Davos is Dead!

Davos is Dead!

Davos World Economic Forum: The Death of a Salesman [Internationalist]!
POTUS will be attending the presumably elite World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. No county can better symbolize the hypocrisy of WWII neutrality masking the incredible fortunes that the gnomes of Zurich made funding both sides of the war. [German/Japan vs. America/England].

The “Davos Man” coined by the acerbic Harvard academic, Dr. Samuel Huntington, denotes the global elite who is predominately a white wealthy  man who views himself as internationalist or stateless.
“They are the men who have little need for national loyalty, view national boundaries as obstacles that thankfully are vanishing, and see national governments as residues from the past whose only useful function is to facilitate the elite global agenda.” [Wikipedia].

Robert Zoellick, a Davos Man, if there ever there was one (whom I know well) fits that description to a tee. He is an imperious, self-serving, petulant minion of the Bush family. Zoellick serves them with the alacrity and obedience of a Russian serf, brooking few contemplative moments.  As a professional political sycophant with few accomplishments of his own, Robert managed to garner millions of undeserved dollars skimming from:

  • Federal Home Loan Association
  • Goldman Sachs
  • World Bank.

His resume is lacks of any military or formal intelligence service to his native country [America].   Like most of the neo-con chicken hawks of 9/11, he partook wholeheartedly in the disgraceful crime of auto-genocide of his fellow Americans.

Dr. Steven Strauss at the Harvard Kennedy School has pointed out on numerous occasions that the Davos meeting of the world elite financiers has been comprised of countless convicted criminal/civil criminals as well as major human rights violators. Davos has been repeatedly accused of ‘fostering’ the legitimacy of miscreant world actors. [Wikipedia].

As for me, I simply follow the Marx Rule:

“If a club wants me to join, then I won’t join it!” This phrase belongs not to Karl Marx but to Groucho Marx.

I have never been invited to Davos nor would I go. In my transition from early youth to adolescence, I attended a Swiss Boarding School near Montreux, Switzerland.   I was summarily kicked out with my younger brother when I refused to wear a tie and jacket to my meals. My parting words to the German/French Swiss went something like this: “F..K Off! I am American! Not some effete Swiss!” [It was in coarse French]

This so-called Davos Man has never but only served themselves usually in a self-aggrandizing way.  Except for a few, most of the attending civilians at Davos will disappear from the world stage within months if not within a few years.

The most corrupt South African leader, Jacob Zuma, once an ally of Mandela, having fought in the ANC against apartheid, was true to his untutored savage nature when he completely eviscerated the beautiful South Africa of money, resources, and financial credibility. Yet in Davos, he rubbed shoulders with his co-conspirator killer/rapist, Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, to discuss the nature of ‘”The Future of African Economic/Political Development.”

Quite a disgusting irony! 

Davos represents the end of internationalism and globalism in all of its forms. It was nothing more than a façade for the rich and famous to make believe they were really important and deserved to be considered ‘elite’, a far more elegant, prescient term than eventual ‘extinct’.

“Brexit” and the devolution of power around the globe bespeaks for a simple evolving phenomenon. The world is no longer a composite of nation states. Those days were gone the moment that the internet introduced the binary modalities of one and zero. Moreover, we are about to enter a far more daring future as the internet gives way to quantum encryption and deep learning technology as well as the internet of things.

The former Brazilian President who was convicted of bribes and financial chicanery, said the following:
“Here in Davos, it is generally assumed that there is only one God-The Financial Markets!”

P.S Right now, there are three major Brazilian leaders who are about to go to Jail. Congratulations Brazil! Abrogado! Thanks!


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27 thoughts on “Davos is Dead!


    Agree 100%, and Trump should not have went, but he is an ass kissed, especially to Netanyahu, Trump is a total phony.

