Conservative Triad Attacked!

Conservative Triad Attacked!

The Conservative Triad Has Been Attacked!

Bill O’Reilly [Fox News], Alex Jones [], Stephen Bannon [White House]….
Sometimes I have to think very carefully before I write a blog about conspiracies. As you already know, I am considered by the ruling elite as a major “conspirator” in the most pejorative sense. Don’t worry, I consider it a badge of honor. Yet more seriously, I could not get over the following coincidences:

  • April 20th Fox News announced that Bill O’Reilly, who has been the lodestar of the Roger Ailes-created Fox News network, was fired for ‘sexual harassment’.
  • Last week, Alex Jones of fame was subpoenaed to appear in an Austin, Texas courtroom, regarding his ex-wife’s accusations that he is ‘barbaric’ and ‘dangerous to the welfare of their three children’.
  • Around that time Stephen Bannon, the Trump strategist from Breitbart, was demoted and reprimanded by POTUS. 

As I reflect over these three sequential events that impact the lifeline of the Republican Conservative Wing which elected Donald Trump, I started to wonder about strange happenings within our Second American Revolution. I have this suspicion that these three seemingly independent events have been carefully orchestrated by some impressive Machiavellian forces outside of our immediate personal purview.

Remember in the world of HUMINT, nothing is an accident.

So if these seemingly separate affairs are actually interconnected, I wonder who profits most from eviscerating the Republican Conservative- Nationalist wing?

The obvious answer would be Hillary and her Democratic compatriots. I think not!
The recent NYT Bestseller book entitled, “Shattered” by Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes, emphasizes what I said at the beginning of HRC’s campaign. I predicted that she would lose the election because she was not smart enough to know how to use her more sophisticated aides and consultants. I do not think that either she or her aides would have eviscerated a movement like ours. Had they been shrewd enough, they would have done it from the very beginning of our Second American Revolution.

I have come to the conclusion that someone within our very own political movement was clever enough to use us and then neutralize the three most vocal advocates. I look toward the WH and point my fingers at POTUS Donald Trump!
“J’accuse…”! [Emile Zola]

In my humble opinion, POTUS  Trump used the conservative movement and the alternative media as a way of climbing up the greasy pole of Republican politics. When he no longer needed us, he simply instructed Jared Kushner, or someone very close to Donald, to find a surreptitious way to eliminate the very three most influential people who helped to get him into the WH. Clearly, I hope I am wrong.

Mark Cuban, no friend of Trump, but a quite savvy billionaire in his own right, has correctly announced the following:

“Gary Cohn, the Head of National Economic Council, is leading a Democratic invasion of the White House.

  • Cohn, a former President of Goldman Sachs, was personally picked by Jared Kushner.
  • Cohn, an illiterate ex-commodities trader, has bullied his way up the corporate ladder. Now, he is in a brusque confrontation with Stephen Miller, Peter Navarro and Wilbur Ross.

Wall Street and their cronies have taken hold of the WH and the USG. They have descend upon us like vultures ready to devour their carrion, the American taxpayers.

In the words of the former POTUS John Kennedy:

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable!”

Take Heed, Donald Trump!

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71 thoughts on “Conservative Triad Attacked!

  1. Chia Cha

    Under UN convention, genocide is (started by apache left wing g@y free market capitalist Reagan)… (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
    (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
    (d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
    We have all that, it is not normal that 200M whites have same amount of kids in kindergarten like 30M mexican nationals have in US kindergartens… Donald if you are white shoe boy – ONLY, then…

  2. Donna

    Yeah, it’s Trump. The best history book I’ve ever read was Cathy O’Brien’s “Trance Formation of America” where she says that American “presidents” are “picked” years in advance. Trump was “picked” years in advance, and the powers that be were really sly this time, criticizing and pretending to hate Trump, when they knew all along, he was the one “picked.” What fools we are.

    And then people like Alex Jones and Matt Drudge and a long line of others come along, playing the masses against one another, pick a side, when there is only one side, one side with an agenda, control of the masses. Good job.

    Everything about our history is fake including George Washington being called our “first” president, when our first president was Peyton Randolph followed by an additional 13 presidents after him, all before Washington. So, why not another fake president like Trump. We don’t elect anybody.

    If you want to know what our world will be like in the future, watch the Syfy series “Caprica.” That’s it in a nutshell. So learn to start praying to all of those gods. Who knows, maybe that kind of prayer works.

