Brezezinski R.I.P.

Brezezinski R.I.P.

Former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brezezinski [Zbig] Died on May 26, 2017. 

Some history: President Jimmy Carter [D] was publicly derided as one of the worst POTUSs yet he was far more effective than anyone imagined. I did not know Carter’s national security advisor, Brenzinski, very well but I had a healthy skepticism of him and his foreign policies. As I remember the days when Zbig was in the administration; allow me to recap the achievements that Sec. State Cyrus Vance accomplished during my tenure there at the State Dept. I will get to Zbig later on in this blog.

Credit must go to the late Cyrus Vance for initiating and implementing the Camp David Peace Accords between Israel and Egypt on September 17, 1978. Contrary to the myths created by the CIA and other organizations, the peace accord was completely initiated by POTUS Carter. Carter ordered Cyrus Vance and his superlative team of FSO Arabists to put in place a very difficult peace treaty between Menachem Begin and Anwar El-Sadat [both of whom eventually won the Nobel Peace Prize].

During that time, I was one on a team of very talented FSOs including:  Ambassador to Egypt Hermann Eilts, Frank Wisner, David D. Newsom, and Ambassador to Israel, Samuel W. Lewis. Zbig was one of the first senior advisors in the WH to allocate billions of dollars in military aid for Islamic militants fighting the Soviet Union invasion of Afghanistan. Later, these militants with help from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, UAE, and the CIA became Al Qaeda and ISIS.

Next, Zbig with his complete blind hatred of the Soviets, unwittingly supported China’s foreign aid assistance to Cambodia. This enabled the political rise of Pol Pot which facilitated the auto-genocide of 1.2M  Cambodians.

Six months before the onset of the Iran Hostage Seige on November 1979, I had been sent to Afghanistan and Iran to evaluate the situs there. Upon my return to the states, I warned the WH that we should evacuate our U.S. Embassy because the Iranian students under Ayatollah Khomeini were agitating for change, spouting anti-US propaganda. More importantly, I was informed by my counterparts in the GRU/KGB that they had pulled out all of their personnel from the Soviet Embassy in Iran.

Zbig and company did not follow my advice. Instead, he placed several dozen new FSOs into the US Embassy. Eventually these very same people became the American hostages that remained in Tehran for over 400 days. I was not present when Zbig ordered the failed helicopter raid in April 1980, forcing the very professional, polite Vance to resign ‘stunned and angry’.

Zbig was never one to shy away from publicity and self-aggrandizement. He made the serious intellectual faux-pas of criticizing the Nixon-Kissinger policy of ‘triangular’ power balance between US, China, and the Soviet Union.
Fortunately, due to Nixon’s great strategic sense of world politics, we were able to dismantle the Soviet Union in later administrations.

The one major point with which I agreed with Zbig was the plea for Bush Jr not to invade Iraq. Ironically, Zbig and I came from similar Polish backgrounds. His was rooted in the aristocracy. Mine was rooted in the medical/intellectual backbone of longstanding Polish anti-Semitism.

As the years went by, Zbig continued to become involved in foreign policy through the Atlantic Council [David Rockefeller]. I veered away to start my writing/entrepreneur careers.

As a founding member of the alt-media, I am certain of one thing. Zbig had a very nice obituary. Mine will be littered with words like false flag, stand down, conspiracy theorists, Alex Jones Infowar… Sandy Hook, Manchester false flag…. all of which I am most proud.

Two different men with two different backgrounds achieve a certain notoriety in a distant land called “America”!  It is in this great country that Zbig and I could achieve whatever our destiny compelled us to do!

In the words of a Croatian athlete [Blanka Vlasic]:

“Competing helps me to polish my shape.”

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23 thoughts on “Brezezinski R.I.P.

  1. Joseph Chiara

    Unfortunately, he raised an idiot daughter to go with other issues of judgment.

  2. Furtive

    He was bi-polar & mika inherited that gene. Even ashrink should recognize that
    The glass is half empty with that clan.

    “Bogeyman real politik” Should be written in his epitaph

    1. Fivi Zogbi

      @Furtive: How do you know Brezezinski was bi-polar? Did you diagnose him firsthand as a qualified psychoanalyst? Secondly, you state his daughter inherited “that gene”. There is no single gene known to be heritable and causative for BP which is still not yet identified as a singular disorder. While some research suggests it’s primarily a heritable mitochondrial dysfunction; most studies logically conclude no clear causative genes from either parentage can be confirmed.
      You may find it worthwhile to withhold such a grandiose and unsubstantiated diagnosis.

      1. Furtive

        Gee whiz! My mynare we pugnacious!

        Did you “diagnose me first hand?.. there is no inheritable gene, which is still identified as a single disorder….”

        Look in the mirror, Mr. Grandiosity…..

        Dr. P. Could give his medical opinion on the malady.

    2. LB Zopa

      Info for Furtive and others who abuse street lingo as though they know whereof they speak:
      The Lancet
      Volume 381, Issue 9878, 11–17 May 2013
      Genetics of bipolar disorder
      ….Robust and replicable genome-wide significant associations have recently been reported in genome-wide association studies at several common polymorphisms, including variants within the genes CACNA1C, ODZ4, and NCAN. Strong evidence exists for a polygenic contribution to risk (ie, many risk alleles of small effect)….”

