Draining The Swamp!

Draining The Swamp!

Draining The Swamp!

Congrats to POTUS Trump for firing Dr. Tom Price, Secretary of Health and Human Services. He wasted $1M on boondoggles to Africa, Europe and Asia!
According to recent NEWSMAX article by Todd Beamon [Sept.28, 2017], Dr. Tom Price decided that it was both appropriate and necessary for him and his wife Betty to travel on chartered flights using our military planes. Price flew all over the world  where HHS has no jurisdiction. Why would a newly appointed Secretary of HHS fly to such non-HHS relevant areas as Berlin, Geneva, Beijing, Ho Chi Minh City, Liberia and Tokyo?

Some personal history: In the 70’s I was the Director of International Affairs for NIMH [under HHS], my overseas trips had to be sanctioned first by the Secretary of HHS and then the WH. I have two questions for this guy Price:

  • How did the newly minted Secretary of HHS who manages 11 agencies have so much time out of the office?
  • How come he knew zippo about the past and new healthcare bills?


Price’s mandate was to streamline 11 dysfunctional agencies that had grown out of control over the past fifty years.

Here are some of the ‘minor’ agencies Price should have been addressing:

[1] Food and Drug Administration [FDA]—a complete disaster under predecessor Dr. Hamburg.

[2] Center for Disease Control [CDC]-another AWOL agency during the Ebola crises. Only because of former Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff, Gen. Dempsey and our valiant military personnel were we able to contain that infectious crisis, both overseas and at home.

[3] The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Assistance  [CMS].

Need I go further?

Dr Price starts with an impressive medical background at the Univ. of Michigan where he received both his B.A. and M.D. Yet he ended up to become another bullshitting congressman with nothing but process and entitlement embedded in his surgical avatar. As a congressman for a 12 years, he enjoyed the perks of all the entitled dysfunctionals in congress.

Price received a base salary of about $174K as well as receiving over one million dollars to hire an unnecessary staff of political sycophants.  He and his wife entered the world of “Codels” , where travelling all over the world was a prerequisite for wasting badly needed infrastructure money.

I am happy that Dr. Price was summarily fired or as we say in the MSM, he resigned.

Price didn’t care that he has not accomplished one iota of positive change at HHS. President Trump: please choose your cabinet replacements more carefully. Draining the Swamp is NOT for wimps! It’s time for you to clean out the hornet’s nest before one of those self-anointed narcissists starts biting you in the ass, as has Dr. Price.

There others on the list. Draining means decreasing the bureaucracy by 30% and eliminating all the outsourced consulting companies on K street.

Price is one of the pieces of crap that floats up in a swamp of political/financial cronyism. There are many more surrounding you. As a fixer, who has reorganized countless agencies as well as fired thousands of bureaucrats, I would be happy to help you—gratis!

Please remember what you had said, POTUS:

“One of the key problems today is that politics is such a disgrace, good people don’t go into it.” 

And the satirist, H.L. Mencken wrote:

“Democracy [USG] is the art and science of running a circus from the monkey cage.”  

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24 thoughts on “Draining The Swamp!

  1. Polly

    I’d like to know who advised the President to install Price as Secretary of HHS.

    1. Patriarch

      Quid pro quo.
      Trump thought he’d garner peace with Ryan, just like nominating McConnell’s wife.

      He is learning now, there is no deference in the swamp.

  2. Joseph Chiara

    Trump has made an astonishingly high percentage of very bad personnel decisions. I had thought personnel selection would be one of his strengths, rather than a glaring weakness. Sessions, McMaster, his idiot son in law, Cohen, and the list goes on which includes their choices as underlings.

    Sessions wants nothing to do with the rule of law when it comes to big time political criminals and their mobs. He stands down. He is worse than Holder and Lynch, who were intelligent AGs and crooks. Session is low intelligence, low ethics, a corrupt hypocrite who talks about rule of law, equality under the law but violates his oath of office every day by obstructing and perverting justice for the likes of the Clintons, Obama, Comey, Lynch, Rice, Abedin, Podesta, and the many more who corrupted federal departments and agencies for personal profit and power. There is massive evidence against all of them but Sessions the coward stands down rather that stands up for the integrity of DOJ/FBI and American society and people.

