Distinguished Generals!

Distinguished Generals!

Year End Thanks to our Distinguished Military Generals!

Whether the NYTimes or the Washington Post denigrates our Twitter Presidency heralded by the rambunctious Donald Trump, is a matter for those antiquated content purveyors to decry. Today, these once-impressive newspapers are now relegated to films like “The Post” [starring Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep]. Eventually, another hastily made film from Netflix’s competitor, Amazon Studios, will relegate the past NY Times accomplishments to a few hours of enlightening video entertainment.

Americans: understand that the end of journalism as a profession has manifested itself within the spite and dyspepsia of a dying animal. The same goes for our formerly esteemed institutions like the Post and the Times. I believe that POTUS Donald Trump has demonstrated once and for all that our republic does not require the antiquated concept of a Presidency. Donald’s seemingly arbitrary decisions accompanied by a symphony of tweets is evidence that the office of presidency is a symbolic figurehead to the transparent functioning of the republic. I have written this premise over and over again in a number of my paperback novels for the past thirty years.

Allow me to hark back to the Farewell Speech of our esteemed Founding Father, General/President George Washington:

“Watch for consolidation of power in any department of government including the White House.

Be vigilant, people will seek to use the government for selfish ends.

Be suspicious of administrators; they may serve themselves rather than the people.

In trade, give no nation a favored nation status.” [Wikipedia].

Here is what I have to say with respect to this particular ominous warning :

“Avoid overgrown military establishments; they are hostile to liberty.”

I am against a bloated military bureaucracy as well as the incessant addiction that America has for unnecessary wars. At present, we have a handful of top military generals who are keeping the republic together amidst the helter-skelter of a novitiate POTUS and his untutored, brazen civilian appointments.
Every general in this administration has had extensive combat experience. They personally know the travails and angst of fighting unnecessary wars starting with Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, and Africa. Now, it’s strictly up to them to decide when to cease and desist those protracted incursions.

These generals has been tutored in civilian control and the requirements of the constitution to remain within the purview of civilian control. However, many concerned citizens have expressed that the presence of several distinguished generals surrounding POTUS signify a de facto military coup. One could argue that this might be the case!
Yet, I would prefer to quote from  the recent statements made about the retired four-star Marine General, John Kelly, Chief of Staff:

“Rather than seek to control Mr. Trump, Mr. Kelly has tried to control the information that gets to him and make sure it’s vetted. The structure Kelly has established resembles that of previous presidents. That does not mean Mr. Trump adheres to it.” [ Peter Baker, NY Times, 12/31/17].

Retired four-star-Marine General, James Mattis, Sec.Def. DOD, reiterated this crucial point of civilian control in his January confirmation hearing  in front of the Senate Armed Services Committee:

“I recognize my potential civilian role differs in essence and in substance from my former role in uniform.”
Then he added, “Civilian control of the military is a fundamental tenet of the American military tradition.” [Politico, Bryan Bender, 1/12/2017].

When I think of these distinguished generals, I remind myself of two other outstanding military generals who won two World Wars [Europe/Japan] in the spate of only four years. I am thinking of Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army and former Sec. State, General George Marshall and his protege, President and Five Star General, Dwight David Eisenhower.

I want to quote General Marshall who in this particular statement typifies why I prefer tutored high-ranking military officers to ersatz civilian politicians:
“When a thing is done, it’s done. Don’t look back! Look forward to your next objective. Don’t fight the problem, decide it.” [Wikipedia].

Both as a physician and senior military officer, I learned that above all else ‘do no harm’. If we failed, we would have to resign or be punished accordingly. No civilian POTUS or politician has ever worked under that credo of pragmatic, efficient strategic decision-making and tactical-implementation. Words and ideas will no longer send me/others to places that I, or my American compatriots, might want to go. Only the deeds of professionals who will be held accountable for their actions through the fog of war will remain within the text of historical accomplishments—no matter how ‘twitter-like’ they may appear, or sound.

From the words of one of our most famous Army Generals, George Patton:

“A piece of spaghetti or a military unit can only be led from the front end [and top].”

From the speech of a longtime friend, Liberal Democratic Leader, Congressman Henry Waxman [D-Cal]:
“The sanctity of our battlefields, monuments [of all types] and veterans institutions is of utmost importance to preserve the military history and pay respect to those who fought.”

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19 thoughts on “Distinguished Generals!

  1. Chia Cha

    Whole world is tragic, I am better journalist then those who are working as journalists even my english is just little better then anchor of UNIVISION. Let s look at paragraph 17, from second line masks are falling. The more you read from there, it is getting more crazy. Agenda is in full swing. Imagine being slave able to read entering dog house where it is written “Slave”, and you still belive you are free. http://www.un-documents.net/a47-277.htm

    1. Chia Cha

      Taking oil from muslims is nationalism, and that is good, but giving them higher level of living standard then what american working class have that is crime, that is UN and that is globalism. That is treason and every banker doing that should be killed. US bankers are more loved by muslims and chinese because american bankers are not of same culture therefore it harder for american bankers to pillage people of different culture. From 1913. us bankers learned from english that is way more cheaper to pillage own people.

      1. Chia Cha

        On other hand thinking that everything was fine before 1913. is also not good way to think. In time of Old West, before, in saloon every prostitute had syphilis…

  2. Iggyb

    I can’t seem to get a comment through the system…

    1. Iggyb

      I can’t figure out why the comment I want to post isn’t getting through despite repeated efforts… It wasn’t a language issue…

  3. Iggyb

    The Presidency was not defined as a symbolic, figure-head role. The President is the commander-and-chief of the armed forces. He is the leader of the Executive Branch and his Cabinet – not the prisoner of them.