    1. Fivi Zogbi

      Alex Jones initially was suspicious of Trump as a paper cutout and so were others. But no one is more easily deceived than those who want to be. We all wanted to believe in Trump and pushed away our doubts. However, if Trump had been genuine he’d have had his army lined up well in advance, but even those he initially nominated were not being confirmed. That may have been a shock to Trump. Any threats to his children and grandchildren would also supersede Trump’s loyalty obligations.
      Remember when the MSM demanded Trump fire Lewandowski and Trump refused saying he’s loyal to those who are loyal to him?
      None of us really knows what’s going on except maybe Trump and the few whom he may still be able to trust. Or – Trump may be satan incarnate. We’re always likely to believe or be deceived by our own temptations and wishes.

      1. Mary Rose

        From where i sit, Trump is little more than a puppent, now that Bannon has been demoted big time, and Jared Kushner in not the front man for Trump, AIPAC and the Israeli are in the front seat in control of the vehicle/goverment. And the Saudi are in the back seat waiting to be paid of for 911 which was the set up for this event happening now.

        1. Mary Rose

          Error, the word not should read “now’.

  3. Petra

    I had a dream during the election. I did not want it to be real… Trump was in the mosh pit of all those that destroyed our nation celebrating that he fooled Americans. I had forgotten about it until recent weeks.

    1. Chia Cha

      Look this german little skull idiot on infowars, he twists at end, he talks good, then his conclusion is that whites are not breeding, NOT, because of wall street and rentier class which does not allow people to own own house (rentiers are those who have two houses, and other one they use to suck blood of worker), but because they are brainwashed by commies… What an anti-European idiot bashing Scandinavian security net. He does not mention that minimum salary in 1961 (in silver coins) was 21$ per hour in USA. 1,25$ in 1962. Not mentioning that price of silver today is artificially lowered via Wall Street futures. Infowars without AJ will very soon go down with this 100% american idiots (him and David Knight). There is really no chance for you.

      1. Chia Cha

        You are getting hammered from two sides, “christian” anti security net (read anit-white) republicans and openly racist anit-white democrats. After that video up there (of that american idiot) I am again starting to think that Hillary was maybe better solution. 😀

        1. Jeff Martin

          Troll. I’ve seen this guy else where spouting nonsense.

  4. Mr. Pieczenik, Thanks for sharing these thoughts with us.

    ‘It is a mark of an educated mind to entertain an idea without accepting it as necessarily true.’

    I’m delighted that you could construct and present in public this scenario while as recently as two days ago you used the hashtag #Trump2020.

    I have a problem understanding the mind of this version of DJT. I can’t yet get my head around all of this. Let’s hope we’ll get a clear – and correct – picture sooner rather than later.

  5. mark william

    great report and perspective Steve….Thank you for being real… As you mentioned your not a fan of regime change….. Indonesia is now presently under attack for regime change…against the nationalist elected leader be replaced with a US corp globalist…….VP Pence…. aka point man for Neocon Cheney who just was in Indonesia has started the process…with or without Trump….Pence maybe a VP Johnson in the waiting…like he undermined Kennedy …VP Pence is undermining Trump…that will… they hope be a peaceful coup like the 1998 in Indonesia …or worst if need be like the 1965 bloodshed-coup in Indonesia against President Sukarno….I hope you can report and give us your thoughts on this coup that is presently in the making

    1. Chia Cha

      Indonesia is very rich (fertile) land, which must be united for China not be able to meddle in. SE Asia is different pair of shoes. ISIS would be great for china people to move them little so they can liberate them selfe from occupation conducted by Beijing communists (one corporation capitalsits).

      1. Chia Cha

        How many provinces in China needs to be liberated from oppression and occupation conducted by chinese central government. People must have right on self-determination.

  6. Chia Cha

    USA needs international supervision. We need new Geneva conference on highest level, concerning genocide done US government over white people of USA. With Hillary, whites of USA would at least have chance to call Chinese and Russian army under banner of UN to protect them from continuing genocide, conducted by white skin only capitalists, and their Reagan apache g@y free market economy. Genocide should never be allowed by anyone. I am really worried.

  7. Hi Steve, don’t worry. Things are not as they seem. They truly aren’t.

    1- You can’t fool men like Stone and Corsi about who you are for DECADES. These are very good readers of men’s characters and character doesn’t disappear in 100 days.

    2- You more than most understand there are many many layers to the game. However, there is another layer to this game that isn’t being sufficiently perceived – that is the spiritual layer.

    3- The matrix is great at generating FEAR (false evidence appearing real). Right now there are higher perspectives than greed, power, and filth required to run the Earth show. This higher game is not limited to America. It can be seen in Brexit, Russia, Hungary, Syria, France, Yemen, Germany, Iran, Greece, Sweden, Italy, Brazil, even China (a VERY nationalist state) – basically countries around the globe. Everyone’s playing a game with important partnerships behind the scenes.

    People are desirous of removing their global financial privately-owned shackles and THAT is what needs to be tracked more assiduously than the corrupt visible games being played in the halls of power globally.

