Bernie and Jane Corrupt! Shocker!!

Bernie and Jane Corrupt! Shocker!!

Senator Bernie Sander’s Wife, Jane, Under FBI Investigation for Bank Fraud! Socialist Bernie and Wife May Be Corrupt??!

Financial corruption is the mother’s milk for all political candidates and their collusive spouses. I wrote about Bernie, a seemingly disingenuous aspirant for the WH who spoke of the wonders of socialism, had concealed some type of financial malfeasance.  He had reiterated his deep concerns for the less fortunate and increasingly marginalized members of our “egregiously” capitalist society.

In particular, he addressed the millennials and urged them to fight for free education and racial equality. No argument here. Yet when I first heard him speak in Warner New Hampshire, I asked him how would he curtail the bloated DOD budget and overstaffed positions in the Pentagon. His answer was not forthcoming. It appeared that he did not understand anything about our excessive overseas deployments, encompassing 772 military bases in over 220 countries.

I left that meeting thinking that this was a candidate who was neither serious nor studious. Most certainly it was an unfortunate situation for those believers in him and his candidacy.

According to the “Daily Caller/News Foundation” [Steve Birr 5/5/17] which broke this news of financial corruption in 3/3/15 :

“Allegations Jane Sanders falsified loan documents to expand the campus of Burlington College [BC], which collapsed into bankruptcy in May 2016”.

Mrs. Sanders served as President of BC from 2004 to 2011 before being fired for incompetency. Despite the fact that she knowingly bankrupted the college, she received $200,000 severance package. Nothing like greed and functional incompetency!

Bernie never mentioned that he and his wife had aided each other in defrauding the federal government by falsifying financial statements to obtain an unwarranted $10 million loan from United People’s bank. In fact, it was his senate office that compelled the bank to loan the money.

I knew something was wrong with Bernie when he summarily stepped down without any major resistance to HRC. The fact that he had just acquired a new beach house during his expensive run for the socialist agenda set up warning flags for many. However, I never expected such financial malfeasance as he and his wife had exhibited.  In particular, Jane lied on a federal bank document to obtain a loan that eventually threw this distinguished Catholic college into bankruptcy.

Bernie Sanders should apologize to his constituents in Vermont then to the country. I feel a pang of disappointment and anger that Bernie went around the country and raised the hopes of millions of millennials who might have wanted a more decent and equitable pathway to their collective future.

Clearly, he cannot and will not be arrested for being as Machiavellian as his two opponents [HRC/Trump]. Yet, he is on notice that his effectiveness as the senior senator from Vermont is no longer viable. Sanders should resign from his senate position ASAP!

Let me quote from the horse’s mouth, Bernie Sanders, himself:

“In 1940, then Senator Harry Truman headed up a Senate Special Committee to investigate the National Defense Program. In the course of WWII, more than $15B USD in unnecessary and fraudulent defense spending was identified.”
Good bye and good night, Bernie!!

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14 thoughts on “Bernie and Jane Corrupt! Shocker!!

  1. Joseph Chiara

    Dr. Pieczenik you confused your BCs, that is Burlington College with Boston College, the Catholic University. It makes no difference to center and far more critical point of the Sanders being crooks. What is very irritation to me is that what they did would hardly be worth the effort for the Clintons, and they, along with their coterie of accomplices, continue under Trump and Sessions to have effect immunity for the law, making a great lie out of Trump and Sessions statement about love of the law, equal application of the law, equal justice under the law. The claims of Sessions being a man of integrity, principle and character has great and very biased hole in it. How does a country be great when the law are so vulgarly and unequally applied. The biggest and most dangerous crooks who corrupt the government are protected still under Sessions and Trump.

  2. Raymond Howard Carlson

    Dr. Steve Pieczenik please read my recent post at your BOLG. There is important information as to this particular post!

  3. Chia Cha

    Sociali.s to non ideological capitalists gives more money. If they have free education and allow entrance based only on tests. Capitalists would earn more. Free public housing in bay area would alocate money not to rentiers but to young and educated working in silicon valley, able to move in. Capitalists would earn more because they could lower salaries. Ban on child labour, makes more people alive, meaning workers are cheaper, meaning more profit for capitalists. Hike in minimum wage, removes inefective companies with bad management from market, not wasting time and energy of workers and workers are able to buy more stuff. Also there are more workers available for good companies making them cheaper for those bosses who are working properly plus there is incentive for robotisation… And on, and on.

