Brazil Impeaches Dilma!

Brazil Impeaches Dilma!

Ex-Terrorist: Brazilian President Dima Rousseff Impeached by the Senate!

A while ago,I had written about the political chicanery of Rousseff,the daughter of a Bulgarian Communist. I predicted that she,along with her predecessor Lula da Silva,would be indicted for massive political corruption involving the state- controlled oil company,Petrobas. On August 31,2016, she was impeached by a vote of two-thirds of the senators: 54 out of 81.

Rousseff was placed on the ‘clean slate’ law which precludes her from running for any future political offices. Her predecessor,Lula da Silva,a Socialist demagogue,was also implicated in this same scandal. The official vote to arrest/indict him will soon follow Rousseff’s impeachment.What makes this whole scenario even more interesting is the fact that her former Vice President, Michel Temer, will assume full power. As you might have guessed, Temer is also under investigation for the similar crime that Dilma had committed.


Brazil has been able to rid its house of corruption up and down the political spectrum without falling apart. In fact, while all this was going on, Brazil was able to host a very successful Olympic Event without any major incidents that might mire their stellar reputation for justice and warm hospitality [Portuguese/Brazilians are lovely people].

I ask: how is it possible that a country like Brazil with a negative growth rate and a heavy debt load can implicate a past, present, and future President for corruption and still not fall apart?
We, Americans, know fully well that our present POTUS and Hillary Clinton are rife with financial and moral corruption.Yet, we cannot and will not do anything about it.

Our Attorney General, Loretta Lynch and her FBI lackey went AWOL a long time ago.They found no specific crimes regarding Hillary’s emails. Yet, Comey gave an exegesis on her ‘irresponsible behavior’ that could have made even the worst criminal cringe in disgust.

All the while, our POTUS was whistling in the dark, hoping against hope that Hillary would not compromise him, or any other person in his administration, whom he knew had been complicit with the Clintons, Clinton Foundation, and the email scandals.

Brazil has highlighted the painful fact that we have become the ‘Banana Republic’ where the entire USG is highly compromised,if not completely corrupt.If you want to get anything done, you must ‘pay to play’ as HC has shown during her tenuous tenure at the State Dept. Needless to add, that our IRS has been severely compromised by its past and present bosses. So they will reconstitute itself, if at all, on ad hoc basis.

I must admit that as positive political change is concerned, we, Americans, are way  behind our Latin American neighbors. Argentina got rid of their corrupt female President.Venezuela is trying to rid itself of Chavez’s political scion who has already completely destroyed his country. Venezuelans are without food, water, or any work.

Only a socialist like Chavez and could have bred such an incompetent politician like Nicolas Maduro. Now, the USG, Colombia, Cuba and other countries are trying to help the poor people of Venezuela where the entire country has collapsed into bankruptcy.

Nice going Socialists!
Next, we have the once cocaine-ridden Colombia. That country has just ended a fifty year war with the major terrorist groups, FARC [which I had fought and successfully retrieved an American hostage].In turn, Colombia has turned its rich economy into a major trading partner with its Latin American neighbors and the USA.They have transformed themselves from a crime-ridden entity into a major financial/political powerhouse.


Where are we now?

In a few more weeks we will find out whether we continue to be a ‘banana republic’; or we will start to transform ourselves into the economic/political might we once were.

“Abrogado” Brazil for having shown the world the right way to rule without any semblance of internal corruption. As for America, we are suspended by the inertia and corruption of a “rigged political system” which has no correspondence to the one-person-vote.We are now caught in the duplicity of the electoral delegates; whoever they may or may not be.

Thomas Jefferson said the following:

“Whenever a man/woman has cast a longing eye on an office, a rottenness begins in his/her conduct.” 

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