YESHUA!!!! FATHER YHWH Will Reveal Insights on HIS Liberation of north korea !!!! You will See
    many things about the future of this failed north korea state in these Dreams tonight and the next 14 days!!!!

    June 4th 2017 Pentecost will be a major day of political Re Alignment for FATHER Big!!!!

    Shalom Shalom

  30. Chia Cha

    Happy May Day to all workers of the world! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBeB7GA8KXs

    1. Chia Cha

      Trump says he’d meet with North Korea’s leader under right circumstances. Of course, that is right move, there cannot be human rights if such are getting used by criminals to protect them selfe and their pillaged goods. Remove those human rights used by criminals, eliminate criminals, then return human rights but in shape that those criminals cannot return. Then wait for another form of criminals to grow before you remove human rights again to be able to do spring cleaning. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zu0Hs15aWkk

      1. John Allen

        The wealth stolen, repatriated from the 8500 people controlling it would jump start the world.

  31. Well, here at the numbers. The outcome was no surprise, about what I had calculated. Le Pen got 33% of the total vote. She needed 40% to win in the next presidential election cycle. Around half (by old numbers) of France lives in Paris. 90% of Paris voted for Le Pen. That means 5% of the population voted for Le Pen in Paris. 58% of the French outside of Paris voted for Le Pen. 58% of the countryside plus 5% is 63%, if that 5% moved out of greater Paris, roughly. That would be 63% of the countryside, and 0% of Paris. Given demographic trends, that does not present a democratic solution. In this, it must be noted that Islam is not the problem, Islam is as it is. The problem is that Christianity fell from prominence, creating a void from which there was little moral defense within. France has no real Orthodox history or affiliation, so it is stupid to contemplate Orthodox versus Roman Catholic at this point. And the Vatican has been taken by anti-Christian anti-Western types, as have the Protestants of Europe. The last peaceful solution is the virulent prosthetalization of the populace by Roman Catholics, minus the loyalty to the pontificates of Rome at this time. The lay it yet is going to have to step it up without leadership in Rome, pushing back and within France hard. In the days of Catholicism, Princes and principalities were the primary power, only looking to Rome for guidance. The princes and principalities will have to do so again, with the autonomous relationship the Knights of Malta did until recently. Even that may not be doable by way of charity and hospitals by the new knights, they may have to embrace their older and forgotten mechanisms. They are being overrun, because of dangers from within, not the might from without. The keys to Paris have been handed over willingly by those at war with France. The time for being accommodating as the primary means is over. The time for pretending is over. France will stand and make itself French, or it will cease to be French. To be French, the people must be what France always was, and dispose of that which has rejected what France always was. They must dispose of that which is ashamed of France, of the past, of Christendom. Or they will become something that is not France. It is time for the reapers to separate the wheat from the tares. It is a time to pick sides, to make the choice, all in, or all out. To embrace France in all that it was, or to reject it entirely. It must be presented in those terms.

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