Confused yet Hopeful for Independence Day!

Confused yet Hopeful for Independence Day!

On This July 2,2016, I Feel Confused But Hopeful!

Such recent events inspired me to write today:

  • AG Loretta Lynch met secretly with Bill Clinton in Arizona but claims the meeting was fortuitous.
  • AG Loretta Lynch vowed she will follow the FBI recommendations on Hillary’s emails.
  • Transgender individuals are officially accepted into the US Military.
  • The US Military has made an agreement with Russia to destroy ISIS and help Syrian President Bashar Assad.
  • Obama assures USA that ISIS is being destroyed on the ground.
  • ISIS activities have increased in Turkey, Europe and the Middle East.
  • Orlando shootings are described in detail without evidence of dead bodies, blood,or any carnage? In contrast, watch the recent attack on Ataturk Airport,Turkey.

What is wrong with this picture?


Everything and nothing.

Our country has finally entered Rod Serling’s “Twilight Zone”. Reality has been supplanted by bizarre, trivial events that seem to have the same impact as major cataclysms.

Obama has accomplished what no other CIA operative has been able to do: continue a running narrative without any points in reality.

While hundreds of innocent travelers were slaughtered in Ataturk airport, Obama declared “The Stonewall Inn”, a gay bar in Greenwich Village, a U.S. National Monument.

About the same time, Obama and Kerry were completely perplexed by the implications of Brexit. Despite the fact that they have access to over 16 different intelligence services at a cost of trillions of taxpayer dollars, neither one of the two understood what Brexit or the fall of EU would mean for the USA.

I must admit that at one point in this past week, I was at my wit’s end to make sense of a WH/USG that had no clue as to what was happening in this country regarding our own domestic welfare and national security.This mulatto entourage of presumed leaders, Obama, Loretta Lynch and others, have proven to be inept,ignorant and maladroit.

I am trying to be polite.

Yet, when a gay bar carries the same gravitas as the unravelling of the EU, then reality has descended into the world of the Mad Hatter. When transgender identity is as important as the lack of overseas military strategy, then we have lost a military for which many of us had fought for and in. Obama has literally transformed American reality into a ethereal gauze of self-referential concerns that allowed him to ascend the presidency.

By now, it should be obvious to most Americans that Obama has been a closeted gay man since his adolescence and refuses to admit what is quite apparent in his actions.That he is gay does not bother me.That he has had to lie on almost everything that he has done borders on becoming an American Tragedy.

Obama is both incompetent and quite disturbed.That is the conclusion one must come to after the endless series of false flags, lies, and deceptions.Obama/CIA has allowed/forced the DOJ, Secret Service, MI, and other branches of our USG to collude with their deceptions; to me that borders on treason and tyranny.


Obama’s handpicked his Senatorial colleagues—Biden, Kerry—both of whom have performed a great disservice to our country for having sought their personal political gain over the welfare of the state.As for our military, it has been castrated from the very top down to the very lowest non-com soldier. We have become a cartoon of our wishful self, repeating meaningless words of allegiance to a Republic which has no concern for its people.

I can say of our newly self-anointed tyrant that he is like Julius Caesar a queen to all men; and a man to all queens [male primarily].

Hail to the waning Caesar!

As for me, I will retire to my commentaries and seek some respite from his contrived absurdities.

In the meanwhile I will quote from Juvenal, “Tenth Satire,” Ii.78-82:

“Long since, because we can sell our votes to no one, 

We have thrown off our cares; those who once bestowed

Rule, the fasces, legions, everything, now refrain,

And hunger for only two things;

Bread and circus.”  

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27 thoughts on “Confused yet Hopeful for Independence Day!

  1. Iggy A

    I’m going out on a limb (as I did a comment on the old site): If Trump wins the presidency, they’ll have Impeachment in full swing before the end of his first year in office…

    That is the only thing I can come up with to explain several things that make no sense…

    At this point in an election cycle, if the Democrat nominee is locked up, that candidate is supposed to be diving to the Center – after having begun the campaign by inspiring the base — (which Sanders provided this go around). — The media is supposed to be preaching ad nauseum how “moderate” the Democrat nominee is as well as how evil the Republican counter-part.

