Don’t Mess w/ POTUS Trump!

Don’t Mess w/ POTUS Trump!

Don’t Mess with the Donald!
By now, most of you have witnessed what appears to be an absurd verbal war between POTUS Trump and the inseparable MSNBC duo, Mika Brzezinski & Joe Scarborough.

I don’t know any of these characters. However, I have been reading about the insults that Zbig’s daughter Mika/Joe have been directing toward POTUS Trump.

They include the following:

  • “Cheerios made for little hands”.
  • “Trump is crazy.”

Donald responds:

“I heard poorly rated Morning Joe speaks badly of me. Then how come low I.Q. Mika, along with psycho Joe, came to MaraLago 3nights in a row around New Years Eve and insisted on joining me. She was bleeding badly from a face-lift. I said no!”

You get the idea of what this mud fight sounds and looks like. I wish to highlight one important aspect about Donald Trump. “Don’t F..K with him!”
It’s as simple and complicated as that! He is neither mentally ill nor sick! He is simply a very tough, no-nonsense businessman who had to fight his way through multiple litigations as well as defiance from an assortment of characters who he encountered in his booming real estate empire.

In many ways, he adheres to the Marine motto [which I often quote]:

“I can be your best friend or your worst enemy! You chose!”

It’s amazing how many people, institutions, and various assortment of MSM want to provoke Trump needlessly. He did not win the election because he was a nice guy. He won it because he understood all too well what the $100M HRC advisors did not. It was about the Twitter and Electoral College Votes, Russia notwithstanding. Putin has better things to do then play with America’s electoral process.  Either way, Putin made millions if not billions from Podesta/Clinton and friends.

Unlike most people in business, I happen to mirror Trump’s approach to initiate and finalize a deal. Demand performance or else. When dealing with product quality or financial outcome, politeness is neither appropriate nor effective. More often than not, a sweet tone or a whispering suggestion leads to inefficiencies and delays.

When I had a $20M project to start and finish within a certain time, I devised two systems of incentives. For the carpenters, electricians, and other manual workers: I set up a pool of thousands of dollars which could be garnered to the person that lost the most weight over the six week period.I handed over twenty thousand dollars to a day laborer who had lost over forty pounds. I had discovered that morale and enthusiasm sky-rocketed among the manual laborers. However, not one executive had been motivated by this weight loss incentive. Instead, I had ordered every executive to move into the cheapest motel in town so we could work efficiently and under budget. I summarily fired a handful of individuals who refused to follow my directives.

As both an intern and medical/psychiatric doctor, I no patience for the niceties of daily discourse when my nurses and I were attending to heart attacks, car injuries in two different hypovolemic patients.

It’s time for America to wake up to the fact that we have a new POTUS. He is tough, ruthless and highly focused in accomplishing the goals that he promised to his constituents. If the press wants to make ad hoc comments or diagnoses, that’s their right and privilege. Yet, I strongly warn those of you who feel that if he might be deficient in some way: say in a constructive, acceptable manner. Otherwise, POTUS will teach you that no matter what you may have said about him becomes totally irrelevant in time. Instead, his retorts become historical if not hysterical.

Political pomposity and self-aggrandizement are part of any POTUSs ascendancy into the WH. Some do it more quietly or more deviously. The outcome is usually the same. They either create a False Flags or unnecessary wars while speaking softly and politely. Trump is not that kind of POTUS. He will tell you what you do not want to hear and act accordingly.

Get used to it! He is going to be around for quite a few more years!
Teddy Roosevelt said:
“Speak softly and carry a big stick!”

Allow me to re-phrase: speak loudly and make certain that you do not need a stick! The recent avoidance of major wars in both Syria and North Korean were such examples.

Donald Trumps Morning Joe! soon these bird brains will be Gone! Baby, Gone!

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21 thoughts on “Don’t Mess w/ POTUS Trump!

  1. Petra

    Perfect assessment Dr.
    “The Art of the Deal”….. 3 major campaign promises went through in the last 24 hours..
    1. No funding of Sanctuary Cities passes the house
    2. Kates Law passes the house
    3. Travel Ban reinstated
    He knew the media would be so detracted with his tweets. His policies would move forward with out a big bang. Brilliant. America is more important. He knew exactly what he was doing.

    Meanwhile Paul Ryan and others are making sure they can sure up their dead voters in their primaries a year from now.

    Let’s deal with real men and real truth America.

  2. Chia Cha

    There is noting worse then seeing fake people trying to develop them self in to something more. Poor people. If you are paid to be fake by MSM, individualism is luxury not accapted, especially if you are low IQ. Poor people.

  3. Chia Cha

    Obama policies destroyed economy (industry) of Chicago. His bail outs were done only on auto-industry outside of banks, because GM is needed as producer of vehicles for military, and you do not touch that. But that was all. On Syria, it was his good move not to go in.

  4. Chia Cha

    Trump against Merkel and EU on Balkans. Merkel wants port on Mediterranean sea via Slovenia on expense of Croatia (with direct access to warm sea toward China and Suez), while US ambassador in Croatia says no, EU always think that on Balkans rules are not needed to be followed. New Europe should be proteced from EU kaliphate vampires. Future will look in near term how relation between Merkel and Trump will look like.

