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24 thoughts on “Dear Donald, This is what we want.

  1. Embrey

    Kelly Ayotte is incompatible.
    Dr. Steve, why do you think it is important to make public your views of who you support?
    If you had Trump’s ear would you feel it necessary to publish these thoughts? Or, if you already know you might seem prescient to those of us who do not have access?
    Strange transmission

    1. Chia Cha

      This is 1st time in history of mankind we as species have some free open informations from government (for us few who follow), but no, you as female, you have find some problem now. 😀 People wants show, you heard for friendly fascism. Take it as continuation of Reagan Dynasty— on line…

    2. Dawn

      Embry, My thoughts are why you should think you are so smart you should not listen.

      1. Embrey

        Fair question. Here is Kelly Ayotte’s reply:

        “I never thought I would be in a position where I cannot support my party’s nominee, but here we are. Welcome to 2016.”

        Kelly Ayotte speaking about Donald Trump.

        That is my reason. What is yours?

        1. Dawn

          First of all I would like to thank you for your question. I will take the opportunity to answer you as simply and honestly as I can.
          Dr. Pieczenik’s past public interviews contain information of which I had not previously considered. Over time I have compared his information with other sources and I have learned to apply some of his information in order to better understand past, current, and present conditions which I find to be important to our nation concerning public safety and national security. To the best of my ability I have vetted Dr. Pieczenik as a credible source and regard myself as fortunate to have the opportunity to listen and read what he might find important to share with us. He offers sincerity and experience that I deem valuable. Not only has Dr. Piecznick offered his views regarding who he supported in this last presidential election, but he give his sincerely considered reasons in his own words. I appreciate that and hope that I will have the opportunity to hear more from him. Thank you.

          1. artichoke

            I agree, I find Dr. Pieczenik’s writings very interesting and penetrating.

            On the other hand, there would have to be a very special reason to put someone who at least thought it was convenient to undercut Mr. Trump at a critical moment onto his cabinet. What about loyalty / the lack of it? As it turns out if Ayotte had stuck by Trump, his coattails probably would have kept her in the Senate. I want to say “hahaha”.

            He can find another person for the role who didn’t abandon him when the going got tough.

            In general, Dr. Pieczenik’s recommendations in this video seem like a recycling of a cast of characters that has recently been in the public eye, the same names we’ve seen this election cycle. Why the same people? Were his “gatekeepers” putting up these people as characters in this preplanned drama, wanting them to continue into the Trump administration?

            I like it that Trump is interviewing a broader set of people. However in broad terms, I like all the things Dr. Pieczenik says he wants, and doesn’t want, in terms of the administration’s performance.

    3. John in Cincy

      Lots of predictions are coming out daily from all sorts of sources concerning who Trump should appoint.

      While I don’t agree with all Pieczenik’s recommendations, he’s worked in the State Department, so he has more credentials than the average person to be weighing in on the subject, so what’s strange about him voicing his views?

  2. Joe Schmo

    Dr. Pieczenik,
    Can you comment on your changing opinion of Gen. David Patreus? In your review of the movie “13 Hours” you stated the General was “a highly over rated military/intelligence operative and his narcissism was far greater than his highly touted meager accomplishments.” You are now recommending him for Secretary of Defense. Is that the best we have? What is really going on?
    Thank you

    1. Embrey

      Good question.
      Inconsistency is evident in Dr. Steve’s pronouncements.
      What gives?

    2. Liz

      Very odd. It almost sounds like you are dictating what Trump has to do.

  3. Kurt

    @Steve, You recommended Dr. Ben Carson for Sec HHS / Surgeon General [at about 3:30] and used the Zika and Ebola epidemics as reasons. But …

    First, the “Zika epidemic” is not at all what we have been told officially, so the correct response to it should not be what you think. It was a false flag to distract from the real culprit – a vaccine.
    jonrappoport dot wordpress dot com/2016/02/07/zika-who-launched-the-fake-epidemic-story-in-brazil/
    corbettreport dot com/zika-fear-falters-as-false-flag-fraud-fizzles/
    couldn’t play the video online (it hung at about 3:00), but was able to download and play it. [7:08]
    Jimstone dot is /ifyouareinamericayouprobablycantseethisl8.html
    The NWO got busted for Zika and need a new scapegoat ~ pesticides ~ to take the rap for vaccine damage

    Second, the Ebola you also mentioned was a different scam – The CDC patented the disease and vaccine, and then for profit tried to herd the public into using the untested vaccine.

