Breaking Bad 4 both Hillary and Donald!

Breaking Bad 4 both Hillary and Donald!

Breaking Bad for both Hillary and Donald! 

It’s great to be back home. Of course, there is no paucity of topics to discuss.I have to place the recent debate between HC and DT on the top of my list.

By now, a consensus has developed which accurately reflects the outcome of Monday night’s debate. For the first half hour, Donald was in control. However, he then slipped on a sled of irrelevant utterances which reaffirmed to me that he has poor advisors and he needs to learn new strategies/tactics.He is the Republican nominee for 2016 because he is a strong, convincing personality.

Yet, Trump could lose the chance to be POTUS because he fears that he is not as good as his supporters think he is. Yes, this is true despite (or because of) his own narcissism. No one on his team understands psychology, dynamics, or strategies to debate a formidable candidate like Hillary.

Many things have been said, written and spoken about HC over a thirty year period, but her being stupid or unwilling to learn, is not one of them. Hillary (with all her props and aids) set up Trump like LeBron James.Trump fell for every verbal barb that anyone in Debating 101 would have avoided.

Trump has come this far because he was able to express an emotional discontent quite pervasive in the American citizenry. He did not do it alone. He received the vociferous support of those of us who wanted major changes in the USG. Yet, Trump may not be able to garner the presidency because he refuses to understand what I have said repeatedly over the past year.


He is his own worst enemy.

His daughter, Ivanka, the most talented of all of his children, must persuade him to study the psycho-political dynamics inherently involved in a race for the presidency. Politics is nothing more than an extension of individual and group dynamics which should be studied to achieve the “mission”. You cannot wing a presidential debate/race.

His team must be prepared to make a presidential candidate overcome their own personal liabilities. When I helped prepare both Bush Sr and Jr, I had to convert their respective liabilities into their assets. Similarly, their opponent’s strengths became their weaknesses.No military generals, nor political strategists are trained to confront such a challenging role of psychological warfare at this intense, highly circumscribed event. Trump has underlying fears, uncertainties and hurdles that he must confront if he is to become POTUS. Right or wrong, Hillary knows exactly who she is and who she can become.


Hillary provided Trump with an amazing opening to her life which he did not realize or utilize to his advantage. When she talked affectionately about her poor, working father, Rodham, she forgot to mention that he was a self-hating Jew [whose name was not really Rodham], who abused Hillary and her mother both physically and mentally.

Donald: you have to be able to Trump yourself and those parts of you that are inhibiting you from becoming POTUS. As for us citizens, we do not want to subject ourselves to another eight years of Obama/Clinton.That will become … Breaking Bad for America! unknown-6

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25 thoughts on “Breaking Bad 4 both Hillary and Donald!

  1. dltravers

    Narcissism tinged with arrogance. Obama had a horrible first debate against Romney and that did not change things much. People were so tired of those 8 bush years they would have voted for Tiny Tim playing his ukulele at the debate.

    Trump has a good chance to win this thing if he does better on the next two debates and Hillary continues to stumble.

  2. Watchmen

    Probably not very important in the scheme of things but, possible moderator signaling, device strapped to Hillary back, (hidden wireless headphone or medical device), and little things like podium light to enhance complexion. Observations from this religious dude

    1. fred7ewan

      Device was a lapel mic with its leads going up and over her shoulder to her upper posterior back and down.

  3. Chi Cha

    Oh, first time, after 9 month (from a time I was cured from standard low level version of US propaganda made for right winger idiots), US looks like normal country to me. It looked like Star Trek room. Leader was in nice red suit, she looked superior even to comrade Kim. I was very pleased. Sorry Trump, yes, you were on left side of auditorium. Putin will not stand a chance. Putin there is one party you rich traitor.

  4. Joseph Chiara

    Trump is a quick learner if he can overcome being stubborn to the extent that he believes he is the exception to well tested methods and procedures. He cannot wing it, he is not that quick on his feet, which is something I doubt he would agree with. He needs to prepare. There are probably a list of questions that have 80% probability of being asked. The next debate has a different format, and I do not know the ground rules, nevertheless, he need to be prepared.