    4- Trump never held political office before being elevated to the highest office in terms of global impact. He is just beginning to get comfortable and is still learning the ropes. Very few could do what he’s done despite being harassed and persecuted at every turn and still be politically viable after such a brutal onslaught. Give the man a chance! He’s surrounded by snakes. Some are relatively harmless. Others are lethal. He has to figure out what’s who.

    Use more astute lenses when analyzing this high stakes global game. Nothing less will suffice.

    1. Chia Cha

      Even higher game? Why you do not tell us then? And after, when that game is finished, what would happen, will this graphs change?

    2. Fivi.Zogbi

      LA MUJER BRAVA is a old Spanish-Arab tale that I believe applies in any case of dominance or leadership:

      The site provides both the original Spanish and an accurate english translation. It likely provided the theme for the Taming of the Shrew.

      Its final moral lesson is this:

      If at the beginning you don’t show who you are,
      You will never be able to later, when you would like to.

      So I only partially agree with your assessment – mainly because it’s what I want to believe. But I doubt Trump will every overcome the centuries – if not millennial evil – that always permeates power structures.

      i further believe it is not power alone that corrupts. It is the pursuit of power and the machinations to retain power that corrupt most absolutely and irrevocably.

    3. vickey

      “Give the man a chance?” As if implying that we haven’t? A man is as good as his word, no? You may choose to remain blind, but I cannot. Trump continuously referred to Hillary Clinton as “Crooked Hillary” then right after he won we heard, “The Clintons are good people … I don’t want to hurt them.” There have been other examples of his hypocritical nature and presently with Wikileaks, he is publicly supporting Jeff Sessions to arrest Julian Assange and shut down Wikileaks and then other news outlets they don’t like. You know, the Wikileaks that he “Likes” – the Wikileaks that helped him win the election – The Wikileaks information he USED in his campaign to make himself look good. Can you grasp what Trump is showing us? Hint: the end of the First Amendment.

      Why don’t you take your OWN advice and “Use more astute lenses when analyzing” – the evidence is visible and clear and hiding behind false assumptions and beliefs will only serve to FOOL YOU.

  8. Capt ron

    Dr Steve as much as I hate it what you are saying here appears to be true. …
    . As I’m sure you already know Jesus is the only way out of the mess we have made of His world when we bowed to satan. …
    . God bless you as a true Jew and keep telling it like it is. Thanks

  9. Christy

    I think Kushner may be Mossad. In many candid photo’s he has the thousand yard stare, in the least he is a psychopath.

    1. Petra

      He has strong ties to the Mossad if he is not Mossad. We cannot state this strong enough!

  10. Sunshine

    I couldn’t agree with you more Dr. Pieczenik.
    It’s as if the current occupants of the WH
    and their overlords have given up on even perceptions
    and appearances of representing the people.

    Something very dark, evil is going down.
    I don’t know what it is, but Trump is not who we believed him to be.
    Even if he was somehow co-opted, drugged – as some have suggested,
    he was too weak or compromised to fight the battle Americans need fighting so badly.

    I do hope there are white hats, like yourself, who can drill down into
    WTH is going on before it’s too late for all of us.

    It’s people like you Dr. Pieceznik, who are well versed in the Deep State’s dark arts who understand where to find the threads to unravel evil plans.

    1. Fivi Zogbi

      There’s a good line in the HBO series Rome (about ten years ago) where Mark Antony returns after the assassination of Caesar in the senate and Caesar’s niece (and in the series Mark Antony’s lover) challenges his prowess as a warrior because Antony did not fend off the entire cadre of assassins in the senate.
      Mark Antony replied “a lion can be brought down by a dozen mangy dogs”.
      Even if Trump had started out with good intentions it is impossible for him alone to fight off the entire bureaucracy and its various satellites. We have no idea how vast is the infiltration and scope of its profoundly embedded evil.
      If Trump were to risk death, his suicide would accomplish no more than the symbolic gesture of absurdity believed by Christians in that Christ sacrificed to save humanity. Suicide never saves others when the enemy is so wide, powerful and deep.

    2. Bill

      Well Said… We need to drill down fast.. Are looking at a major false flag, then a dictatorship or worse WWIII? Something definitely doesn’t add up here. My instinct tells me the consequences are potentially dire. For example, Deagel is predicting an immediate 80% reduction in USA population,… What do they know and is somehow connected to what Trump is up to?

  11. MrTuvok

    This is a bombshell analysis. Is Donald Trump the fifth column in the anti-globalist movement? A man like William Engdahl has suggested this all along.
    Trump will go on with positive measures to help the working and -middle class. He shows no allegiance to the movement that brought him to power, though, so he can’t be trusted to cut back on wars. Even TPP is back on the table according to Paul Ryan. Engdahl already anticipated this.