    For a real case of Ebola there is no official treatment for the disease, but try this:
    Vitamin C treatment for Ebola: orthomolecular dot org/resources/omns/v10n13.shtml

    In any case we need someone there who is open to breaking the vaccine scam.

  4. Donna

    No to Newt. He’s another Bohemian Grove psychopath.

  5. vickey

    I appreciate and respect your character analysis Dr. Pieczenik. Having good judgment takes a clear, lucid mind with powers of observation and deduction. For those like me, who don’t know the people you speak of to fill these positions, it is very helpful to know what you think for future reference. As I read your picks, Mr. Trump has already picked his Chief of Staff, Priebus, who is not highly favored, according to you and also on Infowars comments! I worry that Mr. Trump may betrayed the American people – perhaps from a distrust of anyone seeking that kind of Power and Control and perhaps because I believe he has already turned on us by stating that “the Clintons are good people and I don’t want to hurt them,” referring to him backing away from seeking a special prosecutor for Hillary’s crimes. His hypocrisy did not go unnoticed.

  6. vickey

    I appreciate and respect your character analysis Dr. Pieczenik. Having good judgment takes a clear, lucid mind with powers of observation and deduction. For those like me, who don’t know the people you speak of to fill these positions, it is very helpful to know what you think for future reference. As I read your picks, Mr. Trump has already picked his Chief of Staff, Priebus, who is not highly favored, according to you and also on Infowars comments! I worry that Mr. Trump may betray the American people – perhaps from a distrust of anyone seeking that kind of Power and Control and perhaps because I believe he has already turned on us by stating that “the Clintons are good people and I don’t want to hurt them,” referring to him backing away from seeking a special prosecutor for Hillary’s crimes. His hypocrisy did not go unnoticed.

    1. artichoke

      I really liked Priebus. He wasn’t originally on Trump’s side, or anyone’s side, until the R nominating process was complete. But he did tell Kasich to get out when he was lingering around just trying to cause trouble. Once Trump was the nominee, Priebus switched from impartiality to full support, and he never joined the very strong “never-Trump” currents. He always supported the party’s presidential candidate, as well as the down-ballot candidates.

      This is exactly what you want in a chief of staff, even according to Dr. Pieczenik. Someone who can play a role with independence and have the right loyalties.

  7. Liz

    I can see why Priebus was chosen. If you want to accomplish anything, you have to have the ear of Congress. That said, I believe Trump countered the threat of the establishment connection by giving equal footing to Steve Bannon. That’s why the elite are viciously attacking Bannon. They want him withdrawn from consideration. Too bad for them.

  8. Sharon Armke

    Clinton has ordered $137 million illegal weapons,, to be delivered in mid-November. This concerns me. Here is the link to the story:

    PLEASE make sure these weapons are seized as evidence by your group, Dr. Piecznik!!! Yes, it certainly seems that more “false flags” are planned against our nation!!! Please STOP the weapons from being given to criminals, paid by Soros or whomever, to kill us and our police!!!!

  9. Brenda Teagarden

    Hi Sharon

    I’m in complete agreement.

    Brenda T

  10. Deborah

    Dr. Pieczenik,
    I freaking love you and every time you are on with Alex Jones I LISTEN!!! Thank You!!!
    I think you are AWESOME!!!!

  11. Embrey

    Editing comments leads to fewer visitors to your website.



    The fundamental reform involves building a Win-Win world, the world where humans are treated as sources of creativity and kindness not as targets of exploitation. In this world, everybody interacts according to the principle of mutually beneficial cooperation. This is the world where personal freedoms and free enterprise are used for the benefit of all, without intentional victimization. The state exists to serve all individuals, and individuals do not exist to serve the state. But in case of a conflict between an individual and society, the state is more powerful than an individual.

    Win-Win reforms are applicable in governance at all levels. The laws should reflect our best understanding of Win-Win. Education should be Win-Win based, aiming to develop individual creativity rather than creating an object of future exploitation and control. Exploitation and control are reserved for robots.

