DNC! Old and Stoned Destined to Lose Again!

DNC! Old and Stoned Destined to Lose Again!

Nancy Pelosi and Johnny Depp Get My Vote for “Pathetic Patsies” of the Week!

Old and Stoned! DNC loses it again.
Everyone has seen performer Johnny Depp pronounce that ‘an actor should kill POTUS Trump!’  Next, we have Nancy Pelosi presenting an exegesis on why at the ripe old age of 77 she should remain in her powerful seat in congress. Her reasoning was solipsistic. When they pass a term limit bill, her face will be all over it.


Over a year ago, I implored the Democratic Party to start picking the best and brightest from their ranks of their millennial candidates. For example, I lauded the youth and vitality of the openly gay 35-year-old Democratic Mayor of South Bend, Indiana: Peter Buttigieg, a Rhodes Scholar and Navy Officer. He is incredibly well-tutored, having been a Phi Beta Kappa at Harvard College as well as outstanding student at the prestigious Oxford University. Not one of the following geriatric patients in the DNC leadership can match his youth or intellect.

  • Witness our verbose 88 year old Dianne Feinstein, a graduate from Convent of the Sacred High School [and she is Jewish]. No competition here.
  • Add to this nursing home, our favorite African-American corrupt Maxine Waters, 78 and fully illiterate and unintelligible.
  • Don’t forget our favorite Hiawatha, Elizabeth Warren, 68, a non-scintillating intellect from George Washington University of Houston [BS] and Rutgers [JD].

The Dems are on a self-destructive course which will end up in re-electing Trump or some other Republican who can walk and talk for more than a sound bite.

The issue of Johnny Depp, a stoned-out impoverished multimillion actor, is more indicative of the absurd nihilistic streak running through the Dems. As more and more millennials realize that they have been co-opted by the ‘old guard’, they will have to make some big decisions. Will the Young Dems waste their time and youth on screaming insults against Trump and family or will they reorganize into a party led by intelligent, effective millennials? This is their existential moment in history!
As an American, I believe that there must be a significant counter-force to the Republicans, or whatever other political entity might eventually exist. It’s the nature of the dialectic in history [Engel/Marx] as well as essential to the vibrant Republic.

Trump is encouraging Nancy to remain in her position. He knows as we all do that if she and the other geriatrics remain in power, the Dems are destined for extinction. Thank Depp for adding another layer of stupidity to the Dems.

Ronald Reagan said:

“Republicans believe every day is the Fourth of July. But Dems believe every day is April 15 [tax time].” 

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25 thoughts on “DNC! Old and Stoned Destined to Lose Again!

  1. Chia Cha

    70% of people cannot stand taste of this gentleman. And those people with such taste are much smarter when couting then people think, they will never go to support left even “left” is supporting them. Because real left does not have money. Left disconected from workers, but connected with someting 70% does not like is not viable oppossition.

    1. Chia Cha

      Before, capitalists would throw them self from skycrapers, but now, like in 2009, they introduce communism for 5 minutes so they do not have to throw them self from skycrapers.

  2. Ron Sanderson

    Ha Ha Steve the headline made me laugh out loud.
    It has all been calculated in advance ……We are being wound up by professional master manipulators …..Gotta keep your name in the press and Pirates in the theaters for as long as you can here in the states. Think he didn’t prepare the joke then the apology then the free publicity? He has said publicly over and over again that he was going to do everything in his power to make sure Pirates succeeds around the World. Bashing Trump for his dippy fans in Europe then apologising for the gullible American fans. If you think he gives a damn one way our the other who the POTUS then I have got a date with Johnny Depp for sale on E-Bay.

  3. Ron Sanderson

    To quote James Blunt :
    James Hillier Blount, better known by his stage name James Blunt, is an English singer-songwriter and former reconnaissance officer for the British Army. “The showbiz world has to be manipulated to make it more interesting because most people’s lives are boring.”

  4. MrTuvok

    It is clear that you can gather quite the following around the progressive message. So far some positive signals from Trump on the foreign policy front. But he wades in the sea of militarism. There should be room for a candidate who is non-interventionist and wants to cut back on military spending. I just want to shout out the name of Nina Turner. Whatever influence she can have in the Democratic party, will be for the good

    1. Chia Cha

      Merge of economy and government by definition is fascism/communism. In USA that is hidden via “democracy”, masking it self via economical “anarchy”. Every member of congress protects interests of rich because they are paying their campaigns. USA is highly centralised and planned economy bacause all rules are benefiting 1% because they control all communication channels in society. All money is owned, controlled and issued by 8 capitalist. Alex Jones is bit@h of Google now.


    The Zionists control America and that includes the MSM and Hollywood and if the Zionists wanted this to stop all they would have to do is stop putting these people in their movies, but they do not want it to stop.

    This is all part of the total take down of America and sadly Trump is also owned and controlled by the Zionists and this is the agenda laid out in THE PROTOCOLS OF ZION.

    1. Chia Cha

      They are not zionist, they are rich, they want more money, more slaves, more gold, they are not zionist, they do not care about israel, christianity, race, nation, their own kids, bible, jews, they want money. And only money. Slaves must be in highest possible number and cheapest as possible.