    1. Chia Cha

      Person who is not for regular common people, such cannot serve nor such should be consider as part of any people. Such are also very bed experts in their own field. We are lucky Dr. P is for regular people. Trump? We will see. I wish all that makeup on Trump will not suddenly look like cosmetic of some tragic clown.

  12. Petra


    1. Chia Cha

      In interview above Mr. Steels is saying that Assange will go now on republican party pedophiles in senate. One already resigned? Democrats are history and Sanders is licker, plus now republicans will go to history. We must say that Trump and Sanders helped people to start seeing how rotten everything is. We must say they did their part of job. Now maybe we need to start with bloody revolution, because they never learn. In England you always put pedophile together with sociopath for one to kill other. Then other gets life sentence, or in america, chair. Everything solved.

  13. Fivi.Zogbi

    Either way Trump has deceived us or he deceived himself. Where is his much vaunted smarts?
    It is hard not to accept as highly probable this reassessment of Trump. It is not credible that Trump could have circulated for so many decades among all these political elites on both sides of the same political coin, called the two party state, and yet not know what would happen when he became POTUS and entered the WH.
    If Trump did not know, then he had no right to present himself as capable of preventing the inevitable disaster. If Trump did know, then he’s even more evil than those who run the power-shadows.

    1. Chia Cha

      Also no one wants Trump to end up like Kennedy, so he better starts to behave and start listening those who have put him up (american people). How can someone be impressed by something else is out of me. On my TV newsreel there was picture of coal plant standing for full 5 seconds while they were talking about Trump. Trump must behave because everything has been already told one year ago:

  14. Susan


    One realizes that a government divided against it self, and a country of people divided against itself, cannot stand.

    I believe we are at this exact juncture.

    Half of our people embrace relativism and the other, well, maybe believe in right and wrong.

    And now we have a president that reflects both. The dualism of Masonry is exemplifying just why it is such a dangerous movement. It has created this in us.

    Those behind Trump and Pence are belonging to the world of secrets. And the nature of this and all other secret societies is deception.

    We have a spiritually and morally bankrupt nation, and therefore, we find ourselves incapable of understanding who and what we are electing, because we do not have the truth in us. If we did we would have seen through the smoke, AGAIN! But we do not and did not, and yet we are incredulously, wondering why we have a Flipper-in-Chief.

    Resurrecting a demonic copse of a government with goblins in every nook and cranny, using a double-minded master of ceremonies to lead the deceived is unconscienable.

    People like yourself, the very few, who know all the secrets and the power structures, the men and women who stand behind the scenes, ever vigilant…I ask…please, help us remove what the innocent people do not understand.

    I feel we are on the precipice of a great decision that must be made. And in that choice seems to lie the fate of humankind.


    1. Chia Cha

      I think it is very simple, you should not be emotional, in life of every person or group, there are downfalls, there are big downfalls, if life we have also also big, huge, catastrophic downfalls. We have all that even there is only real one and that is economic downfall. There are too much papers saying rich are rich, so they will have to support those papers on battlefield, capitalism is just dividing future war profits, as they are only real profits in capitalism. And they cannot not steal anymore from you, because you are not even breeding any more, and even that could pass (that would be even good, because the less people there are, person have higher value) but they are importing rats to lower your wages to keep profit margins. Capitalsits (yes commies also) therefore are really unusable for any kind of civilized future.

  15. b

    A narcissist con man sees a large number of conspiracy theorists willing to believe in anything, says he supports their causes, then dumps them once he gets to power so he and his family empire can tap into the wealth from the top of our country…it’s really that simple. This was obvious to many, many people. The negative side of having a lot of brain power is it often results in a Pride that cannot admit to simple truths but must continue to invent elaborate theories. Trump was a con man out after his own interests regardless of neocon this or liberal that. If you believed that an unethical, greedy con man like Trump was anything else then that’s on all you who put your support behind Trump. If you are so blind to miss all the signs and evidence of this then what credibility do you have posting new theories and spouting off after you’ve been so badly suckered by a spoiled (born) rich boy that has the vocabulary of a middle-schooler and attention span of a poodle. It’s not that he was so smart but rather that those who followed him were either so dumb or blinded by their own preconceptions to see simple truths…either way I’m not going to jump on any more bandwagons of conspiracy theories from people who couldn’t see through Trump’s simple game. Though I’m sure you will continue to tell yourselves “no, it’s not that I was stupid, it’s that he is so smart”…yeah, right…keep telling yourself that…narcissism at it’s best…you share a kindred soul with Trump.
    Though I am in agreement with some things: i.e. the path he has us on needs to be neutralized and a real leader still needs to be found to drain the swamp and protect us from a lot more pain and destruction.