    US is not the state based on the US Constitution as it is and US laws as they are. The US Constitution and the US laws should be seen as an attempt (often very imperfect) to discover the Win-Win (the principle of mutually beneficial cooperation). Turning the US into a Win-Win state: that was what our Founding Fathers intended. We have, by and large, been going down that road, but without clearly stating that our ultimate goal is the creation of the Win-Win state, Win-Win world, and Win-Win human beings.

    Illegal immigration

    The state must be in control of its borders, its territory and its voting. It means that all American citizens older than the age of 18 should receive a Picture ID (PID) that would also help police to positively identify a person (retina or a thumbprint).

    The way to conduct illegal immigration is not just physical prevention of entry, but measures that would make it impossible for an illegal entrant to live in a country for any significant length of time.

    Legal residents should get PIDs of a different color showing the date of expiry.

    And others (visitors or children) do not get these PIDs.

    A PID must be presented to police on demand. All existing and new bank accounts open with the US banks should have a PID attached to them. All employment contracts are possible only with the PID unless it is a temporary contract. When boarding a regularly scheduled flight, international or domestic, the PID must be shown. When entering a sensitive installations, government buildings, military bases, or even certain individual events, the PID must be shown.
    PID certainly must be shown when receiving government assistance of any kind.

    That would make life of people unable to show PID very difficult. And that would cause them to register with police to receive Temporary PID with (or without) Authorized Employment. That would cause unwanted illegal aliens to leave voluntarily.

    There is no need to deport all illegal aliens. Wanting to live in the US does not mean that a person is bad: on the contrary, it may mean that their brain works and that they want to succeed. If a person works, learns English within a reasonable period of time (three years), has no criminal record, and does not use (abuse) social services, a path to legalization and eventual citizenship should be open. In illegal Mexican aliens, the US does not just get bad Mexicans: it also gets some of the very best Mexicans.

    Every person willing to join the US front-line infantry on a ten-year contract, deserves an eventual US citizenship. These units should be modeled after the French Foreign Legion.
    A US commercial company of a certain size, and with a record of success, may apply for the status of employer of Highly Qualified Aliens (IT, technical, medical, and engineering fields, accomplished professionals in other fields), and should these people be employed for five years, a path to citizenship should be open to them.

    Foreign policy points

    US should renegotiate the UN Charter or Leave the UN.
    Renegotiate or leave: NAFTA, TPP, NATO, US-South Korea, US-Japan, US-Saudi Arabia Agreements. The aim is to make them equitable.
    US should profoundly reform the US Agency for International development
    US has a vital interest in making Mexico successful and prosperous country allied with the US
    US has a vital interest in causing regime change in Venezuela and making Venezuela a successful and prosperous country allied with the US
    US must work to make North Korea a part of South Korea. This is a fundamental point in US-Sino relations and US-Russian relations. At the minimum, North Korea could become a temporary protectorate/ special region of China, but the North Korean regime must cease to exist. If China helps North Korea to join South Korea, the US can give significant concessions on the South China sea (provided that Vietnam gets compensated).
    US should strongly contain Putin’s dictatorial regime in Russia and oppose Putin’s expansionist tendencies.
    US should give significant assistance to Ukraine, bringing it to NATO and helping it to join the EU on a very accelerated schedule.
    US should encourage democratic development in Kazakhstan.
    A popular uprising without Win-Win is the road to ISIS. A popular uprising with Win-Win is the road to democracy and prosperity.
    US should invite South Africa to invade and rule Zimbabwe.
    US should give the Gaza strip to Egypt and resettle the Palestinians in Jordan and Syria. The topic of the Palestinian state and a “two state solution” must thus be brought to an end.
    US must tell the Saudi Arabia and other similar states that any sponsorship of radical Islam will cause their countries to be governed by a US general, autocratically, for a period of ten years.

    Improving the laws

    Drastic simplification of tax code. Low taxes, less regulations, reduced role of the state.
    Reduction of lawyering. The legal profession has become a parasite on the US economic body.
    The US population has the right to bear arms. But the US population does not have the right to own arms that are not registered to a particular PID. These weapons should be bought up, anonymously, and destroyed.