    The polls generally support the notion that he won. I think this outcome may be due principally to two factors. Holt was clearly and persistently biased, and I think people compensated for the unfairness. I think it backfired on them because the overplayed their hand. I also think she had the questions in advance and she was signally him by touching her face when she wanted to get a reply in to what Trump was saying. Holt also had an earpiece, and I would guess he was taking direction from someone unfriendly to Trump, a Clinton supporter in the corporate world. She seemed to have somethings under her jacket in the back. Medical devices, communication devices, both ?

    Second, Clinton was her usual self, prepared and articulate but without any passion or commitment to the people of this country. She talked mostly in the world of would, could, should. Trump stifled this to some extent by reminding people that she has been in positions to do something about what she is proposing now and did nothing, or made things worse.
    Trump on the other hand spoke with passion and even a “young” earnestness and commitment his plans and drive to help turn the direction of this country around for the better, and his commitment and even love of the American people and this country’s values. He did this in his usual mostly unpolished manner, ie not like a politician, and I think this made what he was saying even more convincing and attractive, particularly compared to the slick, passionless, and largely vacuous Clinton.

  5. Joseph Chiara

    PS… very good to have you back

  6. Fulll Duke

    The debate was loaded for Hillary (Questions picked by FB; two-a-day rehearsals, no hard f/u’s, Lester Holt)- but besides that, the bigger story is the organized, systematic disinformation campaign which continually provides us with ludicrously skewed polls and the blanket refusals to cover things like the Wikileaks emails and her health.

    Case in point,

    1. toy ryne

      reuter poll represents, what larry nichols (former clinton insider) calls: ‘broken coalition strategy’, by the clinton’s. its a self-defeatist strategy for ppl following closely, but not too close, and to help garner undecideds at the last minute going into the ballot box.

  7. John FitzPatrick Leisen

    father, Rodham, she forgot to mention that he was a “self-hating Jew” [whose name was not really Rodham],? Dr DR Please Gives Us This NEWS,!!!! What’s Her Real Name?

    1. ChiaChia

      Her real name is Un, not UN, but like Un… But you need to know all titles, you put them in front if you use her real name.

  8. Sharon

    Dear Steve, Please contact Mr. trump to help him

  9. Wonderful piece, Dr. Steve! Glad you’re back to writing. Trump will hire you if he’s really smart and tapped-in. Maybe Alex Jones can have you on his show and do a follow-up written piece about this? This is assuming, of course, that your current obligations and situation allow for such a consultancy role. No one would be happier than me to see you help DT win these last two debates by KO.

    Thanks for everything you do!


  10. Joseph Daniel

    The massive crash begins on October 2nd with the German deutche bank!!

    HOLY SPIRIT is Speaking and Will Guide those hungry who come to this post. HE WIll guide you each step navigating every decision through the following weeks months and years. HE Will see you through unharmed keeping you GOOD until the end.

  11. Anonymous

    It would have been nice to have seen Trump nail her to the floor in a couple places.


    When Hillary brought up Trump calling Alicia Machado “Miss Piggy,” he should have said “yeah well at least she’s still alive, unlike Berta Cáceres.”

    That would have shut her the hell up.

    Anyway, I’m not concerned about any of this anymore. October surprises are going to be très bien.

    Something else: did Trump see Chelsea sitting there in VIP row and think, “I can’t do it, I can’t go after her mother and hurt Chelsea.” I dunno. Was it his arrogance or was it his heart…

    Caught you on Infowars, Dr. P. Dropping truth all over the place – sweet.

  12. Embrey

    Nice segment on Infowars today Dr. Pieczenik.
    Please tell me if I am wrong but I get the impression that you cannot (or will not) work for Donald Trump. However, I notice you are freely offering him or those very close to him the keys to dismantle Hillary.
    What is the key to understanding her mindset and what kind of personality or tactic would short circuit her or expose her worst qualities for all to see?

  13. Full Duke

    This guy David Seaman (fired from HuffPo) is actually a very good journalist since his “awakening.’ In his latest YT vid, he brings up some marvelous points on Bill Clinton’s sordid history as a predator and Hillary’s money grabbing from the Saudis – and most shocking is the $32 million she accepted from Salman of Bahrain to the Clinton Foundation.

    Subsequently the Clinton-led State Dept. thereafter approved $630 MILLION dollars worth in direct commercial arms sales to the Bahrain gov’t between 2010-2012 (An 187% increase from 2006-2008!).

