Comey Continues in a Long Line of Corruption

Comey Continues in a Long Line of Corruption

Director of FBI, James Comey, Continues the Honorable Tradition of the Dishonorable FBI/Department of Justice!

From the very beginning of FBI history, there has been a terrible stench of corruption, cowardliness, and treason. J Edgar Hoover, the obsessive cross dresser and American Rasputin, was so severely compromised by the Jewish/Italian mob that he had to routinely pay off his racetrack debts to, none other, than the distinguished Italian gentleman, Frank “Crime Boss” Costello.

Unlike the polymath Frank Costello:bootlegger, businessman,assassin,racketeer; James Brien “Jim” Comey is just a lawyer who went to the prestigious College of William and Mary and the University of Chicago. However, Comey became entangled into a spider’s web of conflicts and financial chicanery that would have made even Costello envious.


Comey served on the board of directors of the infamous  bank, HSBC [Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Canton] an international drug money clearing house which is closely connected to the Clinton Foundation.

  • Clinton Foundation received up to $81 million from clients of HSBC.
  • HSBC was involved in the British Libor scandal while Comey was at the FBI. [21st Century Wire].
  • HSBC laundered countless billions of dollars for the international drug and narcotic trafficking cartels.

Unlike the highly educated Comey; Costello who believed correctly that “no one gives it to you.. you have to take it. Non serviam”– only received a third grade education. He could only rely on the untutored skills of Meyer Lansky, Lucky Luciano, and Bugsy Siegel.

In contrast,Comey started to make important connections in both the Democratic/Republican parties early in his career. Under Bush Jr, Comey was the deputy attorney general in the Justice Department during another scandalous period of time [FBI involved in false flags 9/11].There, Comey dealt with the person whom I have written about in the past—Bill Clinton’s private courier, Sandy Berger J.D. You might remember that he was the moron who stole the classified papers in 2004 from the National Archives in order conceal the Clinton Administration’s cover-up of 9/11 involvement.

Sandy, never a very bright Cornellian, tore up the classified paper knowing fully well that his actions constituted a felony of the highest order.  Yet, once again, Comey allowed the potential felon to escape on a ‘misdemeanor’ charge and serve only 100 hours of civil service in order to avoid prison sentencing.

Do we recognize a pattern yet?

Remember General Petraeus, the double felon?Now there is Hillary, our inveterate felon? They were all adjudicated by Comey as ‘misdemeanors’, serving no prison time at all. Let’s compare this to the unfortunate Costello, who served prison time for a number of minor charges like possession of a gun and extortion.


Now back to our FBI Director Comey, who had direct and indirect access to the Clintons and the Clinton Foundations. He, Sandy Berger, Loretta Lynch [AG] and Cheryl Mills [Hillary’s Chief of Staff], all worked for the prestigious Washington DC law firm: Hogan & Hartson. Clinton’s tax returns were prepared by this law firm. Even more interesting, this law firm also did the patent work for a software company that played a major role in Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. Remember Denver-based MX Logic Inc.? That was the same software company that developed the email encryption system that managed Clinton’s email beginning in July 2013.


Comey also let a corrupt accounting firm avoid felony charges for developing criminal tax shelters. I had encountered this ignoble accounting firm, KPMG, when they were destroying S&L’s in the 1980’s such as the Maryland Savings and Loan. Remember that this crisis was started by the infamous Bush Family with Neil Bush’s Silverado Bank in Colorado.

Amazing circle of acquaintances! Loretta Lynch and Comey worked at the same law firm. Comey is as crooked as the gangsters he is ostensibly supposed to prosecute.If you actually believe that Hillary and her compatriots have a modicum of concern for this great country, you are terribly mistaken. Four more years of Obama/Clinton would be the nail in the coffin for America as we love it. America cannot continue to fund these thugs.

At least with Costello, I knew how to appreciate his talents but I didn’t have to fund him with my tax dollars. It’s different with our FBI, DOJ and POTUSs—they are the biggest con artists we have ever had.We can’t afford them anymore.


As Frank Costello so aptly said:

“I don’t want to be a product of my environment. I want the environment to be a product of me.”


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  1. Cha Chia

    Anglo-Saxon mafia, the biggest, the strongest. They rule. American cowboy western movies are pure celebration of genocide and holocaust over American Indians, I think only people (include me in to people) who did not like those movies very much, are them, that Anglo-Saxon mafia, they did not like to see them self so openly in mirror. Evil people liked westerns of course. Hey you had to put flag on land you took, while riding horse. Yes great, but did you know other cowboy waited in bush to shoot you and take your flag.

  2. Full Duke

    I must take issue with that generalization, “Evil people like Westerns?” Now who is projecting after gazing “so openly in the mirror?” Maybe you are talking about the Peckinpah franchise, e.g. The Wild Bunch.

    And by “Anglo-Saxon,” are you primarily referring to the Brits who constantly game the “Nation of Brawn and might (U.S.)” and utilize our strengths for the ambitions of their blue-blooded, “superior intellect?”

    1. ChiaChia

      For me evil = dumb, you are evil when you dumb. Even kids like westerns, they are created in a way that even kids are going to like them. We as kids under communists played cowboys and indians, and cowboys were neutral. That is power of propaganda. Anglo-Saxons, WASP, in USA are mixture of English (who are them self Anglo-Saxon, Norman (Viking), Celtic), and Germans (but those German who does not feel connected to Germany any more), real white americans are mixture of English and Germans… Irish like Kennedy they listen Pope and are not for collective mafia leadership. 🙂 They want kings.
      That mafia is you… The USA :))

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