Chris Christie’s Downfall!

Chris Christie’s Downfall!

The Downfall of NJ Governor Chris Christie!

I have never been a fan of Chris Christie. In fact, I predicted that he would have serious financial/political problems in NJ once he pandered his way into the Trump pre-election organization. I strongly suggested that Christie be thrown out of the Trump transition team because he was incompetent, arrogant, and morally corrupt.

I am not gloating on Christie’s inevitable misfortunes. I am highlighting the course of a highly compromised politician who has zero self-awareness nor any concern for others [who have been loyal to him]. In contrast, Trump values efficiency, loyalty, and manifests concern for others who do and do not work for him.

The following quote is from NYTimes [Dec.27, 2016]: “It’s hard to find anyone [Christie] in recent memory who is in such disfavor.”

Although he thought he was capable and worthy of running for the 2016 Presidential, he did not want to admit to himself that he was and still is a man of few achievements. He is a self-aggrandizing narcissist who easily transmuted into a  major NJ blowhard. His boisterous claims as an effective manager/politician have led the great state of NJ into virtual bankruptcy, affording Wall Street the unique opportunity to downgrade NJ into junk bond status.

Similarly, his notable cowardliness with regards to his political cohorts, deserting them in a crucial moment of need, afforded him the opportunity to hang his loyal minions out to dry in the ‘bridge gate scandal.’ Remember that’s when he created the major traffic jam for 1000s of citizens to satisfy his petty revenge against the Ft. Lee Mayor [who presides over the George Washington Bridge].In an effort to resurrect his tarnished image, Christie had the brilliant idea of renovating the State House for $300M at a time when the state is basically insolvent.

He also boasted to everyone who would even listen that he would become a major radio personality and book writer. Sure. Next, he went on to publicly criticize Trump’s intimate WH circle of advisors as ‘disasters’: Jared Kushner, Stephen K. Bannon, and Reince Priebus. Of course, Christie assured everyone that it was simply a question of time before Trump would call him back to fix the mess. I smell spoiled, sour grapes.
Chris Christie personifies everything that is wrong with a professional politician cum lawyer. He never had to start a business or knows how to run a ‘mom and pop shop’, let alone a highly industrious state like NJ. Christie, like most blowhards, has no basic skills other than pandering for favors from his superiors and demeaning his subordinates.

What Trump saw in this man was an opportune moment to fill in the gap before he finally congealed an effective transition team with real businessmen and managers. Christie’s present legacy to the good people of NJ is high property taxes; the nation’s highest foreclosure rate; and the most underfunded pension system.

As Christie called one of his local politicians the following, the description would certainly apply to him as well:

“Numb Nuts”!

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15 thoughts on “Chris Christie’s Downfall!

  1. Chia Cha

    He is republican who is just oportunist for him self. There are worse off version of republicans who care only about ideology. Like Paul Ryan, they are pure evil. Property tax should go in a way that for only house you pay nothing, and those who have more pays for those who have only one.

    1. Embrey

      On Paul Ryan you and I are in agreement. That guy is as phony as the day is long.

      1. Chia Cha

        You see that painter down in comments, that is another CIA agent. Americans are very simple, if you do not like one government, buy elections there, if that cannot work, buy media by insisting on freedom of media, if that cannot work assasinate ruling politician, if that cannot work create local war, if that cannot work invade with own military.

      2. walldo

        Damn Straight 2 Faced punk

  2. oic

    I’ve read somewhere and I think it was also on Levin’s radio show that when Chris Christie ran the transition team, he filled all the spots with his GOPe and his allies. There was alarm in the Trump Conservative wing and when Trump found out about it after the election he removed Christie and all his cronies, which lead to leaks to the media about how the transition team was in turmoil. I bet the leak all came from Christie’s team. He even included some Nevertrumpers in the transition team

  3. I have seen pictures of you A little younger.On a series called “Mash” They Had a Psychiatrist .Sydney i think ? He looked to be very close to looking like you.Funny thing He also had your voice too. Any connection Steve ? I operate in my Life threw the Sixth Seance or common seance Connection and Passion for my fellow man.I feel you do as Well my Friend ? I tweeted Trump about Christie’s , and Ryan’s apparent Lack of there Sixth Seance.3 Weeks Later ? Christie Gone. I think Mr. Trump has got the Sight.Praying for you and All that you Love Steven. Sincerely, James Wayne Aikman Hiawatha,Kansas.

  4. Furtive

    Jared Kushner, Ivanka’s husband, has a bitter history with Christie. Christie, when he was the US attorney of New Jersey, prosecuted his father, Charles Kushner.
    He pled guilty to 18 counts of illegal campaign contributions, tax evasion, and witness tampering in 2005. He received a 2 year prison sentence.

    The federal witnesses he had attempted to retaliate against were his sister and brother-in-law. Kushner paid a prostitute $10,000 to lure his brother-in-law to a motel room at the Red Bull Inn in Bridgewater to have sex with him. A hidden camera recorded the activity, and Kushner sent the lurid tape to his sister, making sure the tape arrived on the day of a family party..

  5. william evarts

    Yes. a big mouth.

  6. Merry Christmas to you and yours Steve! keep on with your wonderful posts and interviews. go to my site to see some of my water colors. all the best!

  7. Bill Marshburn

    Sandy Hook School St. Address: 1956 RIP

  8. to audibly recite long speeches to him, to begin with, you need 50 pounds of weight to throw.)))))

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  10. NJGUY

    Gov Christie has been a disappointment to us. He seems to stand for nothing other than himself.

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