    1. Fisch

      Trump was the only candidate to address illegal immigration, our trade deficit, and loss of American jobs. My vote for Trump was a big middle finger to all those who haven’t done a dam thing about any of it, no matter how many faxes I sent through

  16. Joseph Chiara

    I have become more and more disappointed in Trump as he backs off his word and commitment on a number of things. To me the lack of prosecution of the Clintons and their coterie for her time at State and the ongoing Clinton foundation is reprehensible. Under Trump and Sessions, the Clintons are as free as they were under Obama-Holder and Lynch. Session has tarnished his reputation for integrity and commitment to the rule of law, he runs a dual standard of law DOJ. Trump too has betrayed the American people, more specifically those who got him elected who shouted Lock Her UP, because she has multiple felonies to her credit, including treasonous acts, and there is massive evidence for this. Trump keeping Comey is a crime in itself.

    The only consolation is the Clinton would have been far worse, she would have committed many more crimes and looted the country. She has always been a gross incompetent and rather stupid. She somehow excels at criminal activity when she has someone like Comey in place and now Trump be her protector and flunky.

    1. Chia Cha

      Clinton would be better, she would start killing people, meaning she would establish some power structure… She is at least real racist, and she would expand planned parenthood on hispanics also. This way we have panned parenthood only on whites because republicans needs cheap slaves under any price. That is worse possible outcome. Seems I and Paul Krugman were right. 🙂

  17. BillUK

    Wow that is quite a theory Dr P. Trump doing his Henry 4th bit ‘I know thee not old man’ or something like that. I think it might be the deep state or cabal if you like, throwing everyday ‘stuff’ to keep the heroes busy be it employment, domestic or whatever, it certainly takes you out of the fray like they did with your Italian legal case that cost you 20k! With these folks out of the way you can get on with going after POTUS first, Psychologically, then legally/financially and if not down the ‘lone nut’ barrel of a Gun.

    1. Petra

      BillUK… it clearly is not just the DR. that had that conclusion…. please know that it is clear to the naked eye that Trump has been co-opted…. your back handed comments are ridiculous and actually show what type of character you truly are. I know if we do not keep POTUS accountable to what he ran on we will have bigger problems than Trumps integrity. You elect someone to do a job. They fail – you have to hold him to the accountability board. your name should be BullUK not Bill.

  18. Chia Cha

    University of Kuybyshev (eng. Clintongrad), have very good theory for hispanic kids, but that theory obviously is not promoted on Univision (eng. Republican hotdog stand capitalist learning channel), but theory unjustly is kept only (new to offerings of university) to 70 years old whites on Republican revolutionary castration channel for whites.
    That is because sp@rm of whites (too expensive race for republicans) in theory can bring some kids if some white have more then 5M $ so better teach them new offerings. As long as we talk about it, they have it. Sp@rm above 53-4 is not good any more (kids could have problems), and young girls targeting new Trumps should know that.

  19. Oh God I sure hope you are wrong on this. I see it too but damn we can not afford to lose our feet now. President Trump please, I know you have so many at your heels, but please look within yourself and find the hero I sure hope you are.

  20. Furtive

    Mandatory Loyalty is derived from being burned.
    Hence, Trump only trusts his family. & they happen to be traditional Truman democrats.
    He is well aware he is being exposed as a centrist democrat. That revelation does not cancel out a coup.

    Lawless Hillary & her husband in name only are history, as is ID FRAUSTER BARI MALIK Shabbazz, the illegitimate son of Malcolm X ( compare his photo!).

    This was a populist coup, not a party coup.

    The GOP party despises him BECAUSE HE IS A DEMOCRAT.
    The democratic /Communist party despises him because he sold out. He was their Conor they could count on.

    Dr. P. Is correct about Jared. He is a real estate guy & should work on a Palestinian real estate purchase & sales agreement, & nothing else.

    It is reince priebus who holds the power. Every phone call is monitored. He took away trump’s cell phone, & it is he who approves the hiring, including the very corruptm inside trader Spencer Bacchus.

    Many iou’s in the GOP are handed down & trump has no say or control.

    If there is any nefarious conspirator, priebus is centerstage.

    I personally believe Trump hates being POTUS. He is merely an EMCEE.

    He realizes the job description written in the Constitution, means zero.

    It will take more than one person in succession to overhaul the DISTRICT OF CORRUPTION.

    & Mike Pence is a Company man.

    1. melanie miller

      Furtive…do I have permission to post this on fb?

      1. Furtive

        Sure. Post the link.

