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8 thoughts on “Dear Putin plz listen to me


    God bless Putin and Russia for standing against the Zionist controlled government of the U.S. that has America involved in illegal wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen and God only knows where else.

    1. Chia Cha

      Putin can do even less against own oligrachy then Trump can against own corporations. Yes Putin have good innovative new toys, but no needed number of goods for own people. Ideologically he cannot do anything against this new concept everyone is following. Putin could do something if he would get Italy and Greece, but FIAT and Chrysler merged on time.

  2. Chia Cha

    American working class can only hope that Russia becomes formidable power so american capitalist class must buy off again own working class by creating consumer middle class out of own workers, but problem is that Russia, India, Brazil and China are following same american model today. Innovation + competitivness, making them even worse then US. US capitalists baned all factories on US territory to lower wages, and also importing every muslim and aztec to put final nail of any kind of wage growth. But that is nothing compared to China which is producing for whole world stuff but not allowing chinese to have those same stuff. Now imagine that. Russia as most capitalist, they have drunk oligarchy and birthrates even lower then west. All for innovation and competitivness. Out of all fascists US is in relativelly good standing. Even EU is now becoming worse then US. Denmark and Norway excluded. India and Brazil those are Satan’s playground. Imagine being worker in Brazil or India. Imagine that hell.

  3. Chia Cha

    This is face of modern capitalism. Nice clean capitalist corporation, producing nice clean planes, it is innovative, it is competitive. And where it is, it is in hell hole of Brazil where rich, yes have everything what they need. But no goods for people. Goal is that whole world is Brazil. Where not even nice climate can create those cities filled with slaves to look humane. Brazil is like how CSA would look like with racial equality and formally abolished slavery. CSA did not have factories also. Society without factories is South America, slavery. Chinese are only one who were able to combine slavery and factories.

  4. Iggy B

    Dr. Pieczenik, I’m very interested in hearing your thoughts about the Migrant Caravan that just “broke through” the border of Mexico-Guatemala.

    Why is this happening now – just before the US Elections?

    Whoever is backing it must know it is going to boost Trump and Republicans given the optics we’re seeing today.

    They must be counting on Graphic Bloodshed in the near future…. images of violence and dead bodies they can stream non-stop around the world in the coming days….

    If the Money behind the Dems in the US are part of backing this, maybe they are counting on Graphic Bloodshed to change the hearts and minds of Average Americans —- something along the lines of the violence brought into American Homes by Walter Cronkite and others when Marchers led by MLK and others were attacked in the 50s and 60s during the Civil Rights Era….

    I can’t imagine another reason why the Money behind the Dems would be supporting this caravan just before an Election.

    Or is this being backed by Outsides alone – without any concrete support from within America…?

    It could be perceived as in the interest of any number of influential nations who would be in favor of Damaging Trump. Even the UK, if declassification of FISA and other documents will implicate 5 Eyes Nations in the conspiracy to thwart Trump’s campaign and then his presidency, could be hoping to damage Trump and cause turmoil within the US to weaken Trump’s effort against the Globalist Agenda….

    China or Russia — Germany — France —- any one or more of the Globalist Nations could perceive a benefit in disrupting the US like this right now….

    What’s really going on….?

    1. Chia Cha

      Soros with his paid puppets: Merkel + Putin + Xi is trying with outer american empire colonies in global american “civil” war take control over US state. Dutch East India Company was also waging war with Netherlands. They won. Problem is that this is capitalist war, so they both would rather lose then win by rising salaries to workers. Question is going to win, but loser will not keep own companies.

  5. Chia Cha

    Islam is vital, west is able to destroy them (with feminism), which works mainly for BRICS capitalists right now. But west in unable to destroy islam inside own borders. So only what can be done is to split them up and carve them. That is what western capitalsits are doing right now. Only good what happened is that “enlightement” – islam, protenstatism, atheism, racism, communism, capitalism, imperialism, darwisnism were able to do is to make Church accept to reform it self to be based on foundations – Finaly. With this Pope and Pope Benedict (who were connecting science with Bible) – Finaly.

  6. Chia Cha

    Poland signed 20 years contract to import american gas, and American gas is 20% cheaper then Oriental one, while here, Serbian, Chinese, Merkel and Putin capitalsits united with Soros liberal serb NGO s are controling everything here blocking that terminal. Please can we start civil war so we can kill those anti-american free market liberal capitalsits. Communist is always anti-american, russian agent, even when he is the biggest capitalist on world. In Europe most of petty capitalsits which are not incorporated are KGB capitalist. And even those incorporated wants China. And Soros now have support of KGB, Putin, XI and NAZI EU. Only Poland is free right now. Even Salvini wants sanctions to be removed from Putin. We need to start killing them.

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