    1. Celestine King

      The Owner of the Mobile Phone will never know that each message he/she receive on Whatsapp and each call or picture has been traced by SPYFIX6 at GMAIL dot COM and whatever he/she communicating on mobile with other can be seen ALL THIS just so you know and determine if Your Partner is Faithful or NOT. know TODAY #DAVOS


      Our Lady’s Peace Plan, Over Atheistic Communism…Family Rosary
      The Triumph of Mary Begins With President Trump the Great!

  2. Joseph Chiara

    Thanks for the post… It is always good to have real human and freedom values stated directly and well.

    I have a question. Can you recommend a book which seeks to explain why people of such poor character often vile criminals like the Bushes, Clintons, Obama, Mugabe, etc so often come to power while much better people are tossed aside. I suppose an explanation can be developed from evolution, but are there additional explanations of the human psyche, nature, and social forces which result in these horrendous people gaining power and f’ing things up?

    1. Chia Cha

      Black african culture is unable to operate with complex systems like government. They know only how to steal. That is like giving some left winger to listen Mozart or Bach.

      1. Fivi Zogbi

        It is not fair to say it is only “black African culture”. Instead, I’d say criminal behavior is common among all socioeconomic and ethnic groups. It may even be part of the inherent human impulse for survival that has gone awry and out of control. But it is NOT unique to any one ethnicity or racial group.

        Meanwhile, Dr. P. this is an excellent essay and on which I find very satisfying to read from someone such as yourself.

      2. al

        Black African Culture invented the concept of government u dummy. Where were whites when the first governments existed ………..? 3000-4000BC

        1. Chia Cha

          Ok if they invented it, but they suck big time today. Puting them on power is very dangerous for their own kids. They should be ruled by white western minority but which lives in that country. Colonialism is only way out.

    2. Donna

      A question heard round the world! Sometimes I think ..if money is the root of all evil..and money rules the world ..we’ll the conclusion is this world is owned and run by nefarious evil. All these rotten leaders seem to be selected by the head Devils and most are related.They know their satanic degenerate DNA will do anything for their cause and for wealth and power. What is difference between really rich people and the average joe ..it seems rich people think about money 24/7 ..it is their God …normal people just want a decent life.

      1. Chia Cha

        It is not problem in money, problem is in extra profit. If you have right to gain extra profit that means you have right to cheat, extra. Problem is mostly in accounting. After that comes genetics and culture.

      2. Carl

        Not correct. Money has always existed in some form. It is not money that is the root of all evil, but the LOVE of money that is the root of all evil. Big difference.

    3. vesna

      re Joseph Chiara’s comment – I wondered the same thing, then as more and more came to light about the Clinton / globalist cabal, media and crooked FBI etc came to light, I remember: “bird of a feather flock together” – the “feather” of these birds, the only thing they’re good at is lying and covering for one another. THAT’s how they “advance” smoke and mirrors.

  3. Chia Cha

    Superb epitaph. Communists have view of religion meaning culture that story about Jesus is on level of holy cow in India. And whole culture which was created out of that the culture as culture of holy cow culture. Making every lefty uneducated person without any kind of culture . They are abolishing any tradition. Capitalists have same view of Christianity and religions, culture, with only difference that capitalsits have two extra more views about culture/religion. Second one is historical, for instance you can use that historical capital for Christmass season shopping, or to produce some National Geographic series. 3rd supported view by capitalists about religion is that they like COMBINATION of more then one religions as way for uniting markets. THAT IS ALL. 4th view is view considered by Christian Churches.

    1. Chia Cha

      Both communists and capitalists are just using parts of christian culture to come and remain on power, they are promising all what was promised in culture, but they are not working on it very much. For instance capitalists are always telling us that if we fill barrel enough that it will spill over on us also then. Even their only job is how to stop any spil. Communists also have promieses about better future for all, we just have to change us so we can be good enought for superb ideas comming that morning from mind of dear leader of bureaucracy, can come in to existance.