      1. Furtive

        If insults give you a thrill up your leg, keep doing what you do!!!

  3. Ron Sanderson

    Neil Peart of RUSH Lyrics
    No hero in your tragedy,
    No daring in your escape,
    No salutes for your surrender,
    Nothing noble in your fate,
    Christ, what have you done?
    — The Pass (1989)

  4. patriot

    The count in hell went up by one with the death of this NWO conspirator.

  5. Chia Cha

    Yep, only possible in America.

  6. BillUK

    I have a number of his books and they always struck me as the blue print for what was going on in the World, he could write it because he was making it up and then advising it.

    1. Chia Cha

      I could write one also some blueprints, but that would be insane because I have lack of material resources on disposal to execute them. I need some big country.

  7. BillUK

    Dr P on another note, have still only received half my order of your books, still awaiting ‘Steve Talks 2’. Thanks Bill

    1. Stasia Twelve Generations

      in Kent? should have gone out several weeks ago, will send another. asap

  8. Fivi Zogbi

    You state: Next, Zbig with his complete blind hatred of the Soviets…How do you know it was “blind hatred” if you did not know him personally. Whose biased hearsay are you relying on? How judicious and professional is that abrupt conclusion?

    “Iranian students under Ayatollah Khomeini were agitating for change, spouting anti-US propaganda.” Why do you suggest it’s wrong that Iranian students did not eagerly embrace repeated US interventions and impositions of foreign power in their lives?

    “Zbig was never one to shy away from publicity and self-aggrandizement.” I wonder if this might be a somewhat appropriate description of your conduct.

    “Ironically, Zbig and I came from similar Polish backgrounds. His was rooted in the aristocracy. Mine was rooted in the medical/intellectual backbone of longstanding Polish anti-Semitism. ” These backgrounds are hardly “similar” but appear to be antagonistic positions of both class and religious segregation, assuming Brezezinski was Catholic.

    1. Chia Cha

      Aristocracy is not class, aristocracy is caste. You are Catholic and Polish if your father is Catholic and Polish, and you are Polish of Jewish religion if your mother is Polish of Jewish religion. Self-aggradizment is good if you are giving example. Iranian students were idiots, thinking that USA is creating problems for them especially back than, that was idiotic 100%. You can do what every you like by being part of US security empire. You can do what every you like inside empire, you just do not go against empire, and why you should? To become part of some other empire. Well if then only question is which empire you will choose, then Iranian students were stupid and wrong. Scandinavia, S. Korea, Japan, does not have problems with empire.

      1. Fivi Zogbi

        I do not know who’s closer to verging on being an “idiot” (a label you too liberally apply to anything and everything) – whether it is me for posting comments on a site where they will be subjected to irrational and illiterate retorts by you. Or, perhaps you are beyond idiotic for presuming you’re so superior you can place that pejorative “idiot” on anything and anyone when you’ve demonstrated ample evidence your idiocy precludes you from being blamed for your inadequate grasp of circumstances and the language required to make reasonable commentary.

        Since I’m likely to be banned from posting further, as I’ve discovered too many areas where Pieczenik is himself too quick to place labels, I will bid you all farewell and enjoy the excesses of unsubstantiated presumptions and conclusions in this site.

        1. Chia Cha

          Blaming US empire for problems of society you are living in is scapegoating. Those students were idiots. I was also idiot. I am speaking from my own experience. And now you behave like you have reason to be insulted, but you started some luxurious rapmage of dummy me attacks, in your own post up there. Even you are smarter then that. You are starting to be dummy me when ever Dr. P. says his name is not Israel Pieczberg.

  9. Chia Cha

    In Croatia here people are very proud that only two embassies not razed by comradissinmuss Pol Pot were Chinese and of comrade Tito. Pol Pot was not savage. Pol Pot was very sensual. When he came once as young adult (before his service) to capital of his Kampuchia, he developed position about cities and urban population. He was empirical.

  10. Petra

    The choice of photo says it all… Men like that will never rest in only take with you what characteristics you developed here…. peace was not with this man.

  11. Chia Cha

    Alex here explained it about Mr. Zbig. Alex have big forehead, he is intelligent, even I think he was briefed little bit. Because to say that Shia Iran was put up to be extremist to rise extremism of Sunnis is big and democratic move by Alex. His best video so far.

  12. As Prophesied on this page that June 4th we shall see a PowerFull Shifting in the geo-political world structure…. Trump Pulls us out of the satanic paris climate accords!!!! The satanic grip over evil is Breaking in JESUS Name!!!! The Prosperity of FATHER YHWH is Pouring out over the nations as the above globalist dies…. more are Coming in JESUS Name… Soros, clinton, kissinger Repent!!!! Awaken!!!! Your eternity will be unspeakable as you will kneel to The LORD of lords and King of kings!!!! The nations will be independent again now with Trump, Committed to YHWH GOD, the world will see such peace and prosperity!!!! Amen!!!!

    Hosea 3:5 Manifesting

  13. baregil

    Snake looking individual.

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