    In short, by now, they are supposed to be doing everything in their power to —- bury any baggage connected to the Democrat nominee…

    …The most assuredly aren’t supposed to be doing things — guaranteed to piss off much of Middle America…

    Like Dukakis in his tank commander photo op, Hillary is supposed to have the media portraying her as GI Jane…

    …Instead, we have Obama announcing GI Joesphenes —- who will get medical priority in re-arranging their genitalia —- just a few days before the 4th of July…!!! of all things…!

    Don’t Lynch and Clinton have Skype? Cell phones? — They had to have such a shocking meeting? And have the FBI warning the press not to touch it – knowing full well the meeting and that order would leak…? And they do this days before the FBI is supposed to interrogate Hillary…? And they schedule that interview on the weekend of the 4th too?

    —- Transexuals in the military —- You’re going to pay for it with your tax dollars — and – oh – by the way – you know that whole Breach of National Security thing Hillary is embroiled in? Well, we’re gonna have a massive non-photo op with Bill “secretly” meeting with the head of the DOJ just before all this happens — Have a Happy 4th of July, American bumpkins…!!!

    Did they need to bring in the Refugees in an election year? Encourage illegals to flood in? Make several bold moves to destroy the military as it’s been know?

    Why are they doing so many things that were bound to cause so much anger across the nation…? IN AN ELECTION YEAR…!!

    Prime the pump….

    Trump has a fair chance to beat Hillary.

    He has far less a chance to win against Impeachment in the House or removal from office in the Senate…

    Andrew Jackson won re-election and was inaugurated again in March 1833.

    In Sep of that year, he took a shotgun to the 2nd Bank of America by withdrawing funds.

    By March of 1834, he wasn’t impeached but was censured by Congress.

    In March 1968, the Vietnam War and massive social upheaval drove Johnson from seeking a 2nd term and destroyed the Democrat convention in Chicago later that year. That allowed the “much hated” Richard Nixon to finally win the White House.

    In August 1971, he took the $ off the Gold Standard and created what is known as The Nixon Shock.

    He won re-election in late 1972. This “much despised” politician carried every state in the Union but one.

    By mid-August 1973, he was forced to resign…

    Why are the Dems making so many individual moves that they must know will be highly unpopular among Swing Voters — as we move into the heart of a presidential election cycle?

    Why are they not portraying Hillary as a Centrist and the Dems as the only reasonable choice?

    My money is on the fact Trump has virtually no support among establishment Republicans.

    Will it be easier to win the necessary 2/3rds majority in the Senate to remove him from office after Impeachment than to defeat him in a general election….?

    I’d have to say “Yes” right now.

    Creating an Outrage Bubble they can pop after he enters the White House sounds like a good tactic to prepare for a potential Hillary defeat at the hands of an outsider like Trump…

    The bonus is — if they can create Chaos in America by proving they can over-power the will of voters by yanking whoever they want out of the White House — and cause open revolt in the military —– the eventual Order restored might have the 1st and 2nd Amendment as full fledged causalities…

    If I see a few more incredibly brazen items pop up in the coming weeks, I’ve got to put my money on this idea of prepping for Impeachment…

    1. wow, thanks for your comments, need to read more than once.

      1. Iggy A

        I just came over here to ask you a question, because I’m getting the crap beat out of me in other threads elsewhere.

        I imagine you have a lot of experience with Order out of Chaos theory – or at least the Chaos part – since you’ve been part of Regime Change operations in multiple nations.

        Why would it be so hard for people who’ve heard of the Order out of Chaos idea — who know governments have been employing it for over a hundred years at least to disrupt the current balance of power — Why would people who know this history —- find it so hard to believe it might be put into play inside the United States against a threat like Trump…?

        Does the concept of Order out of Chaos not offer a possible explanation for so many of the things the Establishment has been doing recently that seems so insane running up to an election for president?

        I’m far from convinced I’m right. But this seems like a fairly reasonable interpretation of what they could have in mind…

        1. Iggy A

          I can think of alternative reasons for each of the things we’ve seen the Left establishment do in recent months that were sure to make Middle America angry.

          I can’t think of an alternative idea that might tie them altogether.

