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32 thoughts on “Drain the Swamp! Lose the Unprofessional Staff and Obama Cling-ons!


    Agree, and especially on Sandy Hook and the Florida shooting. Would like to see you get in touch with Robert David Steele, and Trump should have you both as advisors.


      There is an interesting report on Sandy Hook by Jim Fetzer and Wolfgang Halbig, this can be found on, today, just scroll down to it.

      1. DESERT FOX

        There is an interesting report and video on entitled, What David Hoggs father has created, scroll down to the headline and click on it, it is VIP.

  2. Chia Cha

    All civilians serving american government are communists (internationalists). All military people serving government are Americans (nationalists). Only military protects US constitution. Civlians cannot, because chief of all bureaucrats is the world is Beijing. US bureaucrats when cheif of bureaucracy was in Moscow, they could not accept it because Russuians were mostly Christians, therefore they were working against Moscow, now whole left of the world (all bureacuracts in world) they supports only Beijing. Look how bureaucracy of Venezuela is pushing military of Venezuela to accept that Venezuela becomes colony of China. What those bureaucrats wants, that we start killing them? In Lybia bureaucracy and ambassador of China (Ghadafia) was removed. It can be done, scum đŸ™‚

    1. Chia Cha

      Every bureaucrat is atheists. He knows he live of will of his leader above on this world. Bureaucrat knows for what and for who he is living (it is not God, it is that one above him), while military man/women they live to die (for God and all those which is of God on this world, like culture and those others). Goal of every bureaucrat is to produce terror over people, goal of military is stop others producing terror over people. That is huge difference. There must be military, while politicians (bureaucrats) they do not have to exist. USA had system of Venetian Republic and of Republic of Ragusa. Until 1789. There were no politicians or civilians in government. George Washington was MILITARY leader. We can say that US was constitutional Republic only from 1776 till 1789. Then those who serve people, God and nation (military) was removed for those who serves terror (politicians and bureaucrats). Today representatives of people are not elected by people but by presidents of politican parties (bureaucrats) and two parties are becoming one party (serving not two but one bureaucrat) that one in Beijing – deep state.

  3. Chia Cha

    Simply put CIA, FBI, local police, judicial system must be under direct command by military. End of story. Why should american people feed someone who serves Xi Jin Ping and is killing american kids in schools so that they could get full control of party over military (real force of people). We all know what happens when military is under bureaucrats, we get ideological (real) concentration camps (produced by chief bureaucrat Hitler & Lenin). For that to happen guns must be taken away. Bureaucray is 100% anti-christian, and that is only modus-operandi of bureaucracy. They do not stand any oppossition. French revolution finnaly got their non-christian entitiy to finaly conquer everything – and produce rule of bureaucracy over any God – Chinese communist party. Trimph over western-Christian culture.

  4. Iggyb

    Why did all the comments disappear again?

    1. Iggyb

      It appears I mistook the difference between comments put on the Youtube site and here. My mistake.

  5. Doug Nielson

    Trump himself admitted in his book Art of the Comeback that his business failed because he was spending too much time going to fashion shows and pursuing women instead of focusing on business. Seems to be he still has the same problem. For me Trump was the lesser of two evils. it really seems like maturity is a problem in our society. It is very hard to find an adult to run anything today. Voting is like playing poker with a bad hand or rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. We badly need another Eisenhower but good luck finding one.

    1. NANCY

      President Trump became a born-again-Christian, I know he is NOT chasing women!!!

  6. Doug Nielson

    Also like Sandy Hook they are going to tear down the school and wasted no time making the decision.

  7. Raymond Howard Carlson

    Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    Please get back on THE ALEX JONES SHOW A.S.A.P. to discuss the shooting that just happened in Florida on February 14, 2018. As stated in other comments, there is evidence showing multiple shooters, instead of just the one (1) shooter; therefore, there is evidence showing this said incident being a “FALSE FLAG,” with THE WESTERN INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY (primarily THE C.I.A.) being involved at some level! Overall, this is an attack on the 2nd Amendment to the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION!

    Dr. Pieczenik I know that you were on THE ALEX JONES SHOW on February 8, 2018.

  8. MrTuvok

    It’s time to expose these false flags. Thank you, dr Pieczenik. You have arrived at the same conclusion as professor James Fetzer for this one.

  9. Iggyb

    Saw your discussion of this on Info Wars, and I can accept what you said about the shooting there.

    But I still think if you are going to say nobody died, you do take on some level of responsibility to back it up — whether you believe the best course it to move on to not fan the coverage that seeks to distract the public.

    You live in Florida, in fact, You have the means. If you really want to do some damage to a repetitive false narrative with these shootings —– Dig into this one.

