Biggest Hazard to Floridian’s Health: Radio Active Sink Holes covered up by Mosaic.

Biggest Hazard to Floridian’s Health: Radio Active Sink Holes covered up by Mosaic.

Florida’s biggest health issue is NOT ZIKA!  its Radioactive Sink Holes Poisoning the Water!

Congress just funded $1.1 Billion for a Non-Existent Zika Virus Epidemic! From the onset of the so-called Zika virus epidemic, I was incredibly leery about this ‘highly infectious disease’. Ostensibly, it was reported that the virus was mosquito borne and indigenous to the rural areas of Brazil.


The media called out that the worst effected were certain pregnant women. The disease could cause development of ‘micro-cephalic newborns’ in Brazilian/Spanish/Puerto Rican women in Miami and its environs.That is pretty esoteric and quite bizarre as a disease.

Most of the epidemics I was personally acquainted with involved millions of people –children, men, women, who acquired a certain virus and became partially incapacitated or died. Polio was one of the most devastating infectious diseases that I personally had to deal with growing up in NYC in the 1950’s. The iron lung and paralysis were the constant reminders of the devastation that polio could create, if one were not properly vaccinated.

Back to Zika virus: only affected 904 cases in Florida, and 109 of them were locally transmitted through mosquitoes.If you take 904 and place over the denominator of 24 million people, you realize that the incidence/prevalence of this so-called ‘epidemic’ in Florida is less than 1/10th of a per cent.

Hardly impressive!
Yet, Florida Senators Bill Nelson and Marco Rubio [who could not get another job] made sure that we taxpayers would pay $1.1B for a non-epidemic.

Yet, the real epidemic in Florida is a phenomenon called “rapacious corruption” as practiced by the phosphate mining company, Mosaic which paid off/promised state senators and county commissioners  [Bradford, Polk, etc.] to purposefully contaminate the Florida aquifer with their greed, insolence, and engineering incompetence.


The epic disaster that Mosaic created in Polk County, Florida with its enormous sink hole that sunk into the valuable Floridian Aquifer, remains as a bold testimony of how Gov. Rick Scott and his Department of Environment Protection [DEP] lackey, DEP Secretary Jon Steverson, arose to the highest level of their collusive negligence and rapaciousness.

It took both of them nearly 19 days to respond to the Mosaic environmental tragedy/epidemic of greed and indifference to public health.Witness the description by the Gainesville Sun [9/29/16] of what turned out to be a real health tragedy [unlike the Zika Virus] intentionally created by the almost bankrupt Mosaic Mining Company [negative asset/cash flow based company]:
“It’s estimated that up to 215 MILLION GALLONS of CONTAMINATED LIQUID drained into a 300 foot deep sinkhole, sparking fear that the pollution reached Floridian Aquifer, a major drinking source for millions of people.”

That is an epidemic of major proportions.

  • What is Governor Rick Scott doing about Mosaic’s predatory practices as they intimidate local officials?
  • Where are the US Army Corps of Engineers when you need them?
  • Where is NIH which has just received $109M dollars to develop a completely useless vaccine for a non-existing Zika epidemic?
  • Why doesn’t Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of NIH/Allergy &Infectious Diseases, come down to Florida in order to elaborate upon the potential pandemic of diseases that will arise once we drink radioactive/phosphorous, algae-saturated water?
  • Where is Attorney General Pam Bondi when we need protection from criminal corporations that cover up that they poisoned our drinking water?

Am I asking too much of my legislative representatives and our executive branch of government? I would express my sincere condolences to Puerto Rico that ostensibly had a Zika Virus epidemic. However, the only outbreak in Puerto Rico that I know about it is that the Puerto Rican politicians have abused their American aid dollars and support by driving themselves and their country into complete bankruptcy. Is Zika money going to other channels that has nothing to do with Public Health? NYC has a problem with their budget and they too are receiving Zika virus money. Where is all this Zika $$$ going???


America has become one major sinkhole for egregious corporate greed and arrogance, abetted by legislators who receive pay-for-play money, and at the same time refuse to address the real problems of the day: mental illness,obesity,an inadequate education system,and contaminated drinking water.

