Bye Bye to BiBi the Crime Minister of Israel!

Bye Bye to BiBi the Crime Minister of Israel!

Bibi Is Finished as Israeli Prime Minister!
Israel is a formidable country that defeated external enemies several different times since its inception in 1948. Israel also has the clear distinction of having placed PM Ehud Olmert [2006-2009] in prison for massive corruption during his tenure as both Mayor of Jerusalem [1993-2003] and PM. On August 30 2009, Ehud was indicted for “fraud, breach of trust, falsifying corporate documents and tax evasion”.  Subsequently, he served a 19 month sentence in Massiyuha Prison [Feb. 16,2016-July2, 2017 Wikipedia].

Note: No American political leader has ever served time in prison for similar charges including creating false flags and tax evasion [Clintons, Bushs, Obamas].

Since his inception as PM, Bibi Netanyahu has been embroiled in political/financial corruption as well as perjury, tax evasion, and massive bribery. His accomplices: Shlomo Fiber [right-hand-man] and Ari Harow [Chief of Staff] have been flipped by the formidable Israeli prosecution/police team in order to testify against Bibi and his wife for ‘breach of trust’. This particular indictment included a $300,000 bribery case involving the infamous Aaron Milchan—Hollywood producer/arms dealer; James Packer [ gifts]; and Ratan Tat[Indian Billionaire].

For quite some time, I have pointed out that Bibi was not a true Sabrah. He was born in the state of Israel but he grew up in Pennsylvania. He then attended MIT where he received his BS and MS degrees. From that point on he hooked up with another miscreant—Mitt Romney. Both worked at the highly corrupt Bain Capital for a while before each one went on their respective ways.

P.S. Shout out to Utah voters: Don’t VOTE FOR MITT! Mitt does not live there nor represents any true Mormon values. Vote for his competitor Utah Republican Party Chairman Rob Anderson. Rob correctly stated that Mitt did not live in Utah. He prefers to reside comfortably in his multi-million dollar houses in Belmont, Mass. and La Jolla, Cal.

Interesting that Jared (SILPOTUS) and his very orthodox, corrupt, NJ-real- estate-father, spent a lot of time during his youth living with Bibi. Birds of a feather band together!

Today, Israel has become the North Star for every American Jew who never served one day in the US military. The 9/11 neocon-Chicken-Hawks like Paul Wolfowitz as well as others would rather swear their respective allegiance to Israel than their own homeland.

Now, we find ourselves in the thick of WH disruption. Jared like his pal BiBi has been under SEC and law enforcement investigation for ‘illegal’ financial dealings while in the WH :

  • Received unauthorized $30 million loan from Menora Mivtachim [Israel’s largest Insurance company].
  • Four multi-million USD loans from Bank Hapoalim [under DOJ investigation].
  • Nicole Kushner Meyer[ Jared’s sister] pitched major Chinese investors for $150M NJ property owned by the family using Jared’s name.
  • $285M loan from Deutsche Bank.
  • 666 Fifth Avenue Kushner Property in default for $1.6 Billion [Chinese hold the notes].

It’s clear that Kushner does not belong in the WH. Talk about compromised! When a former Marine General John Kelly orders Jared to ‘stand down’ and ‘stop’ reading classified materials that is an order not a request. Either Jared serves our country which means he steps in line with our ex-military officers including Mattis, MacMaster or he leaves the WH.

From the very beginning of his appointment, I have repeated the simple mantra: “Jared is not capable of doing anything constructively. He is ignorant, incompetent and spoiled”. Americans should not tolerate corrupt son-in-law wasting our precious tax dollars consorting with his equally compromised friend, ex-PM Bibi.  Let’s clean house and continue to drain the swamp!

While we are at it, get rid of: VA Secretary dilettante, European-voyager Dr. David Shulkin [Jewish] and the EPA Administrator Edward Pruitt [Christian]. The WH must get its act together in terms of efficiency, transparency, and stability.

Message to POTUS: Many of us have spent valuable time, money and a major effort to get you elected. Don’t disappoint us with your searing blind nepotism.