    There is NO WAY a shooting involving 17 deaths will not ripple out. Anybody with the means could blow a conspiracy to stage such an event wide open. The number of individuals who would be touched by such an event and have key knowledge is huge. EMTs, hospital staffs, morgues, funeral homes, cemeteries, neighbors, classmates, families, witnesses, families of witnesses, responding cops, FBI agents, and on and on and on…

    If no deaths occurred —- breaking that story wide open —– would be DEVASTATING to the effort to use False Flag School Shoots for whatever purposes…

    1. Chia Cha

      We were talking about this for years, and you still pretend that you do not understand that you need 200 people with special identities to do what every you want. I guess you never watched Hollywood movies because on Jupiter there is no hard surface for you to put TV set on something hard to watch. But when Jupter get hard one day, then you will hear for vitness protection program, as one program by government wich is not secret at all for instance.

  10. Iggyb

    I’m also interested in what you think about this video Jason Goodman did on the Vegas Shooting.

    The item the guys investigating that have is the best I’ve heard so far based on the limited facts that have come out.

    They claim an attack did occur — but it was a helicopter attack staged by (rogue) Saudi soldiers training at a base in Nevada on the use of helicopters. And the odd take off of several helicopters from that agency immediately after the attacks involved heavy security elements guarding the facility those fuel tanks were on commandeering them to take the fight to the attackers…


    1. Chia Cha

      Jason Goodman is former alcoholic and like every former alcoholic he is seeking power. We were talking about age of lobotomy before and now about Jupiter.

  11. Chia Cha

    I hate this cultural-economic model only because slave does not have label (slave) on forehead. That is only reason. Bureaucracy in combination with female rights is the worse possible destruction you can send to anyone. Judging Amy on steroids and her Donald Duck effete friend. This is total destruction of gene pool. Total brutal genocide. Capitalism combined with communism (communism is nothing else then free market capitalism on steroids), and total destruction of any class differences (abolishment of class differences) by abolishing working and middle class and class conscious of working class. Goal of communism is destruction of class differences, capitalism did it, capitalism got us in communism. There are no more working and middle classs, now we all are capitalists – communists. Everyone is prostitute and eagle. And that is considered same.

    1. Chia Cha

      How to make person evil – capitalist, you tell to worker he is evil also. You put worker on track and tell him, here, go run, and 10% of you, will live like 50% lived beofore, you are now all enterprenurs – go run, fly my birds. (like in that Connan movie). Only moron can think that he can EARN something in capitalism. You cannot earn anything if there is always someone who earned much more by not working at all. Only retarded mexican on heroine can support this insane model. Western capitalism was able to function while USSR was exporting cheap resources to west to support western middle class. It was cheap because there were no rents and middle guys (parasites) among item and consumer. As we see in this movie, we see train full of resources sending them cheaply to west. Second 0:54. Too many lazy parasites which needs to be killed living off other peoples work live in USA. Mostly off their kids back. Capitalists united with bureacrat terrorists. Even bureacuracy in USSR was more logical and less oppressive because eveyone was laughing at them.

  12. Chia Cha

    Had communists allowed religion, culture and tradition and had they allowed one party more to exist. For instance one called communist-soci@list, and other one soci@list-communist, by now all rich parasites would have been killed. America would have to completely abolish capitalist class or do it later with help of outside army. Communsits were against those two things because that would abolish concept of class equality (we are all one therefore there are no differences between us bureacuratic caste and you working class, therefore if we are rich we are one of you) and would put working class as ruling class. This world is total perversion, those who does not work are ruling over those who work. Insane.

  13. Chia Cha

    American parasite class (not ruling capitalist class they are there, people rule how they can) but those under them, those scum who wants to become one day like them even they all are 100 times more evil and greed (those who wants to end FED)… Those are biggest danger. Those are those who does not wants US army to take resources via brute force and kill all those who would oppose it. Those are those who would pay local rich scum with your dollars, those are those who does not want to kill that local middle man. Those are those who says culture of that local non american scum in 3rd world is something you must respect. Those are those who are supporint middleman and financialization. Kill them, kill them.

  14. Chia Cha

    Why having someone with yacht is perverse and is drag on whole economy. Because such wants all of you to be more stupid and without guns, becuse he knows all too well what kind of strange perversion is to have you working for him so he can buy his second yacht. Therefore he would rather invest money not to conquer resources for working class to be richer. He must rather create more parasites to eat your flash (those to whos yachts you must work). Hitler was right in one thing: about soci@lism, and Stalin was right about two things: 1. they all around him would be even worse then him. 2. they always are preparing conspiracy to kill him. Military is there to secure resources. Military must do own job. Everything else means infidels will take over and those with yachts will have more free perverse orgasms.

