Democrats Suffer from Senile Dementia!

Democrats Suffer from Senile Dementia!

The Democratic Party is Dying a Slow Painful Death of Dementia!

The party needs young blood to course correct its path.  Get rid of these senile old bats and close down their nursing home, please.

Tuesday night, I had the wonderful privilege of being among a group of fellow citizens who attended a County Commission Meeting in Lake Butler, Florida. We carpooled for the 45 minute drive to voice our support to extend a moratorium against the egregious practices of a nefarious public company: Mosaic Mine. This transnational multibillion dollar company had a longstanding history of polluting Florida’s extensive rivers and aquifers with phosphate mining.

Our diverse group of talented citizens reflected both the economic and political cross-section of the rural communities in North Central Florida. Different speakers addressed their fellow citizens and the Union County Commissioners with an immense amount of respect. Each speaker eliciting facts/figures that showed how dangerous Mosaic Mine had become to the collective welfare of 30 million Floridians. Not once was I ever aware of any arbitrary divide between the pro-Trump and anti-Trump supporters. We acted in unison just the way our founding forefathers had envisioned.

Unfortunately, when I got back home, I turned on the news [internet]. What did I see?

  • Congressman [D] John Lewis accused our newly elected POTUS of being ‘illegitimate’.
  • Congresswoman [D] Maxine Waters reaffirmed what Lewis had just stated.
  • Senator Tim Kaine [D Va.]  HRC’s VP, was interrogating the unprepared prospective candidate for the Sec. of Education, Betsy De Vos, on relevant issues concerning K-12 public school education.

I was witnessing was the complete antithesis of what I had just experienced—a vibrant electorate ready to fight for public issues concerning everyone. Instead, Lewis kept perseverating around a moment in time when he had been a hero within Dr. Martin Luther’s civil rights movement in the 1960’s [sixty years ago]. Similarly Waters, another ineffectual representative from a predominantly black district also iterated the inane notion that “she does not respect Trump”.

What I concluded from both personal experiences is that the Democratic Party should begin to concern itself with the selection of individuals who are not simply elected because they may have accomplished something once– some sixty years ago—and turn out to become useless. The notion that a black female deserves to be a representative simply because of her gender and race is outdated.Tim Kaine, a highly dedicated corrupt politician from Va., has no more relevance to present day issues than the other aforementioned black democrats.

The key word for the present day Democratic Party is ‘irrelevant’. The Dems have become so irrelevant to current issues that they warrant a complete heart/soul transplant. When Sen. Bernie Sanders ran against HRC, he did represent a legitimate voice of discontent arising from those individuals, primarily millennials. These young voters correctly saw a complete void for their prospective futures under either a Democratic or Republican administration. Bernie articulated that concern with both words and emotions which resonated even with die-hard Republicans like myself. We understood, as did Trump, that the real Democratic Candidate to run against Donald was Bernie and not HRC. Alas, he took the beach-house and backed off.

Now that I espy the wandering senility of the Democratic Party’s senior leadership, I despair for a party that once had eliminated smoking and made tobacco a medicine [thanks to a young California Congressman Henry Waxman]. I reiterate that the following three Democratic leaders: Nancy Pelosi, Ben Cardin, Steny Hoyer—collectively are as old as our beloved country, America [over 220 years]. Democrats by disposition tend to be more boisterous and active than the once staunch Rhinos before Trump. Now the Dems are facing an inevitable demise with the departure of their hand maiden: POTUS Obama. Obama nursed their inflated ambitions and false hopes to such a point that they are now on a respirator, awaiting imminent demise. Color, gender, ethnicity have all become a pendant that can no longer garner any real form of loyalty. HRC proved that without any real accomplishments; no candidate will be viable on either side of the political aisle.

Trump’s uncontested election proves one simple point that all the Dems refuse to understand. Americans wanted change. We wanted to veer away from categorized politics where ‘isms’ of all kinds dominated a futile discussion.

The fact that Trump and family were /are involved in major business ventures was/is the paramount issue for those of us who continue to fight for clean air, pure water, and a healthful environment.The real danger looming over the horizon is that our national and state governments are no match for the behemoth transnational companies which are anchored in the dustbin of greed and corruption.
The famous American wit, Will Rogers, was prescient when he wrote the following:

“I belong to no organized party. I am a Democrat!”