Message to Kushner, Shulkin, Pruitt, and Bibi:
Don’t let the door hit you in the arse on your way out!

The great Chinese philosopher, Confucius, wrote:

“Life is really simple. But we insist on making it more complicated.”
Fire Away!

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43 thoughts on “Bye Bye to BiBi the Crime Minister of Israel!


    Agree, and in addition, Israel and the U.S. and Britain are the creators of AL CIADA aka ISIS via the CIA and the MOSSAD and MI6, which is crime against humanity.

    1. Chia Cha

      CIA, MOSSAD and MI6 are scum in service of petite rich. They had to arm christian bantu negros from subsharan africa and send them to rape and occupy sadi arabia, iraq and iran. CIA, MOSSAD and MI6 are traitors of western civlization and scum in service of chinese commnist party and are against our working class. And everyone who serves those from rich crumb eating organizations must be killed and sold in to slavery. People whos destiny lay on rich and degenerate must go down. Capitalist scum. Give us back middle class you traitorous poor sad stinky suites scums.

    2. Chia Cha

      We need to start bombing masonic lodges and kill their fat females wearing shashes. They are sick degenerate rent seeking scums in service of their chinese and muslim overlords. Effete f@gs destroying our kids and families. They suck in trading also. For them if you are 1% you are ours even if you are pedophile, kebab stand owner or muslim from Nepal. People without any culture or tradition. Rent sucking, blood sucking enemies of people. They allowed Russia to control pipelines to Europe because they think money must be only tool and genocide is not accepted way to win war. Detroit is not genocide? They are against genocide because in genocide 1% get killed also and that is for them no no any case and bad example.


      Please check the report NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK by Jim Fetzer, it is on the site The and was forwarded by

      This is a V.I.P. report and is also by Wolfgang Halbig.

      1. DESERT FOX

        Please listen to Yoichi Shimatsu explain the Florida school shooting, this is on

        1. DESERT FOX

          Please watch the video of the interview of Wolfgang Halbig on the Florida school shooting at

          It is V.I.P.

          1. DESERT FOX

            Please watch Dr. Pieczeniks interview on Infowars on, scroll down to find it.

          2. DESERT FOX

            Please watch the video of Dr. Pieczenik on, just scroll down to the headline.


      Please read the report, on on the ones behind the Parkland shooting.

    5. J Thaddeus Toad

      Spread the word … let us hope it is not late..

  2. R Storm

    With due respect permit me to offer a variant point of view:
    Whereas I am in agreement with much of what you posit in these days of ‘architected’ chaos, the spillage of this post and one previous to Potus bears comment. I do NOT propose I know the human psyche as you do with your professional background and experience.
    There is a tridental aspect of human development relative to the present condition.
    1. When we all agree, no change occurs and stagnation sets in. Welcome to the dark ages and a world order.
    2. When we disagree change occurs and chaos ensues. Welcome to millenial protests, CNN et al.
    3. When we agree to disagree there is movement to advance in conflict resolution to make room for harmony.
    What perplexes me is that when you write, ‘we’ recruited Trump, for whatever traits he possesses; for him to overcome the constant bombardment he faces daily (we call it thick skin) his ego is what it is.
    Will he learn, evolve, become transcendent?
    My sense is that Trump will be what knows to be…. himself.
    What you see is what you get. He is unpredictably predictable; a paradox.

    So I scratch my head in why the surprise that his libido is an issue when it has been most of his adult life. Did you not know that when considering his recruitment? Of course with today’s onslaught it becomes an issue regardless of the year. I’ve seen priapism in the operating room; painful condition.
    Is his ego too big for the White house? Well the hubris of the cabal surpasses the measly ego of Trump that keeps him aloft in the storms at sea of his making. Was this not foreseen as his flaws rearing a vicious head?
    Will the admonishment have enough teeth to take hold in his tumultuous days facing him constantly?
    Has he affected change amidst the storm?
    Are any of us evolving as a result of the storm?
    Should we be surprised at any of the resultant reactions of anything Potus affects?
    None of us are flawless. Billy Graham had a most profound admonition upon his passing. Its in the news. Its a marker for us all.
    Though I am not religious by any means I like what Confucius reminds us, ” Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but rising when we do fall “.
    Thank you for all that you do Doctor.
    What would this country be without you?

