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19 thoughts on “Citizens Get the Government they Deserve! Inform yourself!

  1. Embrey

    When will the west stand up?
    We need to have a western confab INCLUDING RUSSIA, set aside our differences and bring these guys under our submission.
    End of transmission….

  2. Watchmen

    What’s up with the increased Terrorism, I wonder if it has anything to do with the upcoming conventions?

  3. Embrey

    I view the events as unrelated but working towards singularity. Chaos at home. Chaos abroad. I could be wrong. I hope you are wrong because I can be quite a cynical fellow but that thought is more cynical than I want to go.

    1. Chia Cha

      If you have one global economy, political power controling that economy can be only one. We have globalized economy, and full freedom of movement of capital.
      Of course questions is economy globalized in full, for instance financial sector is fully globalized.

      1. Embrey

        Why do you assume the global economy can have only one political power in control?

        1. Chia Cha

          Which makes one economy different then other? Well, set of man made rules (adopted by foce, consenzus or compromise), under which some economy operates…

          If you have global rules, that means there is power of sanctions for breaking rules. If rules are one, then those sanctions for breaking rules are same, othervise rules would be different. Meaning monopoly of power on some territory act same everywhere, if government is monopoly of force on one territory that means, and that force acts same everywhere that is same government. If you have same government everywhere, you have one same government.

          1. Embrey

            IF was your operative word throughout.
            Give concrete examples of your theory.

          2. Embrey

            I do not dispute that your theory is what globalists are attempting. However, you represent your theory as if it has been achieved and that somehow the socialist countries are going to come to the top after that is complete.
            On this we disagree.
            If Serbia’s power is that it can supply 1,000,000 soldiers to Russia then there is no Serbia. There is only Russia.
            You will not find a Russia hater in me. I judge them as a country who, like everybody else who has the might, is doing what is in their self interest.
            If there was one world government and one world rule, why is it that the US and their vassals cannot seem to make Russia and their vassals bend the knee in the Middle East, the Ukraine and elsewhere?

          3. Chia Cha

            no I meant on mental socialism, meaning sharing space among equal, and inner national focus plus of course geography … after any global chaos that is the most important to establish your self again

            globalist do not rule yet, because russia and china wants own rules…
            russian elite is independent and they are going for victory in next world war and they wants global hegemony
            chinese also
            while india will always look it self and only it self, no matter what
            of course everyone in same time tying to survive :))

  4. Watchmen

    President Hollande Extends France’s State of Emergency After Nice Attack, perhaps this + more

  5. Iggy A

    I noticed recently Okinawa has also flared again.

    I could chalk it up to coincidence, but President Obama choosing to name Kim Jong-Un personally in announcing Sanctions for Human Rights Violations pushes me in the other direction.

    Many things have happened during this election cycle in the US thought could have waited. Things that were bound to Agitate. So many that – just considering inside the US – you have to consider it a plan… But one wonders if it doesn’t stretch far beyond that…

    If Germany, as the strongest member of the EU, didn’t want Brexit, couldn’t Merkel have waited until after the vote to announce she wanted millions of Muslims to flood in vis Turkey?

    What compelled Obama to make his Transgenders in the Military announcement before the election? before even the Conventions? on the week of the 4th of July, for Pete’s sake.

    1. Chia Cha

      Germany is not strong, Germany is weak without Russia, they need 3 years to arm them self, that is too much and you can block their resources and trade routes very easily. They are economy depending on others surraunded by everyone. Spain is strongest in EU (with or without Catalonia), they do not care about EU at all, nor they depend on EU, they always are looking Morocco as their space of interest.
      Greece is also strong, because Russia is looking Greece as Eastern-Ortodhox partners. No one can play with Greece unless they sell them self to Russia.
      Sweden is strong, they have socialism, and they kill their politicians very fast if they start to serve particular interest (they also have own king).
      Switzerland is strong, they are in Alps and people are armed.
      Hungary is strong, they now look them self only.
      Bulgaria is strong, no one dares to tell them anything. Serbia is strong because they only can produce 1M soldiers for Russia and they like think about them self.
      France will exist always only because everyone wants to see there one big country going little on continent, to reduce continent, but not too much.
      Everyone else will have problems to keep them self.