  15. Iggyb

    Something like this is better than just saying “Nobody died” and leaving it at that.

    Far better is an investigator(s) on the ground talking to EMTs and nurses and doctors and staff at funeral homes and neighbors….

    Someone without the means can only grab pieces of interesting but inconclusive/unsatisfying bits here and there, but there should be a mountain of evidence —- or missing evidence —– all over that town….

    If someone with means really wanted to blow School Shootings as a False Flag out of the water, it shouldn’t be very difficult….

  16. Chia Cha

    Only normal and sane site. Thank you for existing. I had to become doctor, I do not like that job, but my parents had to tell me, go and become dermatologist because they have money, Here one private dermatologist is earning 1500$ per day because you have to wait for 3 weeks to go visit state owned dermatologist if family doctor said that it was not emergency. Therefore one visit to private where you can sign up next day for anything is 50$. He have 30 people per day. He does have to have nurse, but he is shagging her so he thinks he is even. So I am guilty because I had non evil gulible naive parents who did not explain to me that you have to go study and work in private those things which you do not want. Of course that soci@lism is only way out. Because Model is 1%+4%+15%, rest can die, it really does not matter at all what those on top are doing as long as they are minority. They can print as money as they like but as long they keep that money just for them self, there is no inflation for them therefore they are earning more. This is casino 1% + 4% model based on luck and cheating. We just need to start killing rich and start burning their houses. Their kids can earn money in slave camps digging resources.

    1. Chia Cha

      Jordan Peterson is also ideological in economy, I mean he must be if he you know for him. He says that there is 40% chance you will be 1% one year in your life. What does that mean, that means that machine is so good it is spinning so fast and so cost effective. Only problem is that machine is doing that while killing family members. There is nothing unique and special in that model, you just put more fire under pan and there you have it. Number of winners is lower while they but they say success is that they are getting more fat. Problem is that pan get wasted and people are refusing to breed. There cannot be free luch. Luckily sick and degerate societies cannot stand, genes of such simply will not continue. Female rights are good so that genes of such females who accept that do not exist any more. Why rich and advanced societies goes down in fast implosion, they do not go down when they are rich, they do go down even when prices are too big, they go down only when rents are big. Dermatologist from story above, he is rentier, because there not too many of them. Problem is that no one will try to become like him, becuase tommorow there can be more of them. Spinning model makes everyone to stay stil and wait for implosion. Why should I go learn something if that is going to be obsolete. Only idiot will go waste own resources, better to stay uneducated, stupid and invest in real estates to those idiots who invested in trying something and did not invest in real estate. Of course when too much people start playing that game, then they will make sure to rise price of utlilites and food so that only minoirty can live like that. Capitalism is based on model where only minority can live good without work and everyone else wanting same.

  17. Chia Cha

    We can only hope corporations and rich who work will invest money in some organization who will start killing rentiers. That could be worldvide revolution. People does not understand what is class. Class is classrom, you cannot be in 8th grade in school, if you are in 7th grade. It is Class Room. Yes you can be 1% even for few years, but that just means that those from 8th classrom invited you to visit them (for instance they wanted to see your legs) but you did not change classrom. Class is class. Most people have some talents, and in everything else they suck. There is no person which is good in more then one – two things. Talents get destroyed by rents. Rents and capital are social invention by ruling minority how to explain to those who work why those who does not work have more, and why you must work to get those things they do not have. Every person need shelter and amount of calories to survive. They must explain you why you cannot get it if you do not do only what they want and have. That is only game in town.

  18. Molon Lavee

    Dr. You know this better than anyone else, that no one is perfect Trump included…certainly not worst than Jack…besides, he is intelligent enough I hope not to do or get involved in anything that might make him vulnerable to the Fake news media, so if he wants to be flirty a bit here and there, what can we do…all we want from him, is to drain the swamp, to get the rabbid raccoons out, and he can flirt all he wants.

  19. HSaive

    FREE ONLINE BOOK: The first or 2 editions is published for FREE online in PDF format providing proof beyond a reasonable doubt. “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook It Was a FEMA drill to Promote Gun Control”

  20. HSaive

    Please review this:Valentine’s Day False Flag School Shooting Facts and Updates

    This compilation of information on the Marjory Stone Douglas High School Shooting provides clear evidence of a FALSE FLAG. At this time the probability of mortality associated with the the event is low to none. Reviewing all the information in this post could take over one hour, minimum. New sources and media are added daily

  21. Iggyb

    This is good use of evidence to forward a hypothesis:

    1. Iggyb

      Analysis of the above video from the maker.

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