  3. Chia Cha

    When these stories starts to spread, about kids taken away for parents to have their genitals cut off, people will start thinking very deeply on who to start shooting, on incoming americans on on incoming russians. America right now is losing big in Europe because of GMO, huge devastating loses in whole Europe because of GMO. Espacially among upper middle class right now even it is still forbiden as food. Upper middle class in Europe, They see America as scurge which poisoned their food especialyl chocolade. Soy-lecitin, Soy sirup, refined sugars and palm shea oil (which chemical coctail of vegetable trash) are seen as tyranny of free market used in every chocolade of 1$, and those you do not buy, all those are destroyed by free market. GMO is still illegal and forbiden in Europe luckily but imagine if that starts. Today I must buy Chocolade which costs 3$ (100g) because they DO NOT have refined sugar and that american free market s@it. Barbarians daring to destroy chocholade. That is ONLY reason why america is seen as drag in Europe, but imagine when GMO push starts and this transgender stories starts to emerge. I am tommow joining political party which say as first message in facebook chat where you chat about joining: STOP GMO. And just imagine when this liberal s@it starts to emerge in Europe. When every i go to regular shop I feel threaten by America and low quality free market s@it where everyone have same s@it and additives. Soy-lecitine. That is communism on steroids. It WILL NOT PASS.

  4. Chia Cha

    If Google bans Alex Jones from YOUTUBE, i do not think I will watch CNN instead. Let s see who we could watch… daily… Maybe website of RT (which I do not watch or visit) and Max Keiser… Showing that Alex Jones is America. America is World. World is America. Alex Jones is World. Now let s imagine unimaginable, world without Alex Jones.

    1. Chia Cha

      Also maybe some NAZI channels also, because they are alternative.

    2. Chia Cha

      Or maybe solution is to make one part of Jerusalem as free US territory and from there Alex Jones can work. And make site called as new youtube. Corporations will go and copulate whole world, that is how it will be. We just have to make sure, they promote freedoms not communism (free markets). From studio there can be view on future US embassy in Jerusalem. We see now why It is very good that Bibi is gone. Getrude Stein working and that effete circe around that stinky l@sbian bit@h in Paris as centre of vile revolution was lost century of american cutlure. Locations are important.

  5. David Ordan

    I dunno, Dr…more and more everything you write and says sounds like psy-op agit prop, confuse, distract, divide, etc. What is it that you truly want to see accomplished? If you are actually an M.D., a best selling author, tinker tailor soldier spy, what do you need all this mess for? Agreed, Hillary needed NOT to be President. You’re getting through to Drudge probably swung the election for Trump. It was brilliant and hardened the base to come out in favor of Trump…but the rest of it, everything you say cuts both ways…ordinary Americans can’t keep up and don’t get it. So, can you just come out and tell us what you want? What the deep state wants? What Hillary wanted? What Trump wants, all of it. Yes, enough. Out with it! Trump HAD to have been recruited, no? He didn’t just decide to run because Obama dissed him. What’s the deal…no more hints and half stories…your readers deserve to know the truth. And yes, of course it’s obvious that we can’t handle the truth – but do it anyway!

    1. Chia Cha

      Truth is that every government comes directly from God. Even government of Mr. Hitler. Government is monopoly of force on one territory if there are people living on that territory. It can be on boat also. Government must break head to those who broke or are trying to break someones head to that territory. Those are given inputs. You cry because of inputs. Infowars should start seling little Nero’s vials for tears.

  6. I don’t know if it’s just me, but a $285M loan could go a long way if you gave it to 285 people instead of one person. I’m making assumptions.

