Drain the Swamp in the Navy!

Drain the Swamp in the Navy!

“Fat Leonard” Torpedoes U.S. Navy with Massive Corruption Scandals!

A recent Washington Post article entitled: “Navy repeatedly dismissed evidence that Fat Leonard was cheating the 7th Fleet” by Craig Whitlock [Dec. 27,2016] highlights that Singapore- based Leonard Glenn Francis was scamming the 7th fleet of hundreds of millions of dollars. That’s our tax paying dollars.

A few years ago, I mentioned this disgraceful scandal involving the corrupt Naval Criminal Investigative Service [NCIS]. In 2006, NCIS opened up 26 different investigations into Fat’s company: Glenn Defense Marine Asia. There were multiple examples of doctoring/falsifying invoices and compromising Admirals, Captains, and civilians with sex, drugs, expensive vacations and other goodies. Among the implicated were 200 navy personnel, including 30 current/retired admirals, yet all charges have been dismissed for ‘lack of evidence’.

According to Navy Secretary, Ray Mabus [a professional auditor], he excused this travesty of justice by stating the following:

“Francis had established a pretty good network, including a lot of Department of Navy personnel [NCIS] who were able to explain away these allegations,” he said. “There were people inside the Navy who were trying to shut this [criminal case] down, who were coming up with reasons not to pursue it.”  I smell criminal cover-up!
How did Fat Leonard keep this up for so long??Apparently, he was significantly more adept at spying than our own navy intelligence and counter-intelligence agents. He placed spies inside the Navy’s regional contracting office in Singapore. Fatso then proceeded to compromise our US Embassy in Manila as well as the war room of the USS Blue Ridge [command flagship of the 7th fleet].

Fat Leonard compromised our vast network of incompetent, dysfunctional naval officers with the most amateurish intel traps. He used prostitutes [the old honey trap], cash, and luxury vacations. Sharon Gursharan Kaur accepted $100K and luxury vacations in Bali and Dubai. She is pending litigation. Her supervisor, Paul Simpkins, pleaded guilty to taking $350K in bribes and was sentenced to six years in federal prison.

Interesting that most of the 30 admirals, who were heavily dependent on Fatso’s ignoble payoffs, were never prosecuted/indicted. These same guys were involved in a Manila sex/boooze party that lasted for days. Remember: these antics are all funded by your tax dollars!

It’s time for a complete sweep of navy personnel, including firing our surplus of admirals for failing to maintain the military code of honor/ethics as well as allowing a civilian to penetrate our intelligence capabilities in the pacific theater.

Those miscreant admirals should NOT receive their lucrative six figure pensions. Their disgraceful behavior was allowed to continue because POTUS and Sec of Def were eunuchs when it came to imposing military discipline and morality. As a former navy veteran, I am completely ashamed of our supposed military/civilian leaders. This is why the Philippine government wants us out of their country.

This sense of entitlement by the military can be seen in the array of gourmet foods at “cost prices” at military commissaries/PX. Officers can purchase “prime beef” and cuban cigars that civilians have limited access to in our regular supermarkets. WTH?

General James Mattis will become the first senior military officer to serve as Sec. Def. since the distinguished Gen. George Marshall. I urge him to reopen the file on Fat Leonard and start to wipe out the insidious corruption festering in all of our overfed, under utilized military personnel. Remember: Gen. Marshall fired over 600 generals, admirals and senior officers before he had chosen a 57 year old Lieutenant Colonel named Dwight David Eisenhower, to command of all our allied forces in WWII [Europe].

President Theodore Roosevelt said the following:

“A man who has never gone to school may steal a freight car; but if he has a university education, he may steal the whole railroad.”

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5 thoughts on “Drain the Swamp in the Navy!

  1. Joseph Chiara

    Great post. I worked as an engineer and manager for the AF. The waste was extraordinary. Truly stupid, unimaginative, connected people pretty much had the run of the place, some in charge of major programs. That does not turn out well for the taxpayer or the country’s security and readiness.

    Hope Trump, Mattis, et al step up and drain the swamp. The country can afford no less.

  2. Chia Cha

    USA took history books about Roman Empire and they said this is how we are going to rule. Very simple.

    1. Chia Cha

      For instance, when CIA wanted to arrest Erdogan, russian counter inteligence told Erdogan 30 mintues before not to be on that place where he was planning to be. Months before americans were telling Erdy to go rebuild Ottoman Empire and to enter Syria and Iraq but Erdy was cheated because Americans lied him that they are going to get Russians preoccupied meanwhile, so Erdy refused to go against Russia.

  3. Patriarch

    Russia joins Israel in Obama’s exclusive “scapegoat club”.

    Disclaimer, however.. Don’t believe everything you read here.

    Piéce de resistance :

    1. Chia Cha

      Next of course is Arab Spring in Saudi Arabia, but not done by USA… Rofl… Had Assad killed 100 american opposition and NGO people right away, like King of Morocco did Syria would be like Morocco today.

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