          Order out of Chaos is an old concept. You have to create Chaos first to put it into play… We’ve never witnessed a nominee like Trump before – so despised already by his own party in Congress…

          …They have been preparing for Chaos since at least 2008 when they themselves tell us we almost fell into a 2nd, even worse Great Depression.

          If they stand a reasonable chance of Hillary losing and Trump winning – what is Plan B…?

          We have an old tried-and-true tactical blueprint sitting on the shelf.

          Why is it unthinkable they’d use it on Middle America…?

          1. Iggy A

            Perhaps a better, shorter question to ask you would be:

            If you were an operative sent into America in the face of a possible Trump election, would you be doing some of the things we have been witnessing from the Establishment this election cycle?

            Causing major discord within the military would be high on the top of my list…

  2. You got it right. There are other things at top of list but I will let you think about it. Not at liberty to say. Thanks for your support.

    1. Iggy A

      Thanks. For outsiders, it seemed a reasonable guess based on items available in public domain… I’ll probably post a few here to indicate what I have in mind. If you deconstruct the events and pattern, there is at least one concept that suggests an explanation…

      How many times have we seen something roughly similar play out elsewhere…

  3. Iggy A…

    We’ve known forever they want to end the 2nd Amendment. We can no longer deny that they want want to eradicate the 1st Amendment as well.

    What institution do we have left that is most likely to offer the strongest resistance to the America they want to create?

    “Statebuilding 3.0 is now being “field-tested” through the surge in Iraq. This new model seeks to build legitimacy for new states by providing security and essential public services to their populations. It rests on social contract theory, and its core tenet that legitimacy follows from providing effectively for the basic needs of citizens.”

    Rahm Emanuel said the above in 2008 when they tell us the nation faced a 2nd Great Depression – that would be worse from than the first.

    We all see what is going on in Venezuela.

    They have been prepping for possible chaos across America ever since.

    How many times have operatives sought to destabilize the military and/or palace guards of other nations as part of a Regime Change effort…?

    The fact the Establishment is doing insane things does not mean they are insane/irrational.

    Is there a purpose to their madness…?

    If we look at how many of the same people in government today approved destabilization efforts in other countries in the hope of building something new that was not possible (seemingly) by other means —- does it not start to make sense what Obama and others are doing….?

    1. Iggy A

      Of course, if Hillary manages to win, they don’t have to pop the Outrage Bubble and can keep pushing along. We all see how freaked out the Establishment is about Trump. From Republicans in office to George Will to national leaders in Europe… Those people will most certainly be thinking about a Plan B for if Hillary loses…

      The woman has so much baggage on her already, there is far less damage to be done to her if they choose a Divide and Conquer, Order out of Chaos route to maintaining power.

    2. Iggy A

      That’s the link to the Rahm Emanuel quote about how crisis allows opportunity to do things you couldn’t accomplish before.

      1. Chia Cha

        your links which are shortened maybe by site does not work, they are too short

        1. Chia Cha

          links on 2nd amandment and statebuilding 3.0

          1. Iggy A

            It’s an abstract for an article you’d have to purchase anyway…

  4. Iggy A

    That’s a review of events in Guatemala in the early 1950s. I’m just 1/3rd of the way through it, but I already see what I’m talking about in general in it:

    New Regime or Potential New Regime threatens the status quo – not just by the mechanisms of raw power it has in the Constitution or government office – but also by influence within key social institutions: Academia, Press, Military, Industry, Labor, Finance, Entertainment, and so on…

    So, those in favor of the Status Quo agitate in one or more institutions against the Leader of Change. — If neither can dominate the other outright, the result is often —- increased Agitation which spreads out into the population.

    The more agitation you can inflate, the more likely it will descend into Chaos. — Then you can hope enough citizens get so fatigued with the Chaos, they’ll accept whatever seems effective in ending it…

    Convicting Trump of some trumped up charges in the Senate doesn’t look like it’d be too difficult. — But it would anger Middle America and any institutions that might support him (which seems like only the Military and X% of the citizens who end up voting for him).

    How might we avoid that, if we’re playing the game?