Let’s get rid of the old farts and bring some fresh troops into the Democratic party!

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13 thoughts on “Democrats Suffer from Senile Dementia!

  1. dltravers

    The joke is that the Democrats have not been this mad at the loss of their future former president since the Civil Rights Act was passed in the ’60’s.

    The Democratic party is self immolating and Trump will demolish what is left of it. Many thanks to those who made this happen. I would have not believed this turn of events in my lifetime.

    The first stage of the battle is complete, now the de-funding of the government grant monies to the relentless Democratic social agitators has begun. Godspeed, my prayers are with you.

  2. Serena

    Video Shows Left-Wing Activists Plotting To Use Butyric Acid At Trump Inauguration Events !

  3. Chia Cha

    True, problem with left is this… What to do when you do revolution and come on power. Hayek was right on this (he was honest), but it is sad he does not know that I am right now thinking that I could solve this problem. Of course it must be simple.

  4. Dood McMan

    Typical shill, pretending the democrat party needs help. No, they R a terrorist organization & it & N E party like it should B banned 4 all eternity. Pretending they should B helped or ‘reformed’ is like pretending U can sit down with a bear 2 ‘help them work out their bear problems’. Get real. Their goal was, is, & will always B 2 ram America down the toilet & burn the world 2 the ground, dead as ash. It is a SUICIDE CULT run by bank$ter jooz like George $orro$ & others. There is no more ‘republicrat’ party either. Trump REPLACED it. Get rid of the democrats & that’s 1 more step in the right direction. U do not need ‘2 sides’. WTF do U ‘balance’ the TRUTH with? LIES?!?! Everything N E democrat has or ever will say is always just code 4: “KILLWHITEY!”

    1. Ernie Pozzi

      There are threads here I agree with. Trump put the sword to the throat of the GOP but no follow through. Chief of Staff makes me nervous. Speaker Ryan still running amuck. When OBAMA pardons ALL Clintons he will kill the Democratic Party. Both parties are on life support but still dangerous. We aren’t out of the woods until Grand Juries look into 911, Clintons & Obama. Personally, I’d like to FINALLY get the truth about the JFK Coup

  5. Dood McMan

    The ‘democrat’ party is actually just code 4 ‘communist’. If or when they come 2 full power they ahnilate the very dupes who ‘revolutionized’ 4 them so the nation can B more easily exploited… just as Russia did 2 many others & it’s own people ~ @ the dictates of bank$ter jooz. U need STABILITY 2 exploit the nation. Once they have ‘normalized’ the ‘unrest’ the ‘useful idiots’ R not needed N E more & ‘eliminated’, so the entire population (except of course the bank$ter jooz on top) get 2 slave under the boot heel.

    1. Chia Cha

      What is wrong with communism? You think we 99,9999% should starve to death while few owners of robots are going to have all food and resources?

  6. Furtive

    Millenials are know nothings. They are naive & gullible.wisdom arrives with age.

    Bernie Sanders is a schlepper/schnorrer, & a big mouth with zero competence..A BUM

    Just do a bit of research:

  7. Jake Smithline

    Mr. Pieczenik,

    I don’t know how to contact you any other way except through your webpage here so I will keep it brief.
    I am a 26 year old who served his time in the Air Force and had my eyes completely opened in those four years. By chance/luck my father met your brother and gave him a signed copy of your second book. My father knowing that your book reaches exactly all of my interests decided to give me the book. I cannot stop reading and telling everyone I know about you. I would LOVE to talk to you about some things and possibly ask someone in such a position like you some questions.
    PLEASE PLEASE contact me if you are able to, you have NO idea what it would mean to me. I don’t want to meet baseball players or musical artist, I am more interested in an important figure like yourself.

    Thank you for you time,

    Jake Smithline

  8. Petra

    I am so grateful for all those that did not go to the inauguration. Trump kept his promise about draining the SWAMP. God bless the USA. God speed President Trump.

    1. Petra

      An Dr. Pieczenik kept his promise that Obama would not pardon Hillary. Excellent Job Sir!


    These old members of Congress like Thad Cochran who has been in the Congress since I was a child need to go! They are eating up taxpayer money and are corrupt. I thought there was going to be a hearing on Maxine Waters about her husband being on the board of one of the banks that received money from the bail out. I am so confused. They need to be put out to pasture. If they are convicted of a crime and the evidence is there, fire them. They never get fired!

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