Debbie Does Bernie!

Debbie Does Bernie!
Debbie Does Bernie!
By now, most of us have heard about Miami’s Finest: Ms.Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s tongue lashing against Bernie and his so-called,“rambunctious protestors.”
I don’t really know Bernie nor Debbie; but, I certainly know when perfidious, unconscionable statements are made. Debbie has entered the world of verbal abuse against Bernie and his youthful campaigners. What she did by scolding Bernie was to highlight the underlying corruption surging through the ossified DNC.
As I predicted, Trump would come to terms with the RNC because he understands negotiations and the importance of mobilizing affect in the service of attaining success. However, Debbie,a loudmouth Miami shrew, spews forth words that belie the hypocrisy and the internal bias against any candidate except the Billary [buy one,get one free].
In effect, she has inadvertently fellated Bernie by publicly arousing his moral sense of decency and probity when she decided to demonstrate her inveterate bias for Hillary Clinton. Trump was and is right when he points out what misogynists both Bill and Hillary are —sexually exploiting women at will– without any consequences. Bill Cosby, the highly touted comedian, is now facing the Pennsylvania judiciary system for having done less than the Billary duo against scores of innocent women.
Fortunately, Bernie has the ‘balls’ to challenge the rigged Democratic electoral system. He maintains that he will fight all the way to the DNC convention. Then, he publicly supported Tim Canova, a law professor at Nova Southeastern University, in order to unseat Debbie as the chairwoman of the  DNC.
I agree with Tim Canova’s recent statement: “She [Deb] has been a very out-of-touch political insider and she has not been representing her constituents very well.” [Alan Rappeport, AP News, May24, 2016.]
Canova has fought to strengthen the Glass-Steagall Act. He has been active in trying to change the Federal Reserve system which had contributed to “the Big Short”  financial crisis of 2008. Canova opposes big money predatory lending. He, like Bernie, is fighting against the porous Trans-Pacific Partnership deal. As a side note, he argues for Medical Marijuana—unlike Billary.
I urge the grassroots of the Democratic Party to blow away Deb before she does Bernie harm.
Remember, my dear friends, pornography is in the mind of the beholder. However, when the mind transforms into an action mode, then the lewdness of the act is clearly apparent. Miami Deb has committed unspeakable acts of treachery and stupidity against Brooklyn Bern.
So now is the time, to rid ourselves of this noisome creature.
Away with Deb.Unseat her ASAP!
In the words of the famous German writer, Heinrich Heine:


“When the hero goes off the stage [Bernie], the clowns come in [Deb, Billary].”

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