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9 thoughts on “Chris Christie’s Speech in Cleveland

  1. Hillary Clinton sure makes one hell of a rallying point! Ahahahahaha!

  2. Embrey

    As usual, Christie knows how to get a crowd stirred up.
    What concerned me was his unnecessary inclusion of his foreign policy opinion I said indictment.
    The Assad monarchy in Syria can be called a dictatorship. That comes down to one’s opinion. What I didn’t like about Christie’s remarks was that he glossed over the possibility that Syria was destabilized because the American government and American interests with the latitude to operate under the current American political regime appear to me to have been the catalyst for the purported 400,000 dead.
    Likewise, in his indictment of Hillary’s ‘reset’ with Russia, Christie painted Russia’s involvement in the Middle East as an entirely bad thing. I ask you, which country was it that changed the direction of the ISIS/Al Qaeda insurgence in Syria? Further, which country has the right to have their boots on the ground in the sovereign country of Syria? Then ask yourself, which country has fomented the chaos in Syria and which country has not been granted access by Syria to have their boots on the ground?
    And why did Christie represent things in such a one-sided fashion?
    I am not a Russian loyalist but I have eyes and a mind.
    And one thing I will never support, neocon foreign policy.
    May Christie never get close to the gears of foreign policy power in this country.

  3. Iggy A

    From the start last year of Email-gate, Larry Nichols said it was likely leaked by Hillary herself in order to make her look like the underdog, but she’d never be indicted. He used as part of the evidence the fact the story broke in the NYT.

    If the NYT can’t find a way to discredit an attack on her in a Fact Check, then something doesn’t smell right…

    I’m going to be watching the press from here to the election and watching the big named people and Never Trumpers on the Republican side.

    I did think there’d already have been violence grabbing headlines at the Republican Convention. That’s a surprise and possible sign that my wild guess at what’s going on is incorrect.

  4. Chia Cha

    Republican party is saved, two headed monster got their second head fixed after Bush. Everything can start over again. Heck even Chris Christie can pass through hole, while Newt can pass any, anytime, to be honest in a way I am sad, Newt would be great cadre on side of anti-capitalist left.
    But if Trump start to become joke, there will blood on streets. We are going to carry capitalists heads on spikes. Imagine Trump getting autistic, and against people… Whoooo

  5. Full Duke

    Wow…has everyone forgotten exactly who Chris Christie is? This guy has establishment written all over him. He is part of – what looks likely to become reality possibly as next year – amnesty or some forwarding off the “North American Union.”

    I realize there isn’t a lot of identities that are admirable at this time in politics but have we forgotten that – although eloquent – his words are just that – WORDS. Even Paul Ryan can extol the virtues of “Conservatism” – yet his plotting and deceptions would have made Rasputin proud. Chris Christie is under the same tent. As is Jeb. As is Cruz. And at the end of the road is a country absent the middle class – and the Constitution.

    1. Chia Cha

      They start telling truth for 3,4 months before elections. They need to know what people wants, so they are able not to do that.

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