Christine Lagarde Criminal Charges!

Christine Lagarde Criminal Charges!

Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund [IMF] Christine Lagarde Faces Criminal Charges for Negligence! “Inadvertently Handing Over $430 Million USD to Bernard Tapie [ Crooked Businessman] in 2011.”

How does an elegant French woman born of the finest intellectual breeding become the scapegoat for an alleged corruption which took place in in France five years ago? For those Americans who don’t know what the IMF is, let me apprise you of their supposed function. It’s an international organization located in Washington DC [already we smell problems]. It consists of 189 countries which plays “a central role in the management of balance of payment problems and international financial crises”. [Wiki ].

Does that sound feasible?

In 2016, “the IMF appropriated over $668 Billion to foster economic stability where private capital does not want to go”.[Wiki]. This organization provided capital investments for major infrastructure projects in the third world countries led by crooked overlords. This amorphous financial organization is replete with miscreant behavior.

Suffice it to say that her predecessor, Dominque Strauss-Kahn, was in trouble for aimless/indiscriminate fornication/rape which finally ended it up in a NYC court where American justice ‘screwed him over’. The man whom LaGarde is supposed to have corrupted, Tapie [former entertainer] was already a certified French criminal who had served time in prison. It then turned out that one of the French judges on the court, Pierre Estoup, had ties to Tapie’s lawyer.

And the hamster wheel goes around and around! Oooh la,la!

What really fascinates me is the simple fact that Madame Lagarde always has a year-around suntan. Does she sit in front of a sunlamp while she is working indoors? Or, is she really working in St Tropez or Cuba while texting back instructions to Washington DC?

In France there is a concept called, “Le Piston”. What that means is, like most societies, connections and whom you know, are far more important than what you have achieved and what  you do. For example, Lagarde is considered one of the top lawyers/politicians/ministers in France. Normally, the most talented French administrators are given a very exclusive test which only a very few can pass. Given Lagarde’s exemplary credentials, one might have expected her to have graduated from the elite Ecole Nationale d’Administration. Yet, she failed the exams!

Next, Largarde spent time at a very pleasant finishing school near where I used to live in Bethesda, MD.The name of that tony school was Holton Arms. Ms Lagarde did not attend the more demanding academic girl schools like National Cathedral or Sidwell Friends, both located nearby. Perhaps these are minor details.

Nevertheless, Lagarde has had to depend on the kindness of strangers to attain her professional ascendancy. It is true that she was the first female director of her prestigious transnational American law firm Baker& McKenzie.

So the real question is not whether she is, or, is not guilty. The crucial issue has always been: why do we need the IMF and the World Bank, when it is we, the American taxpayer, who foot most of the bill for these illusive, corrupt organizations?

I hope when the Trump administration scans through this institution, they can make a wise decision to withdraw from an organization whose mandate has long expired since its inception in 1944 [Bretton Woods]. As we enter the age of digital currencies, the IMF and the World Bank are beyond antiquated. They are completely obsolete.

In reality, we will have fewer dysfunctional international organizations like the UN, which we, the American taxpayers, will not have to support.

It’s time for the bull-shitters like DSK and Lagarde to go back to France and sell their wares there. I doubt it will do France any good!
Bonne Chance!
Good luck!

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4 thoughts on “Christine Lagarde Criminal Charges!

  1. Chia Cha

    Good luck with online banks. Ok, I want one, how can I open one please? To what socio-economic class I must belong to open one mine on-line bank. All laws are written to discriminate against people of lower class. Profit of those banks are going to be public, private or of workers working there (one worker one vote).

  2. M.D.

    Insolent? but so true! I bet you like George Brassens’ song Les Passants Honnetes.

    I always wondered why Lagarde became the head of the IMF without any credentials in economics. Apparently not too much of a brain either, as you suggest.

    Funny that you mention le piston. I had not heard that word for years as fancy metrics are now supposed to calibrate people. But le piston is alive and well unfortunately.

    Great to read you.

  3. Mary Moore

    My dear Dr.P, merci for your comments and the fact that we have your take on things, again merci.

    Seasons Greetings

  4. Jocker

    There is a saying in France that says:
    “Next you will be powerful or miserable, You will be innocent or guilty !”
    It is so true and everywhere in all the events that unfold before our eyes …

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