  6. Iggy A

    In thinking about how Trump doesn’t have 33 Senators to shield him against Impeachment if he wins, I came across a book The New World Order: An Ancient Plan for Secret Societies.

    I’m just into the first pages, but something struck me in a way I’m sure the author didn’t intend.

    I noticed earlier last week that Nixon took the $ off the Gold Standard in 1971 which caused within the Global Economic Community what is called The Nixon Shock. This did nothing to harm him among the voters, because he won a massive landslide victory in 1972, but he spent 1973 and 74 under the increasing threat of Impeachment.

    In the quote below, you’ll see the author describe an effort at the top levels of the Pentagon to prepare for any outcome if Nixon tried to use the Military to stay in power.

    Now — this was well before Impeachment came to a head. Nixon as President is the commander of US Forces. So, how could his orders be “outside the chain of command” and thus illegal? — Well, if he gave the Secretary of Defense and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff orders — and they refused to follow them — and Nixon tried to go around them – I guess you could call it that.

    The author is describing this as the Secretary of State and Joint Chiefs trying to prepare to stop an unlawful President from using the military… In 1973. Going so far as to seek out commanders who would bring their units to DC to square off any units that showed up following Nixon’s orders…

    I don’t have enough information to come remotely to forming a conclusion, but it sounds to me like people at the top of the military were preparing to make sure Nixon was removed from office just as the effort was building up in Congress and the Press and Entertainment…

    Trump already doesn’t have the support in Congress or the institutions that seek to shape the culture and national will… Obama has been getting rid of military leaders that don’t agree with the Elite’s vision. He just made the Transgender announcement right before the 4th of July to further fracture the one primary institution that has not become dominated by the Left of Center…

    It’s all getting very interesting….


    Secretary of Defense James Schlesinger had taken special measures to protect the military chain of command should illegal orders come from President Nixon.

    …Nevertheless, Defense Department officials said the word went out that no commanders of any forces should carry out orders which came from the White House, or elsewhere, outside the normal military channels.

    Department officials confirmed that Schlesinger and Gen. George S. Brown, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, discussed among themselves how they should be aware of any illegal orders being issued to military units outside the formal chain of command structure.

    Secretary of Defense Schlesinger investigated how quickly the 82nd Airborne Division could be brought to DC from Fort Bragg, North Carolina to counter-balance Marine contingents loyal to Nixon.

    1. Iggy A

      I see where Dr. Pieczenik has mentioned this in passing before:

      I’m just beginning the reading on this, but like I noted in the first post, it strikes me that about a year before Nixon resigns, the man he tapped to first head the CIA and the Defense Department would be coordinating with the Joint Chief of Staff to ignore the President and prepare to call up highly trained units for a possible show of force (and potential clash) if need be to assure Nixon couldn’t count on the military for support…

      I’m going to take it as a given such talks are going on right now concerning a potential Trump election victory.

      The fact Obama spent 3 hours with Black Lives Matter just before what in all likelihood will be bloody Conventions – with unrest in multiple cities – says it all.

    2. Iggy A

      Here is some more about the 1973 period that Rahm Emanuel said was a huge crisis that “we” failed to take advantage of to reshape America that makes today sound like an echo:

      What is certain is that elements of the Left were being pitted against elements of the Right to serve some other purpose. The so-called “Left” was being provoked into stirring up revolt; the so-called “Right” was being pushed into eliminating Constitutional guarantees to quell the disturbances…

      …At the convention, men from Business International Round Tables tried to buy up a few Radicals…The offered to finance our demonstrations in Chicago.

      [When they failed to generate social unrest high enough to warrant chucking the Constitution, then went the defined route of getting enough states to agree to do it and kept it up into the 80s.]

      James MacGregor Burns…of the Committee on Constitutional Systems…said, “Let us face reality. The frames have simply been too shrewd for us. They have outwitted us. They designed separate institutions that cannot be unifed by mechanical linkages, frail bridges, or tinkering. If we are to turn the founders upside down, we must directly confront the Constitutional structure they erected.”

      [Under the new constitution] The government would be empowered to abridge freedom of expression, communication, movement and assembly in a “declared emergency.” The practice of religion would be considered a privilege [not right].

      — If Trump doesn’t have 33 Senators to withstand conviction in the Senate for a “Misdemeanor” after the House votes for Impeachment — we’d have the worst Constitutional Crisis since they ran Nixon out of office…

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