    Crime minister…..have to chuckle at that one

    1. Chia Cha

      Yes but spreading wealth to too many people would make everyone wealthy and then no one would do s@itty jobs. Capitalist society would break down. That what you are talking then is not capitalism. Capital accumulation is essence of system. Goal is that s@itty jobs no one wants to work are paid least, becuse then you have highest possible profit. Everyone want so be investor not working anything in life, no one wants to waste own life as some clerck or work in McDonalds, therefore under law of offer and demand, clerck and work in McDonalds should be highest paid jobs on earth. That is why then ruling class invented their own artificial system of offer and demand (in which you believe is natural) where jobs everyone wants and offering is highest are paid best, like being investor or banker. You really do not understand what is tyranny and system. And you should.

    2. Chia Cha

      I personally wants to be free from lies. My favorite job for me would to be that girl yelling paroles to comrade Stalin. Neded gender transormation there is less opressive form of transfomration then transformation needed to believe in prices. NYC garbage collectors they earn more then 100.000$ but only because they are not allowing rich to destroy their cabal by installing them mexicans among them (knifes and guns starts to work). And that is only reason why they are propagating multiculutralism on CNN.

  7. Chia Cha

    I was thinking deeply why chef in military is unable not become general but he is unable to even become any rank above soldier. Well that is because if you know how to peel potato that makes you way more inteligent then captain, generals we do not have to even mention, espcially. The dumber they are the higher they go. From time of take over of 1789, meaning from time bureaucracy is giving orders to military, goal of bureaucracy is that the least inteligent can go higher in ranks, so that military cannot ever come on power.

  8. DDrake

    Dr. Steve, THAN YOU for ALL that you have done and continue to do to save America and the Republic. God bless you, sir.

  9. Rick Gouveia

    O please, going off like it’s the end of the world over an alleged “bribe” when there are far more serious issues.

  10. Chia Cha

    Oh look this pro-greater Serbia Lord Owen telling us that there were never collective West maybe he is right, but that is because you were trying to protect Versailles order (US out of Europe) under any price. He was against Teacher who said that Belgrade should be bomber in 1991, and not in 1999. 8 lost years for expasion of freedom. And now you he is trying again. He is right, only fear of communism held west together. Now when that is gone, he thinks party with pagans can continue as he see fit. He is trying to create Versaille deal by including Germany. German masonry got ok peace deal from UK masonory after WW1, so good US was not needed to start WW2.

  11. R Storm

    Goodness- all this youtube/twitter censorship issues! tsk tsk
    I just finished listening to you on Owen Shroyer’s War Room about Bibi et al.
    You broke up and then was cut off AT THE MOST RELEVANT position and I wanted to pull my hair out !
    Can you do a follow up post on Trump’s game plan with Mueller and how that is tied to the more indomitable forces
    amassing in the Middle East?
    We need a focused Potus not one torn assunder with these ‘irrelevant’ distractions. We have law enforcement agencies to take of the crap- –well those who aren’t compromised yet.

    Please, I want to hear YOU not Alex or Owen or anyone else. What you have to say is RELEVANT to me….and others.

    1. Jason

      I couldn’t agree more on Owen Shroyer. His opinions and narrow perspective grind against seeing the big picture. The minutia of the false flags is not the story, when in fact who sanctioned it, with who’s money, and to further which agendas, are what matters most. All parties in this false flag are scared to lose their pensions. They all have debts and are slave to the promise of a pension. By definition they are debt slaves and moral cowards. Infowars needs to expose ALL of the corruption that surrounds this hidden planet in Broward County and stop playing defense. Offense only. When I used to have a long commute, I made sure that I was the second fastest driver within my line of sight. Very few close calls on the highway. When I made the mistake of slowing down and playing it safe and utilizing the old cruise control, I was nearly killed by the aggressive drivers on a weekly basis and felt the effects on my blood pressure. It’s better to have others respond to your inertia than to have to react to the inertia of others. Make others react. Push the current or drown in it.

