Dr Rand Paul is Right! Keep Elliot Abrams OUT of USG!

Dr Rand Paul is Right! Keep Elliot Abrams OUT of USG!

Republican Senator Dr. Rand Paul [KY] is Correct! Do Not Let Elliot Abrams or Any Other Neocons into the State Department or the USG!

Nothing becomes more tiresome than repeating a warning over and over again. On February 7 2017, Dr. Rand Paul wrote a letter to POTUS Trump urging him not to admit Elliot Abrams into the administration. Apparently, he is/was being considered for the Deputy Secretary of State slot.

The fact that Elliot is even in consideration for anything but prison time has me baffled. The original Trump Revolution started way before Trump was anywhere near the WH. The Revolution for marked change in the Federal Government and the country was initiated by people like myself who were completely disgusted by the Bush/Cheney Administration (to which Elliot and other neocons were an integral part) who initiated a 9/11 False Flag and attack on our own people.

That is not conjecture or ‘alternative fact’ but rather has become the ‘truth of the land’. I have written countless blogs about Elliott Abrams and how morally and professionally repulsive he really is.

Elliot is a product of a Jewish Trotskyite family [Norman Podhoretz and Midge Decter] who advocated the necessity for a war in both Iraq and Libya. Their reasoning proved both wrong and dangerous. We entered into two wars that were completely unnecessary costing us $6Trillion USD.  In addition to wasted American resources, thousands of people died and soldiers were maimed for life.

I have known Elliott for many years. I do not like him nor his family. They represent everything that I find fault with in terms of the disproportionate influence of the American Jew in American foreign policy. Their first loyalty is to Israel and not America! They are inveterate opportunistic liars who concoct imaginary scenarios of imminent danger—Iraq, Libya, Iran.

These “NeoCons” have argued for an attack on Iran along the same lines that they had falsely created a narrative about the non-existent dangers of Saddam Hussein. Elliott is a felon who was indicted for lying to congress about his involvement in the Iran Contra affairs. Furthermore, I know very well that Elliott can barely manage anything more than his own miscreant career.

Abrams was and is protected by Richard Haas, the President of the Council on Foreign Relation [CFR]. If he or other neocons return to the USG, it will mark a major break with those of us who were willing to put ourselves on the line for the past fourteen years to get this type of rodent out of foreign policy. These people are wily with self-destructive ways that have plagued our government over the past thirty years.

Rex Tillerson would be far wiser to pick some Foreign Service Officers [FSOs] who have served our country rather than one of the ‘chicken hawks’ who avoided the draft but sent men/women to war.  Many of us refugee jews consider Elliott and his family to be Judenrats!
You don’t get worse than that!


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15 thoughts on “Dr Rand Paul is Right! Keep Elliot Abrams OUT of USG!

  1. Joseph Chiara

    I have emailed POTUS at the WH when I first learned of this corrupt, dangerous asshole’s name being mentioned for a position in the Trump administration. He is a guaranteed disaster and back stabber… I hope this was a trial balloon by some other creep and not a serious consideration by Trump, Tillerson or anyone else with influence.

    I urge other to email Potus to warn and object to what would be a very bad turn for the worse, and for those who have access to POTUS to oppose Abrams for anything but banishment to the Antarctic without socks. If POTUS thinks the leaks are bad, he ain’t seen Abrams in action.

    Thanks for your post…. I hope and recommended that POTUS consults you on Abrams and other matters.

  2. Concerned Brit

    I agree, we could breath a sigh of relief if Dr Pieczenik was appointed!

    Here’s hoping for it.

    Shouldn’t General Flynn already be aware of these imbeciles close to power and the crimes they have committed?

  3. Jackie Jordan

    Greetings, Dr. Pieczenik, I am interest in your opinion of the current Left Wing threat of a military coupe against our POTUS. Personally, I don’t think a coupe would bear any fruit, but the shear audacity of a publicized threat is worthy of a response from the White House. What’s your take on this matter, Sir?