    1. Petra

      Agreed and disappointed to a great deal with Sessions, McMasters, Ivanka husband (totally incompetent) Cohen…
      Trump was supposed to bring in TOP Talent… My condolences is that Trump still is in power and he is personally talented and capable.

      Bannon doing what he does best is back in the real world… That is great hope for the USA

      1. he’s in a different world than he knows, a vipers den….satan’s swamp, needs trusted allies not sycophant family members.

  3. Chia Cha

    Good job, soon I am back from GerMania. Price policies in healthcare are reverse Obamacare. Meaning everything same but in just in from other direction. 1st direction you have to buy you do not want, 2nd direction, his way is, you do not have to buy what you cannot buy because you do not have money.

  4. MrTuvok

    I hope he takes you up on your offer, Dr. P.

      1. Eight black chooks

        How can we see that happen?you are desperately needed in DC drainage company.


    Trump fires Price as he should, but pissed off millions on a Zionist order missile strike on Syria and billions more supporting AL CIADA and ISIS in Syria, so the net effect is total hypocrisy and more proof Zionist Israel controls America.

  6. Maggie

    I assume Price and his wife had a great old time on our dime. He was probably working on personal stuff, you know, like building up his own foundation and trying to see what part of our country he can sell. The entire D.C. Capitol is dirty. Very depressing.

  7. Maggie

    By the way, how do we even contact Trump besides tweeting. I want Steve Pieczenik in the White House.

  8. Embrey

    We were sold Price as the man capable of unraveling Obamacare and keeping the health system stable while we went in a new direction. After seeing that the House Republicans never intended to pass what they have been running on for years (straight repeal with no replacement) I have to wonder if Price knew that he would never be forced to perform what we were promised. Next, we should ask if Trump knew all along if Obamacare would never be repealed. I honestly don’t know the answer but depending on how you answer those questions there is a very wide variance on who is lying to us.


      Trump is a Zionist controlled Trojan Horse and he is compromised by his past and thus is a puppet of the NWO.

      1. Embrey

        Again, as usual, prove it. Your allegations are baseless. Supporting one allegation with another allegation is still baseless. I am beginning to believe you are only here in attempt to hijack the narrative to your worldview.
        Start your own website.

        1. DESERT FOX

          Trumps actions since he has been POTUS prove he is a controlled Trojan Horse, he is a total fraud just like Helliary.

          1. Donna

            I agree with you Desert Fox. Same evil NWO running the show, just different players. It’s been one thing after another since 9/11 and now the Las Vegas massacre by a supposed lone gunman. It just never ends.

          2. Embrey

            Lovely. What do you base this belief on? Circumstance? Please make a factual case so that the rest of us can come to the same conclusion.
            I’m not quite ready to base my conclusion on your feelings.


    This reply is for Donna,

    Las Vegas was a classic False Flag, there is no way one man could do this and witnesses are reporting more than one shooter, etc , this was false flag all the way.

    The question is who benefits.

    1. Donna

      I think he was dead a couple of days before the event took place and the real killers killed him. Why …. more gun control obviously.

      1. DESERT FOX

        And the deep state aka police state that we have been under since the flase flag of 911.

      2. DESERT FOX

        There is a tape of a marine veteran who called Michael Savage and he was a neighbor of the supposed gunman and that there is no way that this guy did it, and the veteran said he thinks the guy was setup and killed to take the fall.

        Tape in on Infowars. com

        1. Embrey

          From reports I have heard the ‘shooters’ brother said the last time he spoke to the alleged killer was by phone. The alleged killer was calling his brother to check on their mother post-hurricane in Florida.
          A timeline of the ‘shooters’ whereabouts needs to be conducted.

        2. Embrey

          The audio of multiple firearms simultaneously in Las Vegas could remind some of the rooftop snipers placed in Ukraine indiscriminately firing upon the various factions in order to foment chaos and justify sweeping legislation and action.
          Stay skeptical my friends.

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