DNC/Hillary: Feel the Bern!

DNC/Hillary: Feel the Bern!
DNC/Hillary: Feel the Bern! Nevada is Prelude to Chopin’s “Revolutionary Etude.”
By now, everyone is aware that Bernie Sanders, like Trump, created a political revolution.
Nothing surprising there!
However, I have said from the very beginning of the Democratic race that Bernie’s supporters will justifiably resent and protest the highly rigged electoral process of the DNC. When I had first attended Bernie’s rally in Warner, NH almost a year ago, I felt as if I had travelled back in time to the 1960’s when the youth erupted into major spasms of protests all over this country due to the Vietnam War and other highly flammable social issues.
In the past half-a-century, the grand children of those 1960’s protestors burst into a volcanic eruption of protest and discontent directed at the corruption personified by the perfidious Clintons and the DNC.
Nothing was more pathetic than watching an unintelligible, intellectually slovenly Debbie Wasserman Shultz, reprimand a Brooklyn Jew, Bernie, for having led a broad spectrum of our present day youth—White, Black, Brown, Yellow, Christians, Muslims, Jews, Atheists, Hindus and whatever—into a melee of discontent in Nevada.
Too bad, Debbie!
It is imperative that Bernie’s followers should continue to protest an exceedingly venal Democratic Party, which had not an iota of decency or concern for transparency or due process. The DNC simply wanted to ram through the nomination of a potential felon [Hillary].Those who protested against Bern were themselves caricatures of fiduciary malfeasance and liberal decay.
Witness the whore house piano player, Senator Harry Reid [D-Nevada], who invokes the palaver of temperance and rectitude to the Bern followers.
Reid, a paid-in-full Democratic Senator representing the Nevada-gambling–casino-mob, gives advice on etiquette? Or, Senator Barbara Boxer [D-Calif.], a Brooklyn born Jewess, who was implicated in 1992 for “House banking scandal”, utters nonsensical words concerning ‘ethics/morals’ to Bernie and his followers.
The day of the professional politician is over.Those who rose through the Republican/Democratic ranks should find a real job where their futures will not be paid for by the American taxpayer.
These professional panderers have met a new generation of voters on both sides of the political spectrum who are sick and tired of these high paid welfare recipients receiving all kinds of funds and entitlements, not available to us, taxpayers.
We, taxpayers, have witnessed the detritus of three presidents: Clinton, Bush Jr, and Obama—and we are angry.

Unjustifiable wars and financial collapse have earmarked the past thirty years. This must end!

Our POTUS flies around the world on our taxpayer dollars mumbling inanities to foreign leaders, while our brave men and women are fighting brush fires all the way from Africa to China and South East Asia.
We are rudderless; yet, we watch/listen as Obama proclaims all kinds of declarations concerning LGBT rights[bathrooms] and health care [Obamacare]—almost as a distractions from the primary concern of:
“Quo Vadis Domini?”
Where forth do we go, our Lord?
While we await some semblance of an answer, Chopin’s Revolutionary Etude will continue to play in both the Democratic and Republican concert halls.
Seneca, the Roman orator, spoke as follows:
“The foremost art of kings is the power to endure hatred.”

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