    This includes $70,000 USD of “Toxicological Agents” (Chemical Weapons) used to suppress a “Democratic uprising” in that country. Juicy stuff. Clinton even dabbling in the Nerve Gas back in the day. Does her corruption know no bounds? (If you think about the Benghazi attack – maybe it isn’t that shocking, come to think about it).

  14. Telecasterman

    Dear Dr. P,
    Always great to hear you on Alex Jones……that is, when we get to hear you. Please , please , please speak to Alex before you go on next time. I certainly appreciate his show for having great guests but the guy has pretty much the same temperament as Trump; immature narcissist. The guy needs to shut up and let you speak. Yes, he’s smart historically and certainly manic in his presentation but he’s like a child that has to get a word in edge-wise due to his insecurity. (directly related to his narcissism, of coursI. It’s hard to listen to your interviews with him for as soon as you get to the point after eloquently setting up the back story, he jumps in and asks a different question. I commend you on your ability to not scream at him to shut the F up as i do to my radio every time I hear you “interviewed” on his show.
    With great respect,
    Dr. T.

    1. Patriarch

      He’s hyperactive & his mind moves faster than the speed of light. He cannot do anything about it, because he MUST HAVE his questions answered in a SHOT SEGMENT of time.

      Do. P’s message to Trump…send this to Ivanka on her facebook page or tweet .

    2. Anonymous

      I agree Telecasterman – Dr P’s interviews with Jones are very difficult to get through. I can only imagine Jones’ enthusiasm to impress us with how much he knows is due to him having to prove every single thing he’s said in the past couple decades.

      He does it with everyone, but especially so with Dr P. Reminds me of this:

      Jones and Dr P appear to have a good (student/mentor) friendship though and for the wealth of info the two drop when they’re together, Jones’ propensity to be perpetually in overdrive is worth the minor aggravation.

    3. Embrey

      I listen to Infowars often. I know most of Alex’s stated views and opinions on topics as a result.
      Dr. Pieczenik said something that did not fit Jones’ view so he began to talk over him.
      Today Alex mentioned Dr. P’s interview and said something to the effect that Dr. P always interrupts. Do not get me wrong, I enjoy and appreciate both Dr. P and Alex but if you are going to have someone on as a guest and ask them a question please allow them to answer.
      Personally, I think Alex enjoys having Dr. P on the show but I think he mines Dr. P for Intel while they are off air or on break, doesn’t allow Dr. P the big scoop then independently tries to verify what he was told by Dr. P so he can pawn off the analysis or breaking news as his own.
      Just a hunch from a long time listener.

  15. Patriarch

    Dr.P. You are incorrect:
    Gen. Michael Hayden never fought on a front. He is a revolving door Booz Allen VIP
    & an INCOMOETENT corrupt spendthrift WITH OTHER PEOPLE’s $$$
    & a compulsive liar:

    “In 2005, NSA director Michael Hayden told a Senate hearing that the Trailblazer program was several hundred million dollars over budget and years behind schedule. In 2006 the program was shut down, after having cost billions of US Dollars. Several anonymous NSA sources told Hosenball of Newsweek later on that the project was a “wasteful failure”.

  16. John Bosworth

    The question Dr Steve is how does Trump overcome his weakness? What is it he needs to bring out to mask or suppress his innate narcissism/ born out of a sense of inadequacy? Is there any hope he can achieve this? But you’re right in your last Jones interview: some of his supporters are getting a little angry with his behavior..

  17. BillUK

    Really Dr P get in touch with Trump via Alex and give the lad a hand! It is too important for the World to let your modesty get in the way. Otherwise we all might end up a little toastie as the nukes start to fall. Trump and Putin would not start anything they both have $3000 suits and young bendy wives. The only thing holding Hillary back from turning us Mad Max is her Grandchildren. And I do not think this is enough being a trainee anti-Christ and all.

  18. BillUK

    I know Dr P is not a fan of JFK but I was just looking at some of the transcripts of the secret tapes made of the Cuban Missile crisis, he really did save our collective arse’s from the rather stupid Generals in the room. Now the problem would be the Chicken Hawk Politicians not the Generals, if it came to one minute to midnight. I do wonder if Syria could be our Serbia if some trigger happy loon shots down a Russian Plane or fires on a Russian Ship.

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