    Divide and Conquer within the military and between the military and people….
    Make the nation fatigued with Trump Derangement Syndrome… Agitate, agitate, agitate… Make them so tired of having to deal with constant conflict – making us look like a banana republic – enough people will be happy just to see him go – regardless of the Truth of the Matter…

    Do readers remember what happened to Newt Gingrich after he dared lead the Republicans into victory in the House after 40 years of Democrat domination….?

    They made the man and Republican party so shell-shocked — through their domination in key social institutions – the man resigned himself…

    Trump threatens the current Status Quo much more than Gingrich did, and they went Total War against him until it succeeded…

  5. Iggy A

    Meyer said “the platform rightfully denounces statements that seeks to criminalize migrants and minority populations.”

    The 2016 document contrasts sharply with the 2012 version, which also touted the need for comprehensive immigration reform, but stated that undocumented immigrants should “get right with the law, learn English, and pay taxes in order to get on a path to earn citizenship,” language unpopular with Hispanic and immigrant rights groups.

    — Is the Hispanic vote threatened — by a man preaching building a wall…? Really…?

    Hispanic vote:
    71% Obama – 27% Romney
    67% Obama – 31% McCain
    62% Gore – 35% Bush
    58% Kerry – 40% Bush
    62% Dole – 35% Bush
    72% Clinton – 21% Dole
    61% Clinton – 25% Bush Sr.

    — Does Hillary need to change the party platform like this in order to enhance her position with Hispanics —- against a guy the entire Establishment is calling a “racist” – including Republicans – because he wants to build a wall and says he’ll deport millions of illegals…?

    Seriously… I’m supposed to buy that Hillary can’t possibly — Dive to the Center — on immigration — because she’ll lose Hispanic votes Obama got under the old platform in which he more than doubled Romney…?

    What percentage of Middle American Swing Voters does she stand to lose given these new platform change? What percentage of Hispanic votes is she going to gain?

    Am I just stupid…?

    Am I the only one that finds it preposterous that the Dems did this thinking they had to in order to secure enough Hispanic votes — against The Wall Builder…??? The Deporter in Chief…??? — Come on, people…. They can’t be serious….

    And instead of chalking this up to incompetence — might there by an alternative motivation for making this move guaranteed to anger Swing Voters in Middle America…?

    Obama recently withdrew the requirement that a new citizen must swear allegiance to the United States… — As an isolated item, maybe I could think Obama is trying to torpedo Hillary’s chances — or is just too narcissistic to care about harming her chances…

    …but this is not the only thing that is coming out of the Left that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense….

    ….unless they are trying to anger Middle America….

    …unless they want to energize both bases — and fence sitters – and turn this election into a Cage Match – right up to and beyond the inauguration…

    Trump is the most vulnerable candidate to future impeachment in history I can think of – because his own party would gladly vote against him.

    As a Fall Back Plan, it could make sense out of why the Establishment has decided to energize both sides, in order to increase turnout, and let the chips fall where they may — because the people might be so tired and shell-shocked by the time Trump gets into office – they’ll have less fight in them if Impeachment comes…

    And if Hillary manages to win? It will demoralize Centrist Americans who became so energized with anger against the Left…

    1. Iggy A

      We can think back to poor Joe the Plumber…

      At a time when black entertainers were telling their listeners, “Shut your mouth! Don’t spoil this!”…….poor Joe the Plumber accidentally cracked the “Moderate Obama” facade —- and they rained holy Hades down on him…. That was how desperately the Establishment thought they needed to avoid — Agitation — in order to win the highly important Swing Votes… That is more the norm than the exception in presidential election cycles for the Democrats… Energize the base early – win over Swing Voters once the nomination has been locked up by being “Moderate”.

      Obviously, that playbook is out the window this year…

      Why? – A possible reason is that they want the nation so worn out by the middle of 2017 — we won’t have enough fight leftover to hurt them if Trump wins and they impeach him….

      Not having to worry about looking Moderate also frees Obama to destroy the military before he leaves office… In fact, doing that helps the plan, because the Military is the only social institution that is staunchly against what the Left is doing to the nation and somewhat against Globalists…

      — The flaw in this idea is —- impeaching Trump might be a win for the Establishment but not for Hillary…

      The calculation then becomes — How much might Hillary and the Establishment gain against Trump if they do the usual — “She’s a Centrist. She’s actually down right Conservative. She Unites America”….?

