Doctors are asking “IS THIS NORMAL?”

Doctors are asking “IS THIS NORMAL?”

Only days after all of the charades along with Hillary’s lame and dismissive responses to the legitimate inquiries about her health, she breaks down in a coughing fit at this September 5 rally in Cleveland, Ohio. Dr Steve Pieczenik, MD, PhD and other Board Certified physicians want to know: “Is this normal?”

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9 thoughts on “Doctors are asking “IS THIS NORMAL?”

  1. Watchmen

    Gee wiz Batman! How is a televised debate in front of millions gonna be like? RIP..

    1. Cha Cha

      Who cares, group who invest more money (capital) in to elections, that group will win. It really does not matter. It would be good joke to put her as president. That would be real devolution. Caliguala elected horse as senator.

  2. Sitisen

    What is that green thing she coughs up at 0:09???

  3. Full DUke

    Looks like a couple of phlegm balls that immediately sink to the bottom of the glass. Weird and yet disgusting at the same time.

  4. Full Duke

    One more thing, I don’t know if Dr. Pieczenik is still holding on to his suspicions of an occult brain tumor, however, this may be a clue as to the location. What do you say Dr. Steve, recall Gross Anatomy and Physiology from the Cornell days?

    From Wiki: Cough receptors project to relay neurones in the solitary nucleus, which project to other parts of the respiratory networks. In particular, the pre-Bötzinger complex may act as a pattern generator for the cough response. Parts of the caudal medullary raphe nucleus (nucleus raphe obscurus and nucleus raphe magnus) are known to be essential for the cough response. Other systems that may be involved in pattern generation and regulation are the pontine respiratory group, the lateral tegmental field and the deep cerebellar nuclei.[3] Successful joint models of medullary systems coordinating breathing, coughing and swallowing has been constructed based on this model.[4][5]

    Coughing can occur or be inhibited as a voluntary action, suggesting control from higher systems in the brain. Functional brain imaging of voluntary, suppressed, and induced coughing show that a number of cortical areas can get involved and may be important even for non-voluntary coughing. In contrast, voluntary coughing does not seem to activate medullary systems.[6]

  5. Hillary has vascular dementia and perhaps only a year to live and getting progressively worse. What kind of reckless, selfish woman and system would expose the country to this? Does she think she is omnipotent? This is Shakespearean in scale.

    1. Patriarch

      KAFKAESQUE in scale depth width, height & volume.

  6. Patriarch

    Coumidin. + Fluid buildup in her lungs + meds that make her vomit, appetite loss, jmake you chronically exhausted = heart issues.

    & when the fluid builds up, it is because she skips her voluminous pill intake required 2-3 times a day. They make her sick

    She has aged 20 year since 2011. Frail. Drastic weight loss.

    Looks like a thyroidectomy scar on her neck.

    Her days are numbered. Medical error. The pills she takes will kill her…by her own hand.

    A quid pro quo punishment for the personification of the 7 deadly sins.

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