Don’t Mess with Hezbollah!

Don’t Mess with Hezbollah!

Hezbollah, Once a Terrorist Group, Fights with Syrian Army to Defeat ISIS/Islamists on Lebanon Border!
Years ago, Hezbollah was considered a terrorist group that was attempting to seek political legitimacy through violence. Eventually Hezbollah, led by the brilliant Hassan Nasarallah, became part of the legitimate Lebanese political landscape.

When I first worked against Hezbollah after they had bombed our Marines stationed in Lebanon. The fact that were were there in the first place was due to the misguided instructions of the Reagan State Department.

Like so many terrorist groups around the world, eventually they began to initiate social services to their own poor.  Hezbollah provided aid to the shi’ites living in squalor in Southern Lebanon. From that time to today, Nasarallah transformed Hezbollah into a legitimate political and financial entity within a diverse society.

How do I know?

Less than a decade ago, I ventured into Lebanon as a private citizen, seeking out business opportunities. As one might have expected, the Lebanese especially the Phalangists [Christians], were more than willing to accommodate my entrepreneurial sense. They offered me the opportunity to buy a real hospital. I turned it down because it was completely empty. Yet, I enjoyed my discussions with the multi-talented Phalangists.

Next,I decided to head toward southern Lebanon. There I met shopkeepers, builders, real estate agents, doctors and lawyers who were all part of the new Hezbollah. This group became reconfigured as a civil society of concerned citizens ready to defend themselves from any outside threats.

In 2006, when I read that the IDF invaded Southern Lebanon and was defeated by a small handful of fighters, I was not surprised. I discussed this IDF travesty with one of their prominent Air Force generals and he admitted to me that this invasion was poorly managed and executed.

I wish there to be peace between Israel, Lebanon, and Syria. If any country thinks that they can take on the 8000 brave Hezbollah fighters with impunity, they are sadly mistaken. These are young men who are fighting for their homeland.

FACT: most of the war in Syria occurs minutes away from these Hezbollah fighters’ family/homes.

If history teaches us anything, it’s best not to engage those who are fighting for their homes and families. The British learned this in 1776, now others will learn it in 2017.
A  famous Greek scholar/warrior, A.H. Semptimius, wrote the following:

“Men of honor will always outstay the men of undeserved rank.”

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22 thoughts on “Don’t Mess with Hezbollah!

  1. Chia Cha

    This 3rd time Germans will pay dearly for this policy of trying to take over Europe with muslims. Germany had to become agricultural country with 1000 hungting rifles only, in case they are going to alps to rescue some tourist. That is all. Germany cannot be political subject. It must be protectorate of USA. Territory without government. Or split in 300 city states. They are crazy and they always lose, plus they are unable to take Russia. They are not serious.

    1. Chia Cha

      It is important to kick liberal aproach full of hubris on every field in every field. Isreal also had liberal aproach in 2006. Full of hubris. Germany also had in WW2 and today. Everyone personaly must kick them, until they start begging you to kick them again.


    It was the mossad that bombed the marine barracks not Hezbollah.

  3. Redwan

    Hezbollah has certainly been improved and professionalized since it split with Amal movement in Lebanon.

    Nasrallah is a good leader and inspires his people.

    Hezbollah is much more than an armed militia.

    Now Hezbollah is involved in the government of Lebanon and does construction and charity work and other activities in Lebanon.

    Certainly without Hezbollah, Syria would be be ruled by Jabhat al-Nusra, Daesh, or some other group of terrorists by now.

    I hope for peace in the region as Mr. Pieczenik, and I know Hezbollah will not start any war unless they are attacked first.

  4. Chia Cha

    I am telling you, we must start killing rich minorities, look this mexican invader. Earning money by denying care to americans. There really is no any reason to tolerate brown and dark skined rich people if you are white american. ESPECIALLY if they are politically active. It was not part of american deal to have such, nor someone asked you.

    1. Chia Cha

      What an empty fake smile and face. I thought such went away, with crisis of 2008 for ever.

  5. Chia Cha

    Bureaucracy on power is communism (red fascism). Communism loves Islam because Islam is fascism (bureaucracy). Islam is totalitarian ideology. Any ideology is totalitarian, because ideology is attempt to change religion (clergy caste) by buraucratic caste. No one likes to share power.

  6. I am not very informed about Hezbollah except to the extent that I understand it is Anti-Zionist. I distinguish Anti-Zionism from Anti-Semitism. I also understand Hezbollah is really a proxy for Iran, and that the group gets its funding and weapons from Iran, although I could be incorrect on this. I have a dear friend who is from the royal Safavid family of Iran who has shared some of his knowledge about the Iran-Israel relationship. Based on that information, I see the nation of Iran and its people in some ways distinct from the Supreme Council and the Islamic clerics, as pertains to the Israeli-Iranian tension. I believe Persians are Aryans, not Arabs. Was Persia not a tolerant nation of different religions? It certainly has had many cultural, architectural, and technological advances throughout time, with some brilliant innovators and minds.