      How much might she gain if she turns it into a Total War — Flying the Progressive flag fiercely and pitting Hillary’s polarizing ideas and baggage up against Trump’s…?

      Which seems like the best bet for the Power Players behind the scenes who have the real muscle…?

      In short, it might not be all Hillary’s choice… And she is the most openly-flawed candidate they’ve put out in a long time…

      1. Iggy A

        Whatever the case —- The Left’s Establishment is not doing what they normally do by this time. They are not trying to avoid moves that polarizes the vote and alienates Swing Voters…


        1. Chia Cha

          I will tell you why, if they do polarisation, it would end up in real polarisation, and that is class polarisation because concept of middle class is now abandoned, (no fear from USSR) therefore such polarisation is non allowed…

          1. Iggy A

            I agree polarization could be the aim but not for the reasons you’ve listed. The Cold War has been over for a long time.

            In fact, the most common theme for the Dems in presidential elections is to energize their Leftist base at the start, then once the nomination is locked up by one candidate, they and the media portray the candidate as a Moderate – a Centrist – because the Swing Voters are the most important. At least that’s what they’ve always said.

            The most unusual thing about this election is that Trump has virtually no support among members of Congress.

            That opens a door for the Establishment. If they have enough Republican Senators who’ll vote against him, they could impeach Trump pretty much any time they wanted. “Misdemeanors” is not a scary word…

            But if they do that – in a normal year – the millions of people who voted for Trump would become hopping mad…. very.

            Elements of the military might possibly even get involved…

            How could the Establishment prepare for that?

            Fracture the military and exhaust the nation…

  6. Iggy A

    One good thing about this guess, we only have to wake a couple of weeks to see how the Conventions go… If neither turn out like Chicago in 68, I’ve most likely barked up the wrong tree…

    …But it will still leave a highly interesting question on the table: Why are multiple big names on the Left doing so many things that were bound to look very bad to Swing Voters in an election year…?

    1. Chia Cha

      or maybe because swing voters does not exist… again middle class is politically not needed any more (no fear from spreading of violent class socialist revolution, because of victory in cold war)

      1. Iggy A

        There are plenty of swing voters.

  7. Iggy A

    President Johnson is something I know nothing about…

    A couple of key items I noted in reading the Wikipedia page:

    He had the Military against him or at least its top leader. He apparently had the Press against him. — Most importantly, he turned his party’s members in Congress against him.

    He avoided the high 2/3rds majority defeat in the Senate by — 1 Vote.

    On another site, I got kicked in the teeth a lot yesterday by a couple of people saying there would be zero reason to Impeach Trump. — One thing I remember from Clinton’s Impeachment, the experts on TV said once the Impeachment process got rolling, it was far more about Politics than the Law.

    That is probably where Trump is most vulnerable…

    He has to find a way to wed enough of the Republicans in Congress – or at least the Senate – to him…

    Johnson unexpectedly switched course, rejecting the Radicals. Within six weeks of taking office, Johnson had offered proclamations of general amnesty for most former Confederates, and his initially stricter plans for high-ranking government and military officers quickly dissolved. Johnson also vetoed legislation that extended civil rights and financial support for the former slaves. Congress was able to override only a few of his vetoes, setting the stage for a confrontation between Congress and the president.[4]

    In August and September 1866, Johnson destroyed his own political support on a speaking tour of Northern states that became known as the Swing Around the Circle. Meant to establish a coalition of voters who would support Johnson in the upcoming midterm congressional elections, the tour instead destroyed his reputation when reports of his undisciplined, vitriolic speeches and ill-advised confrontations with hecklers swept the nation. Contrary to Johnson’s hopes, the midterm elections led to veto-proof Republican majorities in Congress. The Radicals were not only able to pass civil rights legislation, but wrestled control of Reconstruction from the president and took the reins themselves by carving the old Confederacy into five military districts.

  8. I cannot display false pride. Until this nation gets back on track, I cannot celebrate a false paradigm. There is no independence it’s just an illusion created by the rulers of the world, the bankster and corporations. There are no nations, no people, no sovereignty, just money, greed, criminality, and corruption.

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