    Public servants

    No public servant, in any position, could be older than 80 years of age. That includes “life-time appointments”: our Founding Fathers could not imagine how fast our civilization would be changing, and certainly did not think that people could live to older than 80. There also should be term limits: three terms in the Senate (18 years) and six terms in Congress (12 years). No more than two terms as Governor.

    Defending people

    We know that children need help and protection. But as soon as you become an adult, suddenly, you do not need help and protection. It does not work as our society has become too complex. Some adults DO need help and protection.

    It should be illegal to be homeless. Every person MUST be spending the night under the roof, and everyone SHOULD be entitled to breakfast and dinner as well as to basic medical and psychiatric aid.

    It should be illegal to keep offenders in cages. Instead, they should live the way the Amish live: with horses and cows, tilling the land on a farm, in a wooden house, with no electronic devices of any kind and without electricity. Men and women should live together, so they could form relationships. Men and women who are not convicts could come and live with them. No food from outside should be allowed. They should bake fresh bread and make their own cheese, and they must be able to see the sun and the stars and touch the soil. They should have libraries, theaters and musical instruments, but no access to recorded music. They could get help constructing huts and windmills, they could get metal ploughs and other such instruments.
    America has a huge problem with nutrition. Refined sugar, white flour should cost twenty times more than they cost today. Meat should also be more expensive. But vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, and eggs should cost less. There should be no advertisement of anything containing sugar and alcohol on TV. Of course, there could be no tobacco advertising anywhere.

    Winning the drug war

    Hard drugs (heroin, cocaine, etc.) should be distributed free to registered users to be taken in special dispensary points under medical supervision. But possession of hard drugs outside of the dispensary would carry a sentence of 5 years, unless the seller is revealed and convicted. Selling hard drugs carries a mandatory sentence of 10 years. These measures greatly reduce the rate of addiction, as it becomes very risky and not profitable at all to be a dealer.
    Pot should be legalized, unless its strength causes it to be classified as hard drug. And again, any unofficial sale of pot turns you into a dealer. Essentially, people can only use their own pot, and that pot is always bot with the PID. It does the following: a minor aught using pot either goes to jail or helps to convict a dealer, as above.


    Prostitution should be legalized and taxed, and sex workers should be checked regularly, which would reduce the rate of STD. No sex worker could be below the age of 21 or having a child younger than 10 years of age. Obviously, no sex worker could be drug addict, have a mental disease or be homeless.


    There are people who are entitled to adequate unconditional social support. These are poor elderly, people with disabilities making them unable to work, and those who are ill. Another such category is poor parent with a child younger than 10 years of age.

    There are those who are entitled to adequate conditional social support. These are healthy unemployed people. And they could receive support only if they submit to outside supervision and adequately succeed in a rigorous adult education program, that lasts at least 40 hours a week. If a person drops out of such a program and does not enter into another one, there are public works or vagrancy laws as described above. Everyone could be a farmhand on the state-run farm.

    Unconditional welfare payments are killing some groups of Americans. There should be an important modification to the Food Stamp program: no processed food, and no food with high sugar content (with the exception of sugar itself) could be bought with food stamps.

  13. furtive

    Jared is family. Anti nepotism law won’t allow it.
    Petraeus – great choice. Redeems his reputation
    Gingrich is a disorganized slothful slob. He has skeletons, & knows he will be exposed in confirmation
    Icahn trade rep – great choice.
    GUILIANI is complicit in 911. Won’t get confirmed. He knows that.
    KELLY AYOTTE is disloyal, & a sheep, following Graham & Mccain’s tail. She should stay home with the young children. Her loss was a sign.

    Michael Mccaul for homeland security
    Mike Pompeo is ill prepared & OVERRATED for CIA. He likes that the 4th amendment is BEING violated with NSA spying.
    Private sector: Larry Arnt for Dept of Educ. Bring back civics!!

    HE IS ABLE TO SLICE, DICE & STITCH with very little residual trauma!

  14. cowboybob

    It was a miracle that Trump won, it was Divine Providence that sent us this Moses. It is morning in America again, the church bells will ring out this Sunday, the birds will sing. Praise the Lord.

  15. artichoke

    I could be wrong, but I didn’t get the impression from Dr. Pieczenik’s pre-election material that he was expecting Trump to win.

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