    I see the Neo-Cons and their rabid Zionist, hawkish agenda as problematic, just as I see the Islamic clerics as problematic. And, yet, I have to support the Jews, as a people. The Judeo-Christian link should never be broken. This is true especially when viewed within the context of the Islamization of Europe, and the Medina and Mecca Muslims’ desire to establish a caliphate with Sharia Law over the entire world, thereby destroying Western civilization. I will forever be vigorously opposed to that. That would be the entre of the Endarkenment, going back to the Middle Ages, with profound sociocultural regression and retardation. The shadow archetypal proliferation would be staggering.

    The whole Israeli-Palestinian issue stems from ancient biblical days, is fraught with religious-cultural-political-geopolitical-economic issues now. It is a thorny issue, to be sure. There are Jewish Ultra-Orthodox, Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, and Hassidic Jews. I think the Hassidic Jews are vigorously opposed to Zionism, but not Judaism. And, then we have the Sunni and Shiite Muslims, along with Wahabbis. Zionism gets confused with Anti-Semitism to make matters worse. Some people are pro-Jewish, but anti-Zionist.

    Oh, it’s just an almost impossible situation. I know my friend from Iran whose mother sent him to America during the 1979 Iranian Revolution so he would be safe, has strong opinions on this whole situation.

    I want peace but how can that be attained? President Trump is a master negotiator and, with that skill, comes the knowledge of that word “compromise.” I wonder if his visit to Camp David a few weeks ago was part of his plans for future peace talks between Israel and Palestine. With millennia of so much enmity between Jews and Arabs, and now with other practical, political, economic issues tied up with it, will the gentleness of peace ever kiss the face of that part of the world?

    1. Chia Cha

      Zionism is wish of part of Jews to have own state. Satan does not want that. Satan wants one world government. There are Jews who are against Israel. Such think that is bad for business 1. because they think Jews should have whole world not just Israel, 2. those good one who think Jews should go around and rise up others. From what I see only anti western people are anti-zionists.

      1. Chia Cha

        Of course Satan wants only what God allows. Satan must listen God, when Jesus said to Satan to go away in desert Satan had to go.

  7. i have to admit a little prejudice. I had some neighbors that were Lebanese decent or immigrants, and they destroyed my apartment building of which I was blamed…possibly a plot to COMPROMISE my rental deposit in collusion with the landlord.

    1. Chia Cha

      Landlord is always parasite (lives of work of other), therefore he is also a muslim (one imported to destroy social bonds between workers).

      1. Exactly. They are either a parasite or trying to kick you down in the dust. Now what really pissed me off: I was watching the videos here on Dr. Pieczenik’s page, and watched watched the video where the people tried to threaten him. That just PISSED me off. I know a lot of us veterans that would be pissed at the way he was treated in that one.

      2. Ok I get your rhetoric. Anyways let me say one thing, TRUTH will prevail!

  8. sam

    kudos to pieczenik !
    Always eager to find a way to express his anti semitism.
    He makes laugh everybody on infowars where he tries always to bash jews but alex jones knows better and won’t let him.
    Dont kill your credibility by giving away to your anger to jews.
    When you call hezbollah’s fighters “brilliant” you just say BS plain and simple.

    1. Chia Cha

      go ski on belly of robert kagan… neocons are using semitism to hide their communist loyalty, liar… they want that every attack on them looks like anti-semitism… jew bureaucrats are not jews, they are communists, they are bureaucrats on paper action

      1. I believe sam is just speaking his side of an argument how he feels. its not good to get mixed up. I think everybody can have a contentment unless they are OUT of Bounds?

        1. Chia Cha

          I agree, but tolerance is not productive… We as guys, our duty on this world, is to look how to hit other guy (from other group) with something hard in to head and take him down, that is biology… we do not have to explain that to capitalist/bureaucrat, or muslim, because they know it all the time…

    2. Peace Now

      Wrong. Pieczenik is Jewish. One can be anti-Zionist without being anti-semitic. I don’t see him as bashing the Jews at all. He is more than fair to Israel, which is more than you can see that the increasingly racist Israel is toward the Palestinians. The Torah, which the Israelis violate as a matter of course, states over forty times to be kind to the stranger (the one who is ethnically or religiously different from you) in your midst.

  9. Patriarch

    KAFKA: Coup d’êtat is no longer a silent one: Trump is being Trumped


    Caveat emptor.

  10. Shlomo

    I wish (as an Israeli and a lover of world peace in general) that it were as simple as you say! But Hezbollah is simply an Iranian proxy, and until Iran stops its aggression in the region, it’s just a matter of a time before there’s a war between Israel and Hezbollah.

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