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32 thoughts on “Ben Garrison says it perfectly

  1. Tom

    Yes, love Ben. Great political cartoonist.

    Steve, I hope whatever you and our patriots are doing in the background to challenge the globalists from taking our liberty and freedom is moving in the right direction. All voices help… a little chip here, another there and the foundation starts to give. When all is said and done, can you write a non-fiction on this election (if Trump wins, if Hillary then fiction ’cause we value life). I’d love to know the chess match being played behind the scenes.

  2. Embrey

    Where did the story go regarding the info you received from the worker from the Trump call center? Very strange goings on here Dr. Steve.
    Was that meant to be seen and then taken down purposely?
    Glad I took a screen shot.

  3. Julie

    I don’t want warring Hillary but I don’t know how you can like Trump. He is an obnoxious child, conman, narcissist, liar, and wildcard. There is no reason to think he would be non-violent or a good President.

  4. hugh jorgen

    After all the activity of the last 3 days the best you can offer is a cartoon? You are a fraud.

  5. Sinnie Kemp

    As Assange said that the globalists won’t allow Trump to win. What can We the People do?

    I believe without the voting fraud Trump will win by a land slide but the George Soros’ electronic voting machines combine with multiple ways of fraud Trump can’t stand a chance. With Hillary as President we won’t have a sovereign anymore.

    I am so worried about the future of my grand children and the generations to come. Anything we can do to help?

  6. Danielle Coleman

    Please save our country.

  7. Full Duke

    My apologies, your a genius. Masterfully played. Viva La Presidente Trump!

  8. BillUK

    Well done Dr P and Alex and all of you…Brilliant!

  9. Hommage des patriotes français au Dr. Steve Pieczenik PhD :

  10. James Goodin

    I’d say the counter-coup was successful. I would like you to say more to the American people soon. Thank you for everything. James Goodin

  11. Marlene

    God bless you Steve Pieczenik and all your wonderful bunch of REAL Americans!!! You did it! America will again become great– although your beautiful country itself was always that!– because the heart of the true blue sons and daughters of America never ceased beating for her!

    God bless the United States of America and may you Dr. Pieczeni, continue your sterling work as one of America’s most fearless Warriors!

    Love and God Bless from South Africa!

  12. Alexander Fell

    Hi Steve, is it possible to reach you personally?

  13. Chia Cha

    Stolen election… Trump won by 110 00 votes, in 4 states… Lol… Full fascist takeover… Duterte will f… you… Prepare for new Vietnam…

  14. Reuel Smith

    very succinctly put! Trump’s acceptance speech was just right: short, humble, healing and a look to the future and rolling up sleves. Trump-daddy is gunna be so much fun! jobs+youth=hope. thanks for all you do Mr Steve P. you’re very bright and just as important, a mench!

  15. Susan McKinney

    what happened to the video “the Clinton pedophilia connection”?

  16. Tom

    Thank you Steve for your contribution in this historic celebration.






    I listen to you on AlexJones and youtube and really like listening. You said Juliante would prosecute and do a good job. I remember the mayor saying he was ask to leave building 7. His life was spared and can you explain him fleeing the building jus before it came down? I am having a hard time trusting him because he had to know it was coming down.

  20. November 9, 2016 12:49 pm PST…. What’s next? Can we see zero point energy released into the public commercial market domain?

  21. Biagio

    Thank you fro your service

  22. Roseann Davis

    Thank you for fighting for the American people. We don’t deserve your great help but maybe we can see the light and carry on the right.

  23. Michael Radney

    Is there any way Congress can appoint a Special Prosecutor or Grand Jury? Other options since Lynch is co-opted?

  24. Learn From History

    Interesting video on South China Sea …a little history, mixed with some geopolitical strategy between USA and China, along with Philippines, Vietnam, Japan, Taiwan etc.

  25. Learn From History

    This short aforementioned video is clear and concise, and shows the buildup of the US Naval presence in the area and details the various trade routes, and goods that are affected by controlling this particular locale, as well as touching upon some of the military ramifications Dr P has mentioned and written about in his book and on this blog. Puts things in perspective.

  26. I love this illustration by Ben Garrison, he’s an amazing patriot. Life under Trump, death under Clinton. Thank you Dr.Pieczenik for serving our great country, and for going through hell to preserve the integrity & liberty of this nation. I am truly honored to have discovered you on Alex’s show. You are my biggest inspiration. I can’t thank you enough for helping us re-write history into a future with unlimited potential. The way we carried out the coup in this election was historic!

  27. michele klemetson

    Your doing a great job Thank You so much!

  28. N. Margaret

    It’s hard to feel like a revolution has succeeded with so many pedophiles in power. Who silenced NYPD? They claimed they’d go public if Comey caved. The internet has gone utterly silent regarding Hillary, Bill, Abedin, and Weiner’s pedophilia. How can one explain the silence of NYPD? Have they been threatened?

  29. A Fellow Physician with seasoned fraud detectors

    God bless those of your fold in law enforcement and intelligence who have the steroids to risk all for the republic. Thank you one and all for allowing the truth to surface. Trump like anyone is part human part angel and unlike the fraudulent democrats is more if the later thank God!

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