Clinton’s Coup in Broad Daylight!

Clinton’s Coup in Broad Daylight!

The Clintons just Implemented a Coup in America!
Usually a coup d’etat, the overthrow of a government by illegal means, is executed by a military force. However, in this particular case, the Clintons have implemented a de facto coup by refusing to abide by any written or implied US laws.

She and her co-conspirators have:

[1] obstructed justice

[2] committed perjury

[3] destroyed any incriminating evidence

[4] have absconded with countless millions of dollars

[5] killed any noisome individuals.


Hillary alone has violated the following law: Per 18 USC Ch.101, field-end-cite: Records and Reports:

“Whoever willfully conceals, removes, obliterated, falsifies, destroys records, proceedings, map , book, document, paper…. Shall forfeit  his/her office and be disqualified from holding any office under the USG…. Shall be fined… or imprisoned not more than three years or both…”
As I have previously written, Hillary, James Comey, Loretta Lynch and many others are guilty of violating the letter and intent of our federal laws. This is, of course, contrary to what the corrupt FBI Director James Comey dribbled after his non-incriminating interview with Hillary and her lovers:Cheryl Mills and Uma Abedin. The galling part of this coup is that despite the vehement protests of those of us who recognize her criminal activities; she continues to corrupt our legal/civil systems irrespective of the public outcry.

HRC does not care what the American public has to say. She presumes that she has won the office of the Presidency without having to campaign or solicit votes. She is completely indifferent to the wishes of the American public that is crying out, “Foul Play!”


The mainstream press, national security officers and police officials have enabled her to enact a blatant coup of our USG in broad daylight. At any other time or other country, an army would have assumed power if she had failed to abide by the civil rules/laws of the land.Yet today, our military stands frozen in time and action.

Why do they fear their own formidable power ?Have they been made eunuchs to accept civilian law no matter how corrupt or ineffective it is? The real question awaits her ascendancy onto the throne: can she or will she be impeached?

That’s a question that I think about! Maybe you should too.

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17 thoughts on “Clinton’s Coup in Broad Daylight!

  1. Furtive

    Happy Halloween to AMERIKKA’s FIRST WITCH:

    “And be these juggling fiends no more believ’d,
    That palter with us in a double sense;
    That keep the word of promise to our ear,
    And break it to our hope.”

    Macbeth V, vii, 48-51.

    May 28, 1992.

  2. Chia Cha

    Dr. P. because you live in USA, I believe you have seen US television programs, and you saw TV commercials running there. So why you think of people like they do not watch commercials. Even Alex Jones have commercials. Military is also watching commercials. Commercials inside US are hell on earth, because people believes them. So what difference does it make?

    1. Embrey

      Speaking of a bad commercial

  3. Patriarch


    13% support.

    Only voter fraud can flip this election.

    1. Kurt

      @Patriarch. Voter fraud and, more importantly vote-counting fraud.
      On July 8, 2003, an article was published, by Bev Harris of Black Box Voting, elections investigator and author of Black Box Voting – Ballot Tampering in the 21st Century, stating that Johns Hopkins and Rice University technologists had discovered secret “back doors” in the Diebold GEMS software source code (which accounts for the tabulation of 50% of America’s votes) by which votes could be changed, in real time, by remote, during America’s elections. [ bushstole04 dot com/hackingelections/national_ballot_integrity.htm ]

      Now Harris is talking about GEMS, (Global Election Management System) being able to have final vote percentages for any or all ballot races for all jurisdictions, for all different types of ballots (regular, early, mail, etc.) supplied by one or more voting contractors and, based of all votes being stored as fractions, it will scale the resulting vote distribution to those percents. And, of course, hide the fractional votes. [jonrappoport dot wordpress dot com/2016/11/02/election-fraud-beware-of-early-network-projections-next-tuesday/] [ blackboxvoting dot org/fraction-magic-1/ ]

      Jim Stone has captured and published today under the heading “BUSTED, HERE ARE THE COMPLETE RIGGED ELECTION RESULTS. TRUMP LOSES.” the current FINAL voting results for next week’s election. Hillary is credited with 42% vs. 40 of the popular vote and 342 vs. 195 electoral votes – which is also 42%; such a coincidence!. ( 82 dot 221 dot 129 dot 208/basepaget2.html ) [in each pseudo-link replace each ” dot ” with “.” (no quotes)] Her credit is obviously built on fraud and theft.

