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11 thoughts on “Bitcoin and other Money Thought$

  1. Chia Cha

    I agree 100%. I was thinking that one human head inside one nation should represent one headcoin of that nation. So government cannot print it… Everything else if fraud. Ok, you cannot produce enough bitcoins just like that, that it true, but again owner of marketplace determines price of bitcoin. Or union of them. You need cooperation among owners of 20% of all bitcoins, and that group controls market price, therefore everything. Only my solution is solution.

  2. Raymond Howard Carlson

    Dr. Steve Pieczenik and EVERONE else please see recent posts at Dr. Pieczenik’s prior BOLG! I placed said recent posts at a couple of locations at Dr. Pieczenik’s last post on September 11, 2016!

    There was an attempted fabrication of a drug crime today (details mentioned within my recent post) on December 19, 2017 by “WEED AND SEED” OPERATIVES!

  3. Watchmen

    So… like “AI Wars” ? So what ure’ sayin’ is production requires increasingly sophisticated technology to mine just one Bitcoin (Blockchain Halving ev/4 years), eventually requiring large government infrastructures to continue production? So the binary numbers and Bitcoin introduces a new dynamic in the balance of powers ?

  4. Chia Cha

    Poland wants to remove KGB communist russian natioanlistic activist judges from Supreme Court. EU as communist corporate institution will do everything to stop it. Judges are greatest international scum (russian chinese communist agents) operating inside west, this is evidence that judicial system is only what matters, and that is evidence that in US takeover is not finished also. Judges are more important than facebook. They determines everything. EU knows that.

    1. Chia Cha

      They are totally insane. Free market capitalism is nothing else then total communism. Every trends set by controling group of market owners will have to be obeyed 100%. And people will believe it is free. We all now are are back to Egypt, slaves building pyramids. This is nothing else then liberal Stalinism. We can only hope we will evolve to fedualism where those who ruled had at least some obligations, not just rights to pillage.

  5. Eli

    It is worse than that
    when a government wants to regulate economy it creates inflation/deflation,
    the value of property changes accordingly.
    Letting bitcoin be the only currency means globalists control of the economy
    governments tend to keep inflation around 2%
    Bitcoin changed from 813$ to 16500$ in 1 year……….my calculator exploded

    1. Eli

      It means – if I had to work 1 month to buy something a year ago now I have to work 20 months to buy the same thing

  6. I have a criminal case on Diego Garcia regarding the summary on my ws, are you avaable to testify in the case?

  7. jeffrey cullen sr.

    The USA does not print or use United States Notes, known as US Dollars as its own money. The USA uses Federal Reserve Notes printed by Private Bankers through the Federal Reserve System, and the so-called Feds call the FRN(s) US Dollars as Word Art. Our nation is owned by this Evil. We are completely ignorant and, or stupid to this truth. Wake Up.

    1. Chia Cha

      Yes but what is alternative, to give bureaucrats (government) right to print money. That is even worse.

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