  4. Ron Sanderson

    Great as always Doc. I always feel smarter after reading you.
    Artist Deep Purple
    Song: Smoke on the water.

  5. FreedomScribe

    The Groucho quote actually is: “I would never be a member of a club that would have me as a member.”

  6. Good Words —- Word of the hour Dr. Pieczenik, Word of the hour; dead froths whimper as their demon occult secret societies see their worthless distopia Being Blocked by The Power of FATHER YAH behind our Champion President Donald J. Trump —

    The Fire of FATHER YAH Moving behind HIS Appointed President; Breaking the will of the frothing self -aggrandizing satanic elitists


    davos “snowed in” Prophetic Sign of the Ending of globalism worldwide


  7. Chia Cha

    Facebook and Google and Twitter is only what matters. And they are still controlled by alien body, namely by pagan hierarchies. Only goal of Satan is to show how religion is just psychology and can be overcome by science. That is very good for ecological destruction of home planet, and for traveling around space being homless, for ever.

    1. Chia Cha

      Low quality cheap Vaccines made just for you and not elite, are product of fantastic quality already, also flourid tooth paste for uninformed is also great. GMO is fantastic also. Plastic is destroying genes. But mostly dangerous is having kids old, and having them with relatives closer then 9th knee. Just how it was written in Bible. Big number of regulations is nothing else then creating no regulations at all for rich. As ultimate form of free market. Obama is liberterian come true.

    2. Embrey

      Zuckerberg, Bezos and Dorsey are shaking in their shoes.
      The LIGHT has been shone upon their agendas.
      They are heading for the exits.

      1. Chia Cha

        We always must see which pagan group invested in to Japanese navy after WW1. Same is happening today just with different players. Who knows maybe those who invested in Japanese navy were betting against USA with full heart making them traitors to be hanged… You can only be against or for one side. It is impossible not to wish some side win more because even if you invest same amount of $ in both sides, return would have to be excatly same with exactly same risk (in combiantion) to not wish one side to win more. They are traitors, they do not believe in America.

        1. Embrey

          ‘They are traitors, they do not believe in America.’

          I agree

  8. Rick Gouveia

    When was Zuma and Mugabe in Davos?

  9. Chia Cha

    What kind of person can be against economic policies of Adolf Hitler? Right wing capitalists are also anti-christian. They they hate economic policies of Hitler but they love his concentration camps. We can say that right wing capitalists are ultimate evil much larger then Hitler. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DSkS-nxUQAA0M72.jpg:large

    1. Chia Cha

      South american capitalism (unleashed) is already emerging in USA. Rich understands that there really is no need for poor to pay roads for poor and rich. It is better that poor pay roads just for rich. Plus inside those welness centres rich will be getting clean vaccines. Of course you will not know that because CIA will hide that info until cultural conditioning will make you feel that is normal. In 2008 rich abolished all costs, as they transefered all costs on poor, and in 2018, all costs poor are having for them selfs are also going to be abolished. Pagan right wingers are preparing their own bright future also. https://www.fastcompany.com/40512467/utopic-wellness-communities-are-a-multibillion-dollar-real-estate-trend

      1. Chia Cha

        To be more precise, South African model. They will infest your cities with crime, drugs and illegals. Then they will sell to you, cultural white ghetto (without crime, drugs and illegals) while you still have money, then they will put some Zuma and Mandela on power to rob you 100% and then they move money they robbed from your culture to China in illusion they will do same with China. That is their plan… That is what they are planning, nothing more, nothing less.

  10. Chia Cha

    World is challenging US… Mice wants to see US sending army and or blowing something. US decided to build financial empire in 1932 therefore US decided to stop formal colonization of mezo america in 1932 (by relinquishing formal control over few central american countries… Had US continued that healthy colonial policy, today, US would need to send much less of military to outer empire, and mice would challenge less. Luckily US army is training all the time in Afganistan and US have war time army. Unlike others.

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