  21. Bill

    GREAT PIECE… I’ve been pondering the same thing & several other possibly related incidents, like the RU Ambassador Assassinations, recent Russian civil protests, the recent Moscow subway bombing AND Trump’s Syrian false flag bombing. They all have a common element…
    I am reminded of the con-man Biff in “Back to the Future,” who we now know was inspired by Donald Trump, The Back to Future movies are spooky, You may recall they predicted 911
    This is getting a bit spooky…

  22. patriot

    The fact is that the U.S. is controlled by Israel and has been for decades and Trump is just the latest in a long line of POTUS puppets of Israel. Trump will get us into wars as did all the others, the more things change the more they are the same.

    1. Chia Cha

      No USA is controlled by capitalists. WASP capitalists. Jew are just here good tax collectors, and servants, as they were everywhere. They are not guilty to evolve with money, for not be able to own land in feudalism. I mean you can go as Hitler or USSR with muslims in collation, but that is paganic, anti-theistic and anti-western. That stinks. I hate fake lefty right wing bashing Israel per se (Hitler). I hate fake righty left wing bashing Israel per se (Stalin). Start talking about WASP capitalists. Texas oil oligarchs rules (they were first to form agreement as group, first such always then rule), give me one Jew there.

    2. Furtive

      If the Israelis controls the Arab favoring dept of state, then israel would have seized all of Syria, Jordan, the Palestinian territories, & Iran would NOT be back in the world economic arena.

      Israel would be in control.

      Better yet, they would be a 51st state. Or a u.s. Territory.

      Israel is addicted to US Aid.
      & the military industrial complex needs the business. That aid is reimbursed as arm purchases. Triangulating the u.s.evonomy.

      You are illogical & gullible.

  23. Chia Cha

    Good, this is move in right direction. State of NY is giving free tuition for state university to americans. Meaning now illegals will be not able to sign up, even if they have money. This program is much better then having family members of chinese communist party having right to study on private universities (like Berkeley) taking place of what should be reserved for white working class americans. Or having government paying capitalists (owners of private colleges) to sign up “minorities” via affirmative action on expense of poor whites.

  24. TeaParty Against Trump

    OReilly, Bannon, and Jones are not conservatives. They are paid promoters of the NWO. Steve, you ought to know better than this!

    Most people with a brain knew Trump was the NWO zio-globalist meat puppet FROM DAY ONE.
    Sociopath and serial liar, this sexual predator is a loon with out the brains to fight any of his controllers.

  25. F D

    President Trump is having a rally in PA 4/29. How to get his attention? We need to get his attention for a different type of rendezvous. A meeting of the minds. He needs to tell us what he’s doing especially with Cohn? Many other questions-DACA amnesty? Something does seem wrong. We had better get it straightened out. I am thinking no one showing up at the rally would certainly be one way to get his attention. Tell him, instead, it’s time for a talk.
    If what Dr.Pieczenik surmise s is true. Best to get it dealt with now.

  26. […] the State Department and fears that Donald Trump used his supporters to win the election and then throws them away: „Remember in the world of HUMINT, nothing is an accident. So if these seemingly separate […]

  27. Chia Cha

    This respected gentleman should be president, if you ask me, every word there I can sign. He also have video about respected Dr. P.–EaE64

  28. Chia Cha

    I am telling you, this cannot end up well. It is beginning. Let s look what those two aztec judges decided in their “decision”. Namely, Judge Orlando Luis Garcia and Judge Xavier Rodriguez … I think that mexicans cannot be americans, because they are mexicans on both sides of Rio Grande. Maybe on Hawaii they can, because of ocean.

  29. Fivi.Zogbi

    Pieczenik spoke out today about the obscenity of the self-anointed “psych” experts who’ve labelled Trump dangerous by way of being mentally ill. They missed the mark in all areas and their boomerang brought the desciptor of “mentally ill” back on themselves. I cannot conceive of normal verbiage to describe them. Thank you SP for speaking out on Alex Jones show Sunday.

  30. Patriarch

    The War Party will never give up until they are banishec into the wilderness. Tear will be on nuclear holocaust day.

    O’Reilly is insignificant in history. He was a poor boy, who got very rich, with much timing & luck.

    He played Ailes’ “catch me if you can” con game & got caught
    His wife knew years ago what he was…what he still is – Vengeful, spiteful & pathologically narcissistic.

    His bully father made him in his own image.
    Who cares?

    This is far more important.

    Trump is a coward & has no endurance for criticism, or he would have stayed married to his first wife.

    He will never win a second term, & might not even finish this one.
    His motive is personal aggrandizement, not patriotic.

  31. The Truth

    Are you following this and is it relevant to what you are describing?

    MYSTERY: Did Berkeley police fire stun grenades at Trump supporters, instigate clash?