  6. Raymond Howard Carlson

    To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    Please check my recent posts at your BOLG!

  7. BillUK

    The Depp comments are part of the overall snowstorm of encouragement in the creative arts, with a common theme of Trump assassination. The over encouragement is to make it a ‘normal’ thing to be considered. So via the drip, drip effect when they top Trump in about 15 months, they have various choices 1. real lone copycat nut 2. fake nut patsy, with hunter killer teams) 3. ‘accident’ helicopter, plane goes boom boom. Whatever ludicrous official story is put out the media will not challenge it. The deep state cannot allow someone like Trump to undermine 40 year prep of Globalism, also to dissuade any other mavericks from having a crack at being POTUS Ross Perot was persuaded ‘Nice family you have there’, kind of stuff.

  8. Chia Cha

    Sanders is only politician who will end up in prison, and only politicians we know he have house, and how it looks like. We all know his house cost 600.000 which is so expensive considering that houses in california are now 1,2M for lower middle class house. Pelosi and Darrel Issa are honest entrepreneurs, and Pelosi worths 110M. She is good for Alex Jones and system, we never hear about her houses or Darrel Issa. Sanders was pupmed so whole socdem can be “discredited”. And forgoten for next 20 years, interesting is that he is only socdemocrat we ever heard to exist in USA. I guess he is only one will be for long time. Big USA so big that even corrupt Sanders can get his 5 minuts. Funny old fool. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmO4dJRXvJ8

  9. Ron Sanderson

    The Depp State ain’t very deep atall izit
    “Fame is a vapor, popularity an accident; the only earthly certainty is oblivion.”

    ― Mark Twain

  10. Raymond Howard Carlson

    For retaliation for exposing “MISSISSIPPI” (Afro-American “WEED AND SEED” OPERATIVE and possibly very corrupt “WEED AND SEED” ORANGE COUNTY SHERIFF’S DEPUTY), when I was stetting-up my campsite (behind G.G. CHECK CASHING ( WARNER PLAZA (230 W. Warner Ave. Santa Ana, California))), an old Caucasian male (5′ 11″ TALL, about 200 LBS., little hair, and about 65 years old) that appeared to be drunk and “crazy” (associated with MENTAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION (“M.H.A.”)???), with an earpiece (“WEED AND SEED” OPERATIVE) tried to break-into the A.T.T. storeroom at the back of said building; and this was a “stunt” to get the police involved to “set-me-up”! Since I knew what was going on, I was able to foil the situation; and the said old man left the vicinity, just after encountering two (2) unmarked vehicles with two (2) plain-clothed “WEED AND SEED” SHERIFF’S DEPUTIES!

  11. Raymond Howard Carlson

    When Tina left the ally (between AMERICAN AUTO RACING (“A.A.R.”) and WARNER PLAZA), both Tina and her (Tina) boyfriend went North on Birch St. to the end of Birch St. near H.M.I. Fiberglass Fabrication (2621 S. Birch St. Santa Ana, CA 92707)! A short time later, several (half dozen) squad cars (SANTA ANA POLICE) went North on Birch St. to said location; and later, they (said SANTA ANA POLICE) all left! I do not know if Tina is in custody!

  12. Raymond Howard Carlson

    To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    Please check recent posts that I posted at your BOLG!

  13. Z axis – HOPE /authority. I prayed for protection of President Donald Trump from witchcraft in Hollywood. in Yeshua name AMEN.

    1. Chia Cha

      Whichcraft does not exist, it is satanism to believe that whichcraft have power. You are calling demons if you believe whichcraft have power.

      1. CHia Cha,
        If you ask me I think demons and witchcraft are related. Its true that people are trying it.http://freebeacon.com/culture/lat-publishes-op-ed-performing-witchcraft-against-trump/

        1. Chia Cha

          Yes but you cannot call them unless you believe in them, and then they will attack only you, i do not know you can send those demones you called by beliving them on others, unless they do not start believing them.

      2. I think you are right

        1. Chia Cha

          Although there are proven old techinques (satanic mass), to make everyone go crazy and start beliving that Satan is one powerful and that God is fraud. Very proven and workable. That is why it is dangerous to watch such. Beside Satan always punish those on lower level… Sometime to hide him self.

          1. I completely agree with you sir. IN my opinion I always held the belief that if you are showing fear to the evil spirits it is like giving power to the evil spirits. Its like this video I watched where people show no fear of the bear even though the bear is more powerful, but when they show no fear it disables the bears instinct to kill and pillage

  14. the democrats are Going to prison!!!!

    john podesta and several other pillars of the satanic cult of democrats are being Exposed!!!! Justice is Coming Swiftly!!!! They have been on notice since January of 2017; now with this congressman scalise being shot more evidence is pointing to the usual suspects; podesta and cult members (pelosi, jerry brown, Diane feinstein, and hilary clinton).

    Prison time and natural causes for untimely deaths are Coming to these worthless pyschopathic vampires!!!! The Judge YESHUA is Bringing Freedom and Justice to our nation through HIS Apointed leader President Donald J. Trump for the Glory of FATHER YHWH ELOHIYM. This nation is under HIM no other god!!!!

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