It is far easier to concoct an epidemic and make believe it is devastating when in fact no one really wants to address the modern day problems that are spurred on by corporate avarice and unbridled power.  All regulatory agencies that were supposed to look out for the public: DEP, EPA,NIH, Local Commissioners have been intimidated into silence and corrupted by greed.

Congratulations Mosaic Mining Company, for now, you are free to pollute more rivers, lakes and another aquifer. You do so at your own risk! The people will eventually stop you and your henchmen from poisoning our pristine waters.


Goethe, the famous German poet/philosopher wrote:
“If a man thinks about his physical or moral state, he usually discovers that he is ill.”

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8 thoughts on “Biggest Hazard to Floridian’s Health: Radio Active Sink Holes covered up by Mosaic.

  1. Chia Cha

    Hm, but, Puerto Rican politicians in Puerto Rico are all elected by owners of media houses inside Puerto Rico (and they are by definition all capitalists), they own media and give their own private media space for some politician or not. Like everywhere in capitalist “democracies”… Blaming politicians inside capitalists democracies is like blaming Jews for plague.

  2. Truth is Self Evident....

    To the corrupt establishment and the corporation that control many of the politicans in the United States of America. You can run, but you will not be able to hide…And you foolishly think you are immune and sheltered….by what? what makes you think you understand the American people? You run in corrupt circles…your experience is jaded…its already to late. Whats funny is most of the corrupt politians and corporate heads are too slow to realize that thier options are quickly being limited. All changes in trends are preceeded by shifts in thinking and concepts….If 80% of the population think the establishment and main media press are corrupt and need to be stopped….what are you going to do to stop the train with your can of pop??? Place it on the track and hope for the best….Because thats what is now happening…”Truth is self evident…”

    1. Chia Cha

      Those little media are even more corrupt, they are real plague… They have little greedy owners which still did not buy their own yacht so they have to pillage workers and take all commercials for gold and promote conspiracy theories. In my revolutionary party, we call all conspiracies, counter revolutionary activity, because they distort truth by making one rich capitalists good and normal as talking how some other evil exist, (logic is automatically there are good elite) because as they have buhuhuuuu – imagine , satanic rituals … buhuhuu … if we would just get rid of those evil rich, good rich would be able normally to operate, suddenly greed would not be necessary any more to survive, because good rich guys would invest money only in non GMO flower production, while not having need to gain extra-profits and control political processes any more…

  3. Full Duke

    I must remind Dr. Pieczenik that what stopping them looks like is lawsuits mounting and them simply shuttering their doors and filing for bankruptcy, thus creating another huge SUPERFUND site, where the people (taxpayers) will be left to clean-up their unrepentant pillaging of the environment. No happy endings here and no one will be punished. They simply will close up shop, take the loot they have sequestered and run.

    And this how it happens again and again in the State of Florida. Whether it be landfills and illegal dumping – or direct contamination of the aquifer. We have to be a “business friendly”state after all {sarcasm}.

  4. Bill

    What is the danger of phosphate in the water ? I don’t find any danger to HUMANS with phosphate mining.

    I would say that fluoride is much more of a health risk to Floridians then a Phosphate mine, unless you love the environment more than humans.

    Why do dentist have the highest suicide rate? My very own dentist I knew for 25 years and grew up with his 4 children, shot himself in his garage and he died. He was a great Christian man….sad.

    The dentist are exposed to organic mercury all day in their dental offices drilling and filling. The phrase “Mad as a Hatter” did not come out of some imaginary theory, but of being exposed to organic mercury treating fur “Hat’s”—- “Hatter” with mercury.

  5. Chia Cha

    Problems with banks, news on Breitbart… Something is happening with world conscious, my party operatives went in to mall with megaphone to demand workers control of company and property of capitalists owner to be confiscated, he is exploiting workers and no political force so far was taking care of them, in whole world similar thing was not done from 1978. Revolution is starting. Capitalists infidels are going to on each other (capitalist Putin, and Chinese capitalists together with american capitalists)… They are all scum people, we need to kill them in violent revolution…

    1. Embrey

      Quite the contrary. You are sensing the counter-revolution. Capitalists and nationalists are about to rid their governments of collectivism worldwide.
      It’s a beautiful thing.

      1. hugh

        Bingo “Embrey”,

        Collectivism is the grand problem, “worldwide”.

        One size does not all, fit.

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