  4. Thank you Dr. Pieczenik for all of your hard work publishing and discussing difficult and criminal issues in current affairs and international politics.
    The error of purchasing 33 acres of adjacent land to the Burlington College campus was the death blow to the financial security of the college. My college training leads me to believe Jane Sanders, at least by the photograph posted, has all of the classical signs of hypothyroidism: 1) missing outer 1/3 rd of eyelashes, 2) Peri-orbital edema, and 3) puffy face with dry skin. My guess is, she has Low functioning thyroid hormone and this would would leave a sever intellectual and cellular slow down. If I am right, and she has an undetected Thyroid disease, then, she was incapable of the concept that – in 2010-2011 inflationary dollars, the campus would have made a profit by Ms. Sanders selling the 33 unused acres, and the university would still be solvent. I wonder how many people are in prison for/with undetected hypothyroidism, has anyone done a study?

    1. Fivi Zogbi

      You clearly do not know how preposterous your comments are. Hypothyroidism? From one photo and from that you make a sweeping generalization about convicted persons in prisons? I suggest you have your hormone functions investigated by a qualified, competent MD who examines you first hand.

      From what I can see, yes, she looks stupid but that was a given if she’s married to Bernie.

      1. Embrey

        I almost wrote a very similar comment Zogbi. It reminds me of the psychiatrists that are diagnosing Trump from afar. One difference I will give Blair is that there are some maladies that are apparent visually. My problem with it is that I do not know enough about it to know if the statements have merit.

        1. Fivi Zogbi

          Hypothyroidism is a common diagnosis in older adults although it’s usually judged on TSH alone. Often it’s diagnosed on just one test and that’s probably not reliable as TSH differs from day to day and possibly even hour to hour. It’s considered one of the most overtreated and overdiagnosed conditions in the elderly. I wonder if maybe it’s nature’s way of protecting early loss of muscle and fat by slowing down the metabolism to diminish catabolism. It’s now thought that being a little overweight (not obese) is protective in the elderly, contrary to earlier beliefs. But like most dogma, medical standards seem to vary. There is too little certainty except that it’s probably wise to let the body determine its own best mechanisms and defenses.

          1. Fivi Zogbi

            As for the loss of eyelash hairs of outer corners of eyebrows that is probably a common feature of aging in both sexes while some men get huge bushy eyebrows. The puffy face could be due to the woman taking prednisone or some other such meds. One simply cannot make a diagnosis from one photo where shadows and lighting may affect it. Further, once fertility is past, nature may see no need to retain features considered alluring to the opposite sex – when opposite sexes and normal procreation were admired, that is.

      2. “she looks stupid”…PhD awarded 1996 to Jane Sanders Leadership in Politics and Education from Union Institute and University.

        I hope my preposterous and bombastic opinions are mildly entertaining. Thank you for your input.

        1. Chia Cha

          I enjoyed reading your post Blair. It was very intersting post. High quality.

        2. Fivi Zogbi

          PhDs are now a dime a dozen, as the old saying goes. Stupid women in academia are like the blind leading the blind. There’s a reason so many university grads know less about relevant issues; are incapable of independent analysis and nuances; are dikey if not full trannies. They’re susceptible to suggestion and do not have the kinds of intellectual strengths that once were required to get an undergrad. Yet today those with PhDs are too numerous to count, underemployed, if employed productively at all, and are easily attracted to a useless dependent commie like Sanders. No self-respecting truly feminine but intelligent woman of previous generations would have given Sanders a moment of her precious time. He’s a fool and a woman attached to him would be an even bigger fool.

          1. Chia Cha

            You have expressed your seIf very good I agree with you. You are right even policies of Sanders are best.

  5. Patricia

    Maybe she can use this information re the thyroid in her defence… Given the attitude of these people, anything will do.

  6. Patriarch

    Weekend at Bernie’s

    Care to be “Mildly nauseous” ?

    The BEST & Brightest serve in the D.C. SWAMP…

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