    The Constitution does provide checks-and-balances and remedies. These did not include the Cabinet taking over power —- well — until the assassination of Kennedy they didn’t…

    If a President is incompetent to the point we can’t wait for the next election for the voters to vote him out, there are measures within the Constitution to remove such a threat.

    Have we really advanced (or degenerated) enough as a society that the proper way to rule the nation is having a small group of unelected military men deciding what is best?

    How do you separate having a military junta running the nation as it should from Eisenhower’s warning about the Military-Industrial Complex?

    Who do these good men represent? If not the Military-Industrial Complex? or the Constitution? or the will of the people?

    Have we really reached a point that the best form of government is a handful of military men who know what is best for the nation who place themselves above the Constitution and will of the voters?

    1. Chia Cha

      You need military junta when system is contaminated that way that president is unable to do his constitutional functions which were described rightly by you. Martial law set by president Trump (arresting globalists hiding their money in Russia, China and India) is war, and president must have direct command structure bellow. Not one which is on phone or email.

      1. Iggyb

        But Mr. Pieczenik described the junta as making the President a figure head beholden to their will as the means to protect the Republic — not a group of military mean obeying the orders of the command in chief…

        1. Chia Cha

          Every sane person knows that deciding something without having more informations is insane. Luckily now people giving informations to presidents from battlefield are not any more members of bureaucratic caste, but members of military caste. Military caste at least have duties, and they get sanctioned. Member of bureaucratic caste they gets promoted when they fail. CIA is also bureacracy.

  4. Iggyb

    It will be interesting if this new oligarchy of power uses to remove Trump from office the Amendment pushed through after the CIA took Kennedy out to bypass the Impeachment process the Founding Fathers placed to handle a grossly incompetent President whom voters chose.

    Maybe we should remove the role of the voters altogether…?

  5. Iggyb

    Trump won an election – voted in by 63 million citizens – because too many voters had come to realize their government was no longer representative of the will of the people.

    The election was a referendum on Globalism. The Globalists lost.

    Which means – the preponderance of voters decided that the people and orgs behind the political leadership of the “two” parties do not have their best interest in mind. That the political parties – who control which individuals get tapped to run for election – have corrupted the institutions of government to represent – not the will of the people – but the interest of others.

    What will they see if Trump is removed from office? Or if Trump is made a prisoner of the Executive Branch of government he is supposed to be in control of?

    Will they view the “former” military men as noble soldiers protecting the ideals of a Republic?

    Or will they view them as co-conspirators with the other elements who have become a cancer on the democracy?

    The Founding Fathers created a Republic to represent the will of the people — not institutions of state-power to rule over the people “in their best interests.”

    Do you believe the Republic should be “representative” or an oligarchy?

    It sounds like you think the Republic should be non-democratic….

    Just like George Will meant when he said the politic parties can ignore the voters in the primaries if the idiot citizens don’t pick a person agreeable to the party leadership….

    1. Iggyb

      I should have been more clear: The voters picked an outsider —- someone not beholden to those who control the political parties….because they no longer trust the political leadership of both parties because neither party represents them.

      Elections have been taken out of the hands of the citizens by those who gained control of the only two parties we have to choose from.

    2. Chia Cha

      Democracy is chaos, in Mongol Empire old lady with full sack of gold was able to carry it from Ukraine till Korea without getting robbed. Democracy where commuincation channels are controlled and censored by corporations is not democracy. Even democracy is chaos 🙂 That was good in Mongol Empire, also no sane person can say that we have to ban freeways, because that is invention of national-soci@lism. Chinese today all their items sends for free in to whole world, while US vendor is paying more to send package from NYC to Boston. We need Mongol trading routes, not road warriors.


    Todays Generals are political puppets as is proven by their acceptance of participating in illegal wars without a peep of protest and via these illegal wars are committing war crimes as was laid out in the Nuremberg trials of the Germans.

    The last patriot general was General Douglas MacArthur, and that is why the Zionists had him fired.

    1. Struth

      Patton, and that is why the zionists had him killed.

  7. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

    About 80% of what is highly consequential to America and its people is covert, occurring behind the scenes. Things are not as they seem. Kelly, Mattis, and McMaster were placed around Trump, in part, to protect him.
    Read about Trump’s 12/20/17 Executive Order. It’s unprecedented in scope.
    I pray for President Trump’s safety and that of his family every day I awaken. Whatever one may say about this man in contemporary society, one day in the future, the larger truth of what Trump is actually spearheading behind the scenes may be disclosed. He might just be one of the four greatest presidents America has ever had. One has to have intuition, discernment, wisdom, good analytical skills, the ability to connect seemingly disparate dots, and be a voracious reader of non-mainstream sources—chasing those dots assiduously—-and then one can perceive what is really going on. Trump is an archetype which is serving a profoundly crucial role not only in America, but for the world. He has flaws and is imperfect, as we all are. However, it is to this larger, more important and enduring role that will land him a place in the annals of history as nothing short of great. One has to expand one’s thinking. Read the map. All is not as it seems. Brilliant chess is being played behind the scenes. Much is at stake. The U.S. military has been restored to its place of rightful dignity and honor under Trump. God bless these men who labor for my happiness and liberty. And God bless Trump.


      The U.S. military flag officers are compromized puppets of their zionist warmonger controllers and the same goes for Trump.

  8. Ron Sanderson

    “Memorials become relics if they do not stir our modern conscience.”
    ―Henry Waxman
    An Amazing War Memorial At Site of Biggest Tank Battle Ever (Kursk Battle)
    Part of the Battle of Kursk, the assault on Prokhorovka was the last push of the German army to take the eastern front.
    This memorial stirs my modern mind.

  9. I think population explosion has a lot to do with the transformation of things. And technology. If the President is not mostly a figurehead, then are we supposed to elect some super man genius every four to eight years? This is statistically precluded from happening.

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