    1. Chia Cha

      Cernovich is USMILealks. 🙂

  32. Chia Cha

    Comrade Corbyn announced in election campaign, that if company owner is going to sold or close his company, then workers working in that company would be able to buy it, if they choose to. (with financial support, of course from government). 17:36

  33. Sasho Shashev

    Some Russians political observers predicted Trump as president over 2 months before the election; according to them, Donald was chosen by the Globalists to restructure America for the incoming multi-polar world where the financial center of the world is moving from UK to China; the biggest fight is between Trump and the American Elite who wants to continue the Uni-Polar World of the American dominance; Donald has to get rid of the most powerful people in the Army and Intelligence who support the Uni-Polar World; Most rockets in Syria were meant to not reach their targets to show the American Generals the Army is not ready for a war against Russia; North Korea is an Experiment of the Globalists for decades; that is why Dr. Steve P. was not allowed to take North Korea down; South Korean Industrial Miracle was funded by US; the big noise about North Korea is just to distract the attention from Syria; International Terrorism does not exist; this are all operations carried by special serves men who work for the Globalists to force US, Russia, Germany, UK, France into new IALTA Agreement for the next 50 years; Only Putin is allowed by the Globalists to create a Concept and carry it out; Trump and Merkel are not allowed to have even a strategy, they can choose only the Tactics; everything is a big Theater; all this information is available in Russian language on UTUBE videos; some of the Russians who dared to post these videos were mysteriously killed or their wives died in strange circumstances; I have been comparing those videos to the interviews of our dear Dr. Steve P. over the last few months and was waiting for Dr. Steve P. to start noticing his mistaken trust in Trump; however, I keep in mind Dr. Steve P. is extremely smart by his own and you never know what game he plays; that is why you can trust nobody; we can only comment on different points of view; nevertheless, I like to watch Dr. Steve P. in his videos; Good luck to all good people!

    1. Chia Cha

      No new Yalta, eh eh he, it is old Yalta, just, now it is going to be finally enforced. But you should look carefully, because it is document signed by west with east, and Ottoman Empire and Yuan Empire are only sovereign countries of East, main patriarch is in Istanbul and he is slave of Ottoman Sultan, therefore what borders are going to be of Moscow vassal Khanate toward their masters, is question between Ottoman Empire and Yuan Empire. HA HA HA. If you like your multi polar world, you can keep your multipolar world. Material evidence for Yalta is US-Japan defence agreement not valid over Kuril islands (even Japan is not recognising Russian conducted liberation of those islands in 1945).

  34. Chia Cha

    Turks are polishing swords in Bosnia, we need to move muslims to Serbia and they must be protected there by Ottomans. Borders are borders. Multi polar world must start.

  35. vickey

    I don’t think you’re “wrong” Dr. Pieczenik – if you’re wrong then so am I – as I cannot ignore my own observations about Donald Trump. It was “Crooked Hillary” throughout his entire campaign – then, after he won we heard, “The Clinton’s are good people … I don’t want to hurt them …” and more recent is his public support of Jeff Sessions going after Assange and Wikileaks, and other news outlets after that – a direct betrayal to his voters who I believe, are grateful for the bravery and truth Julian Assange helped deliver to us. I had not voted for many years but decided to vote in 2016, thinking it would make a difference. While I could not vote for Hillary Clinton in good conscious because of her dishonesty and crimes, I hesitated voting for Trump because I saw numerous examples of his hypocritical nature – but he seemed better than her. I was a fool to support Donald Trump who has been showing that he has turned on his voters – and those who helped him get elected, such as Wikileaks. Perhaps he is being drugged and controlled, as some have stated and perhaps he has been replaced with a replicant/clone that Rudy Guiliani stated look just like the real thing that he couldn’t tell them apart. Strange times we live in.

    I think you’re analysis is accurate – I’ve followed you and appreciate your intelligence and courage – and I appreciate you referring to them as “Vultures” – the insignia bird of the USA that preys on the weak – Like the IRS goes after the common man and leaves corporate America alone, Julian Assange is in no position to run and hide as they swoop in for the kill – while Hillary Clinton walks freely among us. There is no “liberty and justice for all” – that’s just a line of BS to brainwash us into fake loyalties built on an illusion.

  36. This is all distraction. If people operate under the consideration of the other group with a stack of files on the desk as was the case in the 1990s, this much distraction is adjusted to. It is an attempt to shift revolutionaries to being reactionaries.

    The key matter is what it always has been. What is the thing that ensures US sovereignty? The US nuclear arsenal and prospect of MAD. This is the greatest hindrance of globalism, the removal of which is the greatest prize. The splitting of key codes not in two, but in three. One portion at the top, one portion at the bottom, and one portion at the UN under the control of the predecessor as an employee of the UN and former Chief US Representative.

