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7 thoughts on “Dont Believe the Propaganda! Hear the Truth!


    Agree, but when David Rockefeller and Kissinger opened China to the U.S. companies to get their slave labor they deliberately deindustrialized America and this agenda is still the goal of their NWO.

    America is destined to be a third world country and this is the control mechanism that will lead to the elites one world government. The only thing standing in their way is the America middle class which is being destroyed by their Agenda 21 agenda.

    You are right in what you have said, but sadly it will not happen.

    1. Chia Cha

      Dr. P have very good track record just some time it is hard to believe. Capitalists will invest in production when they decide it is going to be profitable agian for them. They do not care in what they will invest. But London is brain while in Washington decisions are made. Also when someone is to be taken out, CIA provide infrastructure while MI6 do it. Chinese proclaimed “soci@lism” is fake, that is biggest problem. But now they are not important economically any more. Investmetns not in production started in 1966, when office computer started. Now it is time to return cycle in to productions which now is going to be built new but as extension of those office computers set in offices. Reorientation was done. Old capitalists are trying to strat WW3 because they lost. HA HA.

  2. Chia Cha

    I was wondering does other “religions” have exorcism on their dispossal because they all are product of satan. Well they do, because leaving such possesed person possesed would be impossible for functioning of whole society 1mile away from such person. Too much jumping around I guess, satan would be obvious in that case, so it is no no, satan take care of him self. Pedophilles are also possesed but that is quiet version which in Islam does not have to be adresses because it is part of Islamic and atheist culture and there is no jumping. Obvisouly way how you do it is very important.

    1. Chia Cha

      They say american model is pro-business. If you make it you go up, but if you lose you are on street. They say that is nececarry offset, well it is not. The bigger chances are that you will end up on street makes people less willing to take risk and they will not do anything (maybe something connected with addiction only) (unless you import whole mexico at once). Also in capitalism sucess must be connected with amount of capital you have on dispossal. If it would be otherwise then capital would not mean anything. Therefore why you should start anything if you do not have capital, if your chances to make it must be lower simply because you do not have inherited capital (chances to get rich without inheritance by working are same like on lottery). Of course everything is set that way no one is against inheritance because majority think they will inherit something, but problem is that for working majority that inheritance will come too late, unless they got so lucky your parents get hit by car. Of course if parents would get hit by car too often then capitalits would forrbid to inheit from parents who died too young, so that you still must work when you are young. They need you young.

      1. Chia Cha

        They say counter adjustment theories are always stronger, therefore change is impossible. But they forget that counter adjustment theory is that needed change.

  3. Chung

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  4. Leroy

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