  12. Welcome

    the new twitter………GAB

  13. Raymond Howard Carlson

    To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    Early this morning (February 25, 2018, between about 2:15 and 2:20 a.m.), I was walking across the parking lot of the plaza located at Sunflower Ave. and Bristol St. Santa Ana, California. I had just thrown away some trash in the dumpster on the South side of the said parking lot; and this was near the small corner plaza, with mainly restaurants. When I got to the other side of the said parking lot, I went to the said of the small two (2) story strip-mall (3814 to 3816 S. Bristol St. Santa Ana, California); and I urinated on the dirt. Afterwards, I noticed that the two (2) storage units on the said of the said building were broken into. I was only in the said vicinity for only about five (5) minutes or so; and then, I went to the Bank of America branch (3730 S. Bristol St. Santa Ana, CA 92704) to use the A.T.M.. It was 2:38 a.m. on February 25, 2018; and while I was at the said Bank of America A.T.M., two (2) “WEED AND SEED” OPERATIVES walked across the parking lot going from West to East. Said “WEED AND SEED” OPERATIVES were making police siren sounds to “give me the message” [“YOU ARE BUSTED…..”!]; therefore, I knew, at that point, it was a “SET-UP” for the purposes of compelling SANTA ANA POLICE to arrest me over said damage to the entrances to said storage units! As stated, the “window of opportunity” was only about five (5) minutes or so; therefore, it would have been impossible for one (1) person (“ME”) to have produced said damage to said building (doors to said two (2) storage units)!

    Where did I come from, before I was at the said location??? I was at Edwards Metro Pointe Stadium 12 (901 S. Coast Dr. Costa Mesa, California); and I was at Edwards Metro Pointe Stadium 12 from about 10:00 p.m. to about 1:50 a.m. on February 25, 2018.

  14. Chia Cha

    I love how americans think they will not give their guns. When capitalism is in crisis only way for capitalism to get out of crisis is more capital accumulation in hands of minoirty. Therefore for you is not to have right to be protected for free (having guns). Armed protection is only for 1%. For you is to be without gun and to live in crime infested hood, renting some flat, sourounded by Mexican dealers and crime. Those who will not live in such hoods, only such will have right to have gun also (police will give them licence), plus only those who does not need that because they live in good hood, well such will have armed protection also, and more police patroles. BECUSE THEY DO NO NEED IT. AND YOU DO EVEN MORE. Those who does not need it are example of system for you, to be able to work. You must wish it by any means possible, and minorty must have so much they hava more and more. Rich have their social role in society. They must be produced under any condition. Just look Jared.

    1. Jason

      If the police fear to enter into conflict with a school shooter in a gun free zone while narcotics are plentiful in said zone, then the assumption that gun confiscation by force being realistic is either delusional or designed for another psychological angle. Terminators would be required for such a move as the local constables by and large would never go along with such a move. Foreign occupiers is the only way by force. That will not work either. Poisoning our water, food, and reproductive organs with an IV drip of chris cuomo in 4K, with a welfare enema and sure, our cold dead hands won’t get one shot off. All of this garbage exists only our minds. The strength of their leftist mind game is now their weakness. The economics of artificial scarcity are also not being mentioned in regards to guns and ammunition. What would it take to have guns and ammo produced in every county in America? Not much, and local law enforcement would protect it because such an environment to produce such a market place would inform them that they are next, perhaps dead or alive. How many people join local law enforcement for the privileges that come with peace officer status? Monsters from the id are our biggest problem. These same monsters get the lowest interest rates for a reason.

      1. Chia Cha

        Oh I would love one cleaning scenario in US, but that is sadly what they are trying to avoid, they think they will do it with domestication and pycho ops, and pycho ops are much more dangerous then even castration, concentration camps and total gene destruction. We must watch what happened to American Indians because now Settlers are new Indians for system. British learned well that it is it much cheaper to pillage own people and they transefered that to colonies. For instance in UK they have NHS, but they are not allowing it in colonies (US and Canada) because US & Canda are profit generator area. I am against that. In Australia they feel not so secured therefore that is where they allowed NHS. I support model where every NATO member would pay for defence 3% (now Trump is asking 2%) so that US can introduce NHS, but for that we need EU army under NATO command. Those are needed reforms, or US will have to do what USSR did, and get rid of blood sucking colonies in Europe. Serbs are saying that Beria had that plan that USSR must leave eastern europe and muslims central asia to survive, and they are saying that Chinese and Russians did their reforms. I do not agree with them. But reasons for US to fail in everything I see in 1- wealth accumulation problem (petite rich) which are barrel without end, that can be done in non personal manner, so that rich guys would be virtual only therefore not corrupt at all. 2. 3% NATO defence solution for all, EU army and french model of 100% health vauchers 3. corporations can get direct money from taxation based on how much people they employ, innovative level they are rising, how many people service. Those 3 reforms must be done right now or everything will collapse.