    This is what a mad strike on Syria was about, the next lower thing to nuclear in Afghanistan, the escalation with North Korea, China, and Russia. A US madman, insert any name, ready to throw the world into the big one. You have the profile on the current name filling the blank. And he likes to make deals, make him a better offer.

    The hope is to place the US into a position where it has only conventional forces, and has to seek authorization from a world body for anything greater. This is old news, along with its nemesis. Wars are fought with elites playing both sides, mass against mass. But elites, when they are not setting things in motion, target their counterparts, while the heads of the elites remain in the obscure.

    It reminds me of a story of an old civilization of a handful of individuals over a servant group. It ruled over a mass it considered inferior. Technologically, these elites maintained dominance, and thought they were secure in this. The lesser civilization utilized aspects of lesser grade technology to kept their capabilities and growth in obscurity, hiding the greater portion of its larger than anticipated or visible civilization, on the one hand, and it prepared to dispatch with the elites up and close from the inside should the need arise. The elites pushed their hand, and unknowingly were slated for extermination, such that they were within the hour of being dispatched. One of the elites, a bit more balanced, recognized the danger of a god complex of the others and of the plan against them. This elite arranged for the dispatching to be ceased once the lesser civilization was in control, and the elites were absorbed into the population, resetting the clock. This would begin anew until such a time the elites learned from their mistakes and their descendants that had natural tendencies toward emulsification either learned to curb their tendencies of oppression, or until they proved themselves unwilling and unable to be the more than just successors of the same old civilization. Part of a plan to provide for different outcomes than those through the course of natural events left to themselves.


    Our Lady’s Peace Plan, Over Atheistic Communism…Family Rosary
    The Triumph of Mary Begins

    Trump cannot do it alone people

    1. Chia Cha

      Yea this turn of 180 concerning Assange and Clinton is little bit synthetic, Mnuchin is smiling always next to him, and seems they are best buddies while visiting factories. 😀 Maybe it could end good. This time I believe heads of pedophilles could end up on pikes in memory of noble Saint Vlad the Impaler and his campaign toward ottoman infidels/pedophilles. Obviously God rewarded our saint, because of his good works. St. Vlad moved from orthodox paganism back to Catholicism, and showed rest, how only way to save orthodox people is to put them all of them under ottomans to learn that, God is not liar as he always gives people what they really want.

      1. Chia Cha

        Feasts of our Saint were most illustrious. In accordance with, those who were not able to eat near pikes, throwing up!! Those who refused good works!! Such ended on pikes… Good works are God’s works. God never said word against soldiers.

  38. Chia Cha

    Pedophilles/infidels/muslims/aztecs are laughing at us. Assange have to put papers out about republicans.

  39. Nym

    Dear Dr. Steve,
    My focus is more on why the world’s most knowledgeable shrink is leading us down this path. It smacks a bit of Buzz Feed publishing the Golden Showers dossier after no other reporters could find any proof of its veracity after 6 months.
    I have followed you for considerable time. One day I will feel very good and positive about what you’re saying. And the next will stun me with your turnabout.
    Personally I think your conspiracy thought is ridiculous. It’s not ridiculous that there are a thousand conspirers out there, but it’s far more likely that any Anti-Trumper with clout is searching fervently on how to crush the most vocal Trump-lovers.
    The Fox News “plot” has been in the works for years by the Murdoch boys. Papa has now put Fox in their hands. The old guys have not grasped the new rules that you can’t admire a woman’s looks or you’ll get socked with a snowflake years from now. Hey, we used to be flattered when the construction boys whistled at us!
    Alex’ wife has been unhappy for years. Hotshot progressive lawyer?
    Bannon we really don’t know what’s up. He’s still there.

    One thing consistently reveals itself to me about Trump. He gives people enough rope to weave before hanging themselves. All the while his little ‘twits’ control the narrative. A solid month on “wire tapp” and how wrong Trump was. In the meantime congress looks to see who exposed names, and Trump meets with all the leaders of the Middle East without fanfare.
    Poll just out- 96% of Trump voters say they made the right decision.

    Trump’s counting on the continued support of his MAGAs despite his out of the expected maneuvers. #1. Make TPTB globalists sure he’s on their side. That makes it safer for him and his family. He has to change the world slowly by their own hands. He’s giving them all rope. Their faux confidence will do themselves in eventually,
    “The Art of the Deal” is patient and brilliant. Trump is not just dealing with specific egotists to build a hotel anymore; he’s dealing with a world of egotists to build what he promised – and all the while the MSM is reporting suspicious opinions of each step he takes.

    Dr. Steve, as I read down these comments, I see that you are fomenting and agitating a new We’ve-Been-Duped crowd. Is that really your job toward peace? Why not channel the anger toward those who have proven to us over the years that we needed a Trump?

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