  5. People seriously and erroneously underestimate President Trump. Even when it appears he is spontaneously causing chaos, he is not. He is psychologically strategic with upsetting long-held applecarts and established agendas and fixed global policies. For example, I am confident President Trump intentionally called NATO “obsolete” as part of a planned, strategic maneuver to, ultimately, get other countries to belly up to the bar with funding of NATO. Trump upset certain countries so they would become sufficiently anxious and nervous about whether the U.S. would continue to participate (read “fund” NATO). This strategy utilized by President has been effective as can be evidenced by the fact that several countries have now increased their funding for NATO and, thereby, decreasing by several percentage points the amount America contributes. While it may be accurate to say that President Trump has had to learn certain White House procedures and, thus, has had a “learning curve” in certain procedural arenas as president, it is a myth to propose that President Trump is somehow bungling or naive. His native business instincts as a Bronx business man where he has had to deal with some of the most brutal, rude, corrupt, greedy characters in the real estate business in, of all places, New York City, has forced him to use an already very direct personality to his benefit and to be effective as a business player in that shark town. President Trump has many qualities that Andrew Jackson had. And I would argue that, after the disaster, failed, ineffective, dangerous domestic and foreign policies of Barack Hussein Obama, America desperately needs a more forceful leader and certainly needs to reverse all the dangerous, ineffective policies of his predecessor, if America is to survive. No president could ever be optimally effective if they do not have—-at minimum—-narcissistic tendencies, which includes, most importantly wielding power and control. But I invite the read to ask: What political or business leader would you ever want to lead if they lacked the ability to wield power and to control the levers of power including strategy, plans, and execution of those levers? What leader who has ever been optimally effective has lacked this ability? The answer is simple: no one. President Trump is not mentally deranged. He is not mentally ill. Does he have a personality and character temperament that is sometimes bombastic, sometimes unfiltered? Sure. But that is not mental illness. He retains his effectiveness to make rational decisions for America. The Left still cannot move beyond their staggering loss, and they are using every propaganda trick in the book to derail President Trump. But his solid performers voted for A FIGHTER because that is what America needs—-someone who will use the perseverance, courage, steadfastness and the sheer force of their personality—as did Andrew Jackson——to achieve a staggering feat and that is to disassemble the Washington establishment. I support President Trump. He is the fighter that is standing between a completely disassembled America and a revised, invigorated America. Thank God for him. Wanda M. Woodward, Ph.D., LPC-MHSP, NCC, MPA

    1. MRW

      Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.: Interesting comment. Next time please use paragraph breaks. This isn’t a print medium. Lots of us use iPads and iPhones, which makes your comment unreadable The correct format on the web is two to three sentences per paragraph. It is not contingent on essay-based logic or the scholarly style you no doubt learned. It’s visual.

      1. MRW, Sorry, that was visually challenging for you. Incidentally, I still own a flip-top cell phone. I have heard the government does not spy on flip-top phones, although it’s likely they do. I’ve read that Warren Buffet still owns a flip-top phone. I’m 57 and almost a Luddite, but not quite. At any rate, I have never owned nor want to own an iPad or iPhone. I do, however, appreciate your suggestion and will do that in future comments.

    2. great assessment, thanks for the support and your well thought out comments. Agree, you need to put in paragragh breaks, tough to read esp with my 74 year old eyeballs!

  6. Chia Cha

    American capitalists are idiots. They cannot stand all those planned concrete blocks built for people by society, mostly free, by state in arab non aligned countries so they needed arab spring. Well dummies, if you do not start your own program via Rand Paul solution, you will become obosolete. Why they are planning to loose war?


    Why is the story about an intern found dead in Scarbroughs office when he was in congress never mentioned.

    1. Looking into to it, you are soooo right.

  8. Furtive

    Trump is the Great Distractor. Journalism has turned into a gossip rag.
    Jim Acosta gets the Razzie for that.

    Mika is one pathological lady. & is obsessed with Trump….a shrink should recognize power is an aphrodisiac for her.
    Anyone with a dad like hers would be intolerant.. & vindictive.
    Joe is her muse. He has women issues. This marriage will never happen . Iron clad pre nup will interfere.

    1. Furtive

      “Joe and Mika, wallowing in the mud”

    2. Chia Cha

      Females do not revernge, they are revenging.

  9. MRW

    WHAT!?! is with that photo?

  10. Chia Cha

    Mika married guy (Joe) from wrong age of times even after Trump won. I guess she was betting system will go back. But now see she will parties. Podesta parties are getting too public, and who knows what is in food. Mika had to marry Joe Biggs.

  11. Freedom of the PRESSTITUTE

  12. Chia Cha

    Any merge of economy and governmet is fascism. Antifa are just red fascists. Fascists cannot stand competition among them self that is why they are yelling nazis nazis all the time. They would never allow Rand Paul proposal that consumers have their own free association independent from bureaucrats (state capitalists in communism).

  13. Chia Cha

    In propaganda war with new resources. In communist countries party would wave with blue worker suite and say to workers, bow to this suite. But that was all. Seems that RT bought part of BBC propaganda division to create new block of documentary series. It is on high level. We must admitt. Who wins propaganda war, he won.

    1. Chia Cha

      Of course, propaganda toward own people. 😀

  14. The people’s champion President Donald J. Trump Priohesied out of his own mouth the “new era” of America is here!!!! Confirming what FATHER Spoke during the Inauguration day of 1-20-2017!!!! Incredible days ahead!!!! Incredible!!!! YOUR Prosperity is Manifesting over YOUR nation states FATHER YHWH ELOHIYM!!!!

    YOUR hand is Mighty on YOUR Apointed leader President Donald J. Trump FATHER!!!! 10s of Millions of jobs and new technologies finally Releasing to the public in space travel and medical innovation!!!! Amen Prosperity is Pouring Good!!!! the satanic curses following the previous administrations are Broken off our nation by YOUR Power YESHUA HAMASHIACH!!!!

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