      Remember that her own polls taken by Benenson Strategy Group on 9/30, 10/7, and 10/13 showed her firm support falling from 33, 21, to 13% (10% down each week!). (See it at 82 dot 221 dot 129 dot 208/basepageo6.html under the heading RED ALERT: IT IS HAPPENING NOW” as “SEE THIS” (firesign3.gif magnify page 2). ) With the Weiner laptop Clinton email trove having become public since then – courtesy of the NYPD, she’s probably in the lower single digits. Really! Accept nothing more!

      We must stop the use of fractional voting (GEMS) software immediately – because its results can always show she wins 51 to 49.

  4. Chia Cha

    Russian does not have money, economical resources or any will to wage war. Therefore russians are going to wipe any army units near their borders with nukes. Also there will be no war with Germany because there will be no Germany. I do not get how some people are so stupid.

    1. Chia Cha

      You will get war!

  5. Furtive

    TREASON: The new email finds are Benghazi expisees:

  6. Well defined argument. The military stepping in defense of the people against political impropriety would have broad support in this environment. As a matter of fact, an equal share of government branch, 25%, could serve as buffer against political manipulation. In the instance of using the enemies of civilization as a “strategic asset” for example.

  7. Watchman

    After todays events with hillary and Loretta Lynch taking the 5th on the Iran payments, I have a hunch a flase flag event could happen soon.

  8. Douglas Nielson

    Hillary might want to start World War III because she knows she’s dying. She clearly is full of hate. If she’s going to go, she might be nuts enough to want to take everything with her.

  9. BillUK

    I have just been on a National radio phone-in asking if Hillary fit to be POTUS. My main point was she could not get a middle ranking post at a London Law Firm with her CV of 22 scandals, dodgy donations and deletion of 33k emails. For some reason you can run for the top job in the World on a nod and a wink! (or in Bill’s case a wank!)

    1. Yet you approve of Trump?? Indicted for rape, fraud, breaking US trade embargo of Cuba? None of the candidates deserve to be elected, but it’s too late to demand a do-over

  10. Chia Cha

    No no, it very simple, greed of capitalists needs war. Only Clinton can try to become queen and kill them all. Dog that barks does not bite.

  11. Fivi Zogbi

    Dr. Pieczenik: I note that you refer to Carlos Salim as a Mexican. Yes, he lives in Mexico but like all the Arabs in Latin America, he still considers himself an Arab. His grandfather emigrated to Mexico – as so many did from the Palestine, Lebanon, Syria region or any of those under Ottoman rule – and in Mexcio his grandfather changed his name to appear more Mexican. He was Khalil Salim and became Julian Salim. Somewhere along the line, Carlos Salim has become Carlos Slim.

    Many of those from that region were already getting rich by exporting drugs from the SW and Central Asia. Once in Latin American they became even more sinfully rich – at the expense of the Mexicans and the lives of those who became addicted.

    If you analyze the history of any of the middle eastern “Arabs” in Latin America you will find they intermarried with “their own people:” and rarely married outside. Thus they perpetuated their identities as whatever they were before the first father, grandfather or great grandfather emigrated. I am willing to bet you will find that the children, especially the sons, of Carlos Salim have married people from their original villages, perhaps 1st to distant cousins, so they could retain ther Arabism. I also put Arab in quotes, for all those who speak Arabic are not necessarily truly Arabs. It is as though all those who speak English in North American within a few hundred years all become know as English. They’re a heterogeneous group whose ancestors slaughtered one another. That is why killing each other now comes so easily to them.

    However, I wonder if your insights reveal whether the MOSSAD may have been instigators in the so-called Arab Spring using Mizrahi Jews or even some Muslims who were either paid or were threatened. They did not live in relative peace for so long to erupt suddenly without someone first lighting the matches in various areas to set a series of fires.

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