    1. Chia Cha

      This guy explains left threat to USA. He is real threat… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmmGTyXDcT8

  4. Chia Cha

    Dear cookies… Capital needs war with Iran, and in capitalism (any capitalism) your interest is what capital says it is capital (flavors are free, national, international, crony, capitalism etc…), because free capital determines what is interest of capital (and how he is going to look, national, international, crony, liberal). Plus to have bigger mobilization pool, they will abolish (privatize) your healthcare and pensions, plus increase your debt, so you will go more gladly to military. No nationalist (as only allowed opposition inside capitalism) or any human, can say to capital that his interest is become national. Because that is against freedom of capital. Therefore only communism is solution.

  5. Michael Radney

    Dr Pieczenik, have or are you planning to offer your services to President Trump? I’d love to see a knowledgeable “sweeper” tearing it up in DC.

  6. Chia Cha

    I am telling you guys, capital wants you removed, who you are to think you can stop working for them or start enjoying fruits of your labour as one who created that wealth. Even US is only country on world without paid sick leave, and paid maternity leave. Number of slave must be in highest possible number and cheaper as possible, but if you do not like it, they will sign you to more debt. 🙂 You think rich work, look how he is sitting in that chair. Filthy Jew licking in service, white founding fathers (slaveowners). http://www.infowars.com/bill-kristol-lazy-white-working-class-americans-should-be-replaced-by-immigrants/

    1. Chia Cha

      We here in all newspapers owned private persons (rich capitalists) (all other media are now forbidden), we read every year on anniversary of explosion about Chernobyl. But nothing about Fukushima and owners of TEPCO who are still getting richer. About Three Mile (american Chernobyl) which even had meltdown unlike Chernobyl, we hear total nothing, and they got new licence to work till 2034. Like TEPCO rich did before, from another rich owners of another private company owned by rich person also. You think they live near?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRbVHGwkYLE

    1. Isaiah 32:7,8
      Scoundrels use wicked methods,
          they make up evil schemes
      to destroy the poor with lies,
          even when the plea of the needy is just.
      But the noble make noble plans,
          and by noble deeds they stand.

      1. Chia Cha

        I am amazed under how many constructed lies american people must live. For instance look this one http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-02-11/dont-tell-bernie-sanders-healthcare-not-immune-laws-economics … he is saying that you do not have right on healthcare but for government to leave you alone… Well why then government is allowed to bail out rich and banks by giving them gift of money of future tax payers money and but not give you healthcare? Why government can draft you? Why can tax you and spend that on military, on NASA, on CIA, on police, on roads, IRS, on schools, on jails…? I do not get it? If there is lack of doctors working for public healthcare, then forbid private hospital and clinics, then there would be enough of 1st class doctors working in public sector.

        1. “Babylonian bankers” want to make population under 500,000,000 people. Their system is being destroyed. Bribing politicians to start wars. They want to make WWIII. For example, the “Christian” conservatives: “we must bomb iran” “we must bomb Iraq” “we must bomb Syria”, etc. Not very “Christian” if you ask me. It’s like the Crusades. Very evil.
          On the other hand you have riots and destruction in the name of protest. Here is what Bible says, “Render therefore to all their due: taxes to whom taxes are due, customs to whom customs, fear to whom fear, honor to whom honor.”

  7. M.D.

    Hello Dr. Pieczenik. Paul Craig Roberts recently stated that Mad dog Mattis is a dangerous neocon and that Trump should fire him immediately.
    I suppose that what motivated Dr. Roberts is Mattis’ recent incendiary threats to Iran which actually is a country that has not invaded any country for decades, contrary to this country. Do you share Dr. Roberts opinion about General Mattis?
    Thank you

  8. Fivi Zogbi

    Dr. Pieczenik: Your knowledge is so vast, but far more astonishing is your courage. I confess at first I thought you too good to be true and was suspicious of your actual roles in various aspects of intelligence and political administrations.

    I’ve come to realize that your are unusual in both your courage, love of the U.S. and you seem to have a profound dedication to truth and the defense of humanity above all else – good humanity, that is. I wonder, though, if some of the evil people who’ve caused so much agony can in fact legitimately be included in the category of humanity.

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