        1. Jason

          EU army? What is left to defend? Or is the plan to bring the migrants into this EU army?

          1. Chia Cha

            If we devlop cultural caste model united with some form of theocracy (let s look modern Israel) I do not see problem of having others going in to war for us. But there must be order. Problem is this capitalist model where those petit rich are using others to not breed us and to not invest in domestic middle class. Capitalism is also ok if sane and in function of culture. In Israel all startups are connceted with military after you serve few years of military. All those resources they learned in military are not then trapped in that sector, reason why USSR feel down, and same is happening on west.
            We need militarization of culture and bussiness and new middle class supporting colonization and terriotrial expansion. While our enemies only wants $ $ $ $ $. and dollar. I do not want to be ruled by Russians and Chinese. Nor rule of UN.

          2. Chia Cha

            This with Chinese will go much harder then what was thought.

      2. Chia Cha

        Or alternatively as long as people have guns, I support any rise in violence, best what could have happen for US was antifa. Even they all are effete soy boys and are so pathetic and their goals are wrong. But captialists know that even effete soy boys (if given gold) in some chaos can come on power if they have some priest as leader and some globalist power behind (1917 revolution). Therefore any rise in violence is welcomed because I do not see any of my reforms getting accepted which is must. Problem is chemical, and it is same on right and on left. As long as we do not see right armed wingers demanding french model of NHS and abolishment of g@y rights in same time, I do not see ANY way for any kind of move. Trap will just bite harder and harder.

        1. Jason

          The hijackers are being hijacked. Time is on our side and restraint is in order. Is Seth Rich, Paddock, or the Uranium One rooskie dead? If they reappear, where and why do you think? America is overdue to shed her skin. The symbol of the rattlesnake is appropriate.

          1. Chia Cha

            Conservatives only care about cows. And that is good. But for that you need wall same Israel have. We will see will guns be needed for that. This shooting was done to stop wall i think.

  15. Chia Cha

    This guy looks like he was kept in some Disney lab for 33 years. I mean this guy is 33 years old. He is Lucifer Perfectious.

    1. Chia Cha

      This is total Soviet style teatre, they do not even care how lies looks stupid. Off course that NAZIS are supporting this deep state narrative also, telling that shooting was real. They are also part of establishment. Both nazis and commies are part of system. Products of capitalist class in crisis (when capitalist class relay on bureaucracy to get out ever comming crisis). We cannot end capitalism, that is like saying you can end wind. But we can end and kill bureaucrats, nazis and communists.

  16. Chia Cha

    It is very good that Richie Aleen show was banned. He was full of him self, and he was supporting muslims and palestinans on expense of Israel. Even he had good show. He was little bit retarded. Israel cannot have one village built in desert and that is most biggest opression on this world but muslims can hold every square meter of every possible mega deserts on world. Sahara & Gobi. I mean what kind of retarded idiot you must be to have such journalist perspective. I am glad he was banned. That was typical soviet leftist KGB-PLO anti-zionist perspective. We do not have time for such on west. It is time to do cleaning.

  17. LB Zopa

    Since Alex Jones repeatedly interrupts Dr. P when he’s on Alex’s show and since Owen Shroyer is attempting to mimic Alex Jones why does Dr. P even go on their show. The InfoWars shows do have a large audience so they benefit when exposed to Dr. P’s knowledge.

    How about Dr. P simply gives them a video to play on their shows on the topic of the day and they MUST NOT edit Dr. P’s comments. Perhaps if Dr. P. were to do a few, short segments as monologues, like the SteveTalks, and then just gives that to InfoWars, they might learn the art of interview. You do not talk over your guest and destroy the train of thought listeners want to hear and follow. It’s self-destructive to the interviewer’s own role.


      